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"The power of the cause"

This weekend is going to very very interesting for two reasons, but first...

Fasten your seatbelts!
Get your thinking cap on, keep your notepad and pen handy, maybe create a folder to save stuff too. ;o)

There is a cause I think you can help make succeed, yet you could also learn a thing or two as well...depending on how you look at things. ;o)

Two things are happening this weekend and both may be of interest to you, for now I want to concentrate on the important one...the one that will save kids lives.

Everyone does things differently, like we blog about passions, hobbies, thoughts, life, experiences we have, or just about what we are experienced at. Us bloggers all blog but for different reasons. :o)
The reason behind us doing things has a big bearing on how well we can do too.

A good cause is a powerful reason to succeed.

Saving the lives of children is a very good cause to do anything in life.

And the man behind this cause just amazes me.

I have to do what I can to help him save the lives of these kids.

THAT is the real cause behind this post... if I can help in any way whatsoever it is by sharing the message with you and anyone else I can share it with, if you can also share the message and help the cause then that is great.

My good friend Dr Mani is the man behind the cause, his name is a hint on how much he is behind this cause.

See Dr Mani is a heart surgeon who operates on kids...but not only that he also raises the money to pay for these operations!

Yes, an amazing genuine hard working and big hearted man indeed!

As I said there are many reasons we do the things we do, Dr Mani turned to the Internet early on, realising the power it had in helping the work he does and as that work as so important I don't blame him. ;o)

You see, he turned to the net part time in order to raise awareness, but also utilises everything he does in a positive way and he does this brilliantly, his drive is huge...because of the cause. :o)

Hopefully one day you will see this logo EVERYWHERE on the net...Go on post it too. ;o)

Help Spread Congenital  Heart Defects Awareness

He creates products at an unbelievable rate and they are always top quality too and always worth buying, but he also gives a huge amount of top content freely in all he does.

Each year he blogs for 24 hours...a post every 30 minutes to raise money and it's this weekend!

Last year I did a guest post on his blogathon (this blog project) and felt proud to have contributed.
This year it's a little different...YOU can take part too!

Why not take a look and see what you can do to help, the blog of Dr Mani.
Take a look at the "mini blogathon" to see what others are doing too. :o)

If you do nothing else this weekend please keep an eye on that blog. :o)

There is something else too, Dr Mani really knows what he talks about when giving his blogging tips.

That's what you want the damn pen and notepad for!! ;o)

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