Great work…you are blogging now you need to get “eyeballs” on your blog and in your mind…
“the sooner the better!”. ;o)

First…in a way I am sorry to keep you waiting…I say in a way because it’s the school holidays and my youngest in bed in the other room…had i have had a great two days with him, still tomorrow to go till tea time so it’s all great!…but I am not sorry too much…my boys come first. ;o)
Eldest here on Monday for a few days… ;o)

So, while I have a chance it’s time to help you along with your blog promoting!
Getting the all important readers.

Simple quick methods are…

While you researched your topic or niche, expertise…you looked at blogs and sites, one of the fastest ways to start utilising that research in an extra way is to comment on the popular ones you liked and comment to the BEST of your ability in the sense of content, add to the “conversation” or topic or ask a great question to provoke a great response as your comment will most likely have a link back to your blog. ;o)

Do NOT spam blogS, emphasis on S because if you comment on 1 with good content, it’s NEVER considered spamming, on the other hand… 5 different blogs with the same thing looks bad, if each blog has a different comment then you are ADDING great content and most likely all will be almost completely different comments (angles, questions etc) so it looks good overall.

Add your blog link in ALL your outgoing emails to friends, colleagues etc,
Simple to set up in your email and as it “auto adds” to each emails it’s a once set up and forget effort.

Use Google to find good forums on your topic, niche, simply type into Google…

forums : topic or keyword

Join and use the popular forums you like with your link in the signature file wherever you are allowed to BUT ADD great content to the forum, help others and answer questions etc.
People WILL click your sig link but make your sig “blurb” as catchy to the eye as possible without offending etc.

You want people noticing it…

Maybe…If it was a “cake recipe forum” have…

Like Old English cakes?
20 recipes book free!
Visit “blog name” and get yours now.

As an example… BUT, people LIKE free! ;o)

Get them subscribing to your blog or newsletter, ezine, if you have one…if this is new to you, just ask. ;o)

Join community sites…web 2.0 remember… ;o)

Interact with others in your niche and build friendships etc.
Look at the “widgets” on the sidebar of this blog with pics, “my bloglog” blog catalogue” etc and join these sites and add your blog to it as well as create a profile.

A tip… BRANDING is something worth always keeping in mind.

You can use the same pics or avatars as they are known across all these sites which most do and this really does help brand you.

If you are unsure of putting a pic of you up use a related one or have a UNIQUE one created.
A unique one is what I recommend.

I have the pic of me on here and the same one is used everywhere else if I can…people will notice me and remember me. ;o)

But I also know some people are simply not happy posting a pic of themselves up…so another way is to get a pic “treated”…same but different… ;o)


Who the heck is that!!! ;o)

If you prefer this idea head over to Nathan who did a great job on this for me, snow him under with work and mention me, say I deserve a beer for that,… ;o)

He will do a great job for you…I KNOW that. ;o)

Having a unique picture or avatar will go a long way in branding your blog and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Why web 2.0 though?

Widgets…pictures…profile pages…

Here’s a truth, everyone likes to see their pic, avatar on other peoples blogs…admit it you bloggers… you do, we all do and another thing is we like to see other people on our blogs too!

Interactivity, did I mention that?… :o)

You may want to use facebook, myspace, whatever to spread your word, the key is to show some interest, read other blogs sites get to know people and people will get to know you.

Funnily enough, because I am deaf in one sense its easier to “get to know someone” online than offline although people offline will tell you I do communicate pretty “normal”, but online there are NO barriers! . . . Nice!! :o)

You can do it…easy, I got faith in ya!

What else can we do to get you cracking and that ball rolling along?

Write a great article with a great sig link (the whole point of article writing) at the bottom and let others use it.
This is done with ezine article databases where 1000’2 of them are there for anyone to use.
The more that use yours the more one ways you have and it does work well.

For some it may be a bit confusing…if so, its simple and it is done best by writing a great 400 to 500 word article relating to your blog topic, (use a few keywords in the article too) which has a sig link at the bottom (sig must be included by others using article), a bit like the forum one you would use, you create great content that’s ALMOST enough…but leading to more on your blog via the sig link. ;o)

Submit your article to the top ezine article directories in the related topic categories.
Ask in comments if wanting to know more.. ;o)

Utilise smaller channels to gain exposure to the bigger ones.

Lets take real fame for example…the first paper you want to get into is the local one, then hope it gets picked up by a national one. ;o) Make sense…?

Blogs can be the same way.

Give great content to your readers and they may share it with others by way of a link to you or blogging about your blog and you never know “who” is reading that blog where YOU are the content.

This can work well in several ways, your great content has provided someone else with great content to utilise and ADD to in their own blog as well as possibly sparking other smaller bloggers entering the same conversation on their own blogs.

But also you may have sparked a “fan” who is a blogger considered “above” the bloggers who blogged about you and you will made yourself noticed.

It could be a long while before it happens if it does but it could explode your traffic….overnight!

Think outside the box for your niche, stand out with something.

Lets say you are doing Old English cakes, as I has done here through this, you could find ONE cake which uses what is NOW a “superfood”.

Create a great article on this specific cake and hows it’s used this superfood for “whatevertime” without mentioning the actual cake in the content, and a teaser in the sig which lead to the blog post with THAT cake recipe on it.

So your actual article is about the superfood…not the cake. ;o)

Angle…it’s about your angle, think about them in your niche topic and you can come up with some diverse angles to write about while still being “on topic”.

BUT the quickest way to get a reader…

Post a comment here now and you will automatically have a link back to your profile where we can find your blog.

Any comments?? ;o)

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3 thoughts on ““How to promote a blog”

  • August 17, 2007 at 2:26 pm

    Hi Rob,

    I should have emailed you instead of leaving a comment here, but could not find contact info on this site…

    I just noticed that you deleted your account @ the WF. Don’t know why, but just wanted to say that I enjoyed your posting there.

    Well, hope everything cool with you. I’ll check back here sometime.

    Best wishes,


  • August 17, 2007 at 10:22 pm

    Thanks… ;o)

    Moved on and upwards… :o)

    Hope you are well?

    Email anytime… silence+deafdad AT


  • August 20, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    Great blog!
    I will read all later 🙂
    (will link you on my blog)


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