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Change and resonating with readers...

I have been busting my nuts over what I should do with this blog, as you already know from a recent previous post I will have to get off FTP and with the benefit of the speed increase the happens after that, I can and will be editing and changing a lot here.

It's needed and I already started! ;o)

Having had a tidy up with my hosting and sorting files, folders out and generally maintaining things, it's all looking better prepared for what I want to do.

As for the blog posting via FTP... at the moment it's a nightmare to deal with, I am looking forward to ending the damn nightmare too!

Anyway... (shrugs)

When I have got off the FTP I can sort things out in a few days of solid action and hopefully, doing that will boost my motivation for it and in turn do better from there on, I might change the template therefore the look of the blog too, why not...a fresh start.

As long as I stick to the blogging rules...

When it comes to blogging, there are no damn rules... not real rules but to me there seems to be plenty of guidelines to what makes a good blog, I read enough of them and as you already know, I think you have to be better reader if you want to be a better writer.

Because when it comes down to it, that's all that really matters, words, writing. But what power words have!
The pen is mightier than the sword, as the saying goes... gotta be careful them words there!

I need to improve the content you read, but also for it to differentiate from all the other gazzilllion blogs and sites out there I have to be different somehow.

I know I need to narrow the focus of the blog, then edit what I can to improve it for that chosen focus, improve content, even on older posts, delete what I can keep that what fits, just generally improve things all round.

But what to focus on?
That's my dilemma, doubt I am the first to have this dilemma and doubt I'll be the last, maybe a better thing to ask is...

How can we write what resonates with the reader in a way that matters?

People always write that following your passions, expertise, and writing around that is the way to go...while I can see why and have said myself that its a good way, but mainly to start out and get you going without letting procrastination stall you, if it's an obscure thing, its a good practising start to move on something better and if it's a reasonable "niched topic" with a good chance to doing well anyway, carry on and ramp it up!

If you read anything you are already in a position to know what pulls the reader in with that topic, giving you some idea of what and how to write what appeals to them, if you can so it makes sense to blog on something you love to write about, but to really resonate with readers you gotta do something special, out of the ordinary, something that gets noticed by those who's attention you want. Zig to everyone else's zag!

But only if it will be worth while, that is it's not just a case of doing it for the sake of it, after all, you put alot of emotional and mental effort into it and you know... it's hard work!

So, you gotta get something out of it too, whatever it is you choose as the reward, benefit.

If something does stand out from what I learned with experience and have seen happen elsewhere (too many times to be a coincidence) is being consistent is probably one of the biggest factors altogether, if you start resonating with the right readers with your content, however it happens, then be consistent with that.

It's no coincidence that this blog doesn't get as many post(s) commented on as a few of my other blogs (why it needs improving), take Portland Bill for example, because the niche topic is specific, targeted and I write about things that resonate with the readers, they read it, comment on it, almost every post... after all, they live(d) or have been here too, I am provoking their own thoughts, experiences and memories with what I write about and share, which encourages them to share theirs too. It helps leaving the ego at the door but allowing others in.

Learning from your own experience, not just what others say is so.

Whatever it is you do, if you stick at it, drop the crap, ramp up what works, learn something all the while and consistently improve no matter how small the margin... you are getting somewhere, no?

It doesn't all have to be pretty and amazing though, it just has to be tried.

You don't have to do one outstanding blog, you could be trying lots of little niche themed ones, seeing what works and building on that or something else entirely... whatever works for you works, be consistent in that.

So many egotistical people with an agenda tell you what you should do, usually it involves buying whatever it is they sell, but they have no idea what you need... don't bother unless you know it will do something for your own benefit and growth, really in most cases, if these people are that good, then you can learn plenty from seeing what they do themselves, rather than from them telling you to buy something.

Not to say everything out there is useless, because that would be wrong but to say, usually, you can learn what you need from doing, rather than listening to and reading, remember, you learn plenty watching what they do, not what they say. ;o)

It's great to learn from others, it's worth listening to what they say, reading what they write but don't take anything as gospel unless you try it yourself...the only proof and results that matters are your own (not illegal and black hat stuff though!) ... don't take my word for things I say on here, if it works for me, it might not for you, same anywhere with anything.

Everyone is a marketer.

I love getting stuck into marketing, marketing is everything in a sense, being passionate about it is great, the experience gained over the years is worth it's weight in gold and every aspect of life is in some way effected by marketing, whether it's from or too you, it's entwined with human behaviour, itself fascinating.

The internet itself has just changed marketing by taking it to a new level, adding a better dimension to it, it's just a new different platform with a better reach and possibility of measured growth.

It's not just businesses, it's everyone, everyone is a marketer...

It's not about "pushing" something onto others etc, it's about making the most out of everything you do, bettering it in any way possible in order to get the most from it, being aware of those on the other side of the screen, whoever that is and bettering what they see, share, use whatever it is you do.

The shift needed is getting from the customer or reader mindset to the marketers mindset, once that shift happens everything changes, overnight with some (me) or a bit longer with others but it happens and as you know mindset is everything too, it's that important, it's a different way of thinking.

Once that shift happens... you realise that you were a marketer all along, just the awareness of it in every part of life has sunk in, be it  and when you then look an the internet, it's never the same again!

Everytime you share something, you are marketing someone, everytime you write something (even a facebook status or tweet) you are marketing... even if it's only marketing yourself, intentionally or not, you have the power to build up and pull down, awareness is all you need.

You also realise the power you have if application is made to use it and with your marketer hat on!

You could make change!

Everyday people are making change...

The internet I am starting to think is the idea platform, nothing is better as an idea platform, and the value of the idea is the real currency and people are getting them ideas, thoughts, notions out there, some remarkable, some not, and plenty of middle of the road stuff... where's your stuff fall in that?

I wouldn't profess to saying I could change the world, but I could say my world.

Same as you, but collectively it matters and makes change.

I now realise what I want from doing what I do, to change my world, I don't to be sat on my arse all day writing mediocre and varied stuff anymore in the hope it works out, testing, trying more, I want to write less often but with better impact,  shouldn't we all aim for that?

I want to improve the things I use to do this stuff, I want to improve the way this stuff gets out there, improve what it is that works on doing all that and keep doing that.

That's the thing striking me about having a blog and writing, it changes you, it is almost empowering some form of self growth, self awareness, self education, naturally you learn alot doing it and you grow, one post a time.

Not that I am writing about self growth etc, just that it's a part of the process itself and I really do think everyone has something important to share with others, it's just finding that something.

I just realised we have to write stuff that resonates with us first, from this post I see I need to keep making the changes I am making. :o)

I put some effort into this post, that's the thing I have to keep at, make every post worth writing... my reward from you? If you like it, would you share it using the button below? Comment?

So, what about you?

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Bloggers major overhaul and this blog

Change, something you may see here on this blog aver the next few weeks, not sure what the changes will be in detail yet but you will notice them as they happen so you won't miss it.

Feeling a little more positive about where I am going with this blog, mainly due to spending the last few days really analysing things, drilling down as deep as I could to find the answers I needed, I also think part of it is down to some changes I think blogger will roll out soon and I say this due to "talking" on twitter with one the blogger team which was interesting.

In the past blogger has been a bit of a let down in regards to user service and feedback etc. Getting an answer from google support as you know can be like pulling teeth at times. So you can imagine my surprise at the time on twitter.

They started a group asking for suggestions from  users, they ranged from having some of the benefits you get wit wardress, right up to improving the dashboard itself and integrating more of googles other apps and services.

Some great ideas added and I voted on many of them as I do think blogger needs to keep improving overall. It lost a huge market share to wordpress then improved some with the newer layout style dashboard but could have done more.

Looks like they may well do more now, providing they take users ideas on board and implement the more liked and useful, beneficial ones mentioned. One area alot of people suggested is templates, to be fair most people don't have a clue this very blog is using blogger, what with the most commonly asked theme I have being the most requested one, a 3 column layout. I had to use template and alter it myself, making it unique. :o)

The fact there are millions of blogger blogs and blogger itself only provides something like 40 templates is pretty lame. Even them some are just the same but using other colours. Not much choice for such a widely used platform.

I am tempted to make big changes, but I will at least wait until blogger act on the idea and roll them out, see what improves overall as I can always use one of my other blogspot blogs to play about, assess it.

To be honest I think this could be a great move and the user experience as well as the blog readers experience will be bettered if done right. Blogger has the potential to take wordpress benefits and adapt them and add them to the benefits of blogger which wordpress doesn't get, overall even people leaving wordpress to use blogger again. Blogger is part of google and as such has the benefit of all google, its apps etc.

Could it be a major move by blogger?

Who knows?

What's your take on it?

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Make your blog your Fantasy Island

You get offered a chance to have an Island anywhere you want as your own for a year, you have the opportunity to live as you wish on your Fantasy Island as long as you blog about it.

You can have whatever and whomever you love live on the Island with you, the Island rules and standards are yours but you must blog about "life" as it is on the Island, you are creating your perfect life, your blog is the virtual Fantasy Island.

What do you choose?

How would you live?

Whats passions would you live with while there, the passions you would spend ALL your time doing if you could?

Bearing in mind you have to share your life with the world on your blog, does it reflect well on you?

Whats stopping you creating your own virtual Fantasy Island aka as a blog?

Getting started with a blog could be one of the best things you do online and is something you really should consider doing sooner than later and even more so if you have a passion worth blogging about, a passion that others share too.

Imagine living with that passion and creating an income from it, directly or indirectly, by this I mean you could earn directly via the blog or indirectly by creating your dream career using your passion.

The blog you create could be the launch pad to living the life you want to live.

It's not about the money, it's how money helps you live the life you want to live.

Create your Fantasy Island...Where will it be and what will you do?

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"This is why it won't work for me goddamit"

An interesting conversation I had recently, I won't say who with obviously or where, simply because it's not relevant but what we discussed was.

This reader of my blog, friend on social sites, and a real offline friend just emailed me in general chatter mode really.

The conversation came to a point where they mentioned having difficulties, just like the rest of the people with the economy taking a downturn etc.

Obviously anyone with work is worried about one main thing, "security" of that job.
No real "jobs for life" anymore as they say, which is probably 80% true.

They mentioned they are actually looking for a job as the 3 kids are all at school, hubby is working but worried like most are.

I just mentioned why not start "doing something online" while looking for work?

"Like what?" she asked, "what you do? blogging or whatever it is?"

"Could do" I replied, or any number of things really, it depends what you could do.

"All I want is to simplify life lol" she said.
"I can't do a blog and look after the kids and do the house work! And what the hell would I even blog about, goddamit"

I remembered something I had seen a few days earlier, told her I will get back to her. :o)

Funny where Valuable connections can be made and how. :o)

So, I messaged her...I said...

"I'll blog about it, but send you an email first", both happy that both of us get the value, but me sharing lets you take the value of it to do whatever with as you will. ;o)

I realised that ALL of the above issues she had could be the very things to blog about.

Here we go...

You are rushed off your feet, kids, housework all taking your time and energy, so what could you really do about that?

You think..."Rob says, blogaboutit!! But how???"

I was browsing a very interesting site when I came across a perfectly good way to learn how to Simplify your life, indeed someone like my friend here is the perfect match in some ways.

Cheaper than fish and chips! Simplify your life

Then you can start applying these to your life, simplifying it, you can blog about how you are applying it to your life, what it's doing for you what works, what doesn't etc, posting maybe daily when you have a spare 20 Min's etc to write it.

Your friends start to read your blog, they tell others and you start getting more readers, all the while you continue posting what YOU learn from YOUR actions.

You are not teaching directly, but indirectly by sharing, sharing YOUR experiences, this is you creating social proof, after a few weeks, you get more time due to the success of applying it, writing better posts, all the while you actual writing is improving.

You continue to apply and grow, your friends start asking "where they can get that book?"

You then realise you are an affiliate, you can post a link to the book while anyone who buys it will be contributing to YOU earning money, and they will buy it because of the social proof you have provided.

They may apply it but not blog about it like you did, so they will just continue reading your blog, sharing it with others, and this buying cycle will happen again.

You realise you are succeeding here, then you go check out the book writers blog, and see a great new way you can also grow your blog content, writing less at times.

Then your friends start to email you, commenting on your blog, sharing things that are working for them.

You could then ask a few to be "guest writers" on your blog, maybe let two people write a post once a week, that two days less blogging for you and you still have the content and further social proof...leading the cycle again, more eyeballs, more book sales.

You then start to see how you can add other valuable streams of income to your blog, like related products or complementing products.

Then you see how you can start to build an email list from your blog, which you can develop a better and more closed conversational relationship with your community.

It's only showing in those who subscribe to the list, not on the blog.

Maybe do better things with the list, provide even more value to them than on the blog....doable if all your post are by guest bloggers. ;o)

Other ideas start to become visible with your growing learning curve which you know will help your community.

You can't believe how far you have come just for taking action, life is simplified, calmer and you are in control, creating your own "security".

You started to see how you can turn your best content into!

Then sell that, get an army of fans selling it for you too.

All it took was that you realised "if he can do it, with more on his plate than me, I can do it too."

You may even email me later...saying... "Thanks Rob!" :o)

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"Lucky YOU, the timing couldn't be better"

Lucky you, possibly, possibly not, everything depends on YOU. ;o)

If the media is anything to go by, the only way now for us should be down, with the doom and gloom spread daily the fear is creeping in, and fear is the LAST thing you want.

It seems people fear losing jobs, losing their homes, losing income, in short the "shit is gonna hit the fan!"

Fear breeds bad shit... who wants that? :o/

I'll tell you who...those that KNOW what the people fear, and what those that fear will want as a result of that fear.
Those people think, and ask..."how do I make money to help MY situation, or if I lose my job and can't get another?"

THAT is the opportunity these who sell the "dream" of "making money online" see.

Those in IM know exactly what you will do, and fight each other to be where you will go after you DO what they KNOW you will do.

Listen up, if you KNOW what I mean by IM... you don't need me telling you, ;o)
I do say though, tread carefully because of the power of connections now has never been bigger or better, scam or take the piss and it WILL haunt you. ;o)

For you that don't know what I mean by IM, or are new online...don't worry.
Just don't spend...and get sucked in too easy, it happens! Believe me! ;o)

I'll be posting some great free resources in the next few post, one benefit is I and others have already been through the free crap to find the gems, so it saves you time and information overload.

But have NO fear... I am hoping this blog as well as others I share with you help you avoid that "sucked in trouble". :o)

Really, you want to look at things from an opportunist perspective, knowing that there are always going to be opportunities around you, so even in bad times some of those are often the biggest opportunities because less people will see these opportunities and will dwell on their fears.

The FIRST thing to remember is, there ARE other people just like you out there, and coming online daily, whatever it is you are like ;o)

Seeing any opportunity means you CAN act on it, do that and you are one step ahead of the pack.

Once you know it's worth taking the action, ie a little due diligence is needed aka a little researching, will mean you already KNOW of any potential from the actions you need to make.

BUT and it IS a big but...
EVERYTHING will depend on you, what effort, WORK will you put in? Huh work?? :o/

Well, if you have a real trade you have some knowledge and work anyway!
Some skills etc obviously won't be much use online, but I digress...

Ok, FUN would be better, and possibly more profitable. ;o)
Depending on what you do, what you like, enjoy sharing etc.

The timing is a good one to get started NOW if you want to do that or just spend a bit of time in evenings after your day job trying it out, getting started is far easier than people think.

The best thing NOW is to evaluate your skills, knowledge, passions, etc.
If your list is big, trim it down AS you research it's potential, you may miss a gem otherwise. ;o)

If you find it hard to create your list, ask someone close, "what do YOU think my passions are, etc, what do I seemingly always talk about etc".

May get some surprising answers if you ask a few people you know closely. ;o)

Then armed with this info...look online at these things.

So, you may type whatever it is into or google blog search, or find forums, websites, etc.
While searching for whatever keyword (i.e "beach fishing", "How to make a quilt?", "windsurfing in UK" etc, you use what you would anyway, a question, a query, whatever, but use " " and without " " around your phrase.

While doing this in either "" or no "" mode, check and take note of the number of sites etc, on the top right, in bold of the google page...

The number of sites and blogs and activity within all these blogs and sites will give you a good indication of how good or bad the "scene" is regarding that "niche".

You want a reasonably competitive, active and busy market, not too big, not too small.
If you have a few good ones, think about doing them all and you will make money online. ;o)

For now, just browse in the areas that you are interested in, see what you find.

THAT is your FIRST step, and we take it one at a time. ;o)

Any questions or comments. feel free to post below...

P.s I'll be doing a few interesting post over the next few days, and sharing some good resources that won't cost a penny or drive you bonkers. :o)

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"What do YOU want?"

Been a few days since I have posted here, though I have been writing up some post to show I will post those over the next few days.

That's the beauty of blogging, you don't have to post as you write, so if you get into a "writing mode" and you feel on a roll, go with it and just write, just save them for posting later.

I often do this and it means I "get ahead" of myself, if tomorrow I don't write I still have something to share.

Instead of posting what I have done, I wanted to ask for YOUR opinion.

I am going to revamp the blog as well as set in motion plans I have made...could be some big changes but I would rather hear what you have to say first as it's you that gets to read it.

Are there topics you would like to see more off on this blog?

Are there topics you would like to see me drop?

Are there topics you would like me to blog about that I don't already blog about?

More pics?

What do you want to see here?

It's exciting times online, I can see the massive changes from a few years ago, when it was harder to get yourself noticed online.

With the social networking sites like facebook...(which most of you seem addicted too!) we have never had it so good.

So, what would you like me to do here?

Tips or... ?

If you have any opinions please comment below.

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"Funny what you find under your nose"

Other than your mouth that is. ;o)

A blueprint to "getting there" right on the sidebar. ;o)
And one that gains you 100% commission?!

Funny what we already know is where we look to get answers to what we want to know.

Making changes to your blog is all good and well as long as things are improving or improvable.
Making alot of changes at once is a bad thing...unless it is the only option.

You want to know what changes work and what don't so you always take them one at a time to get that basic truth you can act on.

Did that change improve? Yes, act and improve further, test, check results etc.
Then change another things, go through the process again.

One a time.

Little changes make the biggest difference quite often. :o)

Any thoughts?

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"Normal(ish), untill christmas"

The summer end is approaching but we are having some nice weather here, the kids are back in school, the usual routine again, and mums and dads everywhere breathe a sigh to catch their breath again. :o)

A chance to get a little time to themselves and plan ahead, prepare for the coming season changes, slowly. ;o)

A nice time to pop to the beach for a breather...

Spot the people?

And further around it goes...for 19 miles!!

Bring ya fishing rod and take your spot.
Plenty of room. ;o)

Beautiful eh?

Sept has hit us and now is the time to start planning what you have in store with your life, work, blogging.

You are planning to take advantage of seasonal things, aren't you? ;o)

Halloween comes up, Guy Fawkes, Christmas.

Do you add these to your plans?

Blog about what you can relating to you and your blogs topic, theme?

Planning early and planning well you can make the most of being seen when the time comes, being prepared with good articles, ideas, blog posts, contests and other angles can be a great boost, if you can keep the momentum going you have a great chance to improve the following ones, like Christmas. ;o)

While you take a breather, take time to also reflect on what you can add to the mix for the next few months. ;o)

Any thoughts?

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Screensaver with resale rights!

I know there are lots of you readers out there who would love to have a product that you can sell to make money online or use for building up your list, by way of giving an incentive to join you.

Knowing that it's not so easy to create something in such a short space of time, I would like to offer you a tip you can utilise in your profit building, or list building efforts.

There is a very good reason I say this, I have done this myself when I had issues a few years ago and I know it can be done.

I have even thought about doing a newer updated better version of the one I did the last time, it sold and helped me make money online for helping my offline issues.

Better still I may do niched themed ones, these could be used by others to build their list with that said niche.
This would be done with resale rights. I make money from them, they either make money directly from them too or by building a list via giving them away and monetising that list further down the line.

The niches would be diverse...depending on the viability of them.

But if you already have some pictures you like, in a niche you feel you can utilise a screensaver for I will happily create a screensaver from your pictures. (contact me for any questions etc)

These could be from wedding pictures, family pictures etc.. whatever you choose.. there is only ONE rule..they must be YOUR pictures. OR you must have the RIGHT to use the pictures.

I do hope the smart ones here will see the potential of this. You are all smart... ;o)

You don't have to create an "ebook" or a massive blog, or dozens of salesletters pimping stuff to create some income or asset like a list from which you can create an income.

Think of something different for your target market than what everyone else is offering and you stand a better chance of being noticed in the niche which will help you to make money online from that said niche.

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Abundance of ideas

I have been playing around with some making money ideas, and will see if they are viable to take action on... looks like it could be an interesting learning experience, whatever happens I will either create income streams to bring in money passively, or it will all teach me something important I wouldn't have otherwise learnt.

Seems to me that there are a wealth of  ideas around, maybe thats just the way I see it, after all we create our own reality. I can't understand how people can say, "I don't know what to do or what will work" so do nothing ... which definitely won't bloody work!

If you really get stuck, go to your local newsagents and have a browse over the magazines, start homing in one either...

1, Things that look like they are selling well or has a good solid niche (hobbies etc) where people spend all the time even if in smaller amounts.

2. Things that YOU are passionate about and that will interest you if you take action, this is an important point if you are just starting out.

Change your mindset and have a look around you while you are doing you usual things, take note of things you would otherwise miss.

If you live in abundance you see in abundance!

What do you want to see more of?

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