Something has really annoyed me and I find it very distasteful too.

As you know I am deaf, I was born deaf.. now I have some serious
problems getting work what with half the jobs needing phone manner
or dealing with the general public, not to mention I can’t hear the
fire alarms very well.. so it is unsafe to work in some environments.

So…I make a claim for disability living I feel I AM entitled
to this extra help.

I had to get a doctors note which confirmed I was indeed born deaf.
I had to fill out a few forms explaining my disability and how it effects
my life… (as if it wouldn’t).

Sent them off, waited about 9 weeks to hear from them…

Then they send me a letter denying me this help…without as much as
meeting me..or even assessing me.

How DARE they judge me without even meeting me.
How dare they say…

I am NOT deaf enough!


Well I WILL appeal, I may even go as far as to take it to human rights

What do you think I should do?

How dare they?
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