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Spinning a few plates and...

... having been busy and still busy, I thought I'd share a few interesting post from various blogs I read for you to check out.

Don't let the business decline... reinvent it. 

Being the real YOU is important when blogging, be authentic, honest, brave and raw.

Whatever you do in life you send a message out, you create a world view of you.

Life is there for living, love it, not the stuff you accumulate. Love life.

I have not been linking out as much as I'd like really as there are some great blogs out there worth sharing.

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"Lots of changes"

Lots of changes...some unexpected ones too.

Having had a chance to look about online at the "old haunts" I have seen a fair few changes, some for the better, some for the worse and some just unexpected.

Mind you, it is to be expected really considering what it is like online, the time element alone is strange.

Like dog years!

Sad to see the end of a few forums which I used often.
Seems the social networking side of it has exploded and also in some way I feel had a knock on effect on the forums.

That's how it looks to me, could be wrong, I often am. ;o)

Social networking sites like facebook have been a great asset on the whole, finding friends from a long time ago has been a revelation really...happy days.

Good to see the blogs I read still going well, with some good nuggets for me to catch up on. ;o)

As for my blogging, I am still going but will consider revamping the site, maybe have a main page... and this blog on a subpage, IE, but I am not sure yet.

That would enable me to use the domain better. ;o)

It's all in the pipeline and I will go for it as I feel this blog is and should be my main priority online.

Most say, and I agree you should have some form of focus for your blogging, but I am not sure I can do that, or if I do what the main focus would be.

I like to write about most things so I should, which is after all what blogging is about.

Is it the blog or the person behind it that matters?
To who? You, me?

Any thoughts?

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"Blogrush?, well, it sucks"

Well I wrote earlier about blogrush and asked...why bother?

A few days later and looking around it seems people think it sucks!

I couldn't say, It IS a FAIL!!!
I didn't have any idea what was happening with mine but now...
My stats have appeared in my blogrush dashboard.

A few things that bother me are...

I understand it's in beta, and opinions are raging all over forums and blogs about it.

Addressing the concerns I have...

Low CTR rate....write better captivating the one used here. ;o)

I could do a search around to see if I can find out how to know which blogs widget drove me the visitor, this may well be part of the process being refined during the beta stage.

That blurb...Not happy with that, the wording had NO mention of blogrush, just saying this is temporarily down but the site will soon be fixed.

IF I was the reader I would have assumed it was the blog itself that was down, or that part of it at least.

NOT looking good doing that!
That blurb should be changed.

So, what about my opinion on if "it sucks"?

I think it's early to say, the traffic I have had from it is very small, almost nothing, of 660 impressions I got ONE click!  It SUCKED!!

That's rubbish, I am GIVING more than GETTING with blogrush.

I will give it a week or less if things don't improve fast.

I know John will improve dumped it, but how fast is the key. bloody good job too, crap.

It is pyramidal feeling, MLMY if you like, and yet it was the early adopters, Johns friends, inner circle, and the big influential bloggers that stand to benefit the most.

If you have a brand new blog, hardly any traffic I would skip it! ;o)

What's your opinion? It's DEAD.... ;o)

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"200th post a few interesting blogs"

Well the 200th post on this blog has arrived!

I really had no idea what to do on this post for a while, it's just another post after the 199th really. :o)
Well I had an idea to offer a one way link from this post and I am glad to say some took the offer up...and a bargain they got it for too.

Never one to settle for just doing that I thought I would make it better by way of linking to this very post every so often like when I want to mention blogs to the readers later down the line.

So not only a one way link but a regular dose of exposure too. ;o)

As I plan to do that anyway I wanted to add an extra benefit to everyone.

I will leave this offer open BUT not at that bargain price!

If you would like me to update this post and add your blogs one way link I will for a still great price of a beer...interested?
Well click the beer icon below and pay $5 or £3.

This gets you a one way link AND the short blurb about you or your blog.
Each new link and blurb will be added below the ones already here.

Onto some interesting blogs worth reading. ;o)


Ritu, a blogger who searches the net for cool applications, software and more.
If you are a mac user you may find you want to keep an eye on this blog and I know you mac users are a passionate bunch.

Check out... worknplay.


American Ex-Pat Lynda Lippin teaches Pilates and Reiki in the beautiful
Turks and Caicos Islands. Lynda blogs about everything - pilates,
reiki, weight loss, health, living on a small island, judaism, and life
in general.

Check out... Pilates and Reiki In Paradise Blog


As a parent myself I feel this is a good starting point to keeping up with some things that we parents have concerns with.

Stacey writes about child safety, missing children, items of family interest, like back to school safety - lately she has done a lot about the recent toy recalls.

Stacey's site is Parent traps which you can check out for tips, help and general ideas.


Janece, a 37 year old mom who is an artist, photographer, environmentalist, food and alternative health researcher and hobbyist shares her lifes moments on her blog which can be seen at no ordinary moment.
A few nice pictures on this blog too.


Diane who lives not far from myself has a great blog sharing some great skills in the bookmaking dept!
Great close up pictures showing these lovely books, but the blog is more than that.
I personally love the pics on the blog, check it out and have a good look for the "local area" pictures. You will enjoy them.
Dianes blog is called Much of a muchness.


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"A goal reached...I think"

Should have done enough on stay online now, while not certain, it's timing and everything as you know.

Anyway, taking a look at things as they have happened and looking at the plans I had made to follow up on, I thought about things I have learned from it all.

What can I take forward with me and what can I lose in order to streamline?

Well I can't share all that obviously but what I do know is certain thing have opened my eyes, you learn alot when you have your back against the wall in any degree.
But I also learn of new opportunities I hadn't seen...

Missing the woods from the trees springs to mind here. ;o)

Interesting to realise I can improve this blog and the focus of it without ruining it in any way. :o)
The blog shouldn't and isn't the centre of things...
I can make it the centre of what I want it to be though. :o)

As for other things I now have an idea or two to capitalise on...see where it goes. ;o)

One bit of advice I can pass on that has got me thinking is the sheer activity in the web.2.0 side of things, social networks etc.

It works, and if you have a newish blog or need to widen your reach then you should become active within web 2.0 networking style sites.
Like bloglog, blogcatalogue and seen in the sidebar... ;o)

Nice people with great blogs, go look at them.

Take an active role with stumbleupon, it works well and return the favour on other blogs you like, add friends etc.

Be active and others are active.

Get involved with discussions etc, use forums.

One thing some may have noticed on blogcatalogue, alot will have missed it but one thing I have done is to change the "top neighbourhoods" say once a week, give everyone a chance for a bit of exposure. ;o)

Members rush to check my profile.... ;o)

It works...look at the "home" page and refresh, as peoples faces change in the widget it makes a difference to the "welcome feel" to it.
Neighbourhood owners will appreciate what I did.

Communicate, be active, touch people and it's returned. :o)

Any thoughts?

P.s I hope I get the connection sorted in time... :o)

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"Creating the blog"

A big welcome to all new readers, great to have you pop by.

Following on from the last post I did, where I am just posting in the hope it helps some readers to start blogging, but for some of you new readers, I don't need to advise on starting...oh no some of you have some great blogs going and I will read more... ;o)

But you are very welcome to comment and add to anything. :o)

So... cracking on, now for those who did what was mentioned in the last post will have had some fun or possible frustration.
Either camp's good.. ;o) ...Means you are learning and that curve is already shorter.

So, what now?

First a couple of home truths...what the "big guys" don't tell you in the "ebooks" you see.

1, It's NOT easy, simple yes, not easy but very worth doing.

Anything is simple IF you follow a step by step plan of action and DO.
Nothing really complicated is even needed to take a BIG stride and keep that ball rolling.
Put it this way, it's alot harder to "give up" once you DO have a blog up with a few post and you see it!

The first hurdle...starting is the easiest time to give up!

2, NO ONE will read you blog for a while and it will frustrate you...for as long as you let it!

"Build it and they come" is the myth of which the dream chasers hope for when they buy the "next big thing ebook".
No one will even KNOW about your blog unless you actually DO something to share HAVE to market it in some sense.
To some that's a dirty thing, snake oil sellers... "Internet marketing" simply promoting whatever on the web... a blog for instance?

But simply telling your online friends about your blog in IS in a sense "Internet marketing"!
So YES you will have to learn how some things work.

But don't let them discourage you. :o)

Because there is just an easier way now and that is because the web is now how it should be.

Let me explain...

Web 2.0 is simply to me a term for the "more interactive websites and systems"

The more interactive YOU are, the more you's PEOPLE not websites... ;o)

But I am slightly ahead of myself here... I'll end that slight diversion on this... you have had by now had a good look around at blogs etc to research your "topic" as in the last post... so you were interactive with them, you were "traffic" ;o) will get the "traffic" aka "people"

But they are PEOPLE first, traffic second yet inseparable.

So start with people in mind and continue with people in mind.

On with the post... ;o)

Before naming your blog you should give some thoughts to keywords or even using branded style if you have in some way a brand of sorts to etc.

Your content will use whatever keywords suit your "topic" etc so a keyword is not essential in the blog my opinion.

But it won't hurt... ;o)

Creating the blog, using blogger from your google account with the by now researched ideas on whatever your topic with bookmarkd sites and blogs to get inspiration from.

You want to use inspiration from what caught your eye, but keep it simple enough to keep on top of and build as you go. I used minima templates as my first one and learnt alot about the code behind html etc...with the new blogger layouts you don't need to know it, just choose wisely. ;o)

Now you should take heed of this... you want to ignore the fact people may not read your blog alot for a while as it will do after a while.
The most important thing is to simply get cracking so now create a post...300 words maybe to get you going if more happens, great.

Don't stare at the blank screen... heres what i want you do to help you out there, whatever the topic...

Imagine I am sitting there with you and you are telling me about your "topic"...

Look at my pic... then sit and write... imagine it.. "hey Rob, I got all these tips on how to maintain a harley davidson"

Me : Oh yeah.. tell me a bout it.. write a list of ten.. ;o)

"Rob... I got these great recipes to share"...

Me:... Great, are they cakes, main meals etc? What Origin...

Oh, just some old english recipes passed down... "

Me: I'll read and use them.... ;o)

Write...write more, don't edit just write write, this creative writing comes flowing from you and the edit mode is later! ;o)

When you run out things to say... (IF you do!), click SAVE NOW get up and go put the kettle on or coffee pot and take a break from it... ;o)
Pat yourself on the back too...not while sipping ya drink though! Doh! :x)

Now you go back and READ your words... dont edit.. just read... make sense of it.
DO NOT put yourself down for any of it.

You just want to capture what "I" would read... ;o) Unedited.

Now you can alter spelling stuff only!

I get amazed at I need to edit less and less as I blog nowadays.. it flows fluidly at times.
Practice makes a massive difference...repetition is a great learning process.

What you will have will most likely surprise you, maybe 440 words... maybe 600... ;o)

More... doing better than most.

Tidy it up some, slightly reword a few things you feel needs doing and PUBLISH !!

That's IT... you have started and you are now a blogger! Ok.. calm down!.. ;o)

Now this is important... try to post at least 3 post a week, more if possible daily being better!

The first week you may only get a few visitors, but now you have a blog up with 3 or more post and it's a ball rolling.

Next, some ideas on pushing that ball better. ;o)

If you like this and it helps... great, up to you what you do NEXT, stumble this, digg it, share with someone, subscribe to my email updates or feed, comment to it, or even buy me a beer! ;o)

After all you are a person...people first traffic second so I leave THAT choice up to you.. :o)

Remember to write it with me in mind, and then come tell me and I WILL read it... ;o)

Off to check stats LOL.. ;o)

Edit to add...on the sidebar here is a report on writing articles which would be a great help if you really stuggle and not only that it could be your FIRST income maker on YOUR new blog! :o)

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"Shocking stats"

So over the last few weeks I have been getting back into the swing of things nicely and moving swiftly in the right direction, that's down to a few things.

Blogging by it's nature has ups and downs with posting, at times it can't be resolved as with my case.
Losing momentum was a key area for me and I believe it is an important thing with building a blog and giving the readers what they want...content.

During the offline hassle the blogs visitors dipped alot, naturally.
Now a month on, the blog's traffic has gone right back up to almost 3000 for July. :o)

Pleasing to say the least.
Averaging 100 a day is not to be sneezed at really.
Not my best month but still a good month and there is a week left yet.

Great to know at least you are happy to read the blog, thanks.

The bad side of the stats which surprised me was the fact the response to my offer in the post below was not as good as hoped, but not as bad as can be.

Well over 300 visitors in 3 that blog post and 11 takers.

I can't believe it really, a service that will help you if you play your role and be 100% honest to yourself is not taken up, they miss the potential, yet...

If I had offered an ebook that was ok and you learnt things yet it just sat on your hard drive gathering dust it would have been snapped up by more people?!

Especially newbies who suffer lack of focus more than most.

Yet it did nothing to change things, because you read it and did nothing.? Wasted money.

Yet with my offer you would have HAD to take action or you would be wasting the money joining in the first place.

If you took NO action with with mine, are in the same position as you are AFTER buying the book....wasted money.

Strange this, so it's leading me to question alot of things.

Any opinions on this?

P.s Warriors...would it help to offer you a free warrior way book after you join?
I am going to revamp it and you as well as others who have bought will also get the upgraded version free. If so... buy the offer as below, use beer function and you will get a copy!

If that is good enough for you, do it, then email me to warriors+deafdad AT
(replace AT with @ )

Its only good for this week!

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"The essence of the blogosphere"

To me the essence of the blogosphere is "connecting", this is done in so many ways yet some swear by some ways and vice versa.

First off...
There is no correct or incorrect way, other than spamming that is.

It's all how you define it, we all have our own ideas of whats good or not, whitehat, blackhat, or grey, I have my own view, whatever.

I like the fact to make a point of a topic, like for example, link building, I can just link to a good piece. ;o)

Linkbaiting is another term used, I much prefer to say "connecting", that is, after all what it's all about.
It's the intent that decides what is linkbaiting to me.

You need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Looking at Lynn's post about comments had me laughing, I mean Lynn nails it right there, read it, yet to be honest for Eric to say in his own comments that James may not have done it for that reason", makes it stand out even more, it could be just that, a smart linkbaiting tactic by James... ;o)

Then Lynn makes another great post about seo.

Could I be linkbaiting here?

Who knows?

I will just agree with Lynn's comment here, to quote.

I am not suggesting that you disable commenting on your own blog. I certainly wont be doing that. I value my readers thoughts and opinions, and love the ongoing discussion here..

Here was something ironic, proof that it IS keyword links.

I digress, it's ALL about linking, seo, connecting, the whole blogosphere thrives on itself.
The key to every blog is the people, those behind the blogs.

To me the blogosphere is a rich tapestry of digital, interactive, imprints of peoples lives, thoughts, etc.

Looking at things that real people do like standing behind a counter, then blogging about it!
A GREAT idea, what blogging should be.

That's what blogging is about, sharing, connecting, maybe the others connecting to you, reading your blog, etc, spreading the reach of your blog.

Giving great tips and providing short cuts to good info is another great advantage of blogging.

The people often use controversy in getting readers and links to their blogs, sometimes it's unintentional., but works.

The debate over the secret movie is an example, Blair has been a part of the controversy himself, but hey he also does a great blog there, how does he attract them though. ;o)

These people may now check their stats and see me linking to them, or readers going to them from here, pop over here and read...again, connectivity!

If not, maybe I should call them all idiots...they may post and bash me. ;o) JOKE!

Controversy does work, depending on how you do it.

Sometimes it's stupid, yet funny! Only In America eh... JOKE! ;o)

So, the real essence of blogging and the blogosphere is CONNECTING.

Any thoughts?...

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Its gone on long enough...step up to the bloody plate!

Well it's something I have to say in the mirror, but I am also asking YOU to step up the plate too, and inspire me further.

I am pissed off but also happier for it, something really made me stop today and think, this is also going to benefit you too because it made me decide to do it.

I already posted in the last one about I need to change things anyway, well one big part of that is the fact I post too much in the's true, I DO.

Someone said today, "listen any forum could go.."poof", overnight and be gone"...

He is right...
It IS true....
Ask one warrior about his forum!

You WILL know who it is soon enough! ;o)

I digress.... you should think about what I am saying here in all seriousness.
So..think about that, how much writing you and we all put into a forum...that's a hell of a lot, stuff that could be on your blog, articles, etc, real CONTENT YOU CONTROL.

Lets get real here, I am NOT saying stop posting, just saying it IS real content, there are some real gems on the forums, even post you should save and read plenty of much value in most of the best ones.

Think how many books, blogs all that would create, if you did.
While I think its great, I have a confession to make, I don't, or haven't, given enough really GREAT post to these forums, like some do without naming people.

Well... I will, because I decided to post less often, but better content.

YET I also realise the best content I should give is the content I own, like here on this blog.
I want YOU making comments and reading this blog, I read most of yours. ;o)

As well as other means I own, like reports, ebooks, and articles.
It's evergreen content if you choose it to be.

So, as I say blog about it is what I am going to do, but also share decent real content, I often get real "out of the box" ideas, ideas I will never probably do, why bloody waste them?
Some of them are damn crazy, but pieces of them could be worthy to someone.

I will blog it and let someone else benefit crazily from it.If one day it happens to be YOU that runs with it, great.

If the ideas are crap...I wont last long sharing them!

But if anything I am going to do this just because I can.
I want to.

The other thing I know I will want to start doing is something that ties in nicley here, a newsletter, because I KNOW I wont push crap, and will provide content, stuff I may not even write elsewhere, seeing as its private. ;o)

But you know what...

I've realised I CAN write, and I think pretty ok too, so I will also do a newsletter as soon as possilbe, I already have the perfect role models. ;o)

So... I am going to step up to the plate...but also want you to step up to the plate by helping me step up.
I bet alot of you are sick of hearing about "bum marketing", "$7 reports", "wso's", and plenty of other terms, etc.

There is alot of stuff I am sick of hearing about but I digress, here is an interesting idea that might help YOU, or at least inspire some of you that do struggle, to DO something, something evergreen too, something that you CAN do.

About time some of you acted on some ideas and created some good stuff!
I KNOW most of you are able to do it.

It HAS to fit your plans, or be adaptable to your plans.
This is one you CAN ans SHOULD be doing.

Alot of people moan about "snake oil this" snake oil that", and while I understand that, I also feel it's a shame, its STILL making them money!

Get out of that trap, start ONLY getting good stuff, and

ACTING on it, start buying what HONEST people tell you works or is worth buying, make sure you CAN and DO use it.

Litsen up, here is something I WANT you to TAKE on board, and I may even do a post about JUST this, IM and online marketing is a MINDSET, adictive one too, don't believe me?, right try and stop thinking about it, if you are in this niche.

Try getting to sleep within minutes of going to bed.

I'll help you if you help me, and then we all pay it forward to others.


Ok, well lets crack on...

Don't give me any crap about you can't do this, you can...and hopefully you will.

Tell ya what I will even make a fair bet with ya!

Before I get to that bet...

I am honest and I tell you this is one of those things I think...DAM, I wish I had done that!
And you what else, I will do what it tells, so will you.

Yeah... I was impressed, and I am no hype seller.
Honest marketing is the way with me...full stop, hype sucks, it's just that, hype.

The bet..

Try it, if you fail, I will give you more than the value worth in free stuff myself...BUT you will have to proove you did it, only those who get it thorugh my link though.

You gotta give it a few weeks to really see BIG results.
But hey I think you will have doubled your money within ten days! ...only MY opinion though, you maybe a lazy bugger. ;o)

Do this, even if you ended up getting it before reading this somewhere else do this, post in comments here about the idea here.

Grab this book, it IS by the newsletter role model of mine, someone I KNOW dishes out 100% quality stuff, and I just read this, several parts really got me thining and kicking myself, pretty hard.

You know dam well articles work, and they ARE easy enough to do, especially with this blueprint.

Now act on it, but wih a twist..

Even just simply...

Use the methods to presell this report... its a 100% commission one, and perfect.

If you have a niche, create the evergreen article for your niche using the methods, make it a good solid effort, submit to say ezinearticles, but also point it to another great article on your niche blog, site, where that article is preselling how you create articles for that niche so easy, with your link at the bottom to THIS book, report, point out they get 100% comission too.

Right under that, have a link to an offer to buy 5 top quality articles you also wrote for your niche, using the book's methods, as a smple package for them, the same cost as the book.

Now you gave them a choice, yet the same price, and they will most likely grab ONE of them.
Just in case, have your newsletter sign up box on that page too, in the sidebar.

If the articles are good and they can use them 5 on their sites, with your bio box pointing back to the same article preselling as mentioned, on all 5 articles.

If thay bring in traffic, the likelyhood is the person is going to end up buying the book through your link, and crank out articles of their own.

I bet the first article you write if done well ends up doing good in google, and bringing you that all important fresh cycle of people, all going to your preseller. ;o)

More buyers... do this is several niche sites and you could love this book.

So.. you go for it with this, and help me get my camera.

If ONE of you gets to the top of google with a preseller of this book, comment with proof here, and I will give you a permanent link to your article. ;o)

Get real here, this post is like two article lengths... you CAN write that, I know it.

Hows that?

Gonna step up to the plate? Help me? Help yourself?

Create REAL meat you own?

Grab the article book.

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