Ok… maybe not, not with them damn things on anyway!

I am a little perplexed by the fact some people take all this shit so seriously, I saw someone had stopped reading a blog simply because the blogger had written “fuck” on their blog, although it was in that context probably the right word.

Before you say, “that word is never right in any context”, I ask you to pick a mallet and chisel up, have a bash at some stone, you will enjoy it and find it a little therapeutic, a stress buster if you like …until you whack you thumb which will happen … then you find me a better word to say then than that one! ;o)

Lighten up, that’s my advice, if one word and it was one word, not a habitual thing like I don’t do on here, if it was a one off do you really think it’s worth stopping reading it, if you get value from the blog?

That’s crazy and silly on your part. If you never read this blog again just because I actually used that word for this post … (hard not to if I want to make the point) … then doesn’t that say more about you than me?

Of course, you readers are smart though. ;o)

If something offends you that easy, then in my view it’s best to start dealing with the “why it offends you” issue.
Then it won’t offend you, simple really. Thick skin is needed in life.

I AM better then YOU…
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