Incredibly frustrating day today

ALL becuase I LOST my hearing aid, being deaf and having a hearing aid is bad enough…

Like being naked when I don’t have it in.
Still it is VERY hard to deal with out there… all that going on around you yet in silence!

Lack of communication has to be one of the MOST frustrating things we can go through…. ever lost your voice?

Well I am baffled…pissed off… and angry with myself today..

You may wonder HOW I lose something like that, well the mould that acually goes in my ear was there, the working part thats goes behind the ear…weren’t..

It was only when I bloody buss went pass and I didn’t hear it that I noticed!

I JUMPED right out of my skin. :o(

You get so used to wearing it you don’t really feel it anymore…like when people wear glasses I would imagine.

You notice it when you DON’T wear them far more.

It stands out, it feels uncomfortably different… its bloody HORRIBLE!

So I got home, spent 3 hours LOOKING for my old one… found it, but its terrible..

I now miss my newer “best you can get” digital one BADLY.

At a £1000 each. :o(

I am pretty annoyed at myself yet I couldn’t have helped it anyway, as the tube holding them together had broke.

So can’t go to hospital before friday as it is not open until then, thats the actual ear, nose and throat place..

So stuck with an old one untill then, but most likey I will have to wait for a new one anyway.

Not a good day so far.. very annoyed so I have to get head in a different state, let it go for now… do something..

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