The death of hype, especially in IM!

I will stick my neck out here and say…it’s gonna die!
Already it’s undergoing a slow steady decline, hype sucks.

Hype is what you buy into…the sizzle.
Sod that…
NO-ONE can sell you your dream…they are yours to achieve, not buy.

Let’s cut the crap…it’s a mindset they are keeping you into…to fleece more money from you.

I get well turned off by all the crap hype shite out there and I know many of you do too.
It will pass…when it stops working so well, you can bet your ass the marketers who use it will drop it like a hot stone.

Then they will start coming over all “honest”, far too late then, the rep they have will stick.

Roll on the BS hype free marketing!
It cannot change soon enough.

Real honest content will win the day.

Content people will appreciate.

Honest marketers will clean up.

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