“How I made $1000 in 24 hours”

Been a busy few weeks and one great thing is getting out of the forums will make your productiveness improve seeing as you are creating content for yourself and not the forum owners.

But something I have to say…

Why is headlines like the one above what draws you in?

Are people so easy to pull with hype?

Why do titles like that work so well with people?

Do people really believe that just because someone does this anyone can?

The world is nuts!

I have to say…there are so many lies and misinformation around it’s scary, the forums can be the worse place for it with so many “fake it till ya make it” types and flat out liars.

If that’s how it works, then it’s sad!
Half of these fakes are simply eager to rape your wallets and yet people let them?

Unbelievable and to be honest it’s not surprising which forums are the worse for it.

Ok… people want hype and people want instant riches!

Well I have news… there is NO instant riches else there wouldn’t be hype!

Anyone have an opinion on this?

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3 Responses to “How I made $1000 in 24 hours”

  1. nathan says:

    Of course everyone is looking for the easy money so your headline is going to attract lots of people.
    But it is true anyone can Make 1000$ in 24 hours, and it is real easy to do. They just have to buy my book called “Becoming a Millionare is Easy if You Can Get Stupid Lazy People to Buy Your Book On How Easy It Is To Become a Millionare” For just 34.95 you can make me rich! Buy Now before the secret is out! (the previous is sarcastic humor, but that being said I have copyrighted that title and concept for book)

  2. Rob says:

    You are right there Nathan… ;o)

    Let me know when ya done ya book lol!

  3. Joe Midway says:

    Nice article, you’re right about headlines. I think headlines to articles are the most important part of any blog. It’s a great way to increase readership (with catchy headlines). I think headlines like this are popular because people are curious and the need to further our knowledge is a constant quest that never ends…therefore if people think that they can learn something new, then they’ll read it 😉

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