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Everywhere you look and nowhere to be found… Depending entirely on your perspective!

Sad to see quite a few of my friends losing their jobs recently, and having been in that position myself a few times I know how demoralising shit it can be, although in some ways it can be a godsend, a push for change, improvement and growth in other areas.

So it can be good you get that opportunity!

I am annoyed a little at the fact my own eldest son has just left school and the economy is crap, leaving him with far less opportunity…Timing!
It happens though, and I don’t doubt for one minute it will happen in another 20 years time when my grandchildren leave school.

They say nowadays people will have had an average of 14 jobs by the age of 38! I am 37… and yeah I have had about that many! ;o)

My generation had a harsh start to the reality of “job security” crap with the pulling out of the ERM almost 20 years ago!! (Was it really that long ago?) Which led to alot of us being laid off almost as soon as we qualified at our trades. It happened to us in the stone industry and we were told these job were for life, indeed many of the older masons had been there for life.

Some damn “job for life” that turned to be… and yet what a blessing it was too, because they don’t really exist! :o)

Although it is a crap thing losing your job, and I have felt down after being there a few times, my best lesson learnt was, that the first thing to do is to simply… get over it.

Now I don’t mean that in any harsh way and I know with families to feed etc it’s not that simple… yet I say that because experience tells us once we stop looking at it a certain way, we gain in another way.

Like people advise with relationships… “never mind, you’ll get over it, plenty of fish in the sea”… (except there aren’t right now! lol…blame the fishermen!)

The point is, we need that change at times and if we don’t get “forced” into it, we don’t have the opportunities that arise and we settle for what is. That’s something people often regret later in life, so it’s all good whenever crap happens… obviously losing a job is not like losing a member of your family, perspective on it all does help.

I hope those friends who have lost work recently see plenty of opportunities around them to take advantage of and there are opportunities out there for every one of us, if we look carefully enough. :o)

Really ask yourself what opportunities you can utilise your skillset or knowledge with….or FOLLOW the damn dream you have had so long… whatever it is.

Every coin has two sides and all that jazz. Look for the biggest and best positives around you… don’t dwell on the negative.

I may not hear as good as you, but you sure as shit can’t lipread a pretty face on the other side of the room like I do can!

If you lost your job, that’s good…
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