Kajabi aka handing your business to Andy Jenkins on a plate

Kajabi!! OMG OMG… It’s live… yawn…

So what!
😆 what else to say?


Ok, well, I’ll say now, yes, you are right, I haven’t used, it, seen it, so shouldn’t say anything, cos it’s just opinion… of course, I haven’t seen it nor used it, nor will I because…

I don’t care! 😉

But… knowing who is behind it and having read a few things that filled in the blanks for me…

As one put it, “it’s a glorified membership site” … ie, a platform for people to build a membership site, business on, or several depending on how much you are willing to waste on them. They host the lot. Sod that! 🙁

More importantly…

I gotta ask :- is anyone silly enough to hand over their data and site, business over to Andy Jenkins, with his record… ??

And pay him monthly to have it? Bloody well hope not, certainly not at them prices either. Plus they will no doubt bring out some fake scarcity crap too, which will panic many into paying up earlier, then they are suckered into building a site, business on someone like Jenkins server?! Crazy, don’t fall for that shit.

Even more so because…

When , not if, when you stop paying you LOSE it all? WTF?! No backing up of anything for you, just cancel and bosh, gone… oh you can bet your ass HE will have backed all your hard work up, for himself. 😉

But, try it, free!!

Two week trials, no thanks, two weeks work and then you think, not for me, bosh, oops, where did that two weeks work go?

Next thing you know, someone else is banging out what was your research, data, whatnot, but that’s not legal, ok, well, fiddle a little bit of this, that the other… who’s to know?

Maybe they won’t, maybe they are all gonna do a great job and whatever, I don’t know, but I don’t trust him, so all I have is my opinion, all I need isn’t it? 😉

I mean, this is nothing you can’t do in a different way for a lot less money, is it?

Maybe I’m wrong, often am, but I say the best thing is to NOT BOTHER… 😉

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