Thanks to the support alot of you have given me over the last few days….especially you warriors who SEE what I was talking about and admit I was right about it.

These people naturally fear posting anything in public because they fear being deleted from the forum.

Well what do you know…Allen started a thread where he lied and USED me as an example, but at least it shows I DID hit a raw nerve, else that thread wouldn’t have started.

He claimed a female warrior ask him that question which I do NOT believe happened, he made that up to post that drivel of a thread.

There it is…shining proof of what I was talking about, look at the “Thanks Allen, your great” post, utter arselicking, the very thing he said he dislikes….it’s ok as long as it’s HIS arse!
But I digress.

So I mentioned in the last post if you look hard enough you will see those who are working towards being the next big name to milk money from the masses…take a look at the warrior newsletter…now take a look at THAT person on the forum… wow… he is now a mod, *note to him…you got sommat on yer chin.

Such proof was lovely to see…it backs up what I say perfectly.

Having had about 20 emails from warriors who THANKED me for being straight and honest about it I realised that the “fine line” you tread at the forum is getting thinner and thinner all the time.

Walking on eggshells is not exactly what people thought they would be doing…but they are.

Those who are new there will have to tread carefully, though they do want you there because its YOUR money they are after.

Allen proved himself a coward by posting THAT where I can’t answer him, but here I can say what I like… Allen you are a chicken shit!

Bet you have a shiny ass though!

Keep selling the snake oil!

Shame honesty counts for jack shit there eh?!

The other side of the coin… I have seen but am not surprised by the backstabbing going on there too, people I thought were ok have proved to be serious back stabbers and it’s seemingly pretty common there from my observations.

Though there are a alot of great people there who are nothing like those I mention above, they at least have the sense to think about things the right way…neither sucking up to Allen or making themselves a target.
These are the smart ones who just get on with it.

I for one am glad to have said my piece, it hit a nerve there else THAT thread wouldn’t be there now.

Maybe I have contributed to changing the place for the better.

I don’t hold my breath though!

“I was right about Warriors”
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