chesil sunset

Look at that stunning sunset. Three great days of weather, three great sunsets. 

What do we Brit’s complain about? The weather!! I know… we are odd! 😉

So you can guess what I did today, yeah, out on the bike again. Why not. Finished it off on the seawall watching that beautiful end to the day. There were plenty of people up there too. 

Another day over… they are not unlimited. For that reason I’m hoping you had a good day.

Gratitude is something powerful

Being grateful is key. Gratitude is some powerful thing. Like forgiveness is, more for the forgiver than the forgiven. I know from experience of it. It’s a truth. 

So… what are you grateful for today? 

Today’s gratitude is another stunning day and the realisation of a few important things for me and also learning a couple of things which I can utilise soon. 

An all round good day really. The meditation is also working well. 20 minutes a day is well worth it. Grateful it’s working. 🙂

Every day I am making a point of being grateful for things and as each day goes by I see more things to be grateful for. Is that not the law of attraction in action? Partly, but it’s like when you get a certain car, you suddenly notice the same car everywhere. 🙂

We all have something to be grateful for but we should actually consider it more often, daily is good because it almost trains your mind to look for things to be grateful for. Become’s a habit and an energy as you go through your day, what I noticed is I end up smiling more. 🙂 

Grateful to be able to spread that smile about too. People smile back. Gratitude is spread too. See how it works. It really is self feeding. Much like a lot of things.

Look for things to be grateful for every day for a week and see what happens.

There will be a shift. Inside you.

Be grateful you can be grateful.  😉 

Gratitude is powerful
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