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Backtrack on firefox

I love using firefox...but the last few days have been a nightmare.

I would rather use firefox over IE any day.. yet..IE have NEVER lost bookmarks... NOT once...but firefox IS better to use.
I posted about it recently..but I am not going to lie to my readers..

It was corrupted somehow, I was using ff 2.0.. crashed, lost all bookmarks though I DID have a back up I did last week.. I do one a week..that will change to one a day if I add any bookmarks any day.
I still lost alot of bookmarks I had added over the last week.

So.. a whole night, and two days of trying to get it sorted..I got so
fed up with it I uninstalled it and went back to an earlier version.

Boy am I glad I did.. now I have no problems, no stress inducing hassle.

I will NOT get 2.0 again untill they iron out these problems.
The support forums were a great help.. thanks to them, but there is also something they say that I do NOT agree with.

Several of them repeatedly say to forum users that we who have had problems are a small margin of the total users of ff 2.0.. maybe, but that doesn't help the fact we did have the problems.. and it would seem MOST of the post on the forum are in relation to the ff 2.0...and similar problems.

I think it would have been better to have waitied before releasing it, iron out any problems first.. at least these common ones.

So.. do I still recommend firefox?
YES.. I AM using it right now.. but the earlier version.. and I AM happy with it.

Take back ups of bookmarks regularly...and you could save ALOT of hassle.

If you have firefox.. it is easy to do... just click bookmarks at the top of your browser.. bookmarks, manage; file, export; save as webpage to pc.

Simple... yes could avoid the hassle I have had.

If you don't use firefox... I DO recommened it.. but if you go to download it you get version 2.0... its good, but I DO NOT recommend it myself.

It is up to you what you use.. I like this more stable earlier version.

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