If only YOU took action

…way back at the turn of the year, well we are already half way through it shockingly, you would have had a good 6 months of learning, doing, improving and growing your blog or website. It wouldn't have all been fun or easy but it would have worth it regardless of the result simply because you learn more than you think you will. 

"You never know until you try" as they say … and what if you DID have great results? 

What if you also now realised you could possibly replace your "Just Over Broke" within another year plus having the potential to do much better in income and lifestyle terms over time?

What if you failed miserably at it all but found a new passion and skill with the same potential if utilised, which you would never have found without taking the action in the first place?

These two scenarios do happen, the second is probably more likely in most cases … for example … 

I have a friend online who gave blogging a really good go for almost a year, he didn't like it much, it bored him to write and such, yet the one thing that gripped him while blogging was graphics. (logos, badges and header images for example)

He became passionate about it, he soon realised it was a skill worth utilising for an income, so started to create them for other people, companies and such as a freelancer while still blogging AND working his J.O.B. 

He dropped the blog after a while simply due to the fact it wasn't a good use of his time and effort and focus as it was a generic theme, until the turn of the year where he set out to blog again but based on … graphics!

And having a website to showcase the work with while adding the blog as a part of it for progress of work and teaching tricks etc.  

Got a little feeling that site and blog will put him into the first scenario too.  ;o) 

Finding a skill you have a passion for is a great way to do something like this, anything which utilises that said skill to maximum effect will be easy to keep on doing as opposed to something that bored you. 

No matter what skill there will be some way of utilising it. Most people say they don't have the time or energy to try these things, normally we overcomplicate things, heck, you could even change things by simplifying it all, this way you can get some energy and make time… ;o)

The friend above started his new site and blog almost 5 months ago and says he spends between two and three hours a night, 3 nights a week after work creating and an hour promoting just 1 website link … he simply turned the TV OFF and is now building an asset of value.  

Consider that … ;o)

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