My amazing son is 16 today, happy birthday son

Cool dude...

Loves ya son :)

My amazing son number two is 16 today… Happy birthday son, where the heck did that 16 years go… ;)

I am so proud of you and what you are setting yourself out to be, do in life. :)

You certainly know what you want to do and I don’t doubt you will do it too.

It may be a long road but we are here beside you and willing you every step of the way, and what a dream to chase…

My son the star!

February is going to be a good experince playing the leading role in the local musical, yep, that’s my son, leading a musical! :o

I will have pics of that! :D

You got the voice son… your singing makes my heart sing and you got the looks to be on stage, course, ya take after dad. ;)

How could we not be proud?! :lol:

A real credit to your parents son.

I am excited, more than you probably are son. :lol:

It is the start of everything you want to go for in life and I am right behind you every step of the way 100%.

Big heart!

What one quality you have in abundance is a big heart, a good heart and that I hope never dimishes in you. You are a great person and I wouldn’t change a thing about you, except maybe the fact you have to wear glasses! ;)

I am proud of the man you are becoming.

You have been great for me when the crap has hit the fan at times, you have lifted me up more than a few times, just being there, priceless. :)

I love our weekends together.

In a nutshell I love you with all my heart.

Always and forever, dad x :D

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21 Responses to My amazing son is 16 today, happy birthday son

  1. Sylv Webster says:

    You have the most precious gift of all Rob – your lad. It is wonderful to see how much love there is between the two of you – you can’t ask for me. The love of a son is the most precious thing in the world – keep that love. Don’t just be his dad, be his friend (that I know you are) for life, always be there for him. I’m sure he will always be there for you and I wish him every success in the world on his climb to fame and fortune. 16 – what a wonderful – on the threshold of his adult life – GOOD LUCK KEATON x

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  3. Kissie N Atl

    Rob, this is perfect on so many levels.

    What child does not or would not appreciate this type of recognition from a parent and then publicly! Often our moms are/were the ones who always support/affirmed us but when something like this comes from a father — WOW!

    I want to hear him sing, I want to watch him perform, I even want to meet a young man like this, and I know you weren’t trying to sell us on this idea. I can tell it’s from the heart and not about more than what you’ve said.

    I thank you for sharing this precious moment with us and I wish for your son many good years to follow. From the looks of things, he’s already had a wonderful start and that began with great parents. ;-)

    Until later,

    P.S. He is a cutie too!

    • Rob

      Hey Kissie,

      Hope ya well? :)

      Course he is a cutie, he is his dads son ;)

      I am proud of him on so many levels, so it’s right to say so, even publicly. :)

      I mean every word too.

  4. Marti says:

    Happy birthday to your son! 16 is such an amazing time for a young man. He sure is a cutie – I wish him all the best!

  5. Happy birthday to your son, wow your words are realy great, you are a great dad just keep going like this and you always gona have your son in your side and that its the best thing in your life, to have your children in your side and you wouldn’t change it for milion of dollars

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  7. Jason from Make Beats says:

    Hey Rob,

    I want to wish your son a belated happy birthday. I can tell from reading this post that you really love and care about your son, and it’s truly a great thing to see a father proud of his son.

    I am happy to hear your son has the leading role in the local musical and I wish him luck. I look forward to seeing the pics of that event. Thanks for sharing this proud moment with us.

  8. As a parent we want that our children feel that we love them both physically and emotionally. Its a fact that out treasure in this world is our children because they are our strength why we keep holding on in this difficult life, they are the one who keep us on smiling every time that we are down and they are the one who gave us courage to go through in life.

  9. Aww… It’s so sweet of you to tell the whole world about your son. I bet, you love him so much and wouldn’t change it for the world. Being a proud parent, I believe that the greatest gift we could have is the love and respect our children is giving to us. Never take this for granted and always have quality time with your families. Because what they learn from us parents will eventually be applied in their life later on.

  10. Jane from DUI says:

    You are so lucky to have such a talented and good-looking son (like his father perhaps). Well, individuals who are in the range of thirteen to nineteen years of age may be experiencing of what they called role confusion. Good thing that your son is up to something he likes like singing. I know that you are very proud of him and I am foreseeing that he will be in the field of music someday, not just locally but worldwide.

  11. Nasif says:

    Your son is really good looking… Wish him a good life…

  12. Carla says:

    It’s my first time here on your blog and I can’t stop myself to not wishing “Happy Birthday” to your son. He’s very good looking :)

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