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Better content, more consistently ... the real blogging secret.

I recently mentioned about the other ways to read this blog, utilising the blog feed which in some bloggers eyes is not the best move, arguing that they want eyeballs on the whole blog and not just the content, ie, the ads on the sidebars etc. 

That may well be true for them, not me, I go by my own stats, which are on the blog that matters, mine. the only thing that really makes the difference is the content itself, that's what readers want and come for, not ads. 

Every blogger should just worry about delivering good content.

Even the copy on salesletter style sites are good content as it's what matters. 

All the people who ask about SEO, traffic tactics, ideas for getting more RSS subscribers, etc can all make a difference just delivering better content, there is the reason the top blogs get so much traffic ... great content. Nothing else.

Great content always gets shared, talked about, tweeted, blogged about, linked to and this with the other golden rule of blogging, that is ... consistency, it can only generate more of the same. 

There are no rules about having to post a certain amount of times a week, having to post a certain style of writing, what to write about, the only rule is to be consistent.

People like routine. 

So there it is, my only goal from here on is to give you better content, in a consistent manner. 

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Less is more

Just a quick post with a request for others to consider reading this blog in a different way, using the RSS feed either by email or the orange feed icon on the top right corner of the blog.

If you already subscribe this way this won't matter much ;o)
Some people have wondered what RSS or feeds are, I figure the best way to learn is to jump right in and try it out.

If you have a google account you already have a google reader, signing into your google account in one tab, then with this blog open in another tab, click the orange icon, on the next page, choose to add to your google reader. It should automatically open your reader with this blogs feed content what you are reading now. ;o)

Another good reason I ask you to subscribe is I aim to declutter this blog over the next few weeks and get back to simple which means you won't miss anything by way of content, in fact i think the feed is formatted better than the blog itself, you only miss seeing the sidebars which will have less in them anyway.

The aim for me is just improve the quality of the post contents from here onward.

While I would like more of you to subscribe to the feed it would also be great if those of you who are able to, would consider sharing the post too, wherever you like to share them, twitter, friendfeed facebook etc.

Thanks. :o)

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Half a million dollars of the truth

It's been a busy week for me sorting things out but something hit my inbox from an online friend who I feel tells it like it is more than most do and this is the real deal!

It underlines that the real magic pill for those seeking success with attempts to make money online is that what you see above!

Simply put nothing else happens until you start using that button above, nothing gets done without it.
It is the action button!

Download and read this for yourself, grasp it fully and you see it ALL boils down to this.

The half a million truth! < (Pdf, right lick and save as.) The "big names" tried to stop them sharing this, and you can see just why. The bottom line is that this information is so obvious and yet so powerful if you did it right it could make a massive difference and yet it is in some ways already happening...but not capitalised on the way it could have been, simply because those who do it don't see the "big picture." I am amazed at this information and just how right it is, so it's saying something when my friend is happy they spent half a million finding it out then sharing it free! Why do that? Because it matters, it's going to change things, and the sharing of this is in itself the truth in action!

Read it, see what it means to you and how it really levels the playing field out for everyone and share your thoughts in the comments below. :o)

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"This is why it won't work for me goddamit"

An interesting conversation I had recently, I won't say who with obviously or where, simply because it's not relevant but what we discussed was.

This reader of my blog, friend on social sites, and a real offline friend just emailed me in general chatter mode really.

The conversation came to a point where they mentioned having difficulties, just like the rest of the people with the economy taking a downturn etc.

Obviously anyone with work is worried about one main thing, "security" of that job.
No real "jobs for life" anymore as they say, which is probably 80% true.

They mentioned they are actually looking for a job as the 3 kids are all at school, hubby is working but worried like most are.

I just mentioned why not start "doing something online" while looking for work?

"Like what?" she asked, "what you do? blogging or whatever it is?"

"Could do" I replied, or any number of things really, it depends what you could do.

"All I want is to simplify life lol" she said.
"I can't do a blog and look after the kids and do the house work! And what the hell would I even blog about, goddamit"

I remembered something I had seen a few days earlier, told her I will get back to her. :o)

Funny where Valuable connections can be made and how. :o)

So, I messaged her...I said...

"I'll blog about it, but send you an email first", both happy that both of us get the value, but me sharing lets you take the value of it to do whatever with as you will. ;o)

I realised that ALL of the above issues she had could be the very things to blog about.

Here we go...

You are rushed off your feet, kids, housework all taking your time and energy, so what could you really do about that?

You think..."Rob says, blogaboutit!! But how???"

I was browsing a very interesting site when I came across a perfectly good way to learn how to Simplify your life, indeed someone like my friend here is the perfect match in some ways.

Cheaper than fish and chips! Simplify your life

Then you can start applying these to your life, simplifying it, you can blog about how you are applying it to your life, what it's doing for you what works, what doesn't etc, posting maybe daily when you have a spare 20 Min's etc to write it.

Your friends start to read your blog, they tell others and you start getting more readers, all the while you continue posting what YOU learn from YOUR actions.

You are not teaching directly, but indirectly by sharing, sharing YOUR experiences, this is you creating social proof, after a few weeks, you get more time due to the success of applying it, writing better posts, all the while you actual writing is improving.

You continue to apply and grow, your friends start asking "where they can get that book?"

You then realise you are an affiliate, you can post a link to the book while anyone who buys it will be contributing to YOU earning money, and they will buy it because of the social proof you have provided.

They may apply it but not blog about it like you did, so they will just continue reading your blog, sharing it with others, and this buying cycle will happen again.

You realise you are succeeding here, then you go check out the book writers blog, and see a great new way you can also grow your blog content, writing less at times.

Then your friends start to email you, commenting on your blog, sharing things that are working for them.

You could then ask a few to be "guest writers" on your blog, maybe let two people write a post once a week, that two days less blogging for you and you still have the content and further social proof...leading the cycle again, more eyeballs, more book sales.

You then start to see how you can add other valuable streams of income to your blog, like related products or complementing products.

Then you see how you can start to build an email list from your blog, which you can develop a better and more closed conversational relationship with your community.

It's only showing in those who subscribe to the list, not on the blog.

Maybe do better things with the list, provide even more value to them than on the blog....doable if all your post are by guest bloggers. ;o)

Other ideas start to become visible with your growing learning curve which you know will help your community.

You can't believe how far you have come just for taking action, life is simplified, calmer and you are in control, creating your own "security".

You started to see how you can turn your best content into!

Then sell that, get an army of fans selling it for you too.

All it took was that you realised "if he can do it, with more on his plate than me, I can do it too."

You may even email me later...saying... "Thanks Rob!" :o)

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"Valuable connections"

Valuable connections, it's all links, new ones, invisible ones and life changing ones.

(o؛ ¡sǝʇɐןǝɹ ɟo ʇɹos ʇı sɐ ˙˙˙ʇsod ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ oʇ ǝpıs dıןɟ ǝɥʇ uo

I have been meaning to write this for a few days. Something got under my skin, bothered me and I couldn't put my finger on it at all, so I forgot about it.

Boy am I glad!! :o)

I had to disconnect to make the connection but it not only made that connected everything else for me.

Some connections were great, some not so, I digress, they are all valuable connections.

Sadly...I had to also had to face up to something I didn't really expect. It pissed me off to a point!

As she sang...

"Sometimes it make things clear...

Or know when to face... the truth, and I know,

That the moment is here..."

No prizes to the right guess in comments! ;o)

I'll never make it really big as a blogger, as it stands!!!

I had been given it thought in the past...
I knew it was going to be an issue, but that issue is something you probably won't face...

Yeah... my crap ears!!!

The idiot!!? ;o)

This just confirmed it in some ways, but I would do a disservice not sharing it with you, as there's nothing stopping you following the fantastic and well explained FREE: Time Tested And Proven Roadmap To Blogging Success… because NOW IS the time to read that if you are in any way considering starting one...even if not, there is some good insights to where things are going on this "landscape".

One I wont be able to fully maximise.

So am I saying this blog is...dying?

NO... certainly not, I just realised where it IS going, how it effects other things in the "big picture", the book above just helped me realise with a little more clarity...connected things in a way.

Furthermore these other connections, in my head, also had an impact on a huge way.

Linking the connections was what did it, but it's only now they connect!

It was 1980...

Summer in flow, thumping feelings to my head...and here I woke, at the bottom of a pot hole in a quarry, dazed, confused, almost 9 years old...

I took a brief look around, a twin pair of holes above me, shafts of light pouring down, peeked to left, right...darkish but it clearly looked like I was in a "slab space" like a wall of mud in font of me and a wall of mud behind me.

I tried to climb up, no used, slipping and sliding, I stopped, ran my hand through my hair...caked in mud and knotted..."where's me hearing aid??, my coat?, my shoe?" rapidly flying through my head...

I looked around, I realised I was on a small ledge, the very real fear of falling down there kicked in.
At a guess I was about 30 ft down from the top.

Looked down saw real darkness, spotted a stone, a good handful sized and threw it down.

For a brief moment I completely forgot I couldn't hear shit!

I smiled, no-one can ever take that off me. :o)

"Lee, help" I suddenly screamed, not quite realising I remembered what happened.

"He has to be there" I told myself, "LEE!!!" I screamed out, we were only playing football a minute ago...or was it hours ago.... "argggh LEEEEEE""...a face flickered into the was my mums best friend, Anna..."sigh" A memory that has never faded. :o)

She said clearly so could lipread... "firemen on the way, DON'T move"

I never moved a muscle... the fireman arrived, Anna said, "tie the rope round your waist"...In my innocent confusion i started to try and tie an inch and half fat rope around my wrist... :o/

Donut..."Waist" Anna said..."of course, what an idiot" I said, did that, got pulled up slowly and nicely.

That connection was valuable! It saved my life.

I suddenly had my head slowly out of the hole, to see half the streets residents lined up on the bank a good 7, 8 ft above us.

A sight I was glad to see. Some of you will be reading this no doubt. :o) It would be interesting to hear your memory of that day, its' the other side of the coin, watching one of ya daft mates looking like worzel gummage climbing out of a pot hole! :o)

The firemen asked if I was ok... yeah I said, stood up, there were all well intentionally worried...but I started to walk off towards my home, climbing up the bank, not sure if people were clapping, can't hear at this point lol, over the top, I saw mum, my brothers, 7 and 5 at the time...all crying, shocked...the magnitude of what happened hit me and we all hugged.

I was ok, that's what mattered, I only had a few bruises, split eyelid, bruised ego, lost hearing aid, and an upset family. :o/

Oh and one shoe!

So, we all walked to the ambulance, I climbed in, I remember the paramedic taking my trousers off to check my legs, stood there in my pants and the "girl next door", literally, Sarah, my age, stood there upset, smiling, looking at me!!

"Oi bugger off" I said with a smile, while trying hard to hide the "y fronts" Yikes!!!!

She laughed, I laughed... :o)

I was let out and went home, a night not to forget, sat in mums bed, all of us, mum, me and brothers, dad was in middle east, working as a diver, we were watching tv...the news!!

"Eh, that's me"!! :o) Damn I looked rough! :o)

I was safe and well.

I had a valuable connection that day.

But a week later, sat at nans, all the family there, watching tv and it was the news, suddenly I took notice of what was happening, bearing in mind no subtitles then, it was a case in Italy, a young child fallen down a pot hole, alot further than I had and in a granite or marble quarry.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't get to them.

Their last wish was to have coca cola... and that's what they give them. As much as they wanted through a long pipe.

That was the last drink.

I cried my heart out.

That hurt and I never forgot that day.
I made a valuable connection with that child in my heart.

So, am I really going to let a silly thing my crap ears stop me, with anything?

Nope, you got that right. Then and now!

I won't let a pair of crap ears stop me with this blog, I'll just adapt it or I to it.

I got plans, and this blog is part of them.

I digress, whats all this got do with you?

Well, you read my blog, ;o)
Quite alot to do with you in fact.

If I am going to have issues with things like video, audio, using a webcam and mic, I can talk, not perfect but ok, I will never be able to benefit the other way, by listening. shame really, though till now I never rally saw any reason to have a webcam and mic.

Conversations, should be two way. :o)

I don't miss out completely, thankfully I still have conversations that are creating valuable connections.

I got thinking about what I really wanted to achieve, what would I be happiest doing and that is interacting with more people, connecting, sharing, and learning and well as helping.

Which I realised I already do...just not well enough.

I know I do underestimate myself and what I have to share. I get told enough too!

Time to make that big improvement.

So I would love to see you join my new "Valuable connections" ezine.

Sign up to it using the form on the left sidebar.

You are going to be my main priority. :o)

You see, I realised every opportunity I ever wanted I have had.

Let me ask you, how many times has that door in your office, room, you are in now been opened by someone else, for you?

How about other doors?

My bet is most of the doors that have opened for you in life YOU opened, or chose not to go follow through.

I can only kick myself now for not opening the doors more often and trying, and kick myself again for not even bothering to open it and take a look!

Fast forward 5 years from now....

You come out of hairdressers with ya girlfriend, she is "pissed off", not happy at all and you can feel it bristling on her, she starts to typing into her phone, five min's later she calms down a bit, you ask "what ya done?", she replies "tweeted everyone to not use that crap hairdressers".

You realise, ya girl has something like 10,000 people following her on her twitter, 2000 of them "local", mates who listen...

Damn that's gonna hurt that hairdresser you think?

One small valuable connection, or in this case not so valuable!

The flip side, she came out. "Wow gotta show mates this, I feel GREAT" uploads a pic to twitpic and tweets it to all, free valuable word of mouth advertising for you!

Good very valuable connection for that hairdresser now eh? ;o)

"Ok, well, I got a shop, not hairdresser, so it wont matter to me, and anyway, it's NOT 5 years time"... you say, right, but back to the present, there are phones now capable of scanning bar codes in the shops.

So someone scans a product in your shop, clicks the phone, says "I can get that 50p cheaper in the shop 30 yards up the rd".

You stand there bewildered! :o/ Another customer gone!

All these connections, big or small, who knows which one will make or break you?

For now, realise every connection you make, matters.

P.s there are really NO limits on the power of these connections. No barriers. You are at the most important moment in history. NOW.

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"Facebook suckers, and you don't even know it"

If you are local to me too, this will be even more relevant to you, but it's not what you're thinking it is now. If I change your thinking or perspective just a few degrees it's all good. :o)

If that rower above wants to get to the sun, he needs to alter a few degrees ;o)

Let's dig in suckers!! ;o)

Something I keep hearing offline and some of you who asked maybe reading this, is "how the hell do you make money online" a pause... "porn or sommat" and then a laugh. ;o)

Anyone in IM (Internet Marketing) will know what I mean here, and know that sight of glazing eyes on others when we try explaining.

Well let's see now, where do MOST of you locals see me online? Facebook?

That is the perfect example I can use to explain this then, because you KNOW facebook, after all it sucked you in!

It has already hit that tipping point like ebay did a few years ago, what do I mean?

Maybe you was one of them, you got online to use ebay, and only really used ebay, you knew of it and it sucked you in.

I mean, there are those who ONLY got online to use ebay, now it's much the same with facebook, people who had never been online are now joining up because all their friends are talking of it OFFLINE, much like ebay did to some.

They hit that tipping point of viral marketing. :o)

Yet people said to me back then, "how do you make any money online if you dont use ebay?"

NEVER guess what?

Facebook is making money from YOU everyday, everytime you use it, everytime your friends use it....not only that, OTHERS are making money from you all the time too.

Have a good look around and you can see it with ads and such, but its not the ONLY way or the best way even, but I digress.

They monetise it from the traffic it gets, it is a numbers game.

They can target ads superbly because its the perfrect social site where you share a real sense of who you are, where you are, what you like etc, all those PEOPLE, ALL that data!!!

Look at mine for example, I get ads on the home page with a picture of a gorgeous woman, and a headline like... "37 and still single? Meet local ladies here"

Now you tell me, IS that targetted?
They got my age, my relationship status, my area and that is what they have on all of that can be targetted to whatever.

You and me provide the content that facebook thrives on.
Content is the key part of getting somewhere online, I provide content like this, but I have to provide it, facebook gets it freely by your actions.

Lets take another example of how people "miss it" as I say, it's not always as it seems, and it's shown clearly here that traffic is a massive part of it, the cleanest site and yet probably one of the most profitible ones online is THIS. (right mouse click open in new tab or window)

Before you say... "I know that company BUT where's the ads or whatever, how is it profitable?"

It's the next step that YOU take which makes them the profits, as well as for others. :o)

Ok but you say...

"YOU don't own them, I will never own them , so...??" a pause... "how would "I" make money from online, if I decided to try?"

Good question and one a few people will often think about what with the "credit crunch" worries and such.
Who wouldn't like to earn a little bit extra? :o)

As you are here, I could say, well this blog here makes money, not much but that is ONLY because of the traffic dropping off due to me being offline for a while and having just started to get back into the "groove" again :o)

I WILL get that traffic back up, but the fundementals are already here to some degree.

The key area is to provide some good content, it's how you create and share that content that matters to what will work for you.

I write, take pictures, you may not like writing, but like talking, so videos may work, etc.
It all comes down to sharing good content (USEful information) and building that traffic (readers, watchers etc) by various means.

Then twaeking here and there to maximise your monetisation.

That is IF your main aim is to make money from it, do whatever you are best at, and do it to the best you can and the money will follow anyway. :o)

BUT make providing quality content your main purpose.

That breeds traffic, traffic breeds DATA, data breeds results, results breeds goals!

So what "content" should YOU create and share?

Whatever your main passions are, experience etc, BUT research to see if it even has a MARKET.

Use google blog search and such, search using "keywords" in quotes, for example "English gardens" for the green fingered, or "beach fishing" or "improve golf swing" etc, give it a go and you may well be surprised at how good your market could be.

See what comes up, look around and get a feel for things, you will soon see you CAN share good content because you see content you may know you can do better, or you may know more. ;o)

Then it's PLANNING it, and taking action.

Does this make things a little clearer?

Does it help explain a little more about how people make money online?
Feel free to use comments below. :o)

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"Amassed clutter, of gold?"

Not getting to the library often enough at the moment, even so I am limited at the library with the filters etc in place on here, it likes msn but not google?

Anyway, I had an interesting time going through my pc while not online, in other words not "diverted" by the net, being the distraction it is. :o)

I can't believe what I have on my pc...way to much of it and some things are junk to put it nicely, but also found some gems that I hadn't really got round to reading, letting it sit in a "to do" folder. :o)

The amount of good PLR work I have is coming in handy for creating new things...all of which I can build up for getting online asap...but without being distracted half way through as is often the case.

Nice to have sorted and cluttered, started re-planning things, adding new ideas into the mix too.
Connections I hadn't yet seen until sorting the PC out.
Things I have that compliment each other etc. :o)

Getting there...slowly, but DO need to get back online at home asap.

What is on your PC?
Have gems you forgot about?

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"You tell me, I'll listen"

a pump on Portland

It's been a real summer of reflection and change in some ways and they say people fear change, well I would like to embrace it for what it is, not least because the last 7 or 8 weeks has taught me a huge amount. ;o)

Learning things in ways I wouldn't have expected and yet learning things where I wouldn't have even looked....right under my nose! ;o)

The blogging side of it is no different on that score and what I have gained over that time I couldn't put a price on it in many ways but putting what I have learnt into practice is the key.

That's the aim and it is giving me two feelings, one of slight anticipation and one slight excitement and fear mixed.

One the one hand it's all "go for it" and yet on the other it's "what if goes wrong?"

So who better to ask than you, the reader. :o)

You see there seems quite a divide among bloggers and no-one will please everyone but at least pleasing your own readers is the main thing. :o)

What's this divide?

Monetisation and those who bleat about the so called "cause", which I guess is that blogs are "diary's, personal, not meant for making money with"...the brigade who in my eyes have no place telling others what they should and shouldn't do on their blogs.

If blogs weren't made for monetisation why did Google start AdSense?

But I digress, the fact is there is a divide and to me it's as daft as ya like. ;o)

Blogs are simply dynamic websites, no more no less. ;o)
The easy way to build an online presence...for anyone, and fast.

But it also got me thinking... ;o)

I got thinking about this blog and what I want from doing it as well as what other plans I would like to carry out elsewhere...which way am I going, and where to?

I got thinking about what I can do, now and further down the line.

Well I got some answers from, but I don't read this blog, I write it so the reader is as important as me in what can be done to improve things, after all that's the whole point and you benefit the most. ;o)

I did get some great tips from a readers view from a discussion board and it made me think too.

I will tell you why too...and I do think it matters.

We all market, we all not all marketers yet we are.

An oxymoron I know but what I mean is it's a mentality, a marketers mentality and it's more so with IM, (Internet marketing).
So while we all blog we need readers and in some way the blogs are marketed to them, even indirectly, if you market in some way yet you may not actively market.

You don't have a "marketing head on" all the time.

It's a real thing and it can also be an addictive thing but also being exciting, frustrating uplifting all rolled into one it can be a nightmare to stop, to turn that "marketing head" off.

IM is a myth, a mentality, yet a reality! ;o)

But here's the rub, without learning what I have through IM I wouldn't be where I am now. ;o)

But I digress, where was I?

Oh yeah...having stepped out of the IM circle a bit in the last month or so I have had my eyes really opened by stepping more into the blogosphere and the "social network" side of the net...which I always known of just not realised the scope and benefit of it.

The future is there, and we are a part of it already.

But I also now realise who diverse the wider picture is and feel more in line with where I am going and how, just need to act and act the best I can on what matters while also growing in the right direction.

This blog is a big part of that direction.

Lets be straight here and lets say...for instance, as it could be anyone of us bloggers and most of us will have asked themselves at some point, so for example...

It cost £30, or $30 to be online a month, so we can say...

The reality is £1, or $1 a day from this blog keeps this blog going easily, so that's free Internet...not much is it?


Where does that come from?

If I don't get that how can I do that?

And every month?

(Sheesh my IM "marketing head" is partly back on... See... ;o) )

The basics people say are you usually get a 1% response rate, meaning 1 out of 100 will actually give, buy, act in what way gets you the £1 or $1 but...

Only if they have a way for you actually getting that £1 or $1.

  • If you rely on Adsense or similar you need alot more than 100 visits to get the £1 or $1 a day.

  • If you have good traffic to your blog you could do it with Adsense easy, if it's the action you want and lead them to take.

  • If you have something to sell that your readers can buy you may well do it easy.

  • If you sell adspace privately you may well do it easy.

  • If you have a good readership and a good niche and you are an affiliate you may well do it easy.

  • If you have a good following of fans whether due to controversy or other you may well get the traffic funnelled someway to earn indirectly.

  • If you give great content freely and people donate to you.

It's the last one that's so pleasing to me and THAT is the one I like most. :o)

When I get a beer it does make me feel great and knowing someone gave freely is the icing on the cake. ;o) Maybe it's the supposedly "subliminal messages" here which I can't find! ;o)

But if you did all of above you make your chances better and worse, depending on how you do them...mix and match is what most people do.

So while I was asking myself these questions I realised making money from this blog was never really an intention but it has become a need for now because of that stepping out of the IM circle gave me a slight dip which I has risen above now...just hoping not too late. ;o)

I view the world online a little different to some being deaf it makes the world more communicative. ;o)
More accessible and for that I want to stay online for good.

Re-thinking plans and taking the lessons learnt I have to embrace changes and I will. ;o)

So where do you come in?

Well I got thinking about how this blog looks, what you get from it and how best to ensure of a £1 or $1 a day thrown in the mix.

Just for the simple reason of making the Internet pay for itself via at least one thing I do and if it's this blog than all the better...

Because I give all in this blog the best I can and want to improve, grow and write under no pressure of the content I put here, meaning it doesn't have to do more than I need it to do money wise, I enjoy writing on here and want to enjoy it more. ;o)

So in all honesty I only need to do ONE thing...for at least £1 or $1 a day I give content that's worth it ;o)

That's why a beer is better than a sell. ;o)

It means what I wrote was worth it to someone who is under no obligations.

I prefer to write longer and better posts if I can give something to someone in some way. :o)

So two or three ideas spring to mind...

  • Keep blogging as I do, leaving the blog as is?
  • Improve the overall blog layout keeping it clean and simple yet not too different?
  • Streamline and clean up alot by reducing the adspace and similar?
  • Have only MY income makers and not other peoples, of which is very little anyway?
  • Remove all but the beer, keep on giving good content but relying on at least ONE of you a day buying a beer?
  • Remove all but the beer and the only time I really share other peoples stuff is in a relevant post?
  • A possible addition could be a forum, maybe as a place to also discuss this blogs post, ideas, share tips and or even indirectly helping by a one off charge of a £1 beer? ;o) (It stops spammers! ;o) )
  • Other ideas, or another mix?
What would make you happier to read this blog again, what would you like to see?

Would any of you feel if all but the beer was removed that you would ever buy the beer?

Or would you get me drunk? ;o) ( Not that it goes on beer of course! )

Any thoughts, comments? Please comment.

Wanna share this post?, Please do.

Or even buy me a beer? ;o)

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'); } memory = number;

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"Creating the blog"

A big welcome to all new readers, great to have you pop by.

Following on from the last post I did, where I am just posting in the hope it helps some readers to start blogging, but for some of you new readers, I don't need to advise on starting...oh no some of you have some great blogs going and I will read more... ;o)

But you are very welcome to comment and add to anything. :o)

So... cracking on, now for those who did what was mentioned in the last post will have had some fun or possible frustration.
Either camp's good.. ;o) ...Means you are learning and that curve is already shorter.

So, what now?

First a couple of home truths...what the "big guys" don't tell you in the "ebooks" you see.

1, It's NOT easy, simple yes, not easy but very worth doing.

Anything is simple IF you follow a step by step plan of action and DO.
Nothing really complicated is even needed to take a BIG stride and keep that ball rolling.
Put it this way, it's alot harder to "give up" once you DO have a blog up with a few post and you see it!

The first hurdle...starting is the easiest time to give up!

2, NO ONE will read you blog for a while and it will frustrate you...for as long as you let it!

"Build it and they come" is the myth of which the dream chasers hope for when they buy the "next big thing ebook".
No one will even KNOW about your blog unless you actually DO something to share HAVE to market it in some sense.
To some that's a dirty thing, snake oil sellers... "Internet marketing" simply promoting whatever on the web... a blog for instance?

But simply telling your online friends about your blog in IS in a sense "Internet marketing"!
So YES you will have to learn how some things work.

But don't let them discourage you. :o)

Because there is just an easier way now and that is because the web is now how it should be.

Let me explain...

Web 2.0 is simply to me a term for the "more interactive websites and systems"

The more interactive YOU are, the more you's PEOPLE not websites... ;o)

But I am slightly ahead of myself here... I'll end that slight diversion on this... you have had by now had a good look around at blogs etc to research your "topic" as in the last post... so you were interactive with them, you were "traffic" ;o) will get the "traffic" aka "people"

But they are PEOPLE first, traffic second yet inseparable.

So start with people in mind and continue with people in mind.

On with the post... ;o)

Before naming your blog you should give some thoughts to keywords or even using branded style if you have in some way a brand of sorts to etc.

Your content will use whatever keywords suit your "topic" etc so a keyword is not essential in the blog my opinion.

But it won't hurt... ;o)

Creating the blog, using blogger from your google account with the by now researched ideas on whatever your topic with bookmarkd sites and blogs to get inspiration from.

You want to use inspiration from what caught your eye, but keep it simple enough to keep on top of and build as you go. I used minima templates as my first one and learnt alot about the code behind html etc...with the new blogger layouts you don't need to know it, just choose wisely. ;o)

Now you should take heed of this... you want to ignore the fact people may not read your blog alot for a while as it will do after a while.
The most important thing is to simply get cracking so now create a post...300 words maybe to get you going if more happens, great.

Don't stare at the blank screen... heres what i want you do to help you out there, whatever the topic...

Imagine I am sitting there with you and you are telling me about your "topic"...

Look at my pic... then sit and write... imagine it.. "hey Rob, I got all these tips on how to maintain a harley davidson"

Me : Oh yeah.. tell me a bout it.. write a list of ten.. ;o)

"Rob... I got these great recipes to share"...

Me:... Great, are they cakes, main meals etc? What Origin...

Oh, just some old english recipes passed down... "

Me: I'll read and use them.... ;o)

Write...write more, don't edit just write write, this creative writing comes flowing from you and the edit mode is later! ;o)

When you run out things to say... (IF you do!), click SAVE NOW get up and go put the kettle on or coffee pot and take a break from it... ;o)
Pat yourself on the back too...not while sipping ya drink though! Doh! :x)

Now you go back and READ your words... dont edit.. just read... make sense of it.
DO NOT put yourself down for any of it.

You just want to capture what "I" would read... ;o) Unedited.

Now you can alter spelling stuff only!

I get amazed at I need to edit less and less as I blog nowadays.. it flows fluidly at times.
Practice makes a massive difference...repetition is a great learning process.

What you will have will most likely surprise you, maybe 440 words... maybe 600... ;o)

More... doing better than most.

Tidy it up some, slightly reword a few things you feel needs doing and PUBLISH !!

That's IT... you have started and you are now a blogger! Ok.. calm down!.. ;o)

Now this is important... try to post at least 3 post a week, more if possible daily being better!

The first week you may only get a few visitors, but now you have a blog up with 3 or more post and it's a ball rolling.

Next, some ideas on pushing that ball better. ;o)

If you like this and it helps... great, up to you what you do NEXT, stumble this, digg it, share with someone, subscribe to my email updates or feed, comment to it, or even buy me a beer! ;o)

After all you are a person...people first traffic second so I leave THAT choice up to you.. :o)

Remember to write it with me in mind, and then come tell me and I WILL read it... ;o)

Off to check stats LOL.. ;o)

Edit to add...on the sidebar here is a report on writing articles which would be a great help if you really stuggle and not only that it could be your FIRST income maker on YOUR new blog! :o)

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"How do I start blogging"

This is something EVERY blogger has thought of at least ONCE. ;o)

For the obvious reason we all had to start...somewhere.

I still get asked this question and it is something you are going to HAVE to deal with if you want to blog, so ultimately the easiest way is to just start! ;o)

Ok...then the other questions start...

All natural to each of us, we all ask them and all the answers are there to find and easily enough it is too. ;o)

Spending a few hours getting these answers will do 2 things...

  1. Tell you if it is worth doing
  2. If so it will inspire you to DO.
If it is not 1, you will need to ask what else you could ask answers for, ie what else can I blog about that will be 1. ;o)

Ok, how?

There is a great thing on the web called Google...and it's ALL you need for everything really and yes I am serious.

Google is more than "Google"... an oxymoron but it's not JUST a search engine. ;o)

Ok, so you want to at least get some answers to..."how do I start blogging?"

An 8 step plan of ACTION, for now... ;o)

Have a Google account?

If not...Grab one here and choose a user name which remember you can use on everything else I tell you, choose wisely, you will have a Gmail account...this is the email centre of your Google account.

Now you are have a web centre to utilise and it's a huge free asset online to have but more on that another post. ;o)

This is simple yet will be a big benefit to your time and efforts as well as the learning curve.
Most links are at the top of your Google Gmail inbox, one is IGoogle... ;o)
On this IGoogle homepage you can add stuff...alot of this will be stuff you USE, more on that soon. ;o)

This will be your blog dashboard and using the Gmail account as a log in so you only ever need log into all Googles services with your Gmail account once. This will simplify everything.
You can create many blogs in this ONE account, that's why I say don't worry about the first dummy blog.

Now you have the perfect blog search engine to research for the answers to 1. above.
Lets say your "blog topic" will be around your favourite pastime of baking cakes...

Go search for "baking cakes" with " " and without ... baking cakes and see what comes up.
Note how many blogs, how many searches made or anything you see that you can take data from.
Bookmark the blogs, when you look at them really take note of what captures your eye and compels you to read more. Save everything, notes and blogs etc.

Take note of the top right hand side where it say how many sites there are, so it IS something people read. ;o) Look at a few of the websites that come up and see what captures your eye again and bookmark ones you like.

Now you can see that module you just added on your IGoogle homepage... this will be your online web centre bookmarks once you are rolling. ;o)
Add to that THIS blog you are reading.. ;o)

Now you have that reader, see that orange button at the top left of this that and add to your Google. ;o) If not sure, go to the bottom of this blog and click the add to Google button.
Add to the reader and this to your IGoogle homepage.

Simple and fast, effective. Go look at your IGoogle page now. See it all on there and yet you also have the option of creating new tabs... Even create a cake baking tab. ;o) Save things to it.

Now you have a nice Google center you can access anywhere.

I'll stop there for now because now I am sure you are going to have some play around etc.
Go ahead have a look at the set up and see how simple and streamlined it is.

After you have had a look around, have a good think about what you could blog about and read other blogs on whatever topic you have thought about. ;o)

Any questions or comments feel free to do so below.

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"If content is king..."

What is copywriting?

Take a look at any long sales letter and it's mainly designed for ONE thing, to get you buying something or another call to action.

Would you call it content?

Is content in some form copywriting?

I see alot of debating about copywriting, short copy vs long copy and such.
Paul Myers probably did the best example of summing all this up in his newsletter, if you are not on that list, I suggest you get on it here, you won't be disappointed. 

Good copy is used to get you buying what you hope to be good content, but what confuses me is IF that content is so good why does the copy need to "hype" it up?

For me hype copy makes the content less likely to be great, I mean who knows until you act on the copy and buy the content?

Perception is everything and the hype gives the readers a perception, for me it means your content can't be as good as you say it is.
Sometimes I am proved right...
This has a knock on effect that people will take less notice of your next bit of hype copy?

So where do you draw the line?

Why can't people just be honest and let the content speak for itself?

If you have a great product and UNDERHYPE it in your copy, people will notice that...they will perceive that your content is BETTER than what you really say it is.

This has the better knock on effect of people knowing IF you really are saying something is good, it most likely is, because you under hype yet over deliver.

Nothing so bad as falling for hypey copy and getting underdelivered content!

Why bother?

Because more people will fall for it?

Shame, for me I would rather have less buyers but more raving fans of the content, this means they will be more likely to spread the word about your content which IS what matters...not your copy!

Good grounds to hype less and overdeliver more if you ask me!

More honest marketing is needed if you want to be one step ahead of the pack in the long term.
Deliver what they want, not what you think they want.

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"The truth of the Warriors"

Allen flat out LIED on the forum today saying people were warned before deletion.
Well I was NOT! And EVERYONE on there knows it.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not hold back and I do not "sugar coat" things.
I will tell it the way I see it. If what I say bothers you, don't read it.

Many of you will have recently seen what has been happening in the warrior forum, indeed myself being deleted unfairly was one of them but then I am not the only one!

Why should THAT matter to you anyway?

Well I was almost up to 5000 post and have contributed to the forum for almost 4 years and if they can treat me that way they can do it to you too.

So am I writing this because I am bitter?

I am writing this because I feel let down and I feel what I contributed to the forum has been dismissed...almost 5000 post they just casually dismissed at the press of a button, not bitter but disappointed.

Not only that...the mod who deleted me has NO backbone to even admit to doing it.

Is that the action of a decent person? No I didn't think so either...they are simply a coward.

There has been a number of long term posters with high post count who have been unfairly treated although also a few of the big names have left...including someone you all know well...
J Reese.

Although John left of his own accord I can imagine he was pretty angry and annoyed by it all when it happened, I feel he was let down by Allen badly..I wonder if HE felt that?

Bear in mind although I do not really know what went on in Johns mind at the time, I can only presume, which I won't do.

Here I will be saying what I think about the whole situation and how I think it will be going in the future and why NOW may be the best time for you to really think about your role in the warrior forum.

Look at the fact that ONE mod had been made n/a before... say's alot.

Why help them with great content and also traffic when they so obviously don't give a rats ass about you?

Stick to putting your best content on what YOU own.

Before I go further let me take a moment to explain the way I have seen the warrior forum's wealth being distributed there.
The "big guys" don't need Allen or his forum, they have left him behind, John Reese proved that.

John publicly slammed the forum, since then Allen KNOWS if he is to keep the "big guys" onside he will have to change things regarding the so called "negativity" which is not as bad as it is made out.

The fact is the bigger you are, the more you get hassle in some ways and that is what happens here.

But it probably hurt Allen to see John do that...I can assure you this is a factor else things would NOT be the way they are.

Ready for a shocker?

Allen needs YOU more than you need HIM.

Over the years there has been some great IM careers that started right there in the forum, but now I feel those days are GONE!

And Allen KNOWS it!

Shame for him, he made money from them sharing their little morsels...look at Mike F now for an example...he comes in throws morsels to the members and they lap it up.

Someone even pointed out to me that Mike has in his BFM ebook (manual?) exactly what happens in places like the warriors regarding "fans" and "bashers", if you have it...try and find it.

He is quick to jump in when his fans are losing the argument.

There are others who Allen is trying to keep "onside" and we all know who they are.

The way they promote themselves on the forum...

Yet YOU do that and it's gets deleted!

One rule for rule for others.

BUT he also knows one or two of you he can use to create some income, in fact he has already started doing that...look well enough and you can see it.

He is the bitter one really, think about it!

Why did he chase down the higher posting ladies there, I can name at least 3 he has chased out of the forum, and that's just THIS year.
I also know there are one or two who he is watching, yes waiting for ONE slip up and bang they will be gone!

Who? I won't will see it for yourself.

Make sure you are NOT relying solely on that place for income.
It IS the most FICKLE forum out there.

Lets get something straight about the way I see Allen, he must get bored easy with things, look at the things he has done over the years...great start then they die off.

I had respect for the guy but sadly he has blown that recently and I KNOW I am not alone regarding that.

Buy then why should he care...he ONLY cares about the BIG guys who draws the newbies in, where the morsels can be chucked at them thus earning HIM and THEM money...yet it's YOUR money they are getting!

Sod that!

If you want to help THEM get rich then go for it...better for you to have money coming IN than out so create and sell...that's what I am going to concentrate on.

There is ONE way you can really make some serious money there...become the "next biggish guy" and being "flavour of the month" Jon Leger did.

Easy? NOPE.

There are others in front of you in that queue!...Look closely and you will see who..
Look closer and you will see how it became that way for them.

Yes I am serious, that and the fact Allen KNEW the members would gobble it up thus make HIM money..

There is something I should point out though, I do NOT believe Allen is making THAT much money overall with the warriors.

Simply because most of those who did generate the income are GONE, they got bigger and better so they don't need him or the warrior forum.

Here is what Allen said to me in PM... after I complained about being banned.

"The guru hating AND loving shit has got to go around here.
I don't like either side, the lovers or the haters."

Um....hang on....He loves the lovers...he NEVER complains about the ones who lick arse and love the "big guys"... he ONLY ever complains to the "bashers"...why?

Why do you think? It keeps the big guys onside having their egos stroked.

See what I mean?

I told him I don't hate anyone...not anywhere, if he read the post below he may "get it".

Why didn't he stop people bashing J Reese before he left?

Stable, horse, bolt, spring to mind.

He regrets John leaving...that much IS obvious.

So if I praised the big guys and licked their arses...I would NEVER have been n/a.

Thanks...but NO thanks... I am not sucking up to them at all... for anything.

If they are decent people who deserve respect then great...sadly alot of them are NOT!

There are one or maybe two mods there who are serious assholes.. they will delete a perfectly good post of yours and when you post asking why, that gets deleted, then every post you make after gets deleted...even if it is to help someone.

I know this it happend several times to me TODAY.

There has always been one or two assholes modding that place, they will follow you around in there and it winds you up...they drive you to losing your rag and getting deleted.

That place is going down the pan and fast.

I am not going to even bother trying with it anymore.

I posted there today asking for advice and opinions on the post below, one reason was it may help them understand why sometimes I get fired up, I asked if they could advise how I could maybe do something that will help me become a better poster there....and never guess what?

It got deleted!

No balls and no shame.

When Allen sorts out the couple of stupid cowardly moronic mods I may try again.
I don't hold my breath though as they have no balls.

Warriors, those mods? More like bullying idiots.

I am not the only one who is pissed off and fed up with it.

Good luck Allen...those mods are ruining your forum, NOT the members be them "bashers" or "lovers", they make YOUR forum work.

You don't appreciate it.

Any opinions?

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"Shocking stats"

So over the last few weeks I have been getting back into the swing of things nicely and moving swiftly in the right direction, that's down to a few things.

Blogging by it's nature has ups and downs with posting, at times it can't be resolved as with my case.
Losing momentum was a key area for me and I believe it is an important thing with building a blog and giving the readers what they want...content.

During the offline hassle the blogs visitors dipped alot, naturally.
Now a month on, the blog's traffic has gone right back up to almost 3000 for July. :o)

Pleasing to say the least.
Averaging 100 a day is not to be sneezed at really.
Not my best month but still a good month and there is a week left yet.

Great to know at least you are happy to read the blog, thanks.

The bad side of the stats which surprised me was the fact the response to my offer in the post below was not as good as hoped, but not as bad as can be.

Well over 300 visitors in 3 that blog post and 11 takers.

I can't believe it really, a service that will help you if you play your role and be 100% honest to yourself is not taken up, they miss the potential, yet...

If I had offered an ebook that was ok and you learnt things yet it just sat on your hard drive gathering dust it would have been snapped up by more people?!

Especially newbies who suffer lack of focus more than most.

Yet it did nothing to change things, because you read it and did nothing.? Wasted money.

Yet with my offer you would have HAD to take action or you would be wasting the money joining in the first place.

If you took NO action with with mine, are in the same position as you are AFTER buying the book....wasted money.

Strange this, so it's leading me to question alot of things.

Any opinions on this?

P.s Warriors...would it help to offer you a free warrior way book after you join?
I am going to revamp it and you as well as others who have bought will also get the upgraded version free. If so... buy the offer as below, use beer function and you will get a copy!

If that is good enough for you, do it, then email me to warriors+deafdad AT
(replace AT with @ )

Its only good for this week!

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'); } memory = number;

@ 10:25 PM, , create a link to this post

"5 Best topics to blog about?"

5 topics to choose from.

Cast YOUR vote please... ;o)

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'); } memory = number;

@ 1:53 AM, , create a link to this post

"How to create a successful blog"

I am annoyed, I have been at this blogging lark a few years now, almost 4!

I won't say I am an expert, I know what I know though, and it's got me this far. ;o)

BUT I could have done so many things so much better and now I would have a much better situation for it.
It's never to late to change things and that's a wonderful thing about can change and update things.

What if I had done it all the right way right off the bat though!?

I would be earning a full time living from blogging I reckon. ;o)

There are some things I have missed, you may ask how I know now what it is I missed.
I just read something that really opened my eyes and it cost me BUGGER all! ;o)

Bargain...and priceless learning for me.

The funny thing is I have blogged almost twice as long as the author...damn I need to pay more attention! :o)

That's not to say I should know more, just that you never know who you will learn things from.

If only I had the blueprint when I started blogging!

Grab it free and read it whether you are new or seasoned at blogging, even better if you have yet to start.
Imagine you implemented all this into your blogs from day 1?

At least I know every new blog I do will have a better chance of success.
Also you may see big and small changes around here. ;o)

For me this fantastic book joined alot of the dots as well as highlighted the small things that would have better influenced the bigger things.

I will be taking more notice of page 13, which will of course set the tone for the rest of the blog!

I also will capitalise more on page 25, which I do already but underestimated it a fair bit. ;o)

If I had done chapter 25 better, then I would be feeling the real effects of pages 26, 27...which would mean 28 would have been explosive!

Grab it read it, and make sure you are NOT on page 48!
Utilise this fantastic blueprint.

I am glad I read this and would go as far as saying this IS the best free resource on blogging you will find.

Click the link above or the box below.

Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint

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'); } memory = number;

@ 6:18 PM, , create a link to this post

Wow...that has suprised me...

Feeling a little more caught up now having checked blogs, forums, emails... network sites..more.. you know how it is online with a million and one things happening.

One thing I really notice is having lost something important at least when you striving to DO something is momentum.

A key thing in my eyes.

But it's not what has suprised me, that is something which has made my day, well after spending it with my sons that is.. ;o)

It suprised me few a few reasons, mainly due to the fact I have been inactoive for a fair few weeks, 8 I think, so a pleasnt suprise yet I am pleased that I also know with momentum it could possibly have been better...thats great to know.

It is this blogs google style widget feed , take a look and you see what I mean.

Thats great and makes me happy. Thanks. ;o)
I am glad at least 1000 you like and use it.

Good to be and active once more.
Now to get back to giving YOU good content to read.

What would YOU like me to blog about?

Any comments? Click the "speak up" link below... I do approve them very quickly.

Take care,

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"Anchor linking"

Anchor text link...

Had an email from a reader asking what I meant in an earlier post when I wrote that.

Glad you asked if you don't understand, never daft questions are there? ;o)

So, as with any text link it's clickable yet with anchor links you are also using a keyword link, like if I wanted to share a post I made about my dog.

I would use keyword link to give that link more "weight" to the search engines view on that link and the content on the page.

As in this example I would write take a look at Kaya in her youth.

That is the title of the very post.

A common mistake people make is to have all their links saying "click here" for link love.
That is not a good anchor text link at all.

Better would have been to link "link love".

I am sure you can imagine why now. :o)

It's a bonus when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation).

Hope that makes sense and if not, post in the comments and we will work it out. ;o)

Take care,

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"A commitment"

Due to lack of comments on the previous post asking you to help choose this blogs direction I am going to make my own.
One is to make a commitment to posting a picture everyday.

So I commit to taking pictures everyday!

YOU could be in a picture if you are one of my local readers! ;o)

If this is a good chioce with the blog it will tell over time I am sure.

Take care,

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"Link love"

Lets talk about linking and why it's the basis of the "global conversation" which is the net, blogging is a big part of that global conversation.

Link love is the act of linking out to something you like, something you want to share. Smart linking can explode your traffic as well as give your readers something extra.

Tagging is what I call a form of link love, you will only tag to those you feel your readers will appreciate, people who you like and respect.

I recently tagged Michel Fortin with the "5 things tag" that went around the blogosphere, this did boost my traffic quite a bit.

See what I did there?
There is another benefit to linking, internal linking which is linking to an older post on your own blog. Why does this benefit me? Not only does it lead you the reader back to an older post it will also be picked up by the search engines.

It was also an anchor text link, I used the keywords instead of "click here" which is a very important part of gaining page rank due to relevance, no one searches for "click here", they will search for "5 things" tag which will show all the blogs who were a part of the "5 things" tag.

Anchor text links will always be an important part of your linking strategy and you should utilise it, whether it's a link to an older post or to another blog.

"Link bait" is not a term I really like but it is a part of linking. Some people do this in various different ways but do it for ONE reason, to get others linking to them, or at least talking about them.

People will check links to them and see the bait, it will work or it wont, depending on the reaction of the person baited.

For an example I could "bait" with something controversial like saying "Brian Clark LOVES link baiting"... :o)

How will he know I did that? By checking his stats he will see you go to HIS site via the link bait link as I just did and possibly come here, read this and SCOWL at me on his blog! Who knows what he will do, most likely NOTHING but laugh at me!

As I say it's just an example of how people do this, some do it very well.

Linking should be a big part of your blogging, after all it's a conversation, conversation's that are one way are pretty boring wouldn't you agree?

Linking is spreading the word about other people.

Linking is adding to your content, it can even be viral which is good marketing.

Gonna link to this post? ;o)

Take care,

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"Instant income"

Isn't that a nice income to have?

Over the last few months there has been more chance for you to get exactly that...instant income. It's been made far easier with all the latest $7 report deals that have been made.
Jon who started it all has made a great name for himself with the scripts that the offers use, which gives YOU your instant income.

I have had a few of these reports myself, as mentioned in some of the latest post made here.
There will always be some that you will get and feel no way am I promoting that!

I been lucky enough so far in that I am not one to jump on every one that's been done, like some people do.

The ones I have got have been great, more so because I knew the people and know what they create.

What we should ALL strive to create, it's to easy to produce crap make a fast buck...yet what of the reputation you get from that?

No thanks...

The good thing to do, as I did was to get one, then get at least ONE sale before getting the next, so I only ever spent ONE lot of $7

So...what the ones worth getting, and why should you even want to get them?

The ones I have so far are all worth getting, but more than that they are usable, no point in getting something you can't even use or do!

The first was the actual original one, this is a must because you also get the scripts as well the blueprint to succeeding with them.

The second and probably the one almost everyone who wants to make this online lark work should grab, would be the article report.

I know this is well worth the price, I mean it's solid content, 40 odd pages of it and using it will make a big difference in how well your work comes out.
Not only that, it will improve your writing flow overall.

The third one I grabbed was the mindset one, it's no coincidence this is the 3rd best selling one of all the $7 reports you can get.

Then again it's the real blueprint to your success, however you define success in your life it's your mindset that ultimately influences you.

I also grabbed another which I am trying out before I will tell you about it.

So there you have it, all of these are good ones that you can and should USE.

The beauty of these are that as soon as you grab them from the links here, you can stick your link on your blog, website, in email, whatever and you get an instant payment into your account. reality these reports have cost me...nothing!

Yes, I have sold at least one of each and got me my money back...and more!

This is the easiest and fastest way for a newbie to generate income.

Take care,

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"Pump up your work input"

Once you have the ball rolling and have written a few articles, set up your blog or lens, you can then pump up your efforts in the hope of increasing your results.

The surest way to do this is just keep on doing what works, so if your articles are working more of them.

If you have the proof of articles working for you, simply do an article promoting the article report itself on your blog, lens.

These are some of the fastest ways to get an income coming in, the fact these reports have 100% commission going directly to your paypal account is just the incentive you need.

You will have noticed out of all the 100% commission reports out there I have shared only a few, only those I feel are worth sharing, others I have not got myself and there is no way I will give a recommendation to something I know nothing of.

The two I feel you should ALL get are the article one and this mindset one.

I am sure there are other good ones, for now these two are really what will make it easy for you.
The first will help you create decent content, the second will help you really focus on what you should be doing.

Get cracking...pump up your work input, and pump up your profits!

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"One step at a time"

Will get you ANYWHERE!

No one jumps straight to takes hard work, time, learning, applying, tweaking, testing.

So much more than an ebook can tell you.

Don't make the common mistake of buying into this or that, then jumping to something else when you feel it "don't work", the truth is everything needs work, work at making things work.
Once you get ONE thing working, then move onto the next thing.
ONLY if it helps your work though, don't jump on it for the sake of jumping on it!

Nothing just happens itself.

Taking action is the key.
If you are really wanting to get moving, start with articles.

This will mean you have REAL content.

The beauty of this article report is you can add the link to your blog, lens, and get your money back and more just for sharing it.
Each article is a funnel for your traffic, have somewhere to lead that traffic though, like a blog, or a squidoo lens.


One step at a time eh!

The thing is once you start taking the steps you are definately nearer to your success.
Once you have a momentum going you can jog to your success.

Till then...learn to walk one step at a time!

YOUR success awaits you!

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"Honest marketing"

The death of hype, especially in IM!

I will stick my neck out here and's gonna die!
Already it's undergoing a slow steady decline, hype sucks.

Hype is what you buy into...the sizzle.
Sod that...
NO-ONE can sell you your dream...they are yours to achieve, not buy.

Let's cut the's a mindset they are keeping you fleece more money from you.

I get well turned off by all the crap hype shite out there and I know many of you do too.
It will pass...when it stops working so well, you can bet your ass the marketers who use it will drop it like a hot stone.

Then they will start coming over all "honest", far too late then, the rep they have will stick.

Roll on the BS hype free marketing!
It cannot change soon enough.

Real honest content will win the day.

Content people will appreciate.

Honest marketers will clean up.

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"Making money online" Pt 2

**Continued from last post.

I asked if you recognised it...if you're involved in IM (Internet marketing), then you may well guess the "dream sellers" would have sold them the basic info I gave in the last post, with some filler fluff!

Shame on them...they got easy money, yet in this scenario, the "Harley nut" would feel let down, not knowing the "how to do" part.
There is nothing they can get from it, apart from the buzz of wanting to act on it...yep, been sold the sizzle!

Then he most likely will think less of the seller, feel ripped off!

Shame...short term profits for the seller AND a bad rep.

NOT the way you want to go.

This is exactly what is going on out there.
There is hardly anything that also shows you the "how".

Not to mention the fact the sellers of the dreams couldn't give a toss about you, they already have your money!

In this scenario what would I have done?

Well the first thing would be to grab this for the scripts, you will need them later.

I would have given them a plan of action to add to it, one they can do or learn to do.

In this case, create or edit a video just to show you ten tips on basic Harley maintenance.

"Ten tips to maintain your Harley and save service fees!"

Something like that, told him to stick it on eBay, as a limited to X amount box set of videos, relevant auction, ie Harley Davidson must be in the title, then post in the right section.

This way it's "fast boost cash" to carry on with the plan.

While the eBay auction is going, tell them to set up a simple blog at, where you post pictures, write a bit about the pictures, post every other day at least once for the first few weeks, have the link to your blog on your eBay home page, have the blog called something related, like...

It's clear what it's about.

Should have sold the videos and have cash coming to keep on building.

Now add other videos to blog and start building your Harley network.

The blog is up, it's simple enough for them to carry on with, post videos to it via youtube or myspace, posting a funny or viral video will help by spreading fast.

Set up a myspace page related to Harley's.

All the while there is a link back to your blog.

The first few weeks should be interesting enough to them to keep the work effort up, if you have a passion, like this person with the Harley's, it's not's fun and more learning.

They should be getting a few keen hungry visitors, "fans" so to speak, "Harley fans" to be precise, a targeted market.

The next advice I would offer them is to visit Harley forums, read up on threads, see what problems and issues they talk about, you may have answers in either your head, or on a video.
Get involved in a subtle yet informative and helpful way.
Use a sig link if you are allowed pointing back to your blog.

Build relationships, you have something in common with them all.

All the plan is now is to set up "funnels" for the traffic you get and maximise it.

Next would be to set up a keyword related squidoo lens, probably the easiest site builder out there, have your blog feed linked to it, or just a normal link if feeds baffle you.

Write up a few good articles and post a few good pictures.

These should be good to keep you busy, update them often keep on reading the forums, you can resell more videos on eBay to keep cash flow coming in.

After the confidence grows and you know you will keep on keeping on...

Next would be to get a domain and hosting, domain should have related keywords, ie... for example.

Time to set up a site to sell you videos and other related things, ie affiliate products from Harley companies etc.

Should you know little about building a site, set it up using a template, or even using blogger or similar blogging software.

By now a month will have gone by, and you will have a few funnels of traffic set up, start getting some reasonable traffic from these as well as regular readers coming back.

You will also have started building solid relationships with "like minded people".

THAT is taking action, that is doable, that brings results.

Not so hard really, just take it one step at a time, yet start off with what's EASY.

Doing what you know and have passion for is EASY, setting up a blog is EASY.

Once you have started it will get easier and grow faster.

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