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The ebook, nearly done...

I have been a little quiet on the blog lately due to a few other important things I have been busy with... while also having my youngest son over for a few days too, spending time with him is much better fun and way more important than blogging!

I have been writing an ebook, which I am doing mainly for those on facebook, the majority of which are real friends I know offline, the main reason I write it for them as opposed to the general public is purely because I feel that I will get better feedback and I know some of them will actually do something with the ebook.

If I do decide to promote it to the general public I will have the benefit of great feedback from which I can act on, thus improving the ebook itself.

Why not let my real friends benefit first?... That's what friends are for ;o)

Some of you on facebook have some great potential in regards to using the ebook and taking action on it, I know some of you have great hobbies, expertise, passions and more.

I think it should be finished soon. :o)

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