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Dump the IM bullshitters and hype if you want to make money online

Internet marketing (IM) has some great advantages, but it also has some seriously greedy and deceptive liars in it too... having just seen another bullshit video and pitch from some self proclaimed "guru" I think it's time this IM niche cleaned itself up.

Someone is always, something these bullshitting hype marketers could do with taking note of, many of you have been selling the fake bullshit dreams and hype for a long time now and in the process taking the piss out of people, taking their money, misleading them and letting them down.

I am just about sick of these bullshitters in the IM niche and the sly underhand tactics they use to lure people in, and I do mean lure... they more often than not just rip you off.

I unsubbed from so many of the list we in the IM niche get sucked into many months ago, a few I kept over the time and now they are gone too, so I am now only subbed to 3 and it's staying that way, these 3 deliver good stuff, solid info that will help most people in this niche but they are not geared to noobs in that sense.

I won't be telling you who is crap and who isn't, my advice is stay off them all!

Now though, we have something else to help kick these assholes into touch, social media and the way people share and spread things so fast, it means these assholes can't hide, rip someone off and it will be told somewhere.

So, these sly bastards are new playing a new card, the "woe is me, I did wrong but I am a new person now" angle is coming out... I just hope people don't fall for it, it's bullshit that will cost you big money if you do!

The problem is these sly bastards are know realising they can't keep doing what they did, they know they can't hide anything, they know FTC is on their backs, they know they would be in deep shit if they get found out, it's likely they will get found out, well I damn hope they do.

Is it likely the new disclosure rules and the fact they can't use their bullshit testimonials from "friends" has triggered it off, they are worried and changing tactics, yet only so they can try and fleece more money from the gullible masses, yes they are gullible!

Bullshit claims of 2 hours a day work for 50 grand a month and that sort of crap, people fall for...amazingly!

You have to question your own greed if you fall for that crap, those bullshitters are only worried about their own greed, but you can't complain if you fall for it, if you are being a hypocrite because it was your own greed that made you fall for it!


Thought so, so what are we to do about it, those in this IM niche get tarnished with the same brush, which is a damn good reason to start doing something about it, no matter how small it all mounts up.

Let's face it, Internet Marketing is not going anywhere, it's just the medium being used for marketing, it's the way it's used that needs to be looked and changed, it can only be us who force the change...

There are some great marketers who are ethical, decent and deliver what they promise...simply because they don't lie about what they can deliver, quite often they will over-deliver which is great for you, me and anyone who buys from them, follows them, these people should be supported.

The rest, ditch em and if they rip you off, shout about it loud and clear, wherever you can, blog about it, tweet it, whatever just don't let it lie, because who know who they will rip off next?

We all owe to ourselves and everyone else to use some common sense and at least always do your due diligence... that alone will save you money, heartache and pride.

The sooner we boot out these assholes the better for everyone, it's funny but the biggest most important thing we have is our reputation, yet these assholes don't care about least till they get found out, then it's too late.

Three things... Mind, Wallet/Purse and Reputation!

Don't let these idiots put crap into your head, if what they say sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

Don't spend anything until you get a decent second opinion, even then be very wary of what and how you spend, some of this assholes used sly forced continuity scams.

Strip everything else away and you are left with reputation... what's theirs like?

What you then do also has an influence over YOUR reputation, don't let these assholes bad rep ruin yours, and always strive to keep it intact, it's you main asset.

Save your money, if you must spend it, don't waste it on bullshit systems, instead get something like these videos, use them to find YOUR niche and then work on that by delivering decent content.

Get involved with decent like minded people who can help you, also help them where you can and you won't have any need to worry about the bullshitters taking the piss out of you.

Don't you agree?

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Utilising Internet marketing for local businesses

I realise I know more than I think when it comes to this "online malarkey" and thought it's about time I utilised that to help local businesses and traders here on Portland.

Anyone who has blogged for some time or dabbled in Internet marketing in some form or other is way ahead of the masses when it comes to doing the basics online in the right way.

Also you are a long way ahead of offline business owners too, this is one area that internet marketers and good bloggers can help businesses locally to you.

I felt in a position to write about Portland businesses, and change, it's happening anyway...and what I can see of the possible changes and the impacts of it, if possible I'd like to help them anyway I can, one area in that could be to promote their businesses by way of a post or advertisement on the Portland-bill blog itself, giving them not only possible traffic but a decent backlink too, they are the real currency of the web, links.

We want our local businesses to succeed, their success or failure reflects and effects all of the surrounding community, so it's in our interest too.

If you are into internet marketing, or a good blogger with some experience of the way things work online have you considered helping local businesses, paid or otherwise?

I ask because we all know one of the surest ways to make money is to help others make money, as the saying goes... To get more of what you want, help others get what they want.

Businesses only want one thing, more sales, more referrals, more customers... do you think you can help your local businesses with that by utilising your skills online?

I am pretty sure most good internet marketers and bloggers can help in some way, however small, simply because you will likely know when you see any business, or their website what online tactic(s), system would fit into it, remember you are way ahead of the curve online.

The important thing I think is that it's not about their website, it's about the business, no good saying to a business, stick a blog up, or facebook fan page, twitter account, etc... it's first and foremost about the business itself, not changing it, but enhancing it where it matters and where you can.

As any internet marketer or good blogger knows, there are way to many different aspects to online marketing to say what works for any particular business... it wholly depends on the business, each on it's own merits..

That is part of where I am looking to grow, help local businesses implement what aspects (if any) they can which would help them grow and adapt to changes.

Without naming local businesses, I have seen some terribly bad websites, now that's not to say, they are bad for the business as I have no idea of that but as a user of the website it was...well, bad, from that standpoint I felt there was alot which could be improved and make a difference.

I couldn't see how in my opinion those websites were growing their business.

The bottom line was... would I buy from them, or do whatever it was they wanted me to, whatever their "call to action" was? (If any!) In some cases, it's a big no from me..

Some businesses had no website altogether, which due to the nature of the business I thought was very odd, short-sighted.
I hope we can rectify that. :o)

What about you?

If you have being in the trenches so to speak, doing all this stuff, have you checked you local businesses websites and such?
If not, why not consider it and it could be one way of diversifying what you do, even a way to grow what you already do, a way to help you make money online.

Foe me it's time to utilise all that internet marketing and blogging has taught me.;o)

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The meandering path of the Internet marketer and where it's leading me...

I have been musing over a few things the last few days, well over the last month you will have seen I have not posted as often as normal yet the traffic still comes in daily, thanks to you for that and most of those are new readers.

If you prefer RSS then please do subscribe and thanks.

So, while I had not posted so often here lately I have been doing a few other things which I need to do, badly.

I did delete some blogs a few weeks ago, ones that weren't doing much and refocused on doing better newer ones that had a focus, a market, a chance!

Don't get me wrong this blog you are reading is just a personal blog, nothing I set out to monetise, or any other real plan, maybe that itself was a bad move, but I also have the benefit of not having to conform to any rules, time schedule, something I feel is the downside to writing for a corporate style blog etc... it more of a job then.

But I do have plans to make changes on this blog and pretty soon.

My second main blog (ages ago!) was focused on Internet marketing itself, well, my path with it and it's not something I wanted to carry on with at that time, I felt jaded by all the hype and bullshit after 18 months or so.

And yet...

It is pretty hard to escape the internet marketing mindset, not that bad a thing really as it is part of what you need, you can't just have a bloggers mindset if part of the aim is to at least get some monetisation or similar, it won't work but the label internet marketer as people often perceive it as like an online car salesmen and I think it's a shitty image that's wrong.

People wouldn't say the two google guys are like that and yet, there they are... at the top of that tree.

Labels, who needs em?

Never been keen on them and yet here I am, labelling with crap like social media, which is just bullshit anyway, the internet is social media, much like internet marketer, we are all marketers being the... internet!

The reality is if you tweet a link on twitter, share a link of facebook, write and share a blog, whatever, you are an internet marketer.

Yet, we are using shallow buzzwords, why?

No damn idea, other than it sounds good or the herd is doing it.
There is no social media... the internet is the media, YOU are the media

I digress, funny thing, I hated computers at school... wouldn't touch one for years after school, no interest...but then would you blame me when I left in 88... and the pc's were crap then, compared to any of the ones since 2000 and for work I was carving stone anyway.

The internet changed all that forever for all of us, it is solely the fact you can connect to any and everywhere else in the world that changed it but it was actually internet marketing that grabbed me when I first got online and why was that?

Because I knew that the stone trade was never going to be enough, to make me happy or indeed be a healthy work life, that stone dust and the vibrating tools are a nightmare!

Also, I didn't like the fact Portland is fast disappearing and I am by proxy contributing to that, there isn't enough and it's precious yet it gets slabbed to easy...hardly any carving involved!

The other thing...I would always have to bash a mallet and chisel, getting a wage or even if working for myself it would always be, I need to carve something to sell in order to "get money"...

That means there is no real residual income or opportunities...unless running a company and that is not cheap or easy, not to mention the big boys squeeze you out easily, even if unintended, (who knows?) you can't compete when they own any stone you need.

So, that got me thinking when I first got online and it lead to a funny ride that I am still treading.

This is the time, it matters, the internet in a sense is growing up and we should grow up with it ;o)

That's partly why the recent FTC changes will only clean up the perception of the internet marketer too... the label is bound to remain...silly but labels we do use whether we like it or not.

It will stop all the stupid over-hype-and-car-salesmen like style, you know the ones, "make £40,000 a month with whatever shit product I got" while showing a picture of them posing next to some car or mansion (easy to fake no doubt) and hyping crap on their pages with fake testimonials.

Laid it on thick, only for the buyers to find they bought a pipe dream, or crap software which was useless at best, illegal at worse.

The FTC has saved so many newbies, noobs, whatever you "label" them from being deceived into actually making the over-hypers dream come true... ie, paying for them to get that car, house, with money for nothing but crap!

That fake-it-till-you-make-it crowd are dotted around the internet aplenty... and their time is really up.

Which is good news for the rest of us, I called 2009 the year of newbies, mainly because I felt with the economy as unstable as it was at the time, it made sense with job losses people, (often new people) would start looking for  really different alternatives, and where else but the internet will they look?

Now I feel in a way 2010 will be, partly, the year the honest internet marketers will stand out, the ones who deliver on their made promises, while not making false promises and yet they also don't see themselves as internet marketers the way internet marketers currently do.

The term internet marketers has in a sense been hijacked by those who sell to other internet marketers if that makes sense?
It's a cess pool of pals posting each others crap, getting labelled (that again!) Gurus and becoming a name in that small circle, or bubble to be more precise, a bubble that needs popping.

The decent ones will stand out from that bubble, people will not notice the bubble as it slowly deflates and it will deflate.

People will notice these decent internet marketers if only because alot of it will be cleaned up, thanks to the FTC weeding out the hype-at-all-cost-then-underdeliver types.

It makes me wonder, do we need to redefine the term internet marketer?

Or will it just become a common verb like an ebayer?

Thus without the stigma attached due to the over-hype-cos-I-am-desperate-for-sales types.

I mean, if it doesn't stop the stigma, who is going to say "I am an internet marketer" when describing what you do?

It had in a way fired me up again, after all internet marketing is all about results, believe it or not some results give you a buzz, depends on what it is but it can certainly be said, it's a real buzz.

To that end the last few weeks have seen me diving into using what I know better, see I have really done anywhere as well as I felt I should have, nothing to shout about and that itself bothers me now more than ever.

Why? ... Because it's my own fault.

So, to that end while I can understand blogging itself is great, blogging for bloggings sake is not, unless it really is a side hobby or such, even like a diary style thing which was as they started, I don't take the altruistic view of blogging as some do, pure blogging as they say.

To me and it's taken some failures and misses to realise, it is all just a tool, a platform, just as the internet itself is, a tool to get some end result, whatever that maybe.

So it got me thinking alot about it and what I should do, also with a good friends words ringing in my ears, "every word should count to something, if it's monetising them, every word is monetisable" and I am thinking yes, they should be.

Which is why I have been using the system and also putting into practice far more of what I do know than previously, and in the right places because I have gone about it the right way, instead of piss-fart-arsing about, (as my dear mum used to say) IE...not treating it serious enough.

That for me is the biggest change over the last few months, I have started to think about it far more and taking it more seriously, making it matter, which is partly why 2010 does excite me, because if I take it more seriously I can only do much better than previously.

Doing what I should, putting the right effort into it and getting results I want, need.

But it will likely lead to changes that are noticeable by you too, this blog for one will be sorted out, improved, tidied up and possibly re-themed for a new look.

It will also lead to changes on how I use twitter and other places like that.
All in all it's good, the time is now to make things work, they weren't working as well as I would have liked, so change is all that will make a difference.

So, having in some sense started to consider the fact I should make every bit of writing matter, create some result, I now realise this blog itself as part of the obvious "I write it" category should crate a result of some sort, every post, so...

If you thought of anything like trying to do something like internet marketing, you could follow the system yourself and see where it may lead you, you never know you may find something that just hits the spot, the right niche, topic, etc may be all yours to make the most of, once at that point it's just a case of writing something to monetise, getting it online, getting it noticed... ok there is more to it than that, but damn good place to start.

If there is one tip I'd say to anyone, it's be yourself, don't follow others blindly and what you actually act on is what you will learn from the most, don't over-analyse, act fast and fail fast in order to keep progressing and don't let yourself become jaded.

Time to take this seriously and sticking my marketing hat on tight while doing what it entails, that is shown above ;o)

Monetary Disclaimer: The links above are 100% to me, IE. you buy, I get the money, BUT then... you also get the opportunity to share these and get 100% too.  Use them right and it pay's for itself, right? :o)

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Make money online blogging, internet marketing, or both?

Had an interesting email from a friend regarding how to make money online by either blogging or internet marketing ... I asked if I could repost it here, which they agreed if their name was changed, so below is the email snippet that matters for the sake of this post ... with certain words edited and mine in (italics) ...

Hey Rob,
Good to see you in town the other week, still looking rough (me : THANKS mate!) ;o)

Anyway you know I asked you about ya blog I seen on facebook and how I could go about having one for my ***** (passion niche, which I don't care to share and ruin for them), and maybe start selling ***** to earn some extra money?

You remember I told you about that ***** (contact) who says I can have ***** at a better price, like a mates rates? Well they got a website too which they can sell ***** from, so what should I do? Won't that stop me, I mean why bother doing a blog or whatever if they already have a website to sell from? How the hell am I supposed to make money doing that? What about Internet marketing, is that different than blogs or what?

Now, my mate knows I will help him, and he also knows I am gonna tell it as it is on here like I did in the email, so he never took (with email) or will take offence at anything here. ;o)

So, my message to them : GET YOUR ARSE IN GEAR and GET ON WITH IT! :o) Use what I shared with you in that email and GO for it ... you have a GREAT chance of making headway with it, won't happen overnight but it will happen if you act on it and stick to it, like I said in the email, give it some wellie in effort for the first few months... Plus you know where I am ;o)

Back to the post ...

Quite a loaded up question wouldn't you say, I bet there are plenty of people who have thought similar things, I did once too... ;o)

Let's just answer the basics on that shall we, the first positive answer is you picked a passion, a niche you KNOW you can get somewhere with because it does interest you, whether it's a profitable niche is a different matter, for this person it IS a profitable one, from what I can see it looks pretty decent too.
(may work with him on that to benefit him more as well as me learn a thing or two extra). ;o)

The second thing, you know it sells because you know someone already selling **** and you have the benefit of a chance to work with him in the sense of a good price for **** which helps you both.
The fact they have a website is actually a good thing because you can then just monetise the leads you give them, rather than do the actual selling and delivering of **** and all the other details.

So, the best thing is to ask your "contact" for a unique commission (mate rate) for leads to their website.

You could then just concentrate on building the blog as a good value resource with interesting information, a warm up or pre-sell style that readers will appreciate, having a link to your contacts site from which you benefit from if they click (what affiliates is all about).
Or use your own unique domain link as a redirect so you can track how many clicks etc.

Then start writing for more than your blog, meaning articles with a link to your blog on them to post to the directories, this is done for good ONE WAY backlinks and will produce traffic over time too.

Internet marketing is not a tool as such like a blog is, it's marketing online, in many forms, using many tactics to get results, in a way it's a mindset to approach what you do, whether it's using a blog, website, email, social networking etc.

My friend here will need to learn aspects of internet marketing of course, but thankfully they will be a blogger first!

So it can lead to asking, do you blog and then learn internet marketing to monetise the blog?
OR learn internet marketing and have a blog as part of your internet marketing arsenal?

May seem strange but I feel the best bloggers were just bloggers who then got into internet marketing to learn how to monetise and maximise their blog, they already had success blogging just not making the money from the blogging effort put in. They were in effect not doing it for the money, but then realised it was a good way to earn a living, rightly so.

The internet marketers who chose to start blogging usually have a different agenda from the start so they never quite get the results in the sense of readership. The relationship between readers and the blog and blogger is different.

So, how to go about it?

I think that you have to have in mind a monetisation plan, even if it won't bear fruit for 6 months, the action put in over them 6 months may well make a big difference to the monetisation ability of the blog 6 months on.

Internet marketing gives you a wide range of areas to utilise, look at the big sites like amazon, ebay, etc, they all utilise internet marketing even if indirectly, its a part of the whole and can't be ignored.

So what can you take away from this post?
  1. Start with your passion or interest, if you have a few do them all to see which is best and most likely to work for you.
  2. Check there is a possibility of getting readers, buyers etc, no competition in a niche can mean no-one is in it, for a good reason most likely!
  3. Monetisation usually comes last, but factor it in with all you do for the long term plan, done right things you do now should earn in a years time, two years time, etc.
  4. Do more than you need, write extra articles etc.
  5. Just DO IT. :o)
Any thoughts?

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Can you make money online then? Probably not...

I just wanted to know how to make money online, so I did what most would do, I went and searched for it, it was the dream of being able to make money while sleeping that got me asking and looking in the first place.

In doing so I got sucked into the internet marketing forums, which was a good and bad thing, good being it taught me alot and I became friends with some great people, I got started doing something because the friends gave me the confidence to just do and I knew I'd get nowhere if I never did anything!

I met people who had already done the things I were thinking about and shared their experiences so we had the benefit of being able to avoid any mistakes, we also had the benefit of other people understanding what we were feeling and going through. We were all in the same boat, as they say!

The bad side was the murkiness, incestousness, pitch-festy nature of the niche, to much misinformation that gets spouted in them by people who haven't a clue, too much taking advantage of noobs, newbies, whatever term you are familiar with.

I don't give a shit about any "marketers" who say otherwise, I have SEEN it with my own eyes and I KNOW many of you do take advantage, raping their wallets / purses etc while filling them with crap that gets them nowhere, it seems you don't really want them to succeed ... just keep giving you money!

The reason I feel most will never make money online, because of the crap information and misleading shit the IMers have shoved down peoples throats, some of it just plain lies!

The one thing about this IM was it fired you up, you start to chase that dream of making a success of becoming an internet marketer who makes a good income, or at least you think you can do, in reality most people sat on the forums discussing it instead of doing it. (Regardless, some did take action, not only that they left the forums too, I don't blame them either!)

It's not long until you're working all day at the day job, getting home, having some food then jumping on the PC until early the hours of the morning doing this or that ... then grabbing a few hours sleep before getting up for the day job again ... and so on!

That crazy feeling of not being able to switch off in order to sleep, I now see people saying on facebook. ;o)

Put simply, it's all addictive, it sucks you in, the difference though is the IM niche makes you think like a marketer with added thoughts of psychology, human behaviour on and offline etc, it got you thinking about the "herd" so to speak, it's good and bad again. :o)

Nevertheless, I do see it happening with friends on facebook now, some are up until early hours of the morning, knowing they have to get up for the day job just a few hours later ... but to make it worse I have even had a few there ask me about how they could make money online.

That's ok, the question I ask them is "do you want to be sucked into this or do you really want to make money online?

There is a big difference!

You either will make money online or you can't! ;o)

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May day already....

First of May already? Going fast this year is it not?
So how's today for you? Is it much like the first day was?

Hope not!

Interestingly someone emailed me a few days ago after contacting me via twitter wanting help and with an interesting rant/opinion and lesson all rolled into one.

He is, in his own admission, one of those I spoke of earlier, a new-newbie and more or less did what I said, having a struggle offline with insecurity of work and "feeling the pinch", he came online actually wanting to make money online and as easily and as fast as possible. (Unlikely in most cases if at all)

The perfect "fish" for the "guru(s)" slick salesletter(s) full of "bait" really.

So anyway, he bought this ebook, he ranted about how "the stuff in there made little sense to me and I would "do" the things if I... knew how".

Therein lies a very big problem with all these "making money online" products.

They don't care that you don't know how to (actually) do it, just that you bought the product "telling you how to do it."

A bit like a car manual...the writers are not "concerned" whether you can ACTUALLY use a spanner to do the job, or not, just that you buy the manual telling you how to do the job. (IF you know a spanner! YOU succeed, if not?)

THAT should be the very thing you question when you consider whatever you are looking to "buy" online relating to "making online onine".

Not to ask that, "would it work" but "can I actually do it"?
If the salesletter doesn't give you enough information to ask that basic question, skip it!

Seriously, you are not "missing out" if you don't get it, no matter what "they" want you to believe, because you CAN'T do it anyway.
The basic clues should be there right on the salespage if you can stay out of the hypnoticness of the writing.

As Ian said, "the stuff was all jargon like joomla, mambo, adwords, ning and PCC, CPC, FTP, pinging, whatever they all are?"

Sometimes I think the salesletter writers don't realise they do it, or that they do it intentionally. OR it's both!

For example...

A book sharing some blueprint you will need to use wordpress (blogging platform) with but not actually saying "blogging" could confuse you if you didn't know what wordpress was or was used for therefor had no idea how to use it.

They presume you know what wordpress is, or intentionally let you be confused.

They just want you to get your money out and spend it with them. Simple.

As Ian said in another point... "I feel tricked" to which I asked him "would you buy from them again? And his reply?


So the salesletter succeeded in what it set out for, getting the sale, but as these gurus harp on about "building the relationship in order to make more money over time" so often, and it is the thing they all say, you would then wonder why it seems to be ignored in reality with them.

I mean yes, they got the sale... the first AND last! So much for "building the relationship."

It's numbers to these guys, they don't give a rats arse about the relationship with the buyers so long as they get more new suckers, buyers.

Ian went on... "I wouldn't even know where to start with this as I don't understand 3/4's of it let alone what to do with it to make money!"

Understandable, been there, done it. ;o)

And then he asked... "so where should I really start?"

My answer to that would be... from wherever you are now, meaning building on whatever skills, expertise, knowledge you have right now that you can leverage in some way by delivering it to the right eyeballs.

Sounds simple, it is, yet it's not "easy".

The problem is it would take way more than a blog post, or an ebook, or a membership site, whatever, to explain all of it as there are far to many gaps to fill with everyone, as everyone has a different skillset, knowledge base etc so it's impossible to get it right for everyone.

No two people are in the same place.

This is why there will never be the "perfect" product online.

It's a huge multiple dimensional multimedia situation. We all fit in it differently, interact with it differently, learn from it differently.

All these ebooks, blog posts, websites, social sites, etc are just pieces of this overall multidimensional jigsaw.

So, you should be asking, "what fits my skillset, knowledge base? Or "where can I fit that into this "Internet" thingymigig"?

Then apply the actions to learn what you need to learn so you can apply the actions needed to get to where you need to be.

Put simply, there is NO get rich scheme, or fast easy way that anyone can just jump onto and do. You will NOT find it so why waste time trying?

Learn what you need to learn, not what others make you think you need to learn.

That is simply ignore the slick sales letters, find what you can do or apply, then learn what you need to learn to actually apply it.

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"Make money online"

This "make money online" niche is a strange one in many ways and there's no doubt IM or Internet marketing as it's really known as has earned a bad name online with all the "pitchfest crap" going on from the so called gurus who cross promote each other with every launch that happens.

This is why I suggest ignoring the so called big names, they are not giving you want you really need to make money online, only their own or some cronies pitch to suck your wallet or purse dry and to get you on their email list for future pitches.

Often whatever it is they sell turns out to be useless, either because of the steep learning curve, or it's is just a tool which doesn't deliver....the problem is the promises and hype that goes with it which so often is misleading or plain lies.

Making money online does require a form of marketing, whether to people, or the search engines like google you will have to target something, someone, which one entirely depends on your niche and your money making strategy, affiliate sales, sales of own products, services, or even just using adsense.

There are several key positives and negatives to each strategy you use and it takes the right planning to decide which best fits your skills and more importantly still your audiences needs, be it people or search engines.

The simple truth is there are so many systems and strategies within the IM niche it does get a little confusing, distracting and is often a pain in the arse to get your hear around.

Internet Marking (IM) is basically marketing whatever online, there is no right thing or wrong thing to market unless you start to consider ethics, which is purely subjective to each of us.

I wouldn't want to see you get "sucked in" like happens to a lot of us, mainly through the simple fact we started to consider "how to make money online" and like a new book reader in a library starting to feel overwhelmed when we looked online for the answers.

IM gets to the point where you go to bed with your brain buzzing, wake up with IM on the brain's a passion to a point.

Being new, if you are, you have a great starting point to work from as you do not have that "jaded" mindset like some of us had or have, you are like a school leaver choosing a career without the jaded view of what "work" is really like.

It's the "newbies" who the so called big names target to exploit this freshness of mind, this enthusiasm to learn to earn.

A fresh marketer is not yet jaded by these gurus, don't let it happen either.

In one sense we are all marketers, whether you agree with that or not is not really the issue as the truth we are all marketers be it online or offline, whether we like it or time you see people chatting each other up in the pub, club etc, you will see it's the truth.

You market yourself throughout life, when you go for an interview, meeting, whatever, its marketing.

This is something that "gets me" with marketing, I love to learn about it etc, but hate the negative aspect attached to it due to the bad practices of some people who care only about the money and it shows when you see them at forums etc giving out plain misleading advice and in a way spreading a bad mindset relating to "making money online".

There is NO one way, no right way, wrong way to make money online.

Half the stuff we read is total bullshit really.

If you really want a crash course in marketing online and making money doing it, the one thing I could suggest is to create and sell an ebook, get buyers by promoting it using a free blog!

While there are some people who will ridicule this idea there are others who will agree it IS a great way to learn how to market anything online, and make money.

Why do this, and how to go about it?

Do you want to learn how to make money online?
Do you want to do it without spending money?

Want to have that crash course in Internet Marketing?

Let's do that then. ;o)


Get your motivation lined up, what I mean by that is decide why you want to make money, is it to pay off the bills you have? Or is it to earn enough to take you on holiday?
Get a new car?

Whatever it is, that motivation will show through your work and everyone likes to see motivated efforts as apposed to just going through the motions.

Decide your topic, niche...if it's a hobby one great as they do well due to having passionate users.

Do a little researching on the topic, i.e use google and googles blog search functions to see what is already "out there" and what is already working for others.

You want to have a niche that you know has buyers etc, one way is to check the "ads" by google on these search pages as it means advertisers are spending money within the niche.

Now you should have some idea of what you can write about, you will be able to do this so much easier if you are writing about something you have knowledge of, or a passion, or an expert with.

The action steps you need to take to make money online this way are...

A tip here is to create a google account, this will be handy for way more than you think. You can use all of googles aps, i.e docs, blogger, calender, gmail, adsense, etc.

Create the ebook, (pdf) easily done free using google docs, or openoffice, or adobe acrobat if you have that already.
The ebook can be as short or long as you like, just make it worth what you wish to sell it for. :o)

Now think about the keywords you will use to sell your ebook, and use these keywords where needed, like the title page of the site, blog you will use to promote it.

Ie... your hobby may be... "Harley Davidson's" so you would use keywords like...

"maintaining harley davidsons"
"repairing harley davidsons"
"rebuilding harley davidsons"

These are keywords other people would use to type into the search engines, just like you did in the research process.

So you need also to set up a page or site to sell it from...use blogger to create a presell blog and make sure you use keywords in the title of the blog as well as the blog url...

I.e "www." is an example with related keywords.

Now you just create a few decent tips post (400 word articles) to add to your blog using keywords where you can, in the title, first sentence, and a few times spread throughout the post content.

Add a post everyday over the first few weeks to get that ball rolling.

While doing this, you are writing and creating a pdf ebook with all your best tips, inside knowledge which you will eventually sell via the blog.

You will need to have a payment set up, using paypal is an easy way to get started on this.
Set up a payment button, and get the html code for that to add to your blog.

After creating the pdf ebook, take a few sample tips from this and create a smaller pdf to give away to your blog readers, this smaller pdf has a link to buy your main pdf ebook inside it. :o)

If you are sticking with no outlay, you can use your email to send the pdf each time someone request it, or have it set up as an auto response as can be done with googles gmail, this is not ideal really as you would end up sending it to anyone who emailed that email address you have set it up on.

Really you would want it to be instantly delivered to them an autopilot after payment and only after a payment has been made.

Do this by setting up an email autoresponder to send the ebook after payment.
This is anything would be your only outlay, used well you will build two list, one for the free pdf people and the other for those who buy the main book.

Now you have an ebook or two (if doing the smaller givaway too), a blog and it's just joining the dots now to make it all work.

On the main blog you can add the link to another page where you sell your ebook, simply create a blog page with the details of the book and put the link on the main blog sidebar.

Ie... main blog is www. (the word ebook only highlighted for reference).

On this blog write about what the ebook is, ie a form of sales letter.

Add the ebook blog url to your main blog sidebar.

You can add the pdf to the first email (autoresponder) response to be sent after payment via paypal.

Now it's promoting the blog and ebook in order to get the first sale.

You could do this by joining forums and commenting on blogs in the related niche, ie, harley fan sites and blogs etc.

Another way is to write a great 500 word article with a link at the bottom pointing back to your main blog url, add this article to a few article directories bearing in mind each one will give you a good backlink so use keywords in the title, and a few through the article itself.

When you make that first sale is anybodies guess, but...

Once you have got this far you know what it really takes to make money online.

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2009, Year of the newbie

Been itching to get this off my chest.

I don't really care for "labels" like "newbies" or "gurus" and it is meaningless to me, saying that, the "label" is just the common form of the communicational understanding, so in that sense...I'll use them here.

For good reason, with a foot in IM, a foot in blogging, a foot in social (twitter, facebook, forums, feed sharing, etc) sites, I hope to have a leg or two, at least, to stand on... :o)

I am certainly no "newbie"...I'm no expert either just to be clear. :-D

That's the thing, I don't claim to be anything other than me, I have just done what I have done, learnt what I have learnt, and continue to do these things daily. I do have the benefit of experience and the fact I have gone through that learning curve which is in some way a good enough reason to write this.

If anything due to the time online being like dog years it could save you aload of hassle, wasted time and money while being led down the wrong "slicked out path" of some "guru" or scammer.

There ain't no magic pill that's for sure!

Did I look??

Of course, some will say yes, just by saying what most newbies do at some point, "how can I make money from that," nodding and pointing to your pc. ;o)

In 2009 there will be a LOT of people doing just that!

Is it possible then? Yes...but overnight? NO, not for a "newbie."

What is possible is to start building that chain of action that can lead to "overnight riches"....note I never said success, success is purely subjective, to make money online is not success..

In reality I'd rather you dropped the whole notion if you have any, of it is "easy" which is what the "gurus" would have you believe.

This holiday season has been a little eye opener for me, it seems to me most of the "gurus" are either, liars who getting caught out, "dream" salesmen who don't care, too greedy for their own good, or just plain insulting....possibly they are a mix of all.

A few are just "one hit wonders" who are now realising they have nothing left to offer, so rehash their (often outdated) crap and sell for unusually high prices.

A few even peddled their crap on Christmas day!

If they were as rich as they have said so often over the last few years why are they so desperate to drain your wallet/purse of the one thing you need more than them, money?

They promise you will make more money, yet take that very thing off you without a care in the world.
They shouldn't need it like most of those who will inevitably seek a few extra pounds, dollars in these belt tightening, unsure times.

They think they have the trust they all too often say it's so important to build up! They will even preach this very thing to those newbies they lure. ;o)

I know...It's ok, I'm not going anywhere, I'll wait for you get off the floor from your laughing fit.

A joke is it not! ;o)

They are so "predictable" these greedy "fakers" it is sad.

Yet they are after your money, they will try and entice the newbies yet to appear in the fishing bowl that is Internet marketing, making money online niche, with promises of "push button, cash in" ease of riches.

Forget about them!

Do this....use your common sense at all times. ;o)

Here is my biggest tip for anyone online.

Treat the Internet how you would "real" life.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
You would laugh at this stuff offline...much like you do with "junk mail."

You know this, we all know why do some get so burned so easy, so fast?

Same reason people but lotto tickets maybe?

They want the easy way, the dream, all at once.

It pushes all the right buttons. ;o)

Do yourself a big favour and don't get "lured in" by the wrong people.

Don't you think that's sensible? :o)

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"Internet Marketing, MAKES you GREEDY?"

IMers, "Internet marketers" for short, you know them, they promise secrets to easy make money online riches all for a princely sum of $27 or something.

Upon delivery you see details on "getting rich selling ebooks about getting rich selling ebooks"... and!!

Huh wait a minute!

That's Crap!

Not that all IMers are like this, but lets be honest.
Isn't it this that sticks in most "newbies" throats?

I have no bone with ANYONE in particular, I just notice some things that ARE getting talked about in this way, more than usual from my experience, some have no idea I was ever in that "niche" if you like.

It's nothing new as such, but sheesh it sure looks worse from some angles.

That way of generating cash, short term gains was a successful one for some of them, some have moved onto better things, other niches etc.

Without naming people as there is no need to do that, I gotta say some of them are relentless in what they do.
Some of them brag about their fortunes yet CONTINUE to push a link everywhere they are, go, whatever, for a crappy product at times.

Let me ask...Are YOU greedy?

If you have made so much money online anyway, why are you CHASING it?

Why misuse things for that small benefit you gain in the short term?

Why when you should have built a base of fans big enough to spread your work for you, do you continue to push stuff into our faces?

Why do you continue to try and grab a big market share, shoving your aff links (spamming in many ways) everywhere, including asking others who are also in some way YOUR competition to spread the word about things you mainly benefit from?

How are those "under you" on the chain supposed to grow when those who do things like this who are above them (like you) stifle them?

Don't talk about "abundance attitude" I KNOW there is enough for everyone, but where do you STOP?

Not talking mainly of ethics, just where do you draw the line?

Have you even thought about it?

The big guys have a great opportunity to do it right in my eyes but many miss the right way, they don't CARE, they ONLY want MAKE MORE MONEY ONLINE!
Social networking sites are being used badly if you ask me.

This user generated web that is now here more than ever will spread that bad word about the greedy ones fast and far.

Vice versa with the good ones and the generosity.

What price a reputation now?

I think there is going to be a big shake up somewhere regarding all the IMers out there.

Some are good some not, some are greedy, some not... where are YOU?

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"Sly marketers = stupid people"

Need I really say more?

Funny thing IM and the marketers involved in that circle, some are simply to sly to be anything but stupid and insulting, the only care they have is to make money online whatever it entails.
Honestly the drivel and crap peddled is seriously getting crazy.

Emails with NOTHING of content and a link to the "next big thing" shoved in your face, and yet these are the people who I DID trust to deliver once and they have gone the way of everyone else who screws it all up.

Sad shite really, I even noticed a so called "guru" post some perfectly common sense fisherman to restaurant owners work ladder!

Then others say they were a genius. Sheesh!!

You know, it ain't hard to find that post if you thought about it, he is one of those who has pushed so hard on crap over the us he has to post a blurb saying how nothing is for sale or in planning to launch on this post... lol!

Says it all!

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"The truth of the Warriors"

Allen flat out LIED on the forum today saying people were warned before deletion.
Well I was NOT! And EVERYONE on there knows it.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not hold back and I do not "sugar coat" things.
I will tell it the way I see it. If what I say bothers you, don't read it.

Many of you will have recently seen what has been happening in the warrior forum, indeed myself being deleted unfairly was one of them but then I am not the only one!

Why should THAT matter to you anyway?

Well I was almost up to 5000 post and have contributed to the forum for almost 4 years and if they can treat me that way they can do it to you too.

So am I writing this because I am bitter?

I am writing this because I feel let down and I feel what I contributed to the forum has been dismissed...almost 5000 post they just casually dismissed at the press of a button, not bitter but disappointed.

Not only that...the mod who deleted me has NO backbone to even admit to doing it.

Is that the action of a decent person? No I didn't think so either...they are simply a coward.

There has been a number of long term posters with high post count who have been unfairly treated although also a few of the big names have left...including someone you all know well...
J Reese.

Although John left of his own accord I can imagine he was pretty angry and annoyed by it all when it happened, I feel he was let down by Allen badly..I wonder if HE felt that?

Bear in mind although I do not really know what went on in Johns mind at the time, I can only presume, which I won't do.

Here I will be saying what I think about the whole situation and how I think it will be going in the future and why NOW may be the best time for you to really think about your role in the warrior forum.

Look at the fact that ONE mod had been made n/a before... say's alot.

Why help them with great content and also traffic when they so obviously don't give a rats ass about you?

Stick to putting your best content on what YOU own.

Before I go further let me take a moment to explain the way I have seen the warrior forum's wealth being distributed there.
The "big guys" don't need Allen or his forum, they have left him behind, John Reese proved that.

John publicly slammed the forum, since then Allen KNOWS if he is to keep the "big guys" onside he will have to change things regarding the so called "negativity" which is not as bad as it is made out.

The fact is the bigger you are, the more you get hassle in some ways and that is what happens here.

But it probably hurt Allen to see John do that...I can assure you this is a factor else things would NOT be the way they are.

Ready for a shocker?

Allen needs YOU more than you need HIM.

Over the years there has been some great IM careers that started right there in the forum, but now I feel those days are GONE!

And Allen KNOWS it!

Shame for him, he made money from them sharing their little morsels...look at Mike F now for an example...he comes in throws morsels to the members and they lap it up.

Someone even pointed out to me that Mike has in his BFM ebook (manual?) exactly what happens in places like the warriors regarding "fans" and "bashers", if you have it...try and find it.

He is quick to jump in when his fans are losing the argument.

There are others who Allen is trying to keep "onside" and we all know who they are.

The way they promote themselves on the forum...

Yet YOU do that and it's gets deleted!

One rule for rule for others.

BUT he also knows one or two of you he can use to create some income, in fact he has already started doing that...look well enough and you can see it.

He is the bitter one really, think about it!

Why did he chase down the higher posting ladies there, I can name at least 3 he has chased out of the forum, and that's just THIS year.
I also know there are one or two who he is watching, yes waiting for ONE slip up and bang they will be gone!

Who? I won't will see it for yourself.

Make sure you are NOT relying solely on that place for income.
It IS the most FICKLE forum out there.

Lets get something straight about the way I see Allen, he must get bored easy with things, look at the things he has done over the years...great start then they die off.

I had respect for the guy but sadly he has blown that recently and I KNOW I am not alone regarding that.

Buy then why should he care...he ONLY cares about the BIG guys who draws the newbies in, where the morsels can be chucked at them thus earning HIM and THEM money...yet it's YOUR money they are getting!

Sod that!

If you want to help THEM get rich then go for it...better for you to have money coming IN than out so create and sell...that's what I am going to concentrate on.

There is ONE way you can really make some serious money there...become the "next biggish guy" and being "flavour of the month" Jon Leger did.

Easy? NOPE.

There are others in front of you in that queue!...Look closely and you will see who..
Look closer and you will see how it became that way for them.

Yes I am serious, that and the fact Allen KNEW the members would gobble it up thus make HIM money..

There is something I should point out though, I do NOT believe Allen is making THAT much money overall with the warriors.

Simply because most of those who did generate the income are GONE, they got bigger and better so they don't need him or the warrior forum.

Here is what Allen said to me in PM... after I complained about being banned.

"The guru hating AND loving shit has got to go around here.
I don't like either side, the lovers or the haters."

Um....hang on....He loves the lovers...he NEVER complains about the ones who lick arse and love the "big guys"... he ONLY ever complains to the "bashers"...why?

Why do you think? It keeps the big guys onside having their egos stroked.

See what I mean?

I told him I don't hate anyone...not anywhere, if he read the post below he may "get it".

Why didn't he stop people bashing J Reese before he left?

Stable, horse, bolt, spring to mind.

He regrets John leaving...that much IS obvious.

So if I praised the big guys and licked their arses...I would NEVER have been n/a.

Thanks...but NO thanks... I am not sucking up to them at all... for anything.

If they are decent people who deserve respect then great...sadly alot of them are NOT!

There are one or maybe two mods there who are serious assholes.. they will delete a perfectly good post of yours and when you post asking why, that gets deleted, then every post you make after gets deleted...even if it is to help someone.

I know this it happend several times to me TODAY.

There has always been one or two assholes modding that place, they will follow you around in there and it winds you up...they drive you to losing your rag and getting deleted.

That place is going down the pan and fast.

I am not going to even bother trying with it anymore.

I posted there today asking for advice and opinions on the post below, one reason was it may help them understand why sometimes I get fired up, I asked if they could advise how I could maybe do something that will help me become a better poster there....and never guess what?

It got deleted!

No balls and no shame.

When Allen sorts out the couple of stupid cowardly moronic mods I may try again.
I don't hold my breath though as they have no balls.

Warriors, those mods? More like bullying idiots.

I am not the only one who is pissed off and fed up with it.

Good luck Allen...those mods are ruining your forum, NOT the members be them "bashers" or "lovers", they make YOUR forum work.

You don't appreciate it.

Any opinions?

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"Trying to change?"

Taking to blogging and IM to "change things" round?

Chasing the pipe dream that is overnight riches?

Desperate to change tomorrow and blogging furiously to do so?

Take heed of your blogs future and what you are trying to change as so well put by Seth.

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"The ultimate fake it till ya make it"

There's a fella you may know, he goes by the name of two initials, if you know who, you must be in the IM niche!

That about sums up the fake that know who, a persona who has probably earned the right to be called the "Ultimate fake it till ya make it".

Lets be clear about something straight away, the real person behind it, is probably a sound(ish) person... ;o) Most likely he is.

But the web of crap and faking it will trip you up in the end, just as lies do for the liars!

There has been plenty of "stepped over the line" moments for most people, the recent events that pissed all the ladies off comes to mind.

No doubt, the real fella is sound and done a great job of marketing the persona the way it needed to be done in order to get the desired results...made it!

The real fella is a good marketer in his own right.
He did what he planned and a good job, to a point, still ain't directly publicising ya persona.. ;o)

But to a point means he did overstep the mark with many.

Ah well this persona writing / marketing must be fun... ;o)

Rather be myself, yet had I done something of that nature it wouldn't been that extreme!

What a .... ;o)

So, no offence to the real fella, who is probably doing great and no doubt a nice bloke.

But sheesh... the whole thing has to die off soon surely, I mean the whole circus!?

Or will he lap it up from newbies from now till they wise up?

Lets face it... If I go out to town tomorrow and stand in the street asking passers by if they know who ?? is?

They will say...who?

Not ONE will know I bet.

So is he not the "Ultimate fake it till ya make it"?

Fame only in the IM niche really?

Has he gone as far as it can go?

Did the gullible ones really decide to go meet a "fake"?

Funny thing show business, even funnier in IM show business!

Any one else have an opinion on it?

Feel free to "speak up" below.

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"Is John Reese a scammer"

That was the unbelievable question I was aksed in an email.
I will not say their name as they asked me in confidence.
I obviously don't want to abuse the trust that got them asking me.

The email went to explain how they felt as I show myself to be honest on the forums etc so felt they could ask me and trust me.

Thats great, I am grateful for that trust.

Ok... so I asked them what they meant?

This is the gist of it.

Hi mate,

Sorry about this but I am fairly new to all this and hear alot about John Reese and wondered if the guy is trustworthy, is he a scammer?
Should I listen to him or not?
I see his new site is giving everything away free.
How the hell does he make money doing that?
Something seems to be making me feel that we are not getting the whole picture.
Thanks... xxxx (thats not KISSES, but removal of the name) ;o)


I have NO idea how this operson found John or his site, I am guessing through a forum or newsletter link.

I replied to them in email and told them I would also make a post here about this.

Is John a scammer?

No I 100% do not think he is anything like that at all.
Having been on his list and known him online for a while I would say he his one to watch if you want to learn anything about making strides online.
Lets face it John has gone further down this road than 99% of us.

He KNOWS what he is talking about when it comes to online marketing and making money.

He has always given value for free. Yes his new site is giving tons of info free and will help you make strides if that is what you want to do, one thing you must remember is no matter what you will STILL have to put the effort and work in to succeed.

It don't fall on your lap.

Regarding asking how will he make money being free.

Lets be honest John don't NEED the money no more, he has already made millions, he will always have a residual income from all the hard work he has ALREADY done.
If you want millions you will need to put that hard work in too.

But this new site will STILL make him money, how?
Traffic, loyal readers who then get on his list who trust him enough to buy his products when he does release them.

Give freely and people will come back for more, no?

I see it as John is already quite an authourity in this "making money online" arena so it makes sense for him to create the ultimate free authourity site.

So should you listen to him? Yes.

Is he a scammer? NO.

Are you seeing the whole picture? Probably not, John is the only one who sees that.

I hope that the reply was helpful to the sender of the email.
I hope it also gives anyone reading this a clearer picture if you wondered about him too.

I am in no way connected to John so gain nothing from him telling you this.
I answered this because the asker deserved my honest opinion.

If you want to ask me something then great, do so.
If you feel generous you can tip me by buying me a beer by clicking the beer icon below.

It's thirsty work this lark! ;o)

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Warrior forum...

Having a break has had its benefits as you can imagine.

Most of you know I use the warrior forum alot but I gotta say "its changed."
Seems thing's happened when I was offline, not sure exactly what went on nor do I really need to know.

I can hazard a guess but I will keep that to myself. ;o)

Though it of course like anything in life has negative points, I do like the place.
The simple truth is that forum can do alot for you, IF you are going about things the right way.

But what about...

The old boys club that people talk about... ok, well maybe there is one, maybe not, depends what you wanna see!

There is something of that nature everywhere really so why would it be so different there?

It's up to you how you see it and where you fit into things, no-one makes anyone do anything.

It's a shame to see those who have made alot of money and MILKED the warriors (to be honest its how it is to me) have left because things may not have been going the way THEY wanted it.

Still... what would you expect in IM?

May piss some people off saying this but I don't care... I am being honest if that's not ok for some tough, because I can ONLY be honest.

I am glad to say though, HYPE is on it's way out... great.

I think, and I am allowed my opinion, that hype is the fault of the US marketers, after all the Americans love their hype.. don't they?

Must do... they fall for it enough, if they didn't hype wouldn't be such a problem.

People can't complain when they fuel it.

So what becomes of the warriors?
Who knows... all I know is things have changed alot.

Take care,

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"Honest marketing"

The death of hype, especially in IM!

I will stick my neck out here and's gonna die!
Already it's undergoing a slow steady decline, hype sucks.

Hype is what you buy into...the sizzle.
Sod that...
NO-ONE can sell you your dream...they are yours to achieve, not buy.

Let's cut the's a mindset they are keeping you fleece more money from you.

I get well turned off by all the crap hype shite out there and I know many of you do too.
It will pass...when it stops working so well, you can bet your ass the marketers who use it will drop it like a hot stone.

Then they will start coming over all "honest", far too late then, the rep they have will stick.

Roll on the BS hype free marketing!
It cannot change soon enough.

Real honest content will win the day.

Content people will appreciate.

Honest marketers will clean up.

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"Making money online" Pt 2

**Continued from last post.

I asked if you recognised it...if you're involved in IM (Internet marketing), then you may well guess the "dream sellers" would have sold them the basic info I gave in the last post, with some filler fluff!

Shame on them...they got easy money, yet in this scenario, the "Harley nut" would feel let down, not knowing the "how to do" part.
There is nothing they can get from it, apart from the buzz of wanting to act on it...yep, been sold the sizzle!

Then he most likely will think less of the seller, feel ripped off!

Shame...short term profits for the seller AND a bad rep.

NOT the way you want to go.

This is exactly what is going on out there.
There is hardly anything that also shows you the "how".

Not to mention the fact the sellers of the dreams couldn't give a toss about you, they already have your money!

In this scenario what would I have done?

Well the first thing would be to grab this for the scripts, you will need them later.

I would have given them a plan of action to add to it, one they can do or learn to do.

In this case, create or edit a video just to show you ten tips on basic Harley maintenance.

"Ten tips to maintain your Harley and save service fees!"

Something like that, told him to stick it on eBay, as a limited to X amount box set of videos, relevant auction, ie Harley Davidson must be in the title, then post in the right section.

This way it's "fast boost cash" to carry on with the plan.

While the eBay auction is going, tell them to set up a simple blog at, where you post pictures, write a bit about the pictures, post every other day at least once for the first few weeks, have the link to your blog on your eBay home page, have the blog called something related, like...

It's clear what it's about.

Should have sold the videos and have cash coming to keep on building.

Now add other videos to blog and start building your Harley network.

The blog is up, it's simple enough for them to carry on with, post videos to it via youtube or myspace, posting a funny or viral video will help by spreading fast.

Set up a myspace page related to Harley's.

All the while there is a link back to your blog.

The first few weeks should be interesting enough to them to keep the work effort up, if you have a passion, like this person with the Harley's, it's not's fun and more learning.

They should be getting a few keen hungry visitors, "fans" so to speak, "Harley fans" to be precise, a targeted market.

The next advice I would offer them is to visit Harley forums, read up on threads, see what problems and issues they talk about, you may have answers in either your head, or on a video.
Get involved in a subtle yet informative and helpful way.
Use a sig link if you are allowed pointing back to your blog.

Build relationships, you have something in common with them all.

All the plan is now is to set up "funnels" for the traffic you get and maximise it.

Next would be to set up a keyword related squidoo lens, probably the easiest site builder out there, have your blog feed linked to it, or just a normal link if feeds baffle you.

Write up a few good articles and post a few good pictures.

These should be good to keep you busy, update them often keep on reading the forums, you can resell more videos on eBay to keep cash flow coming in.

After the confidence grows and you know you will keep on keeping on...

Next would be to get a domain and hosting, domain should have related keywords, ie... for example.

Time to set up a site to sell you videos and other related things, ie affiliate products from Harley companies etc.

Should you know little about building a site, set it up using a template, or even using blogger or similar blogging software.

By now a month will have gone by, and you will have a few funnels of traffic set up, start getting some reasonable traffic from these as well as regular readers coming back.

You will also have started building solid relationships with "like minded people".

THAT is taking action, that is doable, that brings results.

Not so hard really, just take it one step at a time, yet start off with what's EASY.

Doing what you know and have passion for is EASY, setting up a blog is EASY.

Once you have started it will get easier and grow faster.

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"The Warrior way"

Many of you know I am a regular visitor at the Warrior forum, a good place to learn all about Internet marketing, and more.
If you have a problem or question you can get a rapid answer there, they will help you if they can.

It's been said that the forum has literally influenced millions in deals, I could believe that, quite easy, after all there is a sticky thread there called "How this forum can make you $50,000 or more", quite a good thread too, lots of inspiring tales of success, overcoming failure etc.

All good.

Something I have been doing, and doing happily is failing fast!

It's those fast failures that become the stepping stones to success, the more I fail, the nearer I am to success.
Some may scoff at that, but I DO believe it to be true.

How fast do you think the failures for the light bulb invention happened before it succeeded?
Take your time and you may never get there!

So...the Warrior forum is full of fast failures on the way to success...a fair few have reached success, after all not many will give up, THAT is the biggest failure, giving up!

I am NOT giving up, that's for sure.
I will continue to learn, apply, and improve too.

I see so many people go to the Warriors and blow it, blow an opportunity to learn something of value, build the important needed parts to succeed online.

It's a shame, they don't really appreciate what it offers because they don't give it long enough to see what it could really do for them.

So for those and even the known Warriors I wrote a book which will be of help to them.

It's called : "The warrior way", it's new and an asset if you really want to make the Warriors work for you, instead of against you.

You can see there has been a couple of satisfied buyers at the review section, bearing in mind I only finished it last night, I am pleased it's selling AND they like it. ;o)

Although based on the warrior forum, it's good info on making the right moves in any forum.

Hopefully it will do want I wanted it to do...that is help people.

What are your thoughts on this?

Any opinions are much appreciated.

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Less of the bollox please..

In keeping with sticking to my true self I am gonna have to start telling you what I really think, what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, you can buy that at most hype pages if you want it.

Enough is enough, it is crazy yet you know what it is also very interesting, it wont stop!

I had enough of the crap, all sides of it and I don't believe I am the only one.

Yet the mass of contradictions, multilevel ones, ones you miss, or don't yet know about, leave a giggle inside of me, each time I notice it!

So I will share this shit with you...wise up, I am kicking myself in ways and now I maybe you will kick yourself too.

All the bashing crap, from both sides is a little bemusing, I could care less really anymore, other than seeing it for what it is, a mass of crazy contradictions.

I am not JUST talking of bashing people etc in forums, I am also talking about:

"labelled (read guru or whatever you wish) ebook sellers selling the sizzle" and... newbies saying "They sell this crap and It didn't make me rich" crap too.

It's one big joke honestly...

Those sellers sell sizzle because the buyers buy it!

Simple it not?

When does the steak come in?

You didn't order one!!

Did you?

I am in no means one of the people "raking it in", not by ANY stretch, but having been into this IM circle a while, one thing as mentioned above has not changed.

Anyway...Its all bollox whatever way you look at it.

Where was I?

Ah... I don't sell maybe I am making a mistake?

Not really...I don't WANT to try and sell sizzle.

I would rather have gravy... ;o)

Without the sizzle and steak the gravy is pretty useless!

YOU provide them...not you BUY them.

Get it straight...the sizzle is the dream...YOUR dream, NO-one can sell that to you.

Your steak is your work and your recipe is your efforts...NO-one can sell that to you.

The can get tubs of it from any shop... ;o) cheap too.

Gravy is the income! The reality.

Start looking at things objectively, a mechanic has a dream as a kid, teen, to fix cars, change them , "pimp them up" as they say, the sizzle is the same theme, yet different pictures to each of them.

Unique in each one.

The tools to do it are the same, spanners etc, the shops sell the tools, the teachers at the college and your trainer at the garage are your
Steak chefs and recipe providers.

The gravy is your talent, your knowledge.

The reality is, most of the mechanics end up stuck in a 9 to 5 garage job doing basic car fixing, after doing the training, never really moving from there, possibly never "pimping a car for money", rather as a side hobby, which COST them.

Those who really get the quality gravy are those who DO get out of the 9 to 5 and "specialise", they get to gravy the choose, get to pimp cars for money, the work selling itself.
NOT selling your time at a low 9 to 5!

That reminds me, those that sell "how to make money selling "how to make money" ebooks" are in a sense another contradiction, they say, "get into a niche, make money doing that" but sell you a book on making money online in a niche?

They say don't get into "selling books on making money selling books"... why not?, it looks like it pays!
See that contradiction there, then you realise allot of these people selling these DO use niches... hmmm.

Whatever way you want to look at it, there is hard work involved.

If you are new to this the best advice I could give you is to start taking action, whatever action you choose, just DO it.

If you are that stuck, heres an idea to get you really going, action will inspire you.

It is NOT hard at all.

Grab, now be honest with yourself and find a topic you know about, see if there is money in that niche, see what YOU can find if you are new, that gives you an idea of what others will find if they are newish.

Now write some good solid articles using that books methods, use the now well known free BUM matketing method.

Now grab a Blogger account, and this free seo book, READ that, it will give you the plan to follow.

Post at least ONE article every three days to the blog, and one to the article directory of choice.
Link them as told in the book.

Set up a squidoo lens on your topic too, add rss feed from your blog to it.

$7 bucks that all cost you!

Now DO IT. Create YOUR content, it will pay in time.

Get going, see what happens, track you stuff, improve as you go.
Do it for a month.

You will be glad you did.
You will have done something.

Now set up a seperate blog on blogger for YOU, write all your thoughts etc there, keep yourself on track etc, ideas, results.
Use it for what it is, a diary of sorts, even make it private.

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At risk of offending a few

Another shortie but simple, yet true post...

Think IM snake oil sellers, steak, sizzle..

Is the steak (work) hidden in the push of the sizzle (dream)?

Hiding or not??

For growth? It DOES look that way!

Check it out...hiding here

You decide, post in the comments... ;o)

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Keith Baxter = Scott Boulch?

Interesting to read on another SW British Internet marketers blog... Neil Shearing, who has posted a theory that these two fellas maybe one and the same!
If Neil is right it certainly is a good bit of  internet marketing.

Scott has just released his "autospy" report which is an interesting read, it tells of exactly what he did with his "death of adsense" report, and how he went from 0 to over 39,000 on his list in just a few weeks.

It certainly has got me thinking.

The way his list building is set up is a great idea in that it has an automatic way of getting those sign ups double opted in... think about that. ;o)

It is a great way to increase your opt ins, simply due to cutting out the likelyhood people don't opt in on the confirmation email.
You can read about it further by grabbing the autospy report for yourself and take notes.. ;o)

It was a great way of building a big list fast!

So... are Keith and Scott one and the same?

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My warrior network

I have a few friends online who are also working to make money online in order to build a future they choose, a future of passive income which supports their lifestyle, which is the dream really.

The are many ways it can and is done, we were or are warriors from the forum where we all got hooked on the whole Internet marketing idea and how it can indeed support this lifestyle choice.

We are still warriors in our own sense, we are all angry in our own way about how crap the world prepares you or lets you indeed create a lifestyle this way, trapping you in a dead end job while you live your life out in constant debt only to retire pissed off and worn out, too old to enjoy things the way you wanted to.

We are all pissed off that the so called guys in the know have also lead us all up the path to nowhere while lining their own pockets to the brim.

Internet marketing by it's nature is learning and applying what will help you make money online.

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A good idea?

We all use alot of the forums and often we can chew up alot of time in them.

I thought I would set this up... Threads lens...

I hope its of use to others too... feel free to comment on it. :o)

Update : I wouldn't mind offloading this lens, if anyone is interested and uses the IM forums, simple to add threads you like so you could build this up to be a great central for threads from all marketing forums then using it as a part of your own make money online plans.. Email me if you are interested.

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