Happy 14th birthday son!

Another year?
Where does all that go?

Happy birthday Jacob.
I love you lots mate as always, I hope you have a great day and enjoy your presents matey.

It’s an interesting time from 14 onwards Jay… the beginning of becoming the man you will be. ;o)
Remembering my 14th year as fresh as ever I know what the next leads up to son!

A big time from 14 to 18 mate, just hope we can continue as we are, you know I was that age and I am always ready to listen and talk as you know.

It’s a part of my duty to you J. :o)

I am proud to do it too, couldn’t be prouder, you and Kea both do me proud.

I love you to bits, happy birthday big man.

I now know you won’t tell ya mates about my ramblings on here… ;o)

But ya got a good bunch of mates too, just keeping on the right path is all I wish for.
I doubt any of you will let ya’selves down… ;o)

So mate…
Have a great day, you know I am here for ya as always, and I love ya mate.

Happy birthday big man.

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2 Responses to Happy 14th birthday son!

  1. Courtney - Web Writing Info.com says:

    Happy birthday to your boy! I bet the last 14 years have flown by!! 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    Yeah they have….shockingly fast! ;o)

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