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Dump the IM bullshitters and hype if you want to make money online

Internet marketing (IM) has some great advantages, but it also has some seriously greedy and deceptive liars in it too... having just seen another bullshit video and pitch from some self proclaimed "guru" I think it's time this IM niche cleaned itself up.

Someone is always, something these bullshitting hype marketers could do with taking note of, many of you have been selling the fake bullshit dreams and hype for a long time now and in the process taking the piss out of people, taking their money, misleading them and letting them down.

I am just about sick of these bullshitters in the IM niche and the sly underhand tactics they use to lure people in, and I do mean lure... they more often than not just rip you off.

I unsubbed from so many of the list we in the IM niche get sucked into many months ago, a few I kept over the time and now they are gone too, so I am now only subbed to 3 and it's staying that way, these 3 deliver good stuff, solid info that will help most people in this niche but they are not geared to noobs in that sense.

I won't be telling you who is crap and who isn't, my advice is stay off them all!

Now though, we have something else to help kick these assholes into touch, social media and the way people share and spread things so fast, it means these assholes can't hide, rip someone off and it will be told somewhere.

So, these sly bastards are new playing a new card, the "woe is me, I did wrong but I am a new person now" angle is coming out... I just hope people don't fall for it, it's bullshit that will cost you big money if you do!

The problem is these sly bastards are know realising they can't keep doing what they did, they know they can't hide anything, they know FTC is on their backs, they know they would be in deep shit if they get found out, it's likely they will get found out, well I damn hope they do.

Is it likely the new disclosure rules and the fact they can't use their bullshit testimonials from "friends" has triggered it off, they are worried and changing tactics, yet only so they can try and fleece more money from the gullible masses, yes they are gullible!

Bullshit claims of 2 hours a day work for 50 grand a month and that sort of crap, people fall for...amazingly!

You have to question your own greed if you fall for that crap, those bullshitters are only worried about their own greed, but you can't complain if you fall for it, if you are being a hypocrite because it was your own greed that made you fall for it!


Thought so, so what are we to do about it, those in this IM niche get tarnished with the same brush, which is a damn good reason to start doing something about it, no matter how small it all mounts up.

Let's face it, Internet Marketing is not going anywhere, it's just the medium being used for marketing, it's the way it's used that needs to be looked and changed, it can only be us who force the change...

There are some great marketers who are ethical, decent and deliver what they promise...simply because they don't lie about what they can deliver, quite often they will over-deliver which is great for you, me and anyone who buys from them, follows them, these people should be supported.

The rest, ditch em and if they rip you off, shout about it loud and clear, wherever you can, blog about it, tweet it, whatever just don't let it lie, because who know who they will rip off next?

We all owe to ourselves and everyone else to use some common sense and at least always do your due diligence... that alone will save you money, heartache and pride.

The sooner we boot out these assholes the better for everyone, it's funny but the biggest most important thing we have is our reputation, yet these assholes don't care about least till they get found out, then it's too late.

Three things... Mind, Wallet/Purse and Reputation!

Don't let these idiots put crap into your head, if what they say sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

Don't spend anything until you get a decent second opinion, even then be very wary of what and how you spend, some of this assholes used sly forced continuity scams.

Strip everything else away and you are left with reputation... what's theirs like?

What you then do also has an influence over YOUR reputation, don't let these assholes bad rep ruin yours, and always strive to keep it intact, it's you main asset.

Save your money, if you must spend it, don't waste it on bullshit systems, instead get something like these videos, use them to find YOUR niche and then work on that by delivering decent content.

Get involved with decent like minded people who can help you, also help them where you can and you won't have any need to worry about the bullshitters taking the piss out of you.

Don't you agree?

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Can I make money online? Wrong question...

Thousands wonder how to make money online everyday, not surprising to know they go looking for answers too...thankfully the kum-by-yah bloggers don't rank for that search term and mislead people, while it's true I don't rank for it, I don't try to and importantly I don't mislead you either.

I had noticed a couple of emails and PMessages on facebook after the recent break where I was asked this, "do people really make money doing this?" and "isn't it just all hype?"

Those who rank for it are the ones who know what they are talking about, that's why they rank for it. (hint: I have linked to one in previous post, Grizz) and if proof was ever needed it's there to see for yourself.

As for hype, it's everywhere!

Whatever it is you want to learn about, use the search engines to find out some things for yourself before asking on forums and such, you are just reading opinions when you do that, opinions that may have no bearing on the reality, the SE's are a filter... use them, they have done some of the crappy filtering for you.

Then you go asking for stuff to back up what you read... then act on it!

So.. how to make money online then?

I am busy working that out for myself, you know... not going asking in forums and such, I am doing things that need to be done in order for me to learn what I need to learn, and hoping what I learn leads to the right answers for me!

No-one has the definitive answer to that simple question, who could possibly know what will work for you?

Only you know what you are willing to do.

At least if you go looking, the free info you find tells you something you can learn from, and there are answers out there freely shared, finding the nuggets in that lot is the work you start with, even then you gotta do something, you know - take action!

You're never ever ever going to make money online doing nothing, while that may be stating the obvious you would be surprised at the amount of people who think it really is that simple...they don't do anything other than post to noob forums asking lame questions like "how can I make 3 grand by Tuesday?" ... then sigh and bitch when no-one tells them how!

When someone points out that there are boring, dull, mind-numbing things to be done, often described by that neat little four letter word "work" all hell breaks loose..."what you mean work, ain't got time to work, just need this money by tues!?"

Crazy, c'mon, when someone just starts turning up your door and handing you money for nothing but a smile, that is the day you find what you're looking for.... till then, gotta get something done.

It all starts with you and what you are willing to do, what effort you put in and where you put it, only you will know the answers to that, no matter what you read you won't find the right answers, just do what you are good at then see what branches off that, what you learn doing it is worth far more than what some ebook says and it's not plain sailing but doing is better than not.

I have started five new blogs in the last few months, I am hopeful at least one of them works out well for me and I can build on that, it's a case of seeing what works for you and doing more of that, sowing the seeds so to speak... find what sprouts and water the damn thing.
Simple as that really, for me.I am aiming to find just a handful of good ones then dump the rest and build up on the good ones as much as possible.

Experience, experience, experience.. do I need to go on? :o)

Who doesn't want to make it pay?

Let's face it, most of us who have websites and blogs want to make money online with them...else it's just a hobby that's using up time, time for pleasure, time we could be with family.

Wasting the most precious commodity for a means to an end...

In my case I have the weekends with my lads, so in the week I can write something, anything, as much as I need to anytime, do anything anytime, read what I need to, act on what I need to, so I do... last night got to bed at 4am, after writing a fair bit, woke at 9.30, wrote more stuff today, sorted a few things out I am working on, had a play with google buzz too for half hour (just cos I go it, and its a massive distraction if you let it be), it's now at time of writing this... 4.15am.

See what I mean?  This stuff don't do itself! (went to bed at this point! lol)

So, another day...

I am living alone, I can do this...for most people that's not the case, with families, housework, and jobs and whatnot to occupy the time.

It's cramming it in at night for these people, when they get a spare half hour, hour, or two, dropping the weekly soap on the brainwash box (TV!) to do something productive... half the time they are to shattered to do anything and those who mange to try...most LOSE sleep, we've all been there - It's mainly about lifestyle, that itself works both ways... we want to do this to create a better lifestyle, yet our lifestyle limits what we can least until it starts working out the balance.

What no shortcuts?

Not really, shortcuts are often seen after they happen, what you may think is one...isn't, but then something else happens, you learn something, do something and later realise that was a shortcut.

The only shortcut of which you could at least say seems to be a shortcut is mixing with the right people and helping each other out, this is present everywhere, people say tribes, cults, whatnot are bad with the "us and them" mentality and indeed I have said it on here... the problem is you or me, or anyone else is never going to make it all alone and manage to do all you need in order to get where you want.

The problem with this us and them crap is it often excludes people in the wrong way, like mods on forums often single out certain becomes an "I don't like that person" situation... even if that person does contribute, help, and is an "ethical" person by most peoples standards, it becomes "personal"... not good.

Help those who help you and it grows, expands with reach, people prefer to help people who also help themselves, no-one wants to waste their most precious commodity (time!) helping someone who does nothing with it or throws it back in your face, on the other hand, if you are seen to be helpful, decent, others not only do the same for you but they will tell their friends about you too...that's the way it goes.

You could help others make money online and you make money online, that is if you know how, there lies a problem you see all to often, people teaching what they don't know rarely works!

But also don't do it the way the A-listers tell you, they only make money by being an A-lister.

I'll say here and now, it took me a while to realise that, I am in a way a social blogger with this blog, yet this blog makes squat really, because that was never the main intention as I had other blogs set up for that,  that's something these A-listers don't have, they talk crap because they don't care if you long as they succeed and half the time they pay someone else to do all the shit I have to do, you may have to do, they do the "self praising" and take the glory while preaching to do something they don't even do....

Chances are you or I won't ever get to be "known" like they are (not that I'd want that, misleading people and milking them, no thanks) so, we have to do things differently.

We have to do it the way it's known to work, they way others clearly show us works...yet they are still too many variables to be absolute.
Simply put there a million and one ways to do it and you have to find what works with you, then rinse and repeat, or go wide or deep.

Whatever means you aim to go for, find those who really know what they talking about with that means.
That itself is the best "shortcut" (if there is one) you will have.

All common sense... that is the best thing you have, use it and it will help, sadly common sense ain't too common!

So, what's the answer?

There isn't one, not to mention answers don't do squat... only taking some action gets results, the real question is what action should you take to get some form of result?

That depends on you, what you can do, what you are willing to do, then doing.

In my opinion the question itself is one that everyone has to answer for themselves.

That is what I am working on, answering it for myself.


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An unexpected break changed my path...

Instead of banging out articles, researching using the system of videos and the tools they help with, doing make money online stuff, working on the other stuff like back-linking that has to be done, I've been awful quiet lately, - some would say, "damn, makes a change that!" - not just here but in general, I hurt my shoulder and muscle in the back of my arm, it also hurt my neck a bit and the back of ribs - typing and using a mouse doesn't help.

I also need to sort out my seat, change a few things, revamp my workspace, one interesting odd change is to take my damn wallet out of my back pocket, it makes me sit crooked... not nice.

It was also half term so my youngest stayed over for a few days which was, as always, great, so it was good to have a break from all this online crap, typing and whatnot, let's face it when you do it most of the time it gets tedious and can't be healthy, it's made me think about it all alot. I am so close to kicking the smoking habit too, which is the most important change and one I must implement asap!

The break did reveal some interesting insights for me.

I stopped checking mail, social sites etc, everything really, just logged off and slipped into forget-about-it mode!

Coming back from that break of sorts revealed alot, mainly the build up of crap I usually spend time going through, using, reading, sorting, etc... all those emails, RSS feeds unread, buzz's unread (buzz is for another post, on second thoughts, I won't bother till I have used it more!) all the spam to deal with, all the tweets, facebook stuff, blog posts, comments, among much other stuff that I have...

I realised what a sheer amount of time it wasted and did I really need to be wasting that time?
It stressed me out bad, I had a migraine the other night thinking about it all... crazy I know!

Couldn't I use it better?

If we are to spend any time doing this stuff we should be maximising it, getting the most out of it.

I am in this for the long haul so that also means staying in better health while doing it, which means spending less time doing it for me, as too much if it is not helping my health, the main plus is it's making the focus tighter, a good thing.

We have to compromise with anything we do, whatever it is we do, a balance between health, safety, happiness, sanity, and time.

Sitting on my arse looking at this screen all day, not necessarily online either, writing, reading, researching etc...only punctured by eating, getting out for air and sleeping is not good.

Without health you got jack shit.

Doing too many things is driving me nuts, not doing enough of the right things is driving me nuts, I don't fancy being nuts so I have had to give it some thought and decide what I should and shouldn't do.
Whether I get it right or not remains to be seen but I have to try because I ain't happy at the moment.

None of us want to do shit that doesn't make them happy and I am no different.
I need to cut down on time wasted, use it better and on crap that works.

I see the main two ways it breaks down to for's now understanding it better for me, meaning what best suits me, then making the choice and going for it big time putting all efforts into one path.

I envy those who have only got a few blogs or sites, (say 10 at most) and they make a good living income from them, I envy those who have lots of sites (100's) earning a little each and it mounting up to alot in total, either way works, one of these paths is what most people take, or try at least...

The bottom line is they all do it to make money, nothing wrong with that, as we all have to make it somewhere...

Both take bloody hard work, lots of hassles, trials, and frustrations along the way, and time... like almost anything in life worth going for, none of it is easy, but it can be easier depending on us, what suits us, what is most likely to work for us and that is where I need to get it right, choosing the better path to take as I am not likely to try and do both, though some do... and it's right money should be made, all that effort.

The degree of it all depends on so many factors, the effort put in, where it's put, the niche it's in, the type of content, the angle you take, the marketing of it, the connections it makes and whom of them share it, the conversion of people to buyers, you know, so many things can make the difference, trying to analyse all that is a nightmare!

For me, I am not getting the niches right, not getting the right keyword phrases to target, (open to any advice or keywords, in confidence of course! )
I am spreading myself to thin in some ways too, also using up too much time socialising, things I have to address.

This blog itself is one I want to spend effort on, more time spent making this better, so I should maximise and monetise it better, with the upcoming FTP (self hosting this blog) cut off and having to move this to a subdomain, or even use WPress, I will have a chance to make changes, and that I will do.

But in order for this blog to make me any income it depends on me doing better content and it depends on you buying, sharing, linking to, helping, or whatever...after all, it's link clicks that get sales and someone has to click them.. and on this sort of blog adsense is never a good income generator, to be honest it's crappy.

I don't have blinking ads all over the sidebar, big adsense blocks, affiliate stuff, or much else, so no wonder it makes little, even if the content was great (not that I think it is) it ain't set out to make money from anyone...

Other than a few links in the sidebar on the top left, and the odd link in the post as I have done in the start of this one, oh... and the beer icon which is for anyone wanting to tip me a beer (cheers!)'s not much.

Even then, with these links they are good products from people I know well, and the money paid goes to me, likewise once you have them, you can also link to them on your site and earn 100% of the income from clicks... yep, you would be helping me out, and would only need to sell one yourself to have got it free.

So, as you can see, by not having the "money maker" links on here it's unlikely it will make any!

But I won't just promote any old crap on here and never have, so anything I do promote I either have it, or I've already tried it and know it is ok, worthy, useful, whatever, if I am to make anything myself I have to share them with you, obviously.

So, just a little about why I have been quiet lately, now I am feeling a bit better and more focused so, it's been a blessing in disguise really.

It's made me think about the path to take, where to put my efforts and spend my time, while making changes to improve life in general, and part of that is to do better in the effort to make money online with this blog and a few others I am definitely keeping.

And should you buy anything here, thanks.

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A-listers? No thanks, what I read and you should too...

A few interesting things to share today, get a cup of tea or coffee and let's get stuck in...

This blogging lark is good fun and it should be, it's not all tedious, depending on what and who you read, lately I have seen some interesting stuff and met a few new people who tell it as it is, not kissing ass and we all know asskissers are a pain in the ass!

People making out it's harder than it is, write, promote, backlink, get involved with the community, mix it up... all there is to blogging, the important thing is bolded, it's not a case of this or that, it's a mix of everything.

As for making money doing it... well, there is plenty of great advice out there on that, Grizz himself has posted thousands of words for you to digest, if you really want to know go read his whole blog, I mean the whole thing from back to front.

One FACT is it takes work, no-one gets money for nothing, except maybe the third turd tribe who IMO already scammed over 2000 people who paid to play in an empty space.

Grizz did a great and revealing post regarding traffic stats the A-list wont tell you, which he also gives the answers to in the comments, be sure to check them out too, some of it didn't surprise me, after all I know RSS feeds are inflated by various means, means the A-listers wouldn't admit to, they just like to pretend it's all real.

Trust agents... whatever, Brogan is that guy, bitchslapped by a pot smoking dude... (good man!) I know who's opinion I'd trust, and he ain't no agent!

You might feel John (linked to above this) is a bit brash with it, you'd be right there, that's his style, I like it, he is straight up no bullshitting you, telling it like he sees it, don't let that put you off though because he talks some truth, well at least you've been warned... ;o)

The bottom line is these A-listers pick and choose the airy-fairy-you-are-great types of people to converse with, not people like John who tell it as he sees it.

I had some punk telling me (anonymously) I shouldn't be linking out so much because I am "leaking" page rank... who gives a toss?
Not me, page rank means squat in the big scheme of things, this blog is PR 3, was 4.. do I care it's dropped? No... I linked out a few times the last few post because they were worth linking out to...and I want people reading that stuff because it matters. (Think maybe it was a turd tribe undercover agent slyly said that to me, if so, lame, piss off, this is my blog, I link to who I like and when I like)

Linking is the currency of the web, every blogger should know that... if not, well, look here...

Allyn wrote a superb detailed post on everything you need to know about backlinks, something every blogger should be doing, even me and I don't do enough of it, but I know it's important stuff, after all the Internet is built on links, I am lucky and grateful Allyn writes about it too, seeing the hassle I have with videos with my crap ears... be sure to watch them though, your ears work, use the damn things ;o)

Just get the basic understanding of links and how they work, why they matter, then check that blog out when Allyn does the follow up's to this post because it should be interesting.

I share these with you for one main reason...

It's important to be careful who you read and mix with, that's an obvious thing to say but online there are some right idiots who only care about themselves, what they can get out out of  you, they will slap you down in comments when anyone pipes up the truth, I have seen it plenty of times with copyblogger copybragger (good one John on that name) slapping people down on other peoples blogs... it's lame, it's pathetic and it shows them up for what they really are.

These kum-by-yah bloggers are not doing anyone any favours, only themselves.

Grizz will tell you social traffic is crap, in the case of making money it probably is, though there is nothing wrong with being a social blogger, if you are social with people and interact with them in a way it works for you, by all means do that... just don't expect to monetise it.

So, go read these post and think about what they are saying... it's not all as it seems... mind you is it ever that way in life?

The best advice I could give anyone who is blogging or thinking about it is to be yourself, read the right stuff, listen to what your own head tells you, then act on it.


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The third tribe suckers

Yesterday was interesting regarding the useless third tribe, saw a few other blog's post after Grizz opened a can of worms that needed opening, Grizz also linked to a few, me included, (thanks Grizz, now hurry up with the 10k post, ;o)) - then go back to your make money online antics.

Interestingly, I have to say here, I have NOT seen the inside of this "third tribe nonsense" - all three tribes explained so well by Grizz - as I have no desire to ever hand over a monthly chunk of money for an empty space and a "promised community to share pipe dreams, and pimp each other out" of which buyers suckers just paid to create...- CREATE - again in case that point is missed.

I find it very telling none of those creators have gone to comment on Grizz's post, there is no way they could NOT know about it and it already has 100 odd comments from others.

After all, they are quick to post on those blogs that their fanboys have.

Anyway, so I haven't seen been duped into paying to see the "inside of the third tribe" empty space.

Should you become a tribal member? ...Asked...a tribal member!

They a sucker too?

Not really, they did it to see for themselves, so, smart for going in and checking it out first before blogging about least they have a real view of what it was...which amounted to sod all!

But I don't care that I didn't also check it out first...mainly because I already guessed it was going to be crap, empty, just promises, and I sure ain't gonna hand over money just to confirm it!

Won't even need to now. :o)

I mean, of course any Internet Marketer (those they slam in tribe 1) will tell you memberships are a good passive income, but I bet they have a big drop out rate on that crap, it's nothing but a "club" and they are hoping enough "fanboys" will join fall for it and build that crap up for them, all the while THE OWNERS make money from YOUR efforts stupidity and naivety in joining an empty place and filling it with the same crap that's all over their blogs, just rehashed and still not working!

After all, that's what they teach bore you with, that's what you'll know and do... all the while paying to do your bit, while losing money, probably!

Membership sites, they work, they're not usually empty though...

But it's a valuable "touch-point" they cry... bah humbug - bugger off with the stupid catchphrases and "buzzwords" they are pathetic and mean nothing.

At least be honest with yourself, it's a big "jerk circle" (as those on that side of the pond keep saying) and if that is what your after, whatever rocks ya boat!  (I'll do my own thanks!)

Crazy, that crap is saying an awful lot about them.

But, it's also saying an awful lot about those that join, those who willingly fall for that crap.

The numbers though... I mean let's be really conservative and say they have at this stage 1000 members, (probably alot more suckers by now) and at 47 bucks each, EVERY MONTH... that's a huge sum of money every month for an EMPTY space...with promises.

They ain't daft, they are just banking on you buyers being daft!

It will fill up fast with nonsense, but to sell it when it's empty and banking on those buyers creating and paying for the content is...well, shit.

Easy money for them... what price stupidity?

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Utilising Internet marketing for local businesses

I realise I know more than I think when it comes to this "online malarkey" and thought it's about time I utilised that to help local businesses and traders here on Portland.

Anyone who has blogged for some time or dabbled in Internet marketing in some form or other is way ahead of the masses when it comes to doing the basics online in the right way.

Also you are a long way ahead of offline business owners too, this is one area that internet marketers and good bloggers can help businesses locally to you.

I felt in a position to write about Portland businesses, and change, it's happening anyway...and what I can see of the possible changes and the impacts of it, if possible I'd like to help them anyway I can, one area in that could be to promote their businesses by way of a post or advertisement on the Portland-bill blog itself, giving them not only possible traffic but a decent backlink too, they are the real currency of the web, links.

We want our local businesses to succeed, their success or failure reflects and effects all of the surrounding community, so it's in our interest too.

If you are into internet marketing, or a good blogger with some experience of the way things work online have you considered helping local businesses, paid or otherwise?

I ask because we all know one of the surest ways to make money is to help others make money, as the saying goes... To get more of what you want, help others get what they want.

Businesses only want one thing, more sales, more referrals, more customers... do you think you can help your local businesses with that by utilising your skills online?

I am pretty sure most good internet marketers and bloggers can help in some way, however small, simply because you will likely know when you see any business, or their website what online tactic(s), system would fit into it, remember you are way ahead of the curve online.

The important thing I think is that it's not about their website, it's about the business, no good saying to a business, stick a blog up, or facebook fan page, twitter account, etc... it's first and foremost about the business itself, not changing it, but enhancing it where it matters and where you can.

As any internet marketer or good blogger knows, there are way to many different aspects to online marketing to say what works for any particular business... it wholly depends on the business, each on it's own merits..

That is part of where I am looking to grow, help local businesses implement what aspects (if any) they can which would help them grow and adapt to changes.

Without naming local businesses, I have seen some terribly bad websites, now that's not to say, they are bad for the business as I have no idea of that but as a user of the website it was...well, bad, from that standpoint I felt there was alot which could be improved and make a difference.

I couldn't see how in my opinion those websites were growing their business.

The bottom line was... would I buy from them, or do whatever it was they wanted me to, whatever their "call to action" was? (If any!) In some cases, it's a big no from me..

Some businesses had no website altogether, which due to the nature of the business I thought was very odd, short-sighted.
I hope we can rectify that. :o)

What about you?

If you have being in the trenches so to speak, doing all this stuff, have you checked you local businesses websites and such?
If not, why not consider it and it could be one way of diversifying what you do, even a way to grow what you already do, a way to help you make money online.

Foe me it's time to utilise all that internet marketing and blogging has taught me.;o)

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The signs are there, eventually you ask...

There is alot of people now starting to see the merits of doing "stuff" online, whether they started with a hobby frame of mind, or as a result of following their passion, whatever that may be and it's lead them on a path of questions, possibilities and opportunities.

I have seen some "hobby blogs" and such starting to show signs of the owners realising it for themselves.

It's how alot get started yet there is something, a question, that always draws people like a magnet... the possibility of doing it for a living...IE "can I seriously make money online doing this shit?" (with a sarcastic nod to their pc)

After all, they are already spending a few hours a week writing, or other content (videos etc) and doing all the "stuff" that they need to do, it's just a case of asking what else they could do, try, or maybe look for the perfect "plug-in-and-away-you-go" easy money maker.

The slippery slope beckons...

The downside the shillsters don't tell you about when they sell you their "secrets" and crappy "get rich quick" formulas, that they probably don't even do themselves (they just get rich quick selling the crap) - is the sheer work and boring repetitive crap that needs to be done in order to get anywhere, it can be demoralising, more so when it takes a while to get results in this day and age of "instant gratification" and over-hyped promises.

Sometimes we all get downhearted doing this that and the other, mind numbing shit that needs to be done cos there ain't never been results without work, you know action on something rather then sitting on facebook and twitter all day doing bugger all but natter like many do, or if sensible at times, sharing a real worthy tweet!

But don't you need a system? ...

While it's true you do need to follow a system, you really need to create your own system, not meaning you need to start from scratch either... I came to realise all you do is take what works from different systems, actions, tips, knowledge and adapt them to suit you and to maximise your strengths, whatever they may be...the only way to do that is to actually do, test and improve.

I tell you this, it doesn't get any easier along the way as many would have you believe, each new thing you get past is great but there is always something else to do, to get past, and it continues but it is a journey, not a destination.
Learning is just a part of life, why should it be any different online?

Everything leads to more questions.

It seems it's still getting started that comes across as the hardest part of the journey for many, oddly, I wouldn't say it's as much now as it was, it's hard to make the start in some ways, then once going like everything you wonder why you "fretted" over it and these days it's easier than ever to just do something.

Something's just sound harder than they are, yeah some of it can sound a little daunting, but how will you know till you do?

So while this system would just help you in alot of ways you could just use the most relevant part(s) of it, lets say you research for a topic to write about based around something you can deal with (keywords) then get started immediately writing quality articles based on what you find worth doing, then set up a basic blogger blog to post some of the articles to, while posting a few to the main article directories, always having a "resource box" at the bottom of each article with a link to your blog, these directories then get you traffic and links back to your blog.

Then tell others about your blog too, while tracking the traffic coming in.

Rinse, repeat with new articles, and even start other possible topics on new blogs, and rinse, repeat again.

Simple, no?

But then, no doubt various questions go through your mind now...that's the way it works.

"How long is this gonna take to show me results?"
"Is it even going to work?"

The answers to those questions only you have, and they only way you will find out is to do.

So, how long have you got? No, seriously..

If you are seriously considering all of that, you should also ask yourself this...

"Am I willing to do stuff everyday and commit to it for 6 months with NO expectation of reward, knowing I may screw up many times before even hitting the right spot, where I see a monetary result?"

If so, go for it, if not...don't waste anytime trying, because it ends up very...trying!

If you really have the drive to get started, or have started already but are yet to see the potential to adapt in a way it will benefit you in a monetary kind, then by all means think about it, act on it, if it fits well with you there's nothing stopping you.

In reality, anyone can make money online.

If you really think, "yep, sounds interesting but where to start?

Try to find some overlap of the two and start with that, if there is one, you will have a better chance of staying motivated and it won't feel like "boring work" then get researching using the systems information for the right starting point within the overlap, if there is one.

Then write at least 10 well keyworded long good quality articles with solid information for the blog and post them one a day, write 10 short but good teasing 3-400 word articles for the article directories and submit them one a day without forgetting to put a link back to your blog in the resource box at bottom of them (which is why you tease them, you want them coming to your blog for more).

Then share the blog URL with others, in bottom of outgoing emails, on social site profiles you have, just get it "out there" and get the ball rolling, join forums and comment on blogs where you "get involved" with your ideal target market, they will click on your signature link under all your post.

Then write more articles, rinse repeat and do it consistently until you have enough data to decide if it's worthwhile...if so, get monetising by way of adsense, affiliate links, ad-space, whatever works, (yep testing again!) it's why the research part is so important, two or three extra hours researching could save days, weeks in the long run.

If you find something is working, keep at it and then consider how to grow what works, drop what doesn't..(yep more testing... see, it's never ending.)

Don't do or follow what you don't need, just improve whatever it is you do and know works, if you use blogger as said above you could then decide to grab a domain and use it on the blog (so simple to do) as it will pay to do so.

If it doesn't work out, consider just starting again with something else or another angle, no need to delete what you have done if it's costing nothing anyway, IE its a free blog!

Whatever happens, you will have learnt valuable lessons the first time and nothing teaches like experience.

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The meandering path of the Internet marketer and where it's leading me...

I have been musing over a few things the last few days, well over the last month you will have seen I have not posted as often as normal yet the traffic still comes in daily, thanks to you for that and most of those are new readers.

If you prefer RSS then please do subscribe and thanks.

So, while I had not posted so often here lately I have been doing a few other things which I need to do, badly.

I did delete some blogs a few weeks ago, ones that weren't doing much and refocused on doing better newer ones that had a focus, a market, a chance!

Don't get me wrong this blog you are reading is just a personal blog, nothing I set out to monetise, or any other real plan, maybe that itself was a bad move, but I also have the benefit of not having to conform to any rules, time schedule, something I feel is the downside to writing for a corporate style blog etc... it more of a job then.

But I do have plans to make changes on this blog and pretty soon.

My second main blog (ages ago!) was focused on Internet marketing itself, well, my path with it and it's not something I wanted to carry on with at that time, I felt jaded by all the hype and bullshit after 18 months or so.

And yet...

It is pretty hard to escape the internet marketing mindset, not that bad a thing really as it is part of what you need, you can't just have a bloggers mindset if part of the aim is to at least get some monetisation or similar, it won't work but the label internet marketer as people often perceive it as like an online car salesmen and I think it's a shitty image that's wrong.

People wouldn't say the two google guys are like that and yet, there they are... at the top of that tree.

Labels, who needs em?

Never been keen on them and yet here I am, labelling with crap like social media, which is just bullshit anyway, the internet is social media, much like internet marketer, we are all marketers being the... internet!

The reality is if you tweet a link on twitter, share a link of facebook, write and share a blog, whatever, you are an internet marketer.

Yet, we are using shallow buzzwords, why?

No damn idea, other than it sounds good or the herd is doing it.
There is no social media... the internet is the media, YOU are the media

I digress, funny thing, I hated computers at school... wouldn't touch one for years after school, no interest...but then would you blame me when I left in 88... and the pc's were crap then, compared to any of the ones since 2000 and for work I was carving stone anyway.

The internet changed all that forever for all of us, it is solely the fact you can connect to any and everywhere else in the world that changed it but it was actually internet marketing that grabbed me when I first got online and why was that?

Because I knew that the stone trade was never going to be enough, to make me happy or indeed be a healthy work life, that stone dust and the vibrating tools are a nightmare!

Also, I didn't like the fact Portland is fast disappearing and I am by proxy contributing to that, there isn't enough and it's precious yet it gets slabbed to easy...hardly any carving involved!

The other thing...I would always have to bash a mallet and chisel, getting a wage or even if working for myself it would always be, I need to carve something to sell in order to "get money"...

That means there is no real residual income or opportunities...unless running a company and that is not cheap or easy, not to mention the big boys squeeze you out easily, even if unintended, (who knows?) you can't compete when they own any stone you need.

So, that got me thinking when I first got online and it lead to a funny ride that I am still treading.

This is the time, it matters, the internet in a sense is growing up and we should grow up with it ;o)

That's partly why the recent FTC changes will only clean up the perception of the internet marketer too... the label is bound to remain...silly but labels we do use whether we like it or not.

It will stop all the stupid over-hype-and-car-salesmen like style, you know the ones, "make £40,000 a month with whatever shit product I got" while showing a picture of them posing next to some car or mansion (easy to fake no doubt) and hyping crap on their pages with fake testimonials.

Laid it on thick, only for the buyers to find they bought a pipe dream, or crap software which was useless at best, illegal at worse.

The FTC has saved so many newbies, noobs, whatever you "label" them from being deceived into actually making the over-hypers dream come true... ie, paying for them to get that car, house, with money for nothing but crap!

That fake-it-till-you-make-it crowd are dotted around the internet aplenty... and their time is really up.

Which is good news for the rest of us, I called 2009 the year of newbies, mainly because I felt with the economy as unstable as it was at the time, it made sense with job losses people, (often new people) would start looking for  really different alternatives, and where else but the internet will they look?

Now I feel in a way 2010 will be, partly, the year the honest internet marketers will stand out, the ones who deliver on their made promises, while not making false promises and yet they also don't see themselves as internet marketers the way internet marketers currently do.

The term internet marketers has in a sense been hijacked by those who sell to other internet marketers if that makes sense?
It's a cess pool of pals posting each others crap, getting labelled (that again!) Gurus and becoming a name in that small circle, or bubble to be more precise, a bubble that needs popping.

The decent ones will stand out from that bubble, people will not notice the bubble as it slowly deflates and it will deflate.

People will notice these decent internet marketers if only because alot of it will be cleaned up, thanks to the FTC weeding out the hype-at-all-cost-then-underdeliver types.

It makes me wonder, do we need to redefine the term internet marketer?

Or will it just become a common verb like an ebayer?

Thus without the stigma attached due to the over-hype-cos-I-am-desperate-for-sales types.

I mean, if it doesn't stop the stigma, who is going to say "I am an internet marketer" when describing what you do?

It had in a way fired me up again, after all internet marketing is all about results, believe it or not some results give you a buzz, depends on what it is but it can certainly be said, it's a real buzz.

To that end the last few weeks have seen me diving into using what I know better, see I have really done anywhere as well as I felt I should have, nothing to shout about and that itself bothers me now more than ever.

Why? ... Because it's my own fault.

So, to that end while I can understand blogging itself is great, blogging for bloggings sake is not, unless it really is a side hobby or such, even like a diary style thing which was as they started, I don't take the altruistic view of blogging as some do, pure blogging as they say.

To me and it's taken some failures and misses to realise, it is all just a tool, a platform, just as the internet itself is, a tool to get some end result, whatever that maybe.

So it got me thinking alot about it and what I should do, also with a good friends words ringing in my ears, "every word should count to something, if it's monetising them, every word is monetisable" and I am thinking yes, they should be.

Which is why I have been using the system and also putting into practice far more of what I do know than previously, and in the right places because I have gone about it the right way, instead of piss-fart-arsing about, (as my dear mum used to say) IE...not treating it serious enough.

That for me is the biggest change over the last few months, I have started to think about it far more and taking it more seriously, making it matter, which is partly why 2010 does excite me, because if I take it more seriously I can only do much better than previously.

Doing what I should, putting the right effort into it and getting results I want, need.

But it will likely lead to changes that are noticeable by you too, this blog for one will be sorted out, improved, tidied up and possibly re-themed for a new look.

It will also lead to changes on how I use twitter and other places like that.
All in all it's good, the time is now to make things work, they weren't working as well as I would have liked, so change is all that will make a difference.

So, having in some sense started to consider the fact I should make every bit of writing matter, create some result, I now realise this blog itself as part of the obvious "I write it" category should crate a result of some sort, every post, so...

If you thought of anything like trying to do something like internet marketing, you could follow the system yourself and see where it may lead you, you never know you may find something that just hits the spot, the right niche, topic, etc may be all yours to make the most of, once at that point it's just a case of writing something to monetise, getting it online, getting it noticed... ok there is more to it than that, but damn good place to start.

If there is one tip I'd say to anyone, it's be yourself, don't follow others blindly and what you actually act on is what you will learn from the most, don't over-analyse, act fast and fail fast in order to keep progressing and don't let yourself become jaded.

Time to take this seriously and sticking my marketing hat on tight while doing what it entails, that is shown above ;o)

Monetary Disclaimer: The links above are 100% to me, IE. you buy, I get the money, BUT then... you also get the opportunity to share these and get 100% too.  Use them right and it pay's for itself, right? :o)

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Make money online being focused... never really know what's on the horizon in life and that itself makes life interesting, if we always knew it would be boring for sure and that's where you get set in a "rut" as they say.

We have all been there, seemingly nothing changes and everyday it's the same old same old and yet, most of the time, we aren't even looking at the damn path, let alone taking control of the point we are blindly heading for, sometime we are indeed lead down the path by circumstances, not always but often it's us that create the circumstances.

Snapping out of it is not always so easy but you have to and the only solution is to...

Stop ourselves, recognise it for what it is, accept it then take charge and change it, we already know a few degrees change now leads to a big difference at the horizon.

I had to be inadvertently reminded of this myself recently, I'm thankful for it too because it will help me short and long term.

This is why I have been quieter of late on the site's I am usually seen on... like the social sites I frequent, ironically having looked forward to google wave for a while I got the invite to try it out just the last couple of days and that's for another post altoghter, first impressions are not so great as I'd expected but then that could also be down this recent "kick in the arse" or change of mindset to be more precise more than anything.

I have mentioned before about the choice between either make money online or being more social, until you can blend the two in some way it's going to have to be balanced in favour of what works for me now, what is more important.

I am reminded of the why I started this whole internet marketing thing off for myself, what grabbed me in the first place and what it can be, do, yet with the experience of what I have and what I know from doing and learning over the years I still get hit by fluff and crap out there although the difference is I know it's crap or fluff really.

I do underestimate what I already know and can do, then again don't we all?

Yet I still struggle at things and I know for a fact I am not the only one, not that special! meh!

To that end there is the one underlying important aspect to keep reminding myself, it's not that anyone wants to make money online for the sake of it but what that money can do for them, (a holiday for instance is not free lol) the lifestyle it could lead to, the being in control, knowing that any result is down to yourself.

What other business is better if this is done right?

What other business can you start up for as low as free and pack into a bag?!

Meaning that's a business in the cloud so to speak, you can be anywhere, anytime and do what's needed and benefit, you know, chasing the dream.

Is that not what every internet marketer and many bloggers want?

Of course, people scoff too yet you look at the shakers and movers on the young rich list and you see internet business owners, tells you something really.

The one thing that has to be put in is time, that's the one thing people won't put in yet they still want the results...we have all seen this mentality.

This same stuff apply's anywhere, online, offline, any business, so we wonder why do people waste so much time trying to do this make money online stuff but the reality is that time is wasted on the wrong stuff and often fed to them as advice from the wrong people, people who ain't got a clue or people who don't give a stuff about where you end up, (as long as you bought their crap).

OR We waste our time on shit we shouldn't!

I always stuck to the belief if you don't put time in yourself to learn what's needed then you can never be 100% sure of anything anyone else said as you can only go by what you know, what data you have, what your experience showed you.

The only other way is to get others doing it for you and that is where you need money off the bat for, you are paying out before anything can come back.

The truth is, anyone wants the rewards is gonna have to roll their sleeves up and do something, do something that has focus.

That is where I am going, focused on things that are incrementally building to one goal and that goal is mine to shoot for.

Focus... THAT is what people need to do, what I need to do, if you could focus on 1 thing for 15 minutes you would be ahead of the majority...didn't Einstein or someone say as much?

If anyone is to be serious about anything they have to focus on it.

It doesn't have to be only make money online issue, what about your work, love life, any area where you want better results.

So what are YOU focused on?

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Going fishing...where the money is

 To make money you gotta go where the money is, we all know that and we all need to make money to live and I am no exception to that rule, which is why I have not posted here for a few days, actually a week! (blimey!) I also need a new pc, and that cost money!

One reason for me not posting here as much is simply due to this blog not being a money maker, I posted recently hinting at good reasons why it's not, the reality is this was never started with that in mind, as shown by the earliest post here, maybe I should have rethought that, back then!

I digress, time is the most important thing and the only thing you do not get a second chance to grab, unlike money, easy come easy go, for some... that is, although it's true ANY of us can get another dollar, pound, euro, can't gain a minute on anyone else.

So the most important point remains, NONE of us can get time back, so spending that as best as possible is more important than how you spend money itself, money is just the means to an end as they say, but you still gotta go where it is to get any of it!

That is what I've been beavering away on, using my time better to focus on the things I should be focusing on.

Going fishing, so to speak!
But clearly, not in the desert!


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Well I damn near gave up with it...

Just when it seems there's...

Something comes along to make things a little easier, better, bearable, often it's just a new day!

It always happens, yet we manage, everything bothering you today seems so trivial next week, you wonder why you let it bother you in the first place.

Something I thought we get better at as we get older, I mean we know these things yet still it gets under our skin, we should know better...I must have been mistaken!

Then again, knowing and accepting are two different things!

As some of you know I started writing an ebook, digital report, (whatever you want to call them) I had wanted to write for a while hoping it would help some of my friends and others if it interested them.

Obviously I didn't want to put out crap, no matter if sold or free, I wanted it to be worthy of the reader.
I at least wanted people to think it worth reading like the last (free) one I did for a forum community.

Yet I knew it would never be "perfect" as they never are (is there a perfect book?) but I just couldn't get to grips with it, not in a sense it made me comfortable putting it out there. It plain stressed me out, obvious as I posted recently it didn't help.

I kept rewriting it, rearranging it etc, never really getting it to sit right.

So I stopped, sod it, but then...

Something happened just a couple of days ago that made me rethink it all, now I think I have a better way to make it work for the user.

Here lies a dilemma ears!

I'll matters.

A great friend I have known online for several years now has come back into action after a short period of absence, I don't blame her to be honest... having started online at a similar time and walking this path along with her to a point I can see why the break was needed...being hunched over the damn pc night after night does take its more ways than one, but now Kim is back.

No doubt back with a different perspective, a fresh vigour to do the things the way it should be done, that is utilising the knowledge and experience gained over that time "doing it all" night after night.

I know that feeling!

I forget what I know...and yet assume others know as much about whatever at times, when we all know better than to assume!

I realised that no matter how the book I was doing turns out, it will never please everyone, it will even bore some possibly, depending on them and what they already know.

In fact it's my friend Kim who I host this blog with, well Kim has created something I felt was worth grabbing...and yes I grabbed it the other night and I tell you this much, it's a product I would normally get last, or second from last at least...of all the digital formats, given the choice I prefer to read.

As with anything you follow the system itself is what matters, and the fact people will be able to make sense of it, understand it and follow it through is the value of it.

The system is a set of videos, by which I mean screencast style videos showing you exactly what is to be done, how and where while Kim or whoever speaks explains the "action" while doing the action.

There was my dilemma...I can't hear the damn things!! *sigh.

But you know what? I didn't need to hear them to see the value of them and understand them.

Granted out of the many, I have only looked at the ones that I needed to look far, that is ones I knew I could learn something from as some of them I know about anyway through my own experience, although I will watch them all!


It got me ripping my book/report apart again and the reason for that was the videos show alot of what I wrote of, but watching the videos with no sound was an eyeopener!

I could guess at some of what Kim or whomever spoke talked of during the videos but even then it would be a guess...instead I got a completely different perspective of the videos themselves, the whole experience was strange yet interesting.

Sometimes it's a blessing that my ears are crap!

So now I got started  thinking about writing a complimentary style report(s) to go with the videos, depending on each video I could do a short report, or maybe a bigger report covering a few videos at once, just some thoughts, tips, ideas, even added resources etc, no idea if worth doing yet.

I could send each to Kim first, see if they were anywhere near what the actual narration is... that will be interesting, for both of us no doubt, after all there are sites on the videos I have never heard of, likewise I am likely to know sites Kim has yet to know of.

It may give Kim a new perspective on the videos.

See, Kim has gone way further down the path of online success than I have, so I knew I would get value from what I needed to see, learn...thankfully I got that too.

Kim has been at the other end of the scale I have yet to (not sure I would like to now) go, that is being a boss of sorts, hiring others...others who as Kim put it "dream of sacking their bosses" know, pretty much everyone in a job, do people envy bosses?

So, not so long ago Kim sold all her business, online business that is, Kim is a nurse by day but Kim is also a family person and I can see why that hunching over the pc would affect family life, being single that is living alone, I guess for me it's not the same. Understandable when family comes first.

As I said, Kim is back at the old passion...yet keeping it simple, effective and manageable no doubt.

Kim has gone back to the basics she knows works, stopped all the madness and back to what got us into it in the first place but with the knowledge of what works, how it works, stripped it bare... plus created the videos showing you just that, no shortcuts to success, just following a system and do it right, work at it until it pays off.

Rinse, repeat until you have more, no less, to much is too absurd.

Residual income is the aim really, the holy grail of wealth isn't it? Not the money...the freedom.

There lies the reality of what people strive for, repeat payments for one time work and daily freeing up time to live, to enjoy.

One way to do this is online with internet being the biggest marketplace of them all there is always going to be ways to create value, if you know how to, where to and the why, and there are many different ways.

The videos go a long way to helping with that and cutting out what huge amounts of time it takes to "learn it for yourself" at your own pace, you know, by experience, and I know from my own it will save time, not something anyone can afford to waste.

In effect these videos are your shortcut on the curve well trodden by many of us, still being trodden for many.

I also know some of you will probably be that new to it you need a little more in a sense that both myself and Kim can easily forget what we know, we forget what it was like before we your position maybe?

We know how easy it can be to overcomplicate things too, leading to not doing.

I hardly ever promote much on here and what I do I have usually tried it, used it, liked it and would recommend it to anyone, most are evergreen, yet as I already said, I cannot hear the words spoken so I obviously can't comment on that, or voice or content spoken! (Sorry Kim!)

These videos are Kim giving great value, but I also want to give all those who grab these videos through this system link added value, by way of the short reports, whichever I do or which are needed...freely, that I hope will help with getting going utilising the videos better, faster.
I send these to those who buy through that link as the payment goes to me, so I then know your email to send you these...

See Kim has set this up so I get paid when you buy... now you maybe asking why the heck has she done that and why not just buy from her directly?

Good question and in a way it shows the point exactly. (Reading between the lines on this post I mean).

This is affiliate marketing in action, something you learn of in the videos. yet this is affiliate marketing with a small difference, instead of getting a % of the payment like most affiliate set ups I get all of it if you use these links, so you are also helping me out in a big way.

Yet, as soon as YOU buy these you can also then do the same as what I am doing now...earn 100% from anyone else buying through your link... if you think it's worth doing which is likely.

How does Kim gain and why the hell would she give it all away?

Because Kim is doing one of the most important aspects of all, building an email list, an ezine list, newsletter list, you know the type and Kim does what's right with that list of people, builds a relationship with them.

Kim values it highly enough to let me, you, anyone profit from those who end up on that list via any products...tells you something right there.

No bullshitting anyone here...likewise Kim is not to take anyone for a "numpty" as she likes to say, I am on her list already and I have no doubt Kim will also share a few nuggets with you too once you receive it...after all she has plenty to teach us, that includes myself.

Simple transparent honesty is right is it not?

You get way more value than the price you pay, Kim gains great people (you) to build a relationship with (she loves helping if she can) and I gain from your generosity too, not to mention you can also promote the system too once you know it works for you, (no doubt you will want to show others by then!) and get the payment(s) from Kims generosity as well.

Then I thought I would try to take one step further...I thought it would be an idea to set up a blog, have it private so only those I choose, IE...those who buy through the link above or this system link can see it, post a comment, ask a question etc so it would be a useful bonus for those who buy it from here to go with the videos and any mentioned reports I do. (Sod it, set the blog up already, will just email the link as people buy)

So what next?

Grab the videos, (right click to open in new tab) save them to a folder on your desktop (videos are separate so smaller downloads), when opening them, extract to the folder it shows, watch the chosen video by clicking the Browser icon, IE...Firefox, Chrome, whatever you use in the folder... don't over do it by watching all one after the other and take notes!

Also expect an email from me with private blog link for you to decide to join or not.

Then take action. Any thoughts, when you come back from buying that is?

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They make money online... fast!

Very interesting email I woke up to this morning... someone had success in their efforts to make money online and it looks like they acted on what I posted about, the key here is they ACTED on it, they actually worked at it and got results ... pretty fast! :o)

Less than a month!

Well done you!
Good going and you prove how simple it can be, not easy but simple.

The key is to actually do something that will bring a result, do nothing and you get nothing back.

Not only that, they now know the report they bought that got them going is also something they can recommend to others with positive experience and also benefit again money-wise, as it is a 100% commission report.

Yet the best thing is they now KNOW how to make money online, once you have done that, no matter how small, you know it IS not only possible but likely if the effort is put in.

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Getting no results or making no money, maybe this is why...

Something that seems amusing as well as annoying to me and it's way more common than we think.

Some even go as far as to post in forums and the like complaining about it.

What am I talking about?

People who complain that "this stuff is bullshit, I don't make no money, it's all scams"

The reason some people are NOT succeeding or making money online should be so obvious and yet they miss it.

It's not new but needs repeating it seems...

WTF do you actually DO to make success or make money online?

Yep, nothing it seems, when pressed you see they "socialise" on sites and forums etc, even asking for help then doing NOTHING with it.

Look here... if that's you, the only way you make money online is having some "buy now" buttons or links. The only way to do that is to get off these social sites and start DOING something, like having a blog where you can post these "money links" or "money buttons".

OK before you start a blog if you haven't already...

Go write some bloody articles, that is something most people can do and done right it has more than a few benefits, you don't have to be a great writer to get started, just start and improve as you go along which is going to happen anyway, as with anything you practice.

You have to decide on whether you really want to make money online or just be social.

If you really want a fast track start to just getting going then...

Write ten articles on ONE topic that you know will get results no matter how small, find the passionate people if possible.

What to write the articles on, if you don't know what will get results?

Go and look at the article sites like Goarticles and many more you will see from there what is working and what isn't.

Now set up a simple blog and use the topic keyword in the blog url for example...

With these 300-400 word articles you now have on the chosen topic you targeted
the next thing would be to submit one of them to a few articles directories making sure the link in the resource box points to the new blog, and one article to the blog itself and then another to the article directories a couple of days later and then another to the blog itself again, and so on.

Posting an article every other day to the blog and another to the article directoies will get the ball rolling.

Several things can happen if done well, meaning they need to be, at the least, written clearly and with no errors, spelling or other...

What's stopping anyone doing that? Themselves!

Do this and you are producing something, hopefully of value to the right people too.

As long as you just keep going you will be building on the momentum already started, far easier to keep on going than it is to start.

So, if you are one of those that just seem to spend time surfing and socialising, get started!


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Magical moments and why I want to make money online

This is why I strive to make money online, so I can travel and capture magic moments I live, luckily I do live in a gorgeous place that allows me to share moments like this with you.

A magic moment above wouldn't you agree? :o)

Isn't that what life's about, having magical moments?

This is where I live so it cost nothing to enjoy this and share it, yet for you it may cost money to come here and have the same. Likewise with me having to pay to experience it elsewhere.

Regardless ...

The best things in life are free ... there is so much emphasis on the money and not what magic it can give you, if you choose it that is. ;o)

A friend had just been to America on a road trip from west to east and shared some stunning pictures on his facebook page, that's what I would like to do, get out there and capture the moments, post them here or another specific blog for that and do that constantly.

You can't do that with a "job" unless that IS the job. Happy to apply if there are any lol! :o)

This is the appeal of working online, meaning you can work ANYWHERE and being in control of  not only your work but your lifestyle, which is the important one. Like they say, "you work to live, not live to work."

That is the dream of being able to make money online to me, to travel (take my sons too if they will) and capture more magical moments, everywhere, everyday and share them with you.

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Make money online blogging, internet marketing, or both?

Had an interesting email from a friend regarding how to make money online by either blogging or internet marketing ... I asked if I could repost it here, which they agreed if their name was changed, so below is the email snippet that matters for the sake of this post ... with certain words edited and mine in (italics) ...

Hey Rob,
Good to see you in town the other week, still looking rough (me : THANKS mate!) ;o)

Anyway you know I asked you about ya blog I seen on facebook and how I could go about having one for my ***** (passion niche, which I don't care to share and ruin for them), and maybe start selling ***** to earn some extra money?

You remember I told you about that ***** (contact) who says I can have ***** at a better price, like a mates rates? Well they got a website too which they can sell ***** from, so what should I do? Won't that stop me, I mean why bother doing a blog or whatever if they already have a website to sell from? How the hell am I supposed to make money doing that? What about Internet marketing, is that different than blogs or what?

Now, my mate knows I will help him, and he also knows I am gonna tell it as it is on here like I did in the email, so he never took (with email) or will take offence at anything here. ;o)

So, my message to them : GET YOUR ARSE IN GEAR and GET ON WITH IT! :o) Use what I shared with you in that email and GO for it ... you have a GREAT chance of making headway with it, won't happen overnight but it will happen if you act on it and stick to it, like I said in the email, give it some wellie in effort for the first few months... Plus you know where I am ;o)

Back to the post ...

Quite a loaded up question wouldn't you say, I bet there are plenty of people who have thought similar things, I did once too... ;o)

Let's just answer the basics on that shall we, the first positive answer is you picked a passion, a niche you KNOW you can get somewhere with because it does interest you, whether it's a profitable niche is a different matter, for this person it IS a profitable one, from what I can see it looks pretty decent too.
(may work with him on that to benefit him more as well as me learn a thing or two extra). ;o)

The second thing, you know it sells because you know someone already selling **** and you have the benefit of a chance to work with him in the sense of a good price for **** which helps you both.
The fact they have a website is actually a good thing because you can then just monetise the leads you give them, rather than do the actual selling and delivering of **** and all the other details.

So, the best thing is to ask your "contact" for a unique commission (mate rate) for leads to their website.

You could then just concentrate on building the blog as a good value resource with interesting information, a warm up or pre-sell style that readers will appreciate, having a link to your contacts site from which you benefit from if they click (what affiliates is all about).
Or use your own unique domain link as a redirect so you can track how many clicks etc.

Then start writing for more than your blog, meaning articles with a link to your blog on them to post to the directories, this is done for good ONE WAY backlinks and will produce traffic over time too.

Internet marketing is not a tool as such like a blog is, it's marketing online, in many forms, using many tactics to get results, in a way it's a mindset to approach what you do, whether it's using a blog, website, email, social networking etc.

My friend here will need to learn aspects of internet marketing of course, but thankfully they will be a blogger first!

So it can lead to asking, do you blog and then learn internet marketing to monetise the blog?
OR learn internet marketing and have a blog as part of your internet marketing arsenal?

May seem strange but I feel the best bloggers were just bloggers who then got into internet marketing to learn how to monetise and maximise their blog, they already had success blogging just not making the money from the blogging effort put in. They were in effect not doing it for the money, but then realised it was a good way to earn a living, rightly so.

The internet marketers who chose to start blogging usually have a different agenda from the start so they never quite get the results in the sense of readership. The relationship between readers and the blog and blogger is different.

So, how to go about it?

I think that you have to have in mind a monetisation plan, even if it won't bear fruit for 6 months, the action put in over them 6 months may well make a big difference to the monetisation ability of the blog 6 months on.

Internet marketing gives you a wide range of areas to utilise, look at the big sites like amazon, ebay, etc, they all utilise internet marketing even if indirectly, its a part of the whole and can't be ignored.

So what can you take away from this post?
  1. Start with your passion or interest, if you have a few do them all to see which is best and most likely to work for you.
  2. Check there is a possibility of getting readers, buyers etc, no competition in a niche can mean no-one is in it, for a good reason most likely!
  3. Monetisation usually comes last, but factor it in with all you do for the long term plan, done right things you do now should earn in a years time, two years time, etc.
  4. Do more than you need, write extra articles etc.
  5. Just DO IT. :o)
Any thoughts?

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Make money online or choose to be more social ...

Well of course I make money online passively with ease, while sipping cool drinks on the beach on a faraway island under the sun ... all because I put in the hard work of writing over time. Yeah ummmmmm right, not quite there yet! ;o)

If life was that easy, we would all be rich, happy, at peace and living the lifestyle we really wish for ... but it isn't, so we aren't!

We make bad choices, silly mistakes, regrets that can hold us back or just plain miss the path that was expected of us altogether!

Some end up living a lifestyle we would never have imagined one time, an old friend who is a tramp, an ex boyfriend who was good with you is now a married wife beater, the old shy school friend who sleeps with married men, the brainy one who is now an unhappy smack-head (heroin addict).

Sometimes it goes the other way ... the thick or ignorant school friend everyone took the piss out of who is now a multimillionaire with their own huge company, passively making money AND living the dream lifestyle they chose!

Non of us will always make the right choice, ever, mistakes are what allow us to grow.

Each of us will have bad periods in life, where it seems dark clouds gather and linger all too long, if you followed this blog you will know I've had them myself, I made choices and dealt with them but I also had to be patient, the one virtue we all need to utilise a little bit lot more ... people waste time not being patient.

Everyone wants everything yesterday! Won't happen!

The best thing about yesterday is what you put into action to make today better.

Lifestyle, isn't that the most important thing we can actually get to choose?
Doesn't that one choice effect all the other things?

If only we chose what real lifestyle we wished for at a young age, like when we leave school ... sadly we don't even have a clue at that age, we just daydream, and yet as we get older we realise those very daydreams weren't quite so far fetched or far from the truth of what we really should do to create the lifestyle we later wish we lived.

At 16 I just wanted to be a writer, or an artist, being either was a hard path to follow then. ;o)

Life is only a string of choices ...

It's your life, it's your fault, they were your choices!

I know how you feel, the mistakes, the dark clouds in my case were my fault too, taking some repsonsibilty for it means they get less grey. :o)

If you are you anything like me you felt the clouds came from nowhere, making it a bit overwhelming at times, the more you looked the darker they seemed to get ... you wonder what the hell happened to get it this way, so quick and so gloomy, your mood changes with it.

Stop, here's what I found ... looking back over things, you always in the end, came to a choice that you made which started the change, the catalyst from which things seemingly snowballed.

That choice may as so often happens have been so insignificant at the time it was made, it would be hard to have considered any other choice at the time, seeing it seemed so small a choice.

Show's how we really should make our choices better, think things through a bit more before choosing, even if they do seem trivial choices at the time.

Granted it may still not change the outcome, because we can't definitely know the outcome, but what if we did spot a small difference which hindsight later proves to be true?

Making better small choices where possible has to lead to a better path, less mistakes, better results, a better lifestyle.
Which is why the dark clouds are now passing for me, I've made better choices from the moment I took responsibilty for the choices made before, which were the root cause of the doom in the first place ...

Some of those choices weren't easy, they were needed though in order for me to see more of the light.
I have had to remove one or two friends, with nothing personal in the reasoning, from one or two places, because I can still see them on another site etc.
I am in a sense using different places in a different way and I feel they don't fit with how I use the particular site.

It's why I have been quieter on all the social sites, well, facebook being the main exception, there is a good reason for that too. :o)

Being social is all well and good, but it is not going to improve my lifestyle, only getting results will do that, although being social on these sites is fun and helps this blog with traffic etc, this blog is not one that I have set out to monetise or such.

So I am better off spending more of the time I use being social doing the things that will help me improve my results, which also allow me to improve my choices.

Writing is what helps me make money online, and doing that on the right blogs and sites is what gets results, what pays for the lifestyle I want to live. Seems I wasn't so wrong at 16!

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Just a hunch, but it's usually right

Interesting day doing doing some basic cyber housekeeping on here and elsehwhere and while looking at the stats on my make money online blogs I noticed a few things that I have now changed, which I have a hunch should help me with better results mid to long term, on them and on here!

It's only a hunch, although as I say, they are rarely wrong. :o)

Do you listen to a hunch you have anytime you have one?

What was it I noticed?

80% of the traffic came through with one word in common or variations of the word, other words meaning the same thing ... I don't know exactly why it never stood out before, call it another hunch but it could be the fact statcounter has changed the data on keywords recently. :o)

So I changed a few post, the wording of them adding a bit more content, also in some newer post on them I added a keyworded backlink to older relevant post that people may click on if not the adsense ads. :o)

Just a hunch, one that could make a big difference but something I wouldn't have even had, if I never did the housekeeping on here a few days ago, which led me to doing it elsewhere.

If you get a "hunch" about something, take notice of it and act on it, hunches are rarely wrong and if they can help you make money online too, great!

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Can you make money online then? Probably not...

I just wanted to know how to make money online, so I did what most would do, I went and searched for it, it was the dream of being able to make money while sleeping that got me asking and looking in the first place.

In doing so I got sucked into the internet marketing forums, which was a good and bad thing, good being it taught me alot and I became friends with some great people, I got started doing something because the friends gave me the confidence to just do and I knew I'd get nowhere if I never did anything!

I met people who had already done the things I were thinking about and shared their experiences so we had the benefit of being able to avoid any mistakes, we also had the benefit of other people understanding what we were feeling and going through. We were all in the same boat, as they say!

The bad side was the murkiness, incestousness, pitch-festy nature of the niche, to much misinformation that gets spouted in them by people who haven't a clue, too much taking advantage of noobs, newbies, whatever term you are familiar with.

I don't give a shit about any "marketers" who say otherwise, I have SEEN it with my own eyes and I KNOW many of you do take advantage, raping their wallets / purses etc while filling them with crap that gets them nowhere, it seems you don't really want them to succeed ... just keep giving you money!

The reason I feel most will never make money online, because of the crap information and misleading shit the IMers have shoved down peoples throats, some of it just plain lies!

The one thing about this IM was it fired you up, you start to chase that dream of making a success of becoming an internet marketer who makes a good income, or at least you think you can do, in reality most people sat on the forums discussing it instead of doing it. (Regardless, some did take action, not only that they left the forums too, I don't blame them either!)

It's not long until you're working all day at the day job, getting home, having some food then jumping on the PC until early the hours of the morning doing this or that ... then grabbing a few hours sleep before getting up for the day job again ... and so on!

That crazy feeling of not being able to switch off in order to sleep, I now see people saying on facebook. ;o)

Put simply, it's all addictive, it sucks you in, the difference though is the IM niche makes you think like a marketer with added thoughts of psychology, human behaviour on and offline etc, it got you thinking about the "herd" so to speak, it's good and bad again. :o)

Nevertheless, I do see it happening with friends on facebook now, some are up until early hours of the morning, knowing they have to get up for the day job just a few hours later ... but to make it worse I have even had a few there ask me about how they could make money online.

That's ok, the question I ask them is "do you want to be sucked into this or do you really want to make money online?

There is a big difference!

You either will make money online or you can't! ;o)

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Bloggers beta dashboard is interesting

As part of my make money online attempts I aim to utilise blogger and blogspot in particular, as I mentioned in the last post I am still debating on whether I will move this blog to another platform like WP or keep it on blogger.

I never noticed until now but there is a blogger "beta dashboard", silly the links are right at the bottom of the dashboard page, lots of blogs makes it drop right down there out of the way, the beta is where the newest changes are shown for using or testing out would be a better description and there are some interesting improvements, namely the time and date stamp being at the time of publishing rather then when you opened the blog post editor.

Good for scheduled posting and in the cases where you run out of steam but feel you still need to add more to the post, up till now I'd use Gmail drafts or notepad and save to desktop until ready to post.

Another good thing added is the "add location" whch utilises the google maps, will use that on the Portland blog.

I think blogger is only going to get better so I will put off any moves and such with this blog but look forward to testing beta more, using it with the make money online blogs, in other words the niched blogspot blogs.

Have you tried using the beta dashboard yet?

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