Interesting Adsense rule

Looking around the regular blogs I visit I noticed an interesting adense rule posted by Neil Shearing.

A permanent ban on your site but NOT your account?

Seems a good move and levels the playing field up some while lessening their own work load, so giving the lesser of us, traffic wise, a better chance to test and track while pushing the boundries a little further on each test without the fear of shooting yourself in the foot.

But again the ban would be once you push it too far AND get noticed. its too late.

As Neil says once the traffic starts to creep up, tidy up your tactics and stay INSIDE the rules.

Not that I am saying use blackhat style methods.. just test a little more than you would on what you ALREADY test on, add new twist to learn new things.

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  1. TiffanyDow says:

    Hey Rob, Where ya been? Haven’t seen you at either of the forums (WF or W4P). You okay?

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