There has been alot of talk about inner circles, some of it since the infamous “death of IM” report was unleashed. Inner circles or mastermind groups where members are these who make money online can be a great place to get your own money making ideas and expand on them making them better.

Inner circles are nothing new but with the power and width of the net there has never been a better time to utilise the power of “mastermind groups” or “inner circles”, which ever you prefer to call it.

Now you can harness the thinking of people anywhere, anytime… ON anything.

There is nothing stopping anyone setting up their own mastermind griups, and if you feel its a good idea then go for it.
It’s a win win for all of the group.

Choosing who your join will make a big difference on the path you take, after all it is useless joining a group that gives you hardly any benefit, so you DO have to think it through carefully to make the right choice.

The best thing to do is choose those you can learn A-LOT from, and those that will have a few members that you learn alot from, better to be a group that is by someone you can “model” your own path on, so using their expertise to move you faster along your chosen path.

It is for this reason I am now a member of Willie Crawfords “inner circle”, here is someone who has a great track record of success in writing AND marketing, making money online, something I want to learn more about and utilise in my own path to success.

Most of you will know who Willie is, maybe from his , to some, outrageous declaration to make a “million dollars in 90 days”, which as far as I know he is on track to do…THAT is incredible itself.

Think you could learn alot from that?
I know I could… AND I will. ;o)

I would bet those who learn the most from it will be those who ARE part of his “inner circle”.
As good a reason to join as any!

I am suprised by what I have ALREADY learnt from it, there are great interviews to be had as soon as you join, 20 of them to be exact and there will be are more.

I learnt at least ONE thing from each of the interviews…thats 20 NEW things I have learnt within hours of joining.
There are audio’s and PDF”s of the interviews, so I obviously had the PDF’s, but nothing stopping you learning from the audio’s on your mp3 players at times you wouldn’t be doing anything…like in queues, or sat on the bus, in the car etc.

I am excited about what else I will learn from him and those who are members, some great names there.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to progress fast and steady in their online work.
Take a look at the site for yourself and seriously think about what you could learn from it.

This is the one inner circle I AM glad I joined….see you on the inside where you will be able to benefit from every member, including on the forum set up there and they will help you make money online.

Inner circles
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