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"Portland a 2012 bomb?"

Portland Bill a beautiful Island where I happen to live. ;o)

I'd like it to stay this way long after 2012...not lost forever!

Here we host part the 2012 Olympic games, the sailing events will be in Portland harbour, NOT Weymouth harbour which it seems as they keep getting the credit and publicity!

While this is a great thing for Portland I and I am not alone fear it could be a bad thing...why?

Well the good things first and one is that money will be used to enhance Portland's entrance, which is surely NEEDED and we don't get back what we put in on Portland, Weymouth benefits most of the time.

Businesses will benefit in many ways from the games being here, not least a wider awareness of the place so more exposure for their work.

Locals will benefit in many ways. :o)

We will be shown worldwide on the TV and you can bet there will be amazing aerial shots of this won't want to miss them!

All round this will help Portland a huge deal in many ways.

The port though is an odd one for me...why?

It all seems strange here in some ways, when the navy was here the whole base was secure and private, we knew little of what went on there and now its an open working port yet it feels odd to be there at times, like a newish place somewhere I have lived most of my life. Strange, or is it me. ;o)

But why the worry?

Well it seems that we are having a bomb fitted on the Island!!

NOT a nice one at that.


Yep, to me that is what is going on and it don't look pretty!

The Portland base has old tankers, most have been removed, you know those big gas container type things. Except these were for aviation fuel and such things which the navy used, a few will always remain as we still have the most famously known helicopter here working and that's the sea rescue service as seen on the BBC!

Now though there are plans to actually put GAS in two tankers which are right on the port side where the Olympics are shown!

A gas BOMB!!

But there is more... its gets worse!

While most of us are used to the tankers here, the few that remain that is, we feel having gas in them within distance of the port is not a good idea.

As I gets worse!

Nuclear subs in the port too?

All on live TV watched round the world!!!

You tell me, should it concern us?

Will the local council listen to peoples fears?

Will it be ignored until it's to late?

Will it be safe?

Can it all be delayed until after the games?

Who can you trust though?
I mean with all this terrorism and fear going on, with conspiracy theorist out there saying the governments are all involved in ways we don't realise.
The media feeding the frenzy in some ways.

Who can people trust?

The people only trust themselves and those they know.

Am I doing the wrong thing here...putting the idea in the wrong hands?

Am I doing the right thing by making people aware of it so empowering us to say...hang on!

All I know is I love the place and it's a huge part of my life seeing I live here and I AM concerned about the place.

It was here long before us and should be here long after we leave.

Is Portland a ticking bomb for the world to witness?

What can we do from here to ensure it IS a safe Olympics for everyone?

Any comments?

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Just wanna help this be avoided...take action.

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