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A-listers? No thanks, what I read and you should too...

A few interesting things to share today, get a cup of tea or coffee and let's get stuck in...

This blogging lark is good fun and it should be, it's not all tedious, depending on what and who you read, lately I have seen some interesting stuff and met a few new people who tell it as it is, not kissing ass and we all know asskissers are a pain in the ass!

People making out it's harder than it is, write, promote, backlink, get involved with the community, mix it up... all there is to blogging, the important thing is bolded, it's not a case of this or that, it's a mix of everything.

As for making money doing it... well, there is plenty of great advice out there on that, Grizz himself has posted thousands of words for you to digest, if you really want to know go read his whole blog, I mean the whole thing from back to front.

One FACT is it takes work, no-one gets money for nothing, except maybe the third turd tribe who IMO already scammed over 2000 people who paid to play in an empty space.

Grizz did a great and revealing post regarding traffic stats the A-list wont tell you, which he also gives the answers to in the comments, be sure to check them out too, some of it didn't surprise me, after all I know RSS feeds are inflated by various means, means the A-listers wouldn't admit to, they just like to pretend it's all real.

Trust agents... whatever, Brogan is that guy, bitchslapped by a pot smoking dude... (good man!) I know who's opinion I'd trust, and he ain't no agent!

You might feel John (linked to above this) is a bit brash with it, you'd be right there, that's his style, I like it, he is straight up no bullshitting you, telling it like he sees it, don't let that put you off though because he talks some truth, well at least you've been warned... ;o)

The bottom line is these A-listers pick and choose the airy-fairy-you-are-great types of people to converse with, not people like John who tell it as he sees it.

I had some punk telling me (anonymously) I shouldn't be linking out so much because I am "leaking" page rank... who gives a toss?
Not me, page rank means squat in the big scheme of things, this blog is PR 3, was 4.. do I care it's dropped? No... I linked out a few times the last few post because they were worth linking out to...and I want people reading that stuff because it matters. (Think maybe it was a turd tribe undercover agent slyly said that to me, if so, lame, piss off, this is my blog, I link to who I like and when I like)

Linking is the currency of the web, every blogger should know that... if not, well, look here...

Allyn wrote a superb detailed post on everything you need to know about backlinks, something every blogger should be doing, even me and I don't do enough of it, but I know it's important stuff, after all the Internet is built on links, I am lucky and grateful Allyn writes about it too, seeing the hassle I have with videos with my crap ears... be sure to watch them though, your ears work, use the damn things ;o)

Just get the basic understanding of links and how they work, why they matter, then check that blog out when Allyn does the follow up's to this post because it should be interesting.

I share these with you for one main reason...

It's important to be careful who you read and mix with, that's an obvious thing to say but online there are some right idiots who only care about themselves, what they can get out out of  you, they will slap you down in comments when anyone pipes up the truth, I have seen it plenty of times with copyblogger copybragger (good one John on that name) slapping people down on other peoples blogs... it's lame, it's pathetic and it shows them up for what they really are.

These kum-by-yah bloggers are not doing anyone any favours, only themselves.

Grizz will tell you social traffic is crap, in the case of making money it probably is, though there is nothing wrong with being a social blogger, if you are social with people and interact with them in a way it works for you, by all means do that... just don't expect to monetise it.

So, go read these post and think about what they are saying... it's not all as it seems... mind you is it ever that way in life?

The best advice I could give anyone who is blogging or thinking about it is to be yourself, read the right stuff, listen to what your own head tells you, then act on it.


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Third Tribe, more useless crap!

Some interesting goings on this last week, with new batch of "cool aid" - as those across the pond say - being sold to daft newbies who either seem to NOT be learning as they are going along or new noobs who are just getting sucked in.

This blogging A-list crowd is getting worse!

I knew it as soon as I saw it in my inbox with the lame pitch and tweeted that it was a joke, before seeing the interesting few post from people who know what they are talking about, who slam the cool aid floggers!

I would never say I know it all and there are plenty of people who know more than me on all this stuff, blogging and internet marketing wise, but even so, if I can spot this crap a mile off I am bemused and saddened many can't and to that end I am glad people are starting to stand up and say "hang on, this is bullshit".... not that I've ever shied away from doing that :o)

Let's face it, those who are falling for this crap who already read the supposed A-listers blogs and other crap they write are either not getting it or they are pure fanboys, no other way to describe it, how can there be if they still don't twig that what they learn? read on the blogs is useless and just going to be reworded for the "tribe" crap or forum or whatever.

Call me stupid, but this crap "join us and we'll be friends, that will make you money, just cos you are "in" with us" ideal is obviously a bit lame, is that what they call a business plan?

Join us, we will make you a cool blogger?! Lame!

Look, I don't dislike Darren, Chris, Brian, Simone... they are all great writers, I just think this third tribe thing is BULLSHIT.

I know some say, you are cynical bugger Rob...thing is I just don't like seeing people getting ripped off!

Being charged to have your hand held and then misled along the way... no thanks.

So much is obvious on the blogs alone.

Darren doesn't do SEO in his words, well I can see that, you can't even anchor link in a way to benefit those (misguided) guest posters, check if you unsure... no doubt due to some of them being wanna-be-famous-like-you guest posters, they don't mind being linked using their names.

Ah well, Darren's take on this third tribe thing, useless nonsense.

Reading one of the best rants about this whole situation, I doubt the writer Grizz would like a useless link, maybe as he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the make money online situation he would prefer this! :o)

Andy Beard also, I have known Andy for years online, read his stuff alot, he shares alot on SEO tips .. maybe Darren and the other cool aid sellers should read his stuff too!

So, these people wanna charge $47 a month!

To hold your hand and tell you "you are cool cos you are with us" all the while reading their rehashed crap and fawning over them.

Just my opinion and I am entitled to it, keep ya money, use it on something else or buy ya loved one something, hold their hand instead!

When they start showing they know what the hell they are talking about, then maybe we start to listen to them, till then... steer clear is my advice, go read Grizz's blog if you want the real nuts and bolts on how it all works.

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So, you wanna get to the top?

How will you get there?

One step at a time eh...

I know every single one of you is smart enough to know that, yet, and I see it quite often, even had emails say as much from people...

"I just wanna get to the top without the hassle, how do I do that?"

That was in reference to blogging itself, they wanted to know how to get among all these so well known names as fast and effortlessly as possible, join the A list basically, no idea why they asked me when I have never been there, I wouldn't want to be there. That's fame blogging!

Do people assume those A list bloggers just jumped to the top? Easily and effortlessly?

If so WOW! lol...

Regardless, you could say people want the same in whatever it is, they want the easy, painless route.

Where would we be if everything was so easy, effortless, we didn't need the pain, mistakes, hassle?
Good luck in finding that!

It has been shown we do learn faster when we get it right but we simply can't just get everything right first time on everything we decide to do, it's gotta be impossible, don't you think?

Of course we all want to do as well as we can and get to the top if possible, the fact we aren't means we aren't doing what it takes to get there, even me, in fact this got me realising what I should have done in some ways to make this blog and my overall blogging strategy better.

Not that I want to be an A-lister...but the perks of being known to them has to be nice, getting them to spread your work would be great, but only if that's what you want.
Let's assume you do want to get to the top like these A-listers, how would you do it?

Well, let me say this, the A-listers don't hide it, it's clear how they did it, what's needed to get there, a few even posted saying as much too, telling you how they do what they do.

I am not an A-lister, so it's also what I didn't do myself...I think personally from looking at it and what experience I do have and what I can see from these A-listers, it really only boils down to a few points, several have mixed these points, some may have just done the one point to a great standard.

Looking at some of the post(s) on these A-listers blogs one thing stands out, they share top quality content, 9 times out 10 it's also evergreen content, meaning it doesn't matter when you read it, it will still be good and relevant, this content will always get shared too.

Maki of doshdosh has not posted to his blog for months (may 18th) and yet he still gains subscribers and readers daily. He is probably also gaining traffic organically and all this is likely now providing residual income for him, meaning he doesn't need to keep posting to keep earning or even for gaining readers.

One thing is he never had others write his content, he does them all, this may be why he has not posted in a while and why they are ALL quality content post.

*My content is not good enough!

Sticking to one topic means better focused traffic, more targeted readers, as well as building some authority which is something that should be taken into account from day one.

Darren Rowse of problogger sticks to the one topic, blogging for a living on the problogger one as you will have guessed, sticking to this one topic and also having great content means readers know what to expect when they check it out and come back for more.

Darren does have guests post which means he can also keep the blog freshly updated and not have to do it all himself, the downside is many may prefer to read his writing style.

*Mine is not on one specific topic!

New blogs need big action to get going and the only way to really do that is to post often, as often as possible without diluting the quality of the content. Doing this means your readers will come back knowing you will have posted something new.

Pete Cashmore of mashable by his own admission was posting like a madman at the start, you know, 10 times a day or something and it still gets posted to alot but now has posts also written by others, not surprised at that to be honest!

It is something you cannot just keep doing unless you really are a prolific writer, it will wear you out and more so when on one topic, theme.

You don't have to post like a madman, one a day would be ok if you were doing it yourself and stuck to it because your readers will know and expect it, mind you after a while if you suddenly post twice or 3 times one day it would make your readers eyebrows go up, simply because it's not expected.

Looking at your visitor stats you will soon find a rhythm to post for best results, you could easily post to often or to little (if you started posting alot then slow down to much that is)

*I don't post often enough to this blog!

We all want readers don't we, no matter what it is you write you need and want someone reading it and when you start out it can be pretty frustrating, so you have to show someone... this is why family, friends are usually some of the first readers of your blog, nothing wrong with that as it gives you the confidence to go on from there.

The faster your readers turn into fans the faster you will grow, it makes sense and in reality you do not need 100's of 1000's them either (though I wouldn't say no to that many subscribers!), depending on the topic etc, you could hit the top with 1000 true fans, what matters is who they are and what reach they have.

Leo Babuta of Zenhabits I think has done this right, with over 100,000 subscriptions I don't doub't he has some true fans there. Fans that acted on his content and probably made changes in their own lives.

Why wouldn't they be fans after that?

These fans will continue to read his blog, buy his books and share his work.

One difference I noticed with Leo is he un-copyrighted his work which is empowering the fans to share it more, building new fans.

Getting readers is great, they are...readers, we all need them.

Having fans is better, they are readers with a (promotional) voice and they use it.

I love you readers, are you fans? :o)

*It would seem I don't build fans and empower them! (Do I?)

One thing that is a must, marketing and sharing is marketing, viral marketing, the best and cheapest form, if the first point is covered people will want to share it because it's quality content that is shareworthy whether on twitter, facebook...also whatever platform your fans use, you ought to use as well.

All these bloggers get their content shared and they share it too, we have to get it out there for others to share so it makes sense to utilise these sharing opportunities for the fans, then share with them.

A-listers will often ask you to share them, whether directly in the post, or as they share them on sites they use.

I don't think you need to do anymore than this really, get all these points right (I must get own act together!) and you will get least be on the way.

So, I will ask you nicely, please share this if you think it's worth sharing, using the button below, or whatever method you use.

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"Calicanis the hypocrite"

Calacanis the hypocrite!

Saying it doesn't matter then adding himself to!


Good for a laugh!

Take care,

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