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"Blogrush! Why bother?"

Many of you will know about this by now as it's plastered all over the net, and yes it's on here too and I DO think if you have yet to add it to your blog you should (updated) a massive FAIL!

So why ask why don't bother?

If you know of John Reese you know he knows traffic, how to get it and make the most of it.
There lies the reason it should have worked, not failed as bad as it did!

More importantly you can get a better idea of what it does for your blog now, and as it improves you learn things from the info you saved.

Make no mistake John's own sites will have had MASSIVE traffic lately and THAT info is worth a huge amount, John knows what to do to make the most of it and YOU only he benefited from that.

I do hope it will be a success. (It failed)

Knowing now what it does with your blog and what shows up now will mean you can take notes on what to filter as soon as able to, this then becomes the basis for your future testing as it improves from the admins tweaks.

You can then just keep improving what links you do want on your blog by way of blocking what you don't like, and filtering words you don't want.

That's why I got dumped it now.

But also you will notice I am not promoting this elsewhere, just going to keep on blogging as normal, so I get a real idea of what it has done in the normal scheme of things. ;o)

Then I can test and tweak with better accuracy.

If you have a blog, don't waste your time on this crap!

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"The truth of the Warriors"

Allen flat out LIED on the forum today saying people were warned before deletion.
Well I was NOT! And EVERYONE on there knows it.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not hold back and I do not "sugar coat" things.
I will tell it the way I see it. If what I say bothers you, don't read it.

Many of you will have recently seen what has been happening in the warrior forum, indeed myself being deleted unfairly was one of them but then I am not the only one!

Why should THAT matter to you anyway?

Well I was almost up to 5000 post and have contributed to the forum for almost 4 years and if they can treat me that way they can do it to you too.

So am I writing this because I am bitter?

I am writing this because I feel let down and I feel what I contributed to the forum has been dismissed...almost 5000 post they just casually dismissed at the press of a button, not bitter but disappointed.

Not only that...the mod who deleted me has NO backbone to even admit to doing it.

Is that the action of a decent person? No I didn't think so either...they are simply a coward.

There has been a number of long term posters with high post count who have been unfairly treated although also a few of the big names have left...including someone you all know well...
J Reese.

Although John left of his own accord I can imagine he was pretty angry and annoyed by it all when it happened, I feel he was let down by Allen badly..I wonder if HE felt that?

Bear in mind although I do not really know what went on in Johns mind at the time, I can only presume, which I won't do.

Here I will be saying what I think about the whole situation and how I think it will be going in the future and why NOW may be the best time for you to really think about your role in the warrior forum.

Look at the fact that ONE mod had been made n/a before... say's alot.

Why help them with great content and also traffic when they so obviously don't give a rats ass about you?

Stick to putting your best content on what YOU own.

Before I go further let me take a moment to explain the way I have seen the warrior forum's wealth being distributed there.
The "big guys" don't need Allen or his forum, they have left him behind, John Reese proved that.

John publicly slammed the forum, since then Allen KNOWS if he is to keep the "big guys" onside he will have to change things regarding the so called "negativity" which is not as bad as it is made out.

The fact is the bigger you are, the more you get hassle in some ways and that is what happens here.

But it probably hurt Allen to see John do that...I can assure you this is a factor else things would NOT be the way they are.

Ready for a shocker?

Allen needs YOU more than you need HIM.

Over the years there has been some great IM careers that started right there in the forum, but now I feel those days are GONE!

And Allen KNOWS it!

Shame for him, he made money from them sharing their little morsels...look at Mike F now for an example...he comes in throws morsels to the members and they lap it up.

Someone even pointed out to me that Mike has in his BFM ebook (manual?) exactly what happens in places like the warriors regarding "fans" and "bashers", if you have it...try and find it.

He is quick to jump in when his fans are losing the argument.

There are others who Allen is trying to keep "onside" and we all know who they are.

The way they promote themselves on the forum...

Yet YOU do that and it's gets deleted!

One rule for rule for others.

BUT he also knows one or two of you he can use to create some income, in fact he has already started doing that...look well enough and you can see it.

He is the bitter one really, think about it!

Why did he chase down the higher posting ladies there, I can name at least 3 he has chased out of the forum, and that's just THIS year.
I also know there are one or two who he is watching, yes waiting for ONE slip up and bang they will be gone!

Who? I won't will see it for yourself.

Make sure you are NOT relying solely on that place for income.
It IS the most FICKLE forum out there.

Lets get something straight about the way I see Allen, he must get bored easy with things, look at the things he has done over the years...great start then they die off.

I had respect for the guy but sadly he has blown that recently and I KNOW I am not alone regarding that.

Buy then why should he care...he ONLY cares about the BIG guys who draws the newbies in, where the morsels can be chucked at them thus earning HIM and THEM money...yet it's YOUR money they are getting!

Sod that!

If you want to help THEM get rich then go for it...better for you to have money coming IN than out so create and sell...that's what I am going to concentrate on.

There is ONE way you can really make some serious money there...become the "next biggish guy" and being "flavour of the month" Jon Leger did.

Easy? NOPE.

There are others in front of you in that queue!...Look closely and you will see who..
Look closer and you will see how it became that way for them.

Yes I am serious, that and the fact Allen KNEW the members would gobble it up thus make HIM money..

There is something I should point out though, I do NOT believe Allen is making THAT much money overall with the warriors.

Simply because most of those who did generate the income are GONE, they got bigger and better so they don't need him or the warrior forum.

Here is what Allen said to me in PM... after I complained about being banned.

"The guru hating AND loving shit has got to go around here.
I don't like either side, the lovers or the haters."

Um....hang on....He loves the lovers...he NEVER complains about the ones who lick arse and love the "big guys"... he ONLY ever complains to the "bashers"...why?

Why do you think? It keeps the big guys onside having their egos stroked.

See what I mean?

I told him I don't hate anyone...not anywhere, if he read the post below he may "get it".

Why didn't he stop people bashing J Reese before he left?

Stable, horse, bolt, spring to mind.

He regrets John leaving...that much IS obvious.

So if I praised the big guys and licked their arses...I would NEVER have been n/a.

Thanks...but NO thanks... I am not sucking up to them at all... for anything.

If they are decent people who deserve respect then great...sadly alot of them are NOT!

There are one or maybe two mods there who are serious assholes.. they will delete a perfectly good post of yours and when you post asking why, that gets deleted, then every post you make after gets deleted...even if it is to help someone.

I know this it happend several times to me TODAY.

There has always been one or two assholes modding that place, they will follow you around in there and it winds you up...they drive you to losing your rag and getting deleted.

That place is going down the pan and fast.

I am not going to even bother trying with it anymore.

I posted there today asking for advice and opinions on the post below, one reason was it may help them understand why sometimes I get fired up, I asked if they could advise how I could maybe do something that will help me become a better poster there....and never guess what?

It got deleted!

No balls and no shame.

When Allen sorts out the couple of stupid cowardly moronic mods I may try again.
I don't hold my breath though as they have no balls.

Warriors, those mods? More like bullying idiots.

I am not the only one who is pissed off and fed up with it.

Good luck Allen...those mods are ruining your forum, NOT the members be them "bashers" or "lovers", they make YOUR forum work.

You don't appreciate it.

Any opinions?

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"Is John Reese a scammer"

That was the unbelievable question I was aksed in an email.
I will not say their name as they asked me in confidence.
I obviously don't want to abuse the trust that got them asking me.

The email went to explain how they felt as I show myself to be honest on the forums etc so felt they could ask me and trust me.

Thats great, I am grateful for that trust.

Ok... so I asked them what they meant?

This is the gist of it.

Hi mate,

Sorry about this but I am fairly new to all this and hear alot about John Reese and wondered if the guy is trustworthy, is he a scammer?
Should I listen to him or not?
I see his new site is giving everything away free.
How the hell does he make money doing that?
Something seems to be making me feel that we are not getting the whole picture.
Thanks... xxxx (thats not KISSES, but removal of the name) ;o)


I have NO idea how this operson found John or his site, I am guessing through a forum or newsletter link.

I replied to them in email and told them I would also make a post here about this.

Is John a scammer?

No I 100% do not think he is anything like that at all.
Having been on his list and known him online for a while I would say he his one to watch if you want to learn anything about making strides online.
Lets face it John has gone further down this road than 99% of us.

He KNOWS what he is talking about when it comes to online marketing and making money.

He has always given value for free. Yes his new site is giving tons of info free and will help you make strides if that is what you want to do, one thing you must remember is no matter what you will STILL have to put the effort and work in to succeed.

It don't fall on your lap.

Regarding asking how will he make money being free.

Lets be honest John don't NEED the money no more, he has already made millions, he will always have a residual income from all the hard work he has ALREADY done.
If you want millions you will need to put that hard work in too.

But this new site will STILL make him money, how?
Traffic, loyal readers who then get on his list who trust him enough to buy his products when he does release them.

Give freely and people will come back for more, no?

I see it as John is already quite an authourity in this "making money online" arena so it makes sense for him to create the ultimate free authourity site.

So should you listen to him? Yes.

Is he a scammer? NO.

Are you seeing the whole picture? Probably not, John is the only one who sees that.

I hope that the reply was helpful to the sender of the email.
I hope it also gives anyone reading this a clearer picture if you wondered about him too.

I am in no way connected to John so gain nothing from him telling you this.
I answered this because the asker deserved my honest opinion.

If you want to ask me something then great, do so.
If you feel generous you can tip me by buying me a beer by clicking the beer icon below.

It's thirsty work this lark! ;o)

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"You choose, join in"

I was just thinking... why do I hardly get comments here?
Then one pops up on the top post.... ;o)

Life's a funny old game I tell ya!

I digress... what was I gonna say?

Oh yeah.. the pic reminded me! :o)

I think I'm at a real crossroad in life...NO not an early midlife crisis, I'm not quite that age yet!

More of what direction I go in life and what I do, things are changing whether I think about it or not, I can truthfully pin some of this down to reading or more precisely acting on two books, and having a few chats with a few people, including myself...please don't send the ones in white! :o)

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will have seen all these small things build up to whatever changes there will be, and probably relate to it. I mean I do blog about things in my life, head, whatever so you know it's some reflection of me, real.

By the every nature of blogs it's conversational.

I do feel I know where I am heading but also how too, yet you know you're part of it.
As big a part of it as you want to be in truth, after all it's your choice really, I am just grateful you DO read it, although I like writing you reading keeps me writing it.

But I don't really know what you like me writing about.

You see, I hope to have that camera I need in my hand as soon as I see it really, up to a limit of course, may have a mad rush of buys here or something ( ;o) ) that pushes me faster.

So...summer coming up, lots of pics, videos (you'll laugh or faint) and interesting things going on but I could try to relate these pics or things to things you WILL be interested know for example "how can I relate this experience to (blogging, marketing, whatever?)" topic or viewpoint.

Which way will you choose for me?

I comment on quite a few blogs, even been thanked for it a few times, playing my active part on the blogosphere, and did wonder, as you see at the top of the post ;o) , but realised I simply don't ask you too often enough.

Strange but the ones I comment on often never ask you to comment, so I thought it worked, did on me ;o)

BUT, I will ask you, please comment, help me make sure I DO keep going in the right direction with this.

Take care,

P.s wow the first P's here I think ;o) In case you wondered what books they were I spoke of earlier...It was the "Mindset" one as seen on the sidebar which pays YOU 100% commission, and John Reese's "brain dump" which you can see in previous post or archive.

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Been a funny few weeks, but the last few days have been interesting for me.

Knowing full well it IS better to have your own products, websites etc going and "out there" in order to earn that's what I am doing.

The "Warrior way" is selling, not had a complaint yet, touch wood. ;o)
I even revamped it a bit... you may prefer this one "Warrior way"

As you can read from earlier post things seem to have improved allot because of the things that have happened, documented right here, first John Reese earlier but read the FEB archive goes back further to that bottom post!


I read something else today that I know will speed that progress right up...and some because it deals with the key to it all, the "mindset" as you know.

Not what you would normally expect to read from that train of thought...but read the archive here, follow it all, till now...and you will agree.

My "mindset" has always been the key, I was just putting it in the wrong lock!

Try it!...

What do you think?.... Agree?

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John Reese and his great gesture

Many of you will know who John is, those who don't soon will... ;o)

John created some great videos that could change your life, well I couldn't use them as I just couldn't hear him talking on them, so John did a fantastic thing and had text transcripts done just for me!

THAT says alot about the man.

If you really want to read something interesting that could really impact your life, should you try it, take a peek at the warrior thread below and grab the offer, you won't regret it.

The thread!

I am very grateful for such a kind thoughtful gesture.

Thanks John, you are the man mate!

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