Interesting to read on another SW British Internet marketers blog… Neil Shearing, who has posted a theory that these two fellas maybe one and the same!
If Neil is right it certainly is a good bit of  internet marketing.

Scott has just released his “autospy” report which is an interesting read, it tells of exactly what he did with his “death of adsense” report, and how he went from 0 to over 39,000 on his list in just a few weeks.

It certainly has got me thinking.

The way his list building is set up is a great idea in that it has an automatic way of getting those sign ups double opted in… think about that. ;o)

It is a great way to increase your opt ins, simply due to cutting out the likelyhood people don’t opt in on the confirmation email.
You can read about it further by grabbing the autospy report for yourself and take notes.. ;o)

It was a great way of building a big list fast!

So… are Keith and Scott one and the same?

Keith Baxter = Scott Boulch?
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