Busy making small changes on the blog, just to test out several things, you will already have noticed the new part at the bottom of each post with “you may like” links to other post as well as the rating by stars.

I would like to increase any interactivity here but it also helps me to tune to blog to better fit what you the reader like to see here, so I can improve it over time for you, a self feeding circle if you like. :o)
I am not keen on some of the blogs out there plastered with ads, flashing banners all down one side etc, simple is better, I like the cleaner white style, so will keep it that way.

After all, the only part that should get the most of the bloggers effort and your attention is the content.

As with any blog… if the content is ok then you will read it all, the content is the reason you read a blog is it not?

Better content is the only way to really improve what matters on any blog, the readership and I believe to improve that in a significant way the content must get better and more in depth at times if needed, so longer post may pop up on here… one reason I am testing out the new “full post” link here, possibly leading to have more post available on the main page, so they will all take up a bit less space. Something I like about some wordpress blogs, but hardly see with any blogger blogs.

So, it’s not ideal but worth a try, not sure it will work properly to be honest!

Update: Nope.. crap, didn’t work :o(

Just hacking at my blog, testing…
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