Is twitter stagnating?

Are they sitting on their hands?

Are others improving the usability of twitter while at the same time taking people away from the actual twitter site itself?

Tweetdeck and other clients are those I talk about?
While I have not used these myself as they are desktop clients which I would rather not use, I have seen that many people use them for twitter and they recommend it to others.

I prefer to use friendfeed myself, although not a desktop client but a website I feel it delivers so much more than twitter alone, or the clients who improve twitter.

Friendfeed has the ability to add so much more than just the twitter feed, but even with just the twitter the conversation is kept so much neater which is easier to follow too.

Friendfeed is the conversation catcher, also a conversation expander simply due to friendfeed users being able to add to anything said elsewhere, like on twitter for example.

Those who only use twitter are actually missing on on extended conversation around what they started elsewhere.

On twitter I would have to look for each reply in the “replies” tab to this tweet to make sense of it. :o)

Looking at my friendfeed real time stream you wonder why twitter has yet to have their service auto-update like that!

Friendfeed has a great way for you to “bookmark” things using comments and the “like” function which twitter has in a crude way called “favourites” which are starred tweets yet I never use it and know of few others who do either and those who use friendfeed would rather “like” it on friendfeed than star it on twitter.

It is also so easy to share things of interest on friendfeed and not miss it like on twitter.

You can create list for different people even create one for people who don’t yet use friendfeed which is what they call the “imaginary friends.”

Let’s say you know someone on twitter and their username is @randomusername… you go and add this username to your friendfeed “imginary friends” list and it will import that persons tweets into your list so you can follow them without them even knowing, yet you can do this with their blog feed, twitter feed, any feed that you know the RSS or username of.

There is so much I have yet to learn to make the most of with friendfeed but I am enjoying it alot as I feel it’s a great central place to do your social activities.

If you have yet to try it, go join up and gve it a go. Don’t forget to add me by subscribing.

Is Twitter is sitting on it’s hands?
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2 thoughts on “Is Twitter is sitting on it’s hands?

  • February 2, 2009 at 2:14 am

    My reply to anyone who compares Friendfeed to Twitter is always the same. They are two different services, and I use them as such.

    I keep in touch with some local bloggers, and with my wife when either of us is mobile. The switch between Twitter on my desktop, and via SMS on my Blackberry is seamless. She and I don’t know or care which the messages are coming from.

    Friendfeed is great, and I’m in there more than I am Twitter, but I don’t use it as a person-to-person or person-to-group communication tool in the way that I do with Twitter as I described above. I do get a lot of useful information from Friendfeed, and also quite often some fun stuff too.

    But, for me, two different services, and while they overlap a little, two different purposes.

  • February 2, 2009 at 2:19 am

    I agree they are two different things for two different uses yet I do think just a few tweaks to twitter would improve it loads.

    It’s that overlap which people I feel miss out on, in that overlap is where the extanded stuff comes out. I think that twitter and friendfeed compliment each other well and would say to anyone use both. :o)

    I like friendfeed more each week…though it can a time sucker, it’s no worse than twitter, facebook etc.



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