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Make money online being focused... never really know what's on the horizon in life and that itself makes life interesting, if we always knew it would be boring for sure and that's where you get set in a "rut" as they say.

We have all been there, seemingly nothing changes and everyday it's the same old same old and yet, most of the time, we aren't even looking at the damn path, let alone taking control of the point we are blindly heading for, sometime we are indeed lead down the path by circumstances, not always but often it's us that create the circumstances.

Snapping out of it is not always so easy but you have to and the only solution is to...

Stop ourselves, recognise it for what it is, accept it then take charge and change it, we already know a few degrees change now leads to a big difference at the horizon.

I had to be inadvertently reminded of this myself recently, I'm thankful for it too because it will help me short and long term.

This is why I have been quieter of late on the site's I am usually seen on... like the social sites I frequent, ironically having looked forward to google wave for a while I got the invite to try it out just the last couple of days and that's for another post altoghter, first impressions are not so great as I'd expected but then that could also be down this recent "kick in the arse" or change of mindset to be more precise more than anything.

I have mentioned before about the choice between either make money online or being more social, until you can blend the two in some way it's going to have to be balanced in favour of what works for me now, what is more important.

I am reminded of the why I started this whole internet marketing thing off for myself, what grabbed me in the first place and what it can be, do, yet with the experience of what I have and what I know from doing and learning over the years I still get hit by fluff and crap out there although the difference is I know it's crap or fluff really.

I do underestimate what I already know and can do, then again don't we all?

Yet I still struggle at things and I know for a fact I am not the only one, not that special! meh!

To that end there is the one underlying important aspect to keep reminding myself, it's not that anyone wants to make money online for the sake of it but what that money can do for them, (a holiday for instance is not free lol) the lifestyle it could lead to, the being in control, knowing that any result is down to yourself.

What other business is better if this is done right?

What other business can you start up for as low as free and pack into a bag?!

Meaning that's a business in the cloud so to speak, you can be anywhere, anytime and do what's needed and benefit, you know, chasing the dream.

Is that not what every internet marketer and many bloggers want?

Of course, people scoff too yet you look at the shakers and movers on the young rich list and you see internet business owners, tells you something really.

The one thing that has to be put in is time, that's the one thing people won't put in yet they still want the results...we have all seen this mentality.

This same stuff apply's anywhere, online, offline, any business, so we wonder why do people waste so much time trying to do this make money online stuff but the reality is that time is wasted on the wrong stuff and often fed to them as advice from the wrong people, people who ain't got a clue or people who don't give a stuff about where you end up, (as long as you bought their crap).

OR We waste our time on shit we shouldn't!

I always stuck to the belief if you don't put time in yourself to learn what's needed then you can never be 100% sure of anything anyone else said as you can only go by what you know, what data you have, what your experience showed you.

The only other way is to get others doing it for you and that is where you need money off the bat for, you are paying out before anything can come back.

The truth is, anyone wants the rewards is gonna have to roll their sleeves up and do something, do something that has focus.

That is where I am going, focused on things that are incrementally building to one goal and that goal is mine to shoot for.

Focus... THAT is what people need to do, what I need to do, if you could focus on 1 thing for 15 minutes you would be ahead of the majority...didn't Einstein or someone say as much?

If anyone is to be serious about anything they have to focus on it.

It doesn't have to be only make money online issue, what about your work, love life, any area where you want better results.

So what are YOU focused on?

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Are you, unknowingly, creating invisible barriers too?

Why is it we keep being stopped by invisible barriers?

More often than not we create our own invisible barrier, we can't do it because of this, or that, I need this, that... *sigh.

There's the goal, you see it, you know you want to get there, your'e a bit unsure so you ask others how, what's needed to get there and if you ask ten people you will ten different opinions, views...

Nine out of ten of them will be irrelevant, maybe all of them until we actually go forth and do we will never know, we can only really learn by our own experience, yet... worse by asking others you put ten potential barriers in front of you which needn't happen, they didn't exist.

How silly of us!
How real though...

It happens every day with...

Blog posts, forum posts and what advice they share, tweets, even the news.
A lot of smoke and mirrors to fog the view.

The only real barrier we should be dealing with in any given situation is the one we create ourselves, that natural questioning part of us throws it up for good reason really.

Doesn't mean it's real...

Doesn't mean it should stop us.

The one constant is we will learn from what we actually do, regardless of what others say will work or not, that may be true for them but for yourself it's just do it, learn from it and move forward.

The barriers we create are invisible, so there is nothing to stop us.

I realise I have been doing it myself lately, but that will change...

I am going to keep fishing for results to build on.

The only way to get results is to work at it, focus, have the right mindset.

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"Happy new year, same shit different day?"

Happy new year!

While it is nice to see some of us can afford to relax!!

Most people are either nursing a sore head, tidying up a real after party mess or back to work!

Some of us now setting goals or if you like resolutions to achieve in 2009, starting today while that's ok I am not sure it's a good thing in some ways as it can also set you up for a bit of early disappointment depending on what it is, ie: give up smoking TODAY. (Failure tomorrow?)

So I am taking a slightly different route this year knowing it's going to be more beneficial to me over the short, medium and long term, but I will have goals but...

Instead of just setting goals, planning the action to take you forward to them goals then taking the action needed to reach them, most people get bogged down by "stuff" that creeps back into the normality after the new year optimism.

Daily slots.

I am setting daily slots of big action to avoid getting bogged down by the "stuff" normality brings us, you may have seen someone wearing a t' shirt proudly declaring...

"Same shit, different day!"

That is a truth for way too many of us! For far too many days!

I learnt a powerful lesson reading something Steve Jobs mentioned in a speech...(worth reading)

When I was 17, I read a quote that went something like: "If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right." It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

I have been saying that to myself for the last few months each morning and it has made a difference in a big way. I realise while it's ok to have goals as people do, such and such by 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc, it's the daily ones that matter the most as we are only here today, now.

Well for someone working online, that "stuff" that bogs you down is a time and money sucker, after all time is money.
That "stuff" is a distraction and can waste time we can't afford to waste.
That "stuff" is, for someone working online things like forums, social sites, twitter, facebook, etc reading blogs too much etc.

Two sides to it all

But there lies the rub, it is a double edged sword, as we need to do this "stuff" too in many cases, it is finding that balance to make it all worthwhile and fit together for the bigger picture.

If you are to "work" online you need to earn money, you can't do everything for nothing as it won't last, before long you don't even have an Internet connection!

Some will say "well you make the money in traffic and connections from these social sites, forums, blogs etc"...yes it's a part of that double edge sword as a sort of a marketing action.

But without something to sell, or earn from by way of service etc from that marketing action it is useless, because there is something fundamentally missing...

Buy me buttons!
Hire me buttons!

If, as I suspect will happen sometime somewhere given the current economy, someone is to say, "hmmm maybe there is something in this make money online lark"

They will need to grasp that simple fact!

For you to "get" money, you have to give them a way of giving you that money.

A value exchange.

So there you have it, my daily goal, increase what value I can give, and create more buttons to
allow the acceptance of money. :o)

See I am sick of these so called "people who know better" telling us what we should and shouldn't do, saying things like...

You shouldn't be "monetising" a blog, it's against our unwritten code of "ethical" blogging.

Should I highlight the most important bit there? I will, done.

Bugger off, do what ya like with your blog, I couldn't give a toss, THIS one is mine and I decide what goes here! :o)

Cheeky sods!

In any case...the truth is I don't want to "monetise my blog", I want to "monetise my time and business!"

That doesn't mean stopping using social sites etc, it means using my time to better effect, ALL the time, making daily slots of big action that gets results, IE helps me make money online.

That is my aim this year henceforth known as 2009!

The end of the "same shit different day" for me!

What goals and actions have you set yourself for 2009?

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"It's still a journey"

We all start at the bottom when we start out blogging, we all take it one post at a time. Everyting takes time and blogging is no different...

church ope huts

You may start off humbly like above... ;o)

With dreams of climbing that success ladder in the hope of something better and bigger.

church ope steps

One step at a time, if we all walk the steps we all take the same amount of steps...but a tip for new bloggers, the faster you start taking the steps, the better and I mean post as much as twice a day for the first few weeks to really get the pace going...before you know it you are half way there. ;o)

Pennsylvania Castle

Next thing you know, you are at the top, and you never know something like the above could be waiting! ;o)

One step a time... :o)

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"Get stuffed.."

With enthusiasm and drive to get to where you really want to be.

Did that headline grab your attention?

Was it from your rss reader?

The Internet is littered with things to distract you at all the time while you should be working, or if you are surfing you almost end up surfing completely randomly due to the... distractions.

Too often if you are meant to be working online you get off track and end up wasting several hours on what could take you an hour.

It's said you have a few seconds to grab the attention of your readers, so forgive me if you were working.. ;o)

But I really do want you to "Get stuffed...With enthusiasm and drive!"

There is nothing better to drive you on than to achieve something you set out to do, but all to often we let things slip by the wayside.

Let that madness end for you.
One of the key reasons people "give up trying" is due to lack of real focus on what you should be doing.

It really doesn't matter what it is you need to have drive to achieve.
This can help you get that drive and enthusiasm to achieve.

Are you a newbies struggling to get somewhere?
Do you have a website or blog going?
Feeling overwhelmed by it all?
Info overload a problem?

Are you trying to give up that nasty habit you have?
Keep slipping up?
(This part of the concept is already having good results)

Need to lose weight but having not to good results yet?
Need to get fitter?

Wanting to get somewhere but not really sure how you should go about it?
Jumping from one thing to another?

Perfect for capitalising on what will help you change all that and more.

There really is no better thing than the increase of enthusiasm to achieve what you set out to achieve and that enthusiasm only come from you,'s your enthusiasm that drives YOU to's your goal after all.

Who could say no to more enthusiasm, the right and needed enthusiasm too.? ;o)

I feel that if you use this concept the way I ask you to you will be much more enthusiastic while also reaching your goals easier, so much so you will not stop using it.

Laser your focus with enthusiasm and you will not go far wrong.

I have been pleased and surprised by the positiveness of the concept and how it has already shown it works.

You don't need the "super-duper" ebook or guru-mumbo jumbo to get success, you just need to ACT on the enthusiasm you have to achieve things.

Those "things" are whatever you want them to be.
You set your goal(s).
The enthusiasm is the drive, increase that and do it!


So I ask you to join us, take the opportunity to really start getting somewhere.

But to make this a better deal for you I ask you to act fast...

This will be a one off chance for you and I want you to make that chance a success.

The concept is my focus project which is priced at a very low $15 a YEAR! As seen above left... ;o)

For you if you act NOW I will let 100 of you join at $10 and gain 1 year FREE!

Just use the beer function below, paypal me $10 and mention this, use "one year free please" in the "comment" section of email paypal sends to me with your payment...

I will send you the link, I will NOT be adding you to ANY list.

Those of us already doing it ARE doing it good.
This offer is good for ONE week or the first 100 people.

Once I have 100 members I am also considering raising the price on the membership so it will pay to get in now because you will STILL only pay $10 a year after your free year is up.

Grab your chance the beer function below.

Edit : Update, thanks to those who have joined me and I have to admit I am surprised by not only who has joined but what they think about the concept too. :o)

Don't think this offer will last a week!

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