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A 20 minutes a week holistic health approach

As part of my aim to get healthier and rid myself of bad habits, I have over the last few months been looking into what I can do to boost my chances of success.

Knowing my own doubts on my willpower I felt I had to at least utilise this amazing tool we call the internet and see what I could find out for myself, never know until you look.

People talk of "alternative" therapies, medicine and such, not sure why its called alternative, holistic is more the truth, and it's no coincidence ancient approaches were holistic, even Native Americans, Aborigines use a holistic approach.

I remember coming across a great article a few years back, I shared it on a forum I am no longer a member of, it was about our cells, DNA and how we are, in a sense, holographic, that is each cell is a mirror image of our whole.

It was a fascinating article, written by a man and woman who were Russian if I remember right, I has it bookmarked but due to the small fire on my pc a wee while ago, which had to be rebuilt I lost it, damn!

No matter, I will find it again I have no doubt.

Regardless, the information in there struck me and stuck in my head so I was surprised a short while back when I started looking into similar things without realising it or doing so without intent, the path it lead me on was fascinating mentally and spiritually, not only that...the "browser history" in chrome also interested me, the way I went along the right path almost wholly guided by my sub-conscience.

I am glad it happened.

I came across something else that reminded me of it, something that got me thinking about it again and with clarity because I felt it really encompassed all that I had been reading about.

What I started looking at a few months (4 or 5) back, it started because I was at a friends house and a fascinating program came on the TV about quantum physics, mechanics, it was in some ways mind-blowing stuff.

Nevertheless getting to understand it as best I could it opened up some fascinating realms of thought for me over the few days afterwards and it was this that got me thinking about the article I shared on the forum, how this quantum fits on a human cellular level, what could we do with it and learn more about it.

Through the wonder of this tool called the internet and reading whatever the path showed me I learnt way more than I thought I would

It lead on a funny path of mixed things, from the water test with words, through to photons, even stuff regarding 2012 and whatever that may bring.

Like I say, a strange path yet in the end it all made sense, enlightening you could say!

The real answers are in us, or if not, they are nature.

The notion of the "experts" calling 95% of DNA "junk DNA" is almost an insult, do they really expect us to believe that nature would waste so much DNA?

It's not "junk" just because we don't fully understand it, that's absurd itself.

If anything it's that the lack of understanding that probably scares them.

Anyway, I stumbled on something I have to say is of interest and maybe you could also benefit from it, this is something I did a few months ago and have since set 20 minutes a week to redo, I also approached it with an open mind and no preconceptions other than intent for it to work.

It works on something we have no real control over normally, because it speaks clearly to that part of us we can't speak to with intent.

The message being given to your bodies intelligence, not your intelligence in the sense we know of, what we think for ourselves, but to that of the unseen intelligence your whole body has, something we rarely even acknowledge let alone use.

Taking just 20 mins to get started on reprogramming yourself, your DNA, your conscience, sub-conscience, your cells, cleansing and healing yourself on a quantum level. Quantum physics to heal mind body and soul.

Realigning your original blueprint, in other words.

What do you have to lose by trying it?

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The way she made me feel...

Regarding the last post, a fair chunk of it's falling into place and making more sense to me, although there is plenty yet still to come no doubt but I don't expect it. :o)

The biggest thing is to move with the flow and acknowledge and accept whatever comes, whatever choices confront me when they do, then decide and act accordingly because I am yet to understand what the purpose is.

A friend said that I must have somehow, sometime started raising my energy vibration in a fairly big intense way to set me up for the events that followed (which I mention in the last post), I "tuned in" if you like as we are and "all that is" really is just that, energy and vibrations like radio waves. 

So I pondered on that to see if anything jumped out at me which could hint at triggering or somehow raising my vibration level ... after a few minutes I realised I didn't really know what I should even be considering, I asked myself, what sort of thing raises vibration anyway?




They would be the obvious areas to me that I should consider, as every emotional feeling has a different vibration doesn't it? 

Remember being in love the first time? 

Surely that vibrational feeling was higher, faster than when you felt guilty, sad, depressed.

And colours have an effect on us, we all know they ARE different vibrational levels of the same light...everyone has seen rainbows. ;o)

So I pondered on what made me feel good, happy, young, alive... 

Or what colours have effected me in any way, whether wearing them or seeing them, etc...

I just looked around, and something struck me...I decorated my flat several months ago and my front room where I am now is a light shade of  purple, lilac, although a few of my cheeky mates and one of my brothers said it was pink! :o/  

It's not, it is a light purple... honest!

Purple... no idea why I picked that but it IS the colour of the universe! 

I just remembered I shared an awful lot of 80's videos on facebook a few days before reading the ebook mentioned in the last post...written by someone famously known for wearing...purple! (hint there!)

These videos made me feel great, reminded me of my youth and all the loonies I grew up with enjoyed them too, no doubt reminding them of their youth.. :o)

Ironic...I just realised the first video which caught my attention and lead me to youtube and finding and sharing these videos was Prince, the video was purple rain! That is just too uncanny! :o/

A few reminded me of my first serious girlfriend... (wink to her.. ;o) ) and obviously the feelings you are reminded of you are in a sense reliving... bound to raise your feelings and emotions..therefore the energy vibrations too. 

All this together could have set it off no?

In this case when you listen to music, watch old programs or music videos as above, the feel-good factor IS raising YOUR vibration level...

So, to raise yours, do what makes you feel good, alive, young, free,  nostalgic, time and space is after all relevant. More so when you factor in feelings and emotions.

Close your eyes and really remember a point in your past and inside your head and heart (feeling) you are right back there, in an instant.

Remind yourself how you used to be...relive that great feeling it used to give you and ENJOY it... your feelings and mind are younger than your body.

If you could capture that sunny feeling of first love and live feeling that way all your life...imagine that! ... (says the single guy!)  ;o) 

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"The essence of the blogosphere"

To me the essence of the blogosphere is "connecting", this is done in so many ways yet some swear by some ways and vice versa.

First off...
There is no correct or incorrect way, other than spamming that is.

It's all how you define it, we all have our own ideas of whats good or not, whitehat, blackhat, or grey, I have my own view, whatever.

I like the fact to make a point of a topic, like for example, link building, I can just link to a good piece. ;o)

Linkbaiting is another term used, I much prefer to say "connecting", that is, after all what it's all about.
It's the intent that decides what is linkbaiting to me.

You need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Looking at Lynn's post about comments had me laughing, I mean Lynn nails it right there, read it, yet to be honest for Eric to say in his own comments that James may not have done it for that reason", makes it stand out even more, it could be just that, a smart linkbaiting tactic by James... ;o)

Then Lynn makes another great post about seo.

Could I be linkbaiting here?

Who knows?

I will just agree with Lynn's comment here, to quote.

I am not suggesting that you disable commenting on your own blog. I certainly wont be doing that. I value my readers thoughts and opinions, and love the ongoing discussion here..

Here was something ironic, proof that it IS keyword links.

I digress, it's ALL about linking, seo, connecting, the whole blogosphere thrives on itself.
The key to every blog is the people, those behind the blogs.

To me the blogosphere is a rich tapestry of digital, interactive, imprints of peoples lives, thoughts, etc.

Looking at things that real people do like standing behind a counter, then blogging about it!
A GREAT idea, what blogging should be.

That's what blogging is about, sharing, connecting, maybe the others connecting to you, reading your blog, etc, spreading the reach of your blog.

Giving great tips and providing short cuts to good info is another great advantage of blogging.

The people often use controversy in getting readers and links to their blogs, sometimes it's unintentional., but works.

The debate over the secret movie is an example, Blair has been a part of the controversy himself, but hey he also does a great blog there, how does he attract them though. ;o)

These people may now check their stats and see me linking to them, or readers going to them from here, pop over here and read...again, connectivity!

If not, maybe I should call them all idiots...they may post and bash me. ;o) JOKE!

Controversy does work, depending on how you do it.

Sometimes it's stupid, yet funny! Only In America eh... JOKE! ;o)

So, the real essence of blogging and the blogosphere is CONNECTING.

Any thoughts?...

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Raisng my vibration...LOA!

Interesting things happening lately, and I left it late in the day to blog, but here goes...
As I mentioned in the last post we had a chance to watch the secret.

I watched it again last night just before I slept, which I hoped I could keep it all fresh in my thoughts as a fell asleep with a possibilty of influencing my dreams.

One thought was that a guy in the secret said he kept getting bills so started to visualise getting cheques in the mail.

Well i thought "hey thats pretty cool an idea" so did think of it as I fell asleep.

Well got up today, to see two letters on the floor, it never once crossed my mind for it to be yet another bloody bill.. so I opened them.

Wow.. that was fast.. my FIRST google adsense cheque... :o)

The FIRST thing I said was "thank you".

It was great to have that in my hand and say "hey just maybe this shit works a bit."

The lesson and thoughts I got from this whole experience was great.

If you have had one you will relate to my next thought.
I have to say it was a little shocking to see it was so plain.. you know what I am saying.

Don't get me wrong, I was chuffed to finaly see a result like that but wow, did google miss a great marketing trick there? A motivational trick?

I mean the cheque is on a very plain invoice with a green backround... yet NO big "google" logo.

I would love to have seen that as it would RAISE your vibration further, just by the visual element.
I would have asked for the plain bit back at the bank and framed the bloody thing !

Am I the only one to think that?

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The secret!

What A great weekend with my boys, we also had a chance to watch the secret, as a mate bought it on dvd after I had told him about it.

A very good "visual" lesson it was, for me and my sons.

Interesting that my sons, who are 12, and almost 14, understood it pretty well.
They grasp the fact ALL that matters is the way you feel, its the alignment of your feelings with your thoughts and actions that makes the perfect harmony for creation.

I explained we create ALL the time so why not CHOOSE what we create.. that made alot of sense to my boys.
I am glad to have watched it with them, for them to have this knowledge at their age is VERY empowering.

For me it made the understanding a little better, as you know I have read the books that speak of these laws, like "As a man thinketh" for example.

I do already know about it but I have NOT been fully utilising this or as they say "living it" in the way I should.
This has got me thinking alot and THAT is empowering itself.

I will watch the secret again and again.. for each time the knowledge will the laws of attraction itself.
I will write some interesting views on all this as I am deaf I will have a slightly different perspective than most of you...a pretty UNIQUE perspective, though we all have a unique perspective because we ARE unique.. obviously mine is from a different angle altogether.

Interesting weekend.

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Law of attraction and making money online

Most of will have heard about this "law of attraction" and understand the basics behind it. You attract what you send out, like attracts like. How can we equate that to making money online?

Well what's money? Nothing more than energy, just like everything else around us is energy.

So how can you attract the energy that is money?
By giving out energy that attracts the money... when you work at your job you are spending energy for which you get a a wage, money, energy.

Want more money, then give more energy. Change your mindset!

More and more people than ever getting online for a variety of reasons, yet one of the biggies is to "make money" and the silly thing is they want it easy and hassle free, in other words they don't want to spend effort, energy doing it...they expect the energy that is money to come though!

It won't happen, for you to get anything of value in life you have to give it first.

You hear people say "money attracts money"

Law of attraction at work?

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