Guy Fawkes, top man….

Guy Fawkes, are we not misunderstood with this man?
Having been vilified every year on bonfires all over the country for the powder plot and each generation keeping up these traditions half blindly, even sharing the moment with our kids as a celebration but never really saying why or even if they agree with it.

Have you with your kids?

Knowing what we know about those who work in that same building and what they have done to the country and indeed also having an influence on worldwide politics in some way or other, what they have done to the people, their values and what it meant to be British.

Have these people betrayed our past generations who fought, died and lived after losing loved ones to keep Britain from the clutches of outside rule?

Knowing what a shower of traitors who work in that building don’t you feel Guy was onto something?

Have those people and they are a “type” (always the higher class, ie snobs) really changed much from Guy’s time?

Did he know something we don’t?

Or have we chosen not to see it?

Turn a blind eye?

If you are going to burn a guy on the bonfire try and stick this mask on top of it…he sold us down the river with the EU, if you can’t find his mask, Blair’s will do, same agenda from both, same lack of respect for the people of the UK.

The last person to leave the UK…will you please turn out the lights!

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One Response to Guy Fawkes, top man….

  1. sylv webster says:

    I think the lights went out long ago Rob and we are just all stumbling around in the twilight zone. I can't even see a light at the end of the tunnel yet. We used to be such a happy and proud country but over the last 17 years or so, since Maggie resigned, the only way has been down, down and yet further down. I do not understand politics and do not talk about them, but even I know it is time for change. Bring back Guy Fawkes, he would know what to do and how to do it.

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