Well it seems unbelievable to me but 12 years since you..my youngest, came into this world with my help delivering you…… you were keen to join us Keaton.. Not like your brother! He must have been comfy.. ;o)

Wow…what a moment..and here we are 12 years later!

I am so proud of you son and I love you with all my heart.

I hope you do have a great day and gets lots of goodwill from your mates at school, then enjoy your evening having a meal.
I am sorry not to be able to share your day…but as you know weds I will be there after school to see you… cant wait!

Happy birthday son.

Now…Keaton as you told me on sunday, you are setting up a band with your mates… well I still say as I did sunday..GREAT.. go for it.
Lead singer too… ;o)

I know you will like that.. :o)
Love ya mate…

Dad.. x

Happy 12th birthday Keaton….
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