Humour, a funny thing…

I hate sandcastles
😆 Gotta laugh, a few words can make a picture! 😆

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say…

But what about adding words as well …

What a difference a few words can really make to a picture, it’s no wonder they get viral quickly and easily … 😆 the more innocent or innocuous the picture that better the words could fit.

Alot to be said for a Sense of humour 😉

The above one cracked me up… enough for me to make it my desktop background for a while, always good to start the session off with a chuckle, or two. Whoever did this one spotted a good one.

It’s interesting the different roles humour plays in our live … for all of us differently, how we use humour etc. Funny shit… pardon the pun! 😆

Bottom line is …

Without humour, what have you got?

Not a lot. 🙁

As they say, “you can either laugh or cry” which in a sense really nails it, not that it’s literally, IE, you probably won’t cry, but it’s the point it makes …

“Laughter is the best medicine” – as we’ve all heard too.

What’s interesting to me is that laughter is a pretty much a human trait … so it’s gotta be important. 😉

Writing with a little of it matters, it seems to make some difference and yet it also gets some interesting response, going by two emails about the Missy magic post, one went as far as to say, you two need to get a room! 😆

Just as a side-note -Thanks for that, but if you knew us then you’d know that is never going to happen, we are just weird with the humour… maybe just weird full stop. 😆 but another thing is I don’t think you could get a room big enough to fit her personality into and me, for too long! 😛

It’s friendship, a funny thing – I have been learning surprising things about it all myself… more recently even too, some friendships with the opposite sex are worth far more than is the risk of losing, there is no value in that risk at all – say as in the case of me and missy! 😆 She would agree with that too… I experienced the cost of that myself with someone (NOT missy, silly!) a few weeks back, some know what I mean.  😉

Sometimes it just isn’t worth it …

Hey Missy… “Howdy” – if you are reading …



Never said nuffink!

I know, not funny… I’M serious… 😆

Humour is a powerful thing …

I know it makes an amazing defence mechanism too … in several ways., it can shatter barriers, change the atmosphere, influence people and more importantly situations. 😉

It can mask insecurities, whatever they may be.

The only problem is we all have unique humour, and humour is also geolocated too … meaning humour is influenced by where you grow up. It’s so clear when you see jokes that go right over peoples heads, sarcasm, irony, innuendos, etc, can be completely missed. Funny in itself! 😆 But unavoidable! 😛

Have you heard about … ?

Yeah, probably… :rolleyes: and isn’t that saying something? 😉

So, what are you putting out with your humour?

Get someone laughing, how does it make you feel? More importantly how does it make them feel? How much does it influence the way they feel about you?

After all, that’s yours, it’s unique, how is it playing out a role in your life? How do you share it? 😉 How do others “remember you” when you not with them?

It’s not funny you know, it’s worth thinking about. 😉

It’s what really differentiate us from animals. 😀 Understanding humour is important, wouldn’t you say?

I like wit. 😀 Those who know me know what I mean. 😉

Over to you … 😆

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