…. wtf am I doing??

Then you gotta start to change things

Yeah I ask myself that at times!

A few lies here and there from others start to make me question things, well yeah I have “moaned” (in their perception) about friendfeed, facebook twitter etc over the weeks and I am not the only one to do so, the thing these liars miss is they prove the point by doing the very thing I supposedly “moaned” and “attacking” people..wtf?

Listen up you that lie about me, spread crap, I have never “attacked” anyone on these sites.. show me where I have… take your own advice and back ya shit up.. ie, man up or shut it.

Let me get this straight once and for all.

The ONE and ONLY reason I have written complaint post on here is because I CARE about it, I USE the places. I contribute, so want the experience to be as good as possible.. who doesn’t??

If I never cared, I wouldn’t say anything about it, I’d let you get on with it and say jack shit!
I care… so if I feel a point should be made which may improve the overall experience for everyone, I will make it… and I don’t expect to be attacked for it.


YOU that attacked me and told lies are hypocrites, by attacking me and others in the very threads started about the post made complaining about it, not only mine, others too. THAT makes YOU the stupid one.

I like these sites but doesn’t mean I can’t also state my opinions on them on my own blog… be they good or bad, if you are looking for 100% positive fluff, look elsewhere, life simply isn’t like that.

I can’t believe the idiots and they are in the minority, and yes they are a bit of a different “mob” to the worse places, but they are still idiots. I’d rather not bother with them, but when they attack you personally with lies… you gotta say something.

If any other these post, threads whatever improve the place isn’t that a good thing?

If you have to even ask…
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