Having written previously about facebooks walled garden, lame rules, guidelines and lack of help when needed, I hoped not to have to do it again.
The fact they will block you without question or explanation, then unblock you… only to do it again later because you still don’t know what the limits or rules are as they never told you the first time is to me lame.

They should clearly know after the fist time you are not a spammer, abuser, nor did you clearly offend anyone as no-one complained, the fist block was 6 days, this one has been 12 so far!

It’s the worse way they could deal with it in my opinion, not that mine counts for much anyway.

Why punish those who actively help grow your business?
Why punish good users on a user generated site?

Why bother?

Therefore facebook now turns into an outpost for me and nothing more.

I will never again help others join the place and help them get to grips with it, not that I don’t want to help friends but anyone who has helped others knows it is not easy for everyone and there will be lots of comments back and forth as they learn, which means commenting too much, that’s likely to end up in another block and more damn frustration.

No thanks…

I am sorry to say to you friends on facebook, I won’t use it the way I did and now it will be an outpost for things I share with you.

I am heading for the gate out of the walled garden known as facebook!

Heading for the gate of facebooks walled garden
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