IMers, “Internet marketers” for short, you know them, they promise secrets to easy make money online riches all for a princely sum of $27 or something.

Upon delivery you see details on “getting rich selling ebooks about getting rich selling ebooks”… and!!

Huh wait a minute!

That’s Crap!

Not that all IMers are like this, but lets be honest.
Isn’t it this that sticks in most “newbies” throats?

I have no bone with ANYONE in particular, I just notice some things that ARE getting talked about in this way, more than usual from my experience, some have no idea I was ever in that “niche” if you like.

It’s nothing new as such, but sheesh it sure looks worse from some angles.

That way of generating cash, short term gains was a successful one for some of them, some have moved onto better things, other niches etc.

Without naming people as there is no need to do that, I gotta say some of them are relentless in what they do.
Some of them brag about their fortunes yet CONTINUE to push a link everywhere they are, go, whatever, for a crappy product at times.

Let me ask…Are YOU greedy?

If you have made so much money online anyway, why are you CHASING it?

Why misuse things for that small benefit you gain in the short term?

Why when you should have built a base of fans big enough to spread your work for you, do you continue to push stuff into our faces?

Why do you continue to try and grab a big market share, shoving your aff links (spamming in many ways) everywhere, including asking others who are also in some way YOUR competition to spread the word about things you mainly benefit from?

How are those “under you” on the chain supposed to grow when those who do things like this who are above them (like you) stifle them?

Don’t talk about “abundance attitude” I KNOW there is enough for everyone, but where do you STOP?

Not talking mainly of ethics, just where do you draw the line?

Have you even thought about it?

The big guys have a great opportunity to do it right in my eyes but many miss the right way, they don’t CARE, they ONLY want MAKE MORE MONEY ONLINE!
Social networking sites are being used badly if you ask me.

This user generated web that is now here more than ever will spread that bad word about the greedy ones fast and far.

Vice versa with the good ones and the generosity.

What price a reputation now?

I think there is going to be a big shake up somewhere regarding all the IMers out there.

Some are good some not, some are greedy, some not… where are YOU?

“Internet Marketing, MAKES you GREEDY?”
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5 thoughts on ““Internet Marketing, MAKES you GREEDY?”

  • September 27, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    Oh, amen. I’ve been online since 1980 (no, really, I do take breaks to eat, work, sleep, have babies, write books, make love – but yeah, pretty much hooked on “social media” since before the term was coined). I liked it better when it was just geeks willing to pay $6/hour and up for the privilege of gabbing on a painfully slow 300 bps modem…and no one was selling anyone anything, but everyone was trading hot ideas for free.

    Yep, I’m schlepping my books online, but at least they’re PRODUCTS – you know, like a real honest to goodness children’s picture book (hardcover, not ebook – something you can read together at bedtime) – not books on getting rich quick by selling reports on getting rich quick and rooking other people into doing this and sharing half the profits with you and … whatever. Life’s too short.

    And I have no illusions – I can’t quit the day job, so I want to have fun while I’m doing my “shameless self-promotion” thing. 😉

  • September 27, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    Oh, by the way – my Twitter grade is a lousy 37, and I’m proud of that. If you’re above a 90, you’re spending too much time online, becoming a hamster on a wheel.

    PROVE to me it improved your bottom line measurably, I might rethink that – but I need proof. Not a grade from a bot.

  • September 27, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    While I see your point Holly.

    I have to ask whay are you NOT selling ebook versions of your book?

    I mean being realistic some people would love to print them out and bind them in a nice style of their own, you could see it with something like my friend does…. could do something like this, ask Diane to jv with you or something, Diane does a pdf with pics and explainations of bookbinding etc.

    You do the pdf versions to print. :O)

    Just an idea.

    You should think about ways to maximise your reach for the book.

    While I am glad you agree on my point of the people selling ebooks on getting rich selling ebooks, that’s not to discredit pdfs themselves.

    Used properly they will market your real book better, further, faster, easier, and freely. :O)

    Imagine the lesser real cost of selling pdf versions, even at a cheaper rate the mark up is higher than the real books. :O)

    As for your twitter grade.

    Look at it this way, your comment made me think..
    “is ALL you think of the bottom line being in monetary terms?”

    Well look at this blog here, revamped with help of twitters, is that not helping my bottom line in one way or another?

    Withoiut twitter I wouldn’t have got it right.

    With twitter it’s about the QAUILTY of those you follow and interact with, rather than what time you spend there.

    Relationship building IS what builds your bottom line. ;o)

    Use twiiter as a way of connecting to the right people for your business and see what it does to your business? ;o)

    I think you miss out by NOT using it. :O)

    Regardless, it’s whatever you feel best for you and your business and I won’t say it WILL help as I have no idea if it will.

    I think it depeneds alot on your relationship with those on there more than anything.

    That grader bot is a good example of social proof in action. ;o) regardless of whether we see it as worthless or not.

    It’s tapping into it the right way ;o)

    Thanks for the comment.

    Hope you book continues to sell well.


  • September 28, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    I’ve sold a lot of both versions of my books (paperback and eBooks) using Twitter, but they’re not “selling” anything – they are a book of humor essays and a novel.

    I don’t care for the eBooks that try to teach you how to sell more eBooks. The closest thing to an information eBook I’ve written is a “How to set up a Squidoo Lens to Sell Your Book” and it’s a FREE download 🙂

    Holly, if I can figure out who you are on Twitter, I’ll add you. I’ve been on the Internet a l-o-n-g time too.


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