Internet marketing syndicate vs robot, my money is on the robot!

Asshole Internet marketers
Gladly watching you fall! 😆

You may or may not know about or care about the Internet marketing side of things, just to let you know what this post is about … if not, skip it and go write some great articles …  🙂

I do care and I think people should know about this … 😉

I was into it one time, not selling crap, just interested and learning things, but for the last few years it’s made me gag… once this clean up starts taking hold it will be a more appealing niche again. 😀

This Internet marketing (IM) niche really is starting to get interesting… 😆 the crap is hitting the fan for those scammers among the niche, don’t get me wrong, not all Internet marketers are scammers, not by a long shot but the scammers ARE getting found out and to many of us it’s always been obvious who the scammers were. 😉

There’s always been good and bad people in every niche, nothing new there, online this niche is one where it stands out, much as it does in the self help one with all their kum-by-yah shitty mumbo jumbo, but what is surprising to those who know nothing about the IM niche, is when they stumble on it and (IF they do their due diligence, keeping money in pockets for now) see the scale of the “success” these baduns suppossedly have… the badduns brag about it often enough!! With the fake pictures and their crappy “pals” testimonials!

So, these people look around then see just how deep the rabbit hole is and who is connected to who, where they hang out and how they do their shit! It’s a jerkfest! And they are supposedly getting rich off it! 🙁

Well actually…

No, they aren’t!!

They are liars, they are relying on launches like people rely on wage packets! 😉  The problem is they ruin lives and rip people off, think about it for a minute…

Internet marketing launches equal wages

Yes, they may make some money from promoting their buddies crap, but nothing like the claims they make, think about it, IF they were really making the millions they say, why the fuck do they need to promote more crap constantly?

Because they are breaking even with a wage?

They are continuously feeding more and more gullible newbies into their lists trap in order to pimp crap to them… because they know anyone with any knowledge, or sense, would avoid them, I’d like to give some credit to the masses and say a huge portion of those that get “trapped” will not fall for it… so it’s a small minority, hence them having huge list numbers, they need it to get the few gullible ones…

Then continuously keep feeding those list…

They say their list(s) are important, after all, they can keep flogging shit to them yet they do the worse emails out there, not a clue, just a pitchfest galore, upsells, cross-sells, downsells and whatever damn sale they can get out of you… bollox to fleece the most gullible of money!

Yet, they must suck at that, else they wouldn’t need to keep doing the same shit over and over again without a thought for who they are hurting, ripping off. Let’s face it, most people waste money on this shit.

Avoid 99% of Internet Marketers lists

One thing is to NEVER get on any of their list, it’s crap plus bloody hard to get off them again.. not to mention they sell your email out… even though they say they don’t.

Get onto 100 lists and you will see they all promote the same crap over and over, cross promotions galore… so best to avoid ALL of that and ignore 99% of them.

Most have no idea how to do what they say they do, they are the ultimate “fake it till ya make it” bunch, still faking it most of them…

What they say and do is often polar opposites, so it’s pretty obvious when you look for it.

And I bet the list they have gives a really shit return, only fanboys fall for their crap, you will find the same people comenting on their blogs… asskissing idiots! 😉

It’s not just their blogs…

The Internet marketers old boys club

Yes, they had some craphole called the warrior forum to hang out in too, their old boys club where they could fleece the sheeple… you can’t separate the two in my mind, I don’t give a toss what any of the so called “warriors” say… I was there when all this crap started out really, it may NOT (don’t know, don’t look at the shithole!) be as bad now as it was… but it is still happening I bet! 😉

Thankfully I could see through them and they have never had a penny of mine, or anyone I know who has sense!

No, not all of them were bad.

I tell you this, the best people in that place were the ones who never sold anything… that leaves very few! Work it out… most have left though! 😉  Put it this way, I only trusted maybe 4 people in that place and no, I won’t name them, they are good friends and honest decent people.

Back to the scammers and their mess…

These scammers don’t have any respect for anyone, not even their gullible sheeple “customers” … nor the law half the time!

I say… Gullible because they bought into a fake dream, these ARE the target market of these scammers after all, dream chasers! 😉

Unicorn juice and bloody rainbows! *sigh, will people not learn?!

There are no magic bullets, just shattered dreams

But these “gullible ones” and even not so gullible people are starting to rant in places, on their own blogs, on comments on other blogs, all because that hang out censors shit. Aye, you can’t slam any of these in the syndicate, or gurus, or anyone else who rips people off on the “warrior” playground, do that and get nuked. 😉

I won’t link to that craphole, that’s cruel, like leading mice to a den of cats! 😉

Cats that you can’t complain about there if you get caught, they protect their own, after all it is the old boys club.

So, the ones getting hurt are actively going out there and writing about it, complaining, sharing in comments on blogs, because they are not afraid anymore…


The cartel are losing influence and cannot hide

Yes, many were afraid of what would happen to them, after all, they were in the same niche. They were worried about the big guys making it harder for them… but …

They can’t hide crap now like they could 5 years ago, they don’t have the influence to “crush” people who dared question them or complain, like they used to say and do… oh yes, these bastards would ruin your reputation and use their list of gullible idiots to slam you, they would call you a “loser”… they sill do. Except now, they realise they are in fact the losers, and people are waking up, and ranting about it … at last! *sigh, take ya time eh people.

Now their fucking-furious-back-peddling starts…

That is the ones who in some way are connected to these scammers are crapping it and starting to try and distance themselves, that’s gonna be hard considering how many affiliates and such these scammers have conned into becoming affailites, plus the plain greedy ones who just promoted their crap without a thought for those who may buy it… sad shit, they will all have a job on their hands trying to look “clean”!!

It’s getting so lame that some of the so called big names are trying to manipulate how they look, failing badly I must say… let’s face it, “big name” you either promoted their crap, or they promoted yours, or used your crap to help their “launch” or you used theirs to help yours… either way, you are connected, no matter how you try to “address” it in your shitty blog, newsletter… it’s a deed done that can’t be UNdone! 😆

Tough shit! Should have thought about that a long time ago! Greed glands got the better of you…

The robot will rule, with your help too

That’s the gurus, big names, B tier affiliates, and launchers of crap… all absolutely crapping themselves… 😆 All mainly due to an R2D2 lookalike, one with the legal nous and the information to blow the whole scammers situation wide open … 😆 Creating the shit storm in the niche. Some profanity on that, but the message matters! 😉

What we can’t do is leave it all up to a bloody R2D2 robot to make it known to people that these scammers need avoiding, exposing, so DO check out the “cloud” of names on that blog and avoid them all!

What you can do is link to that blog with some anchored keyword and help him rank for those keywords, IE, rank for the scammers names… this will piss the scammers of, being outranked by a pissed off R2D2 lookalike who is revealing the truth about them under their own name. 😆 Or even d-bags which is what they are. 😉

You know, link to what appals you, there is enough of the scammers telling you with their own words on that site, help get them ruined like they like to ruin others. Maybe with enough juice going and people making it known the law will have to take notice somewhere. 😉

Even Tony Robbins is getting involved! This is someone that’s just been given a platform on TV in the USA I believe?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Never bought his crap, so no idea what it is like, mumbo jumbo I expect, but for him to get involved with these scammers is saying something, whatever happens, he has stepped into it.

Karma is real, it’s working too!

They are reaping what they sowed

It’s getting funny, you really couldn’t make this crap up, but it is about time these scammers were properly dealt with where appropriate, by law and for them to do so takes them being aware of it, there is a simple reason non of these scammers will “sue” anyone, more so that R2D2 looking droid (a lawyer!) …  for  a start the scammers know it’s all true, they say it in their own words… plus they know if they sue someone, that someone is going to get some seriously damaging info about the scammers… IF they get a decent lawyer… and the law is just involved.

They don’t want the law involved at all by the sounds of it. 😉

I’d ask the droid if he would be mine 😆 for free… 😉 I’d bet he would oblige, rubbing his metal palms in glee at the case. 😉

Internet marketing needs cleaning up of this crap… the sooner the better, social media is helping, people, meaning the scammers perfect “target market” are in a better position to find out answers before committing to anything, and the bad crap does get talked about out there… alot more than the scammers would like… 😆

That’s your role if you haven’t got a blog to write about it, if you ever fell for buying their crap and lost money, then go spread this post, or that robots post, or anyone sharing the truth out there, Ryan Healy has written a few things too, he has a good blog there by the way. 😉

One thing I noticed is Ryan linked to some lawyers blog who allows a scammer to “defend” himself… and you know what, his little favicon in the browser is a Pyramid… very telling!! 😉

It’s worth noting that even though on a few of them post on the robots blog there are 100’s of comments, (yes really) many are saying alot too, it is making people come forward and speak up.

These scammers need to be hit hard where it hurts, like they hurt others. Those fanboys, don’t bother telling me I am a “hater” or “loser” … I don’t hate them, just what they do and how they do it and I’m not a loser simply because I don’t do this evil shit they do…

So, if you been conned or know of some proof of these scammers conning people, share it, if not, just make sure you and your credit card avoid them all. 😉

If you want to help rid the niche of this crap, share these post, link to them. Anything that helps get the word out. 😉

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