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Change and resonating with readers...

I have been busting my nuts over what I should do with this blog, as you already know from a recent previous post I will have to get off FTP and with the benefit of the speed increase the happens after that, I can and will be editing and changing a lot here.

It's needed and I already started! ;o)

Having had a tidy up with my hosting and sorting files, folders out and generally maintaining things, it's all looking better prepared for what I want to do.

As for the blog posting via FTP... at the moment it's a nightmare to deal with, I am looking forward to ending the damn nightmare too!

Anyway... (shrugs)

When I have got off the FTP I can sort things out in a few days of solid action and hopefully, doing that will boost my motivation for it and in turn do better from there on, I might change the template therefore the look of the blog too, why not...a fresh start.

As long as I stick to the blogging rules...

When it comes to blogging, there are no damn rules... not real rules but to me there seems to be plenty of guidelines to what makes a good blog, I read enough of them and as you already know, I think you have to be better reader if you want to be a better writer.

Because when it comes down to it, that's all that really matters, words, writing. But what power words have!
The pen is mightier than the sword, as the saying goes... gotta be careful them words there!

I need to improve the content you read, but also for it to differentiate from all the other gazzilllion blogs and sites out there I have to be different somehow.

I know I need to narrow the focus of the blog, then edit what I can to improve it for that chosen focus, improve content, even on older posts, delete what I can keep that what fits, just generally improve things all round.

But what to focus on?
That's my dilemma, doubt I am the first to have this dilemma and doubt I'll be the last, maybe a better thing to ask is...

How can we write what resonates with the reader in a way that matters?

People always write that following your passions, expertise, and writing around that is the way to go...while I can see why and have said myself that its a good way, but mainly to start out and get you going without letting procrastination stall you, if it's an obscure thing, its a good practising start to move on something better and if it's a reasonable "niched topic" with a good chance to doing well anyway, carry on and ramp it up!

If you read anything you are already in a position to know what pulls the reader in with that topic, giving you some idea of what and how to write what appeals to them, if you can so it makes sense to blog on something you love to write about, but to really resonate with readers you gotta do something special, out of the ordinary, something that gets noticed by those who's attention you want. Zig to everyone else's zag!

But only if it will be worth while, that is it's not just a case of doing it for the sake of it, after all, you put alot of emotional and mental effort into it and you know... it's hard work!

So, you gotta get something out of it too, whatever it is you choose as the reward, benefit.

If something does stand out from what I learned with experience and have seen happen elsewhere (too many times to be a coincidence) is being consistent is probably one of the biggest factors altogether, if you start resonating with the right readers with your content, however it happens, then be consistent with that.

It's no coincidence that this blog doesn't get as many post(s) commented on as a few of my other blogs (why it needs improving), take Portland Bill for example, because the niche topic is specific, targeted and I write about things that resonate with the readers, they read it, comment on it, almost every post... after all, they live(d) or have been here too, I am provoking their own thoughts, experiences and memories with what I write about and share, which encourages them to share theirs too. It helps leaving the ego at the door but allowing others in.

Learning from your own experience, not just what others say is so.

Whatever it is you do, if you stick at it, drop the crap, ramp up what works, learn something all the while and consistently improve no matter how small the margin... you are getting somewhere, no?

It doesn't all have to be pretty and amazing though, it just has to be tried.

You don't have to do one outstanding blog, you could be trying lots of little niche themed ones, seeing what works and building on that or something else entirely... whatever works for you works, be consistent in that.

So many egotistical people with an agenda tell you what you should do, usually it involves buying whatever it is they sell, but they have no idea what you need... don't bother unless you know it will do something for your own benefit and growth, really in most cases, if these people are that good, then you can learn plenty from seeing what they do themselves, rather than from them telling you to buy something.

Not to say everything out there is useless, because that would be wrong but to say, usually, you can learn what you need from doing, rather than listening to and reading, remember, you learn plenty watching what they do, not what they say. ;o)

It's great to learn from others, it's worth listening to what they say, reading what they write but don't take anything as gospel unless you try it yourself...the only proof and results that matters are your own (not illegal and black hat stuff though!) ... don't take my word for things I say on here, if it works for me, it might not for you, same anywhere with anything.

Everyone is a marketer.

I love getting stuck into marketing, marketing is everything in a sense, being passionate about it is great, the experience gained over the years is worth it's weight in gold and every aspect of life is in some way effected by marketing, whether it's from or too you, it's entwined with human behaviour, itself fascinating.

The internet itself has just changed marketing by taking it to a new level, adding a better dimension to it, it's just a new different platform with a better reach and possibility of measured growth.

It's not just businesses, it's everyone, everyone is a marketer...

It's not about "pushing" something onto others etc, it's about making the most out of everything you do, bettering it in any way possible in order to get the most from it, being aware of those on the other side of the screen, whoever that is and bettering what they see, share, use whatever it is you do.

The shift needed is getting from the customer or reader mindset to the marketers mindset, once that shift happens everything changes, overnight with some (me) or a bit longer with others but it happens and as you know mindset is everything too, it's that important, it's a different way of thinking.

Once that shift happens... you realise that you were a marketer all along, just the awareness of it in every part of life has sunk in, be it  and when you then look an the internet, it's never the same again!

Everytime you share something, you are marketing someone, everytime you write something (even a facebook status or tweet) you are marketing... even if it's only marketing yourself, intentionally or not, you have the power to build up and pull down, awareness is all you need.

You also realise the power you have if application is made to use it and with your marketer hat on!

You could make change!

Everyday people are making change...

The internet I am starting to think is the idea platform, nothing is better as an idea platform, and the value of the idea is the real currency and people are getting them ideas, thoughts, notions out there, some remarkable, some not, and plenty of middle of the road stuff... where's your stuff fall in that?

I wouldn't profess to saying I could change the world, but I could say my world.

Same as you, but collectively it matters and makes change.

I now realise what I want from doing what I do, to change my world, I don't to be sat on my arse all day writing mediocre and varied stuff anymore in the hope it works out, testing, trying more, I want to write less often but with better impact,  shouldn't we all aim for that?

I want to improve the things I use to do this stuff, I want to improve the way this stuff gets out there, improve what it is that works on doing all that and keep doing that.

That's the thing striking me about having a blog and writing, it changes you, it is almost empowering some form of self growth, self awareness, self education, naturally you learn alot doing it and you grow, one post a time.

Not that I am writing about self growth etc, just that it's a part of the process itself and I really do think everyone has something important to share with others, it's just finding that something.

I just realised we have to write stuff that resonates with us first, from this post I see I need to keep making the changes I am making. :o)

I put some effort into this post, that's the thing I have to keep at, make every post worth writing... my reward from you? If you like it, would you share it using the button below? Comment?

So, what about you?

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Social media sucks....

Friendfeed sucks...

Twitter sucks...

Facebook sucks...

Forums suck...

One way or another it all sucks.

Either it sucks your time away or if you get lucky it sucks bandwidth from your site, blog.

Often it does both and yet how do you value that time used on being social?
More so when nothing comes of it?

It's all very well spending hours being social but if you are in the position of having to earn online it's not helping spending it on sites like these unless there is some marketing behind it...which is part of the issue with social media not really being a "fit" with marketing...not obvious marketing anyway.

It's been a common thing lately, this monetising issue in friendfeed, twitter etc but I mean with us as individuals.

Is it actually helping you or your work, business.

I could see a big benefit for a freelancer using social media in many ways, sharing their work etc would possibly lead to more work and could be a good move to make.

But for the majority of us?
Either it's a fun thing or just a useful place to get interesting links etc.

So how are you using social media and how is that working for you?

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"Internet Marketing, MAKES you GREEDY?"

IMers, "Internet marketers" for short, you know them, they promise secrets to easy make money online riches all for a princely sum of $27 or something.

Upon delivery you see details on "getting rich selling ebooks about getting rich selling ebooks"... and!!

Huh wait a minute!

That's Crap!

Not that all IMers are like this, but lets be honest.
Isn't it this that sticks in most "newbies" throats?

I have no bone with ANYONE in particular, I just notice some things that ARE getting talked about in this way, more than usual from my experience, some have no idea I was ever in that "niche" if you like.

It's nothing new as such, but sheesh it sure looks worse from some angles.

That way of generating cash, short term gains was a successful one for some of them, some have moved onto better things, other niches etc.

Without naming people as there is no need to do that, I gotta say some of them are relentless in what they do.
Some of them brag about their fortunes yet CONTINUE to push a link everywhere they are, go, whatever, for a crappy product at times.

Let me ask...Are YOU greedy?

If you have made so much money online anyway, why are you CHASING it?

Why misuse things for that small benefit you gain in the short term?

Why when you should have built a base of fans big enough to spread your work for you, do you continue to push stuff into our faces?

Why do you continue to try and grab a big market share, shoving your aff links (spamming in many ways) everywhere, including asking others who are also in some way YOUR competition to spread the word about things you mainly benefit from?

How are those "under you" on the chain supposed to grow when those who do things like this who are above them (like you) stifle them?

Don't talk about "abundance attitude" I KNOW there is enough for everyone, but where do you STOP?

Not talking mainly of ethics, just where do you draw the line?

Have you even thought about it?

The big guys have a great opportunity to do it right in my eyes but many miss the right way, they don't CARE, they ONLY want MAKE MORE MONEY ONLINE!
Social networking sites are being used badly if you ask me.

This user generated web that is now here more than ever will spread that bad word about the greedy ones fast and far.

Vice versa with the good ones and the generosity.

What price a reputation now?

I think there is going to be a big shake up somewhere regarding all the IMers out there.

Some are good some not, some are greedy, some not... where are YOU?

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"You tell me, I'll listen"

a pump on Portland

It's been a real summer of reflection and change in some ways and they say people fear change, well I would like to embrace it for what it is, not least because the last 7 or 8 weeks has taught me a huge amount. ;o)

Learning things in ways I wouldn't have expected and yet learning things where I wouldn't have even looked....right under my nose! ;o)

The blogging side of it is no different on that score and what I have gained over that time I couldn't put a price on it in many ways but putting what I have learnt into practice is the key.

That's the aim and it is giving me two feelings, one of slight anticipation and one slight excitement and fear mixed.

One the one hand it's all "go for it" and yet on the other it's "what if goes wrong?"

So who better to ask than you, the reader. :o)

You see there seems quite a divide among bloggers and no-one will please everyone but at least pleasing your own readers is the main thing. :o)

What's this divide?

Monetisation and those who bleat about the so called "cause", which I guess is that blogs are "diary's, personal, not meant for making money with"...the brigade who in my eyes have no place telling others what they should and shouldn't do on their blogs.

If blogs weren't made for monetisation why did Google start AdSense?

But I digress, the fact is there is a divide and to me it's as daft as ya like. ;o)

Blogs are simply dynamic websites, no more no less. ;o)
The easy way to build an online presence...for anyone, and fast.

But it also got me thinking... ;o)

I got thinking about this blog and what I want from doing it as well as what other plans I would like to carry out elsewhere...which way am I going, and where to?

I got thinking about what I can do, now and further down the line.

Well I got some answers from, but I don't read this blog, I write it so the reader is as important as me in what can be done to improve things, after all that's the whole point and you benefit the most. ;o)

I did get some great tips from a readers view from a discussion board and it made me think too.

I will tell you why too...and I do think it matters.

We all market, we all not all marketers yet we are.

An oxymoron I know but what I mean is it's a mentality, a marketers mentality and it's more so with IM, (Internet marketing).
So while we all blog we need readers and in some way the blogs are marketed to them, even indirectly, if you market in some way yet you may not actively market.

You don't have a "marketing head on" all the time.

It's a real thing and it can also be an addictive thing but also being exciting, frustrating uplifting all rolled into one it can be a nightmare to stop, to turn that "marketing head" off.

IM is a myth, a mentality, yet a reality! ;o)

But here's the rub, without learning what I have through IM I wouldn't be where I am now. ;o)

But I digress, where was I?

Oh yeah...having stepped out of the IM circle a bit in the last month or so I have had my eyes really opened by stepping more into the blogosphere and the "social network" side of the net...which I always known of just not realised the scope and benefit of it.

The future is there, and we are a part of it already.

But I also now realise who diverse the wider picture is and feel more in line with where I am going and how, just need to act and act the best I can on what matters while also growing in the right direction.

This blog is a big part of that direction.

Lets be straight here and lets say...for instance, as it could be anyone of us bloggers and most of us will have asked themselves at some point, so for example...

It cost £30, or $30 to be online a month, so we can say...

The reality is £1, or $1 a day from this blog keeps this blog going easily, so that's free Internet...not much is it?


Where does that come from?

If I don't get that how can I do that?

And every month?

(Sheesh my IM "marketing head" is partly back on... See... ;o) )

The basics people say are you usually get a 1% response rate, meaning 1 out of 100 will actually give, buy, act in what way gets you the £1 or $1 but...

Only if they have a way for you actually getting that £1 or $1.

  • If you rely on Adsense or similar you need alot more than 100 visits to get the £1 or $1 a day.

  • If you have good traffic to your blog you could do it with Adsense easy, if it's the action you want and lead them to take.

  • If you have something to sell that your readers can buy you may well do it easy.

  • If you sell adspace privately you may well do it easy.

  • If you have a good readership and a good niche and you are an affiliate you may well do it easy.

  • If you have a good following of fans whether due to controversy or other you may well get the traffic funnelled someway to earn indirectly.

  • If you give great content freely and people donate to you.

It's the last one that's so pleasing to me and THAT is the one I like most. :o)

When I get a beer it does make me feel great and knowing someone gave freely is the icing on the cake. ;o) Maybe it's the supposedly "subliminal messages" here which I can't find! ;o)

But if you did all of above you make your chances better and worse, depending on how you do them...mix and match is what most people do.

So while I was asking myself these questions I realised making money from this blog was never really an intention but it has become a need for now because of that stepping out of the IM circle gave me a slight dip which I has risen above now...just hoping not too late. ;o)

I view the world online a little different to some being deaf it makes the world more communicative. ;o)
More accessible and for that I want to stay online for good.

Re-thinking plans and taking the lessons learnt I have to embrace changes and I will. ;o)

So where do you come in?

Well I got thinking about how this blog looks, what you get from it and how best to ensure of a £1 or $1 a day thrown in the mix.

Just for the simple reason of making the Internet pay for itself via at least one thing I do and if it's this blog than all the better...

Because I give all in this blog the best I can and want to improve, grow and write under no pressure of the content I put here, meaning it doesn't have to do more than I need it to do money wise, I enjoy writing on here and want to enjoy it more. ;o)

So in all honesty I only need to do ONE thing...for at least £1 or $1 a day I give content that's worth it ;o)

That's why a beer is better than a sell. ;o)

It means what I wrote was worth it to someone who is under no obligations.

I prefer to write longer and better posts if I can give something to someone in some way. :o)

So two or three ideas spring to mind...

  • Keep blogging as I do, leaving the blog as is?
  • Improve the overall blog layout keeping it clean and simple yet not too different?
  • Streamline and clean up alot by reducing the adspace and similar?
  • Have only MY income makers and not other peoples, of which is very little anyway?
  • Remove all but the beer, keep on giving good content but relying on at least ONE of you a day buying a beer?
  • Remove all but the beer and the only time I really share other peoples stuff is in a relevant post?
  • A possible addition could be a forum, maybe as a place to also discuss this blogs post, ideas, share tips and or even indirectly helping by a one off charge of a £1 beer? ;o) (It stops spammers! ;o) )
  • Other ideas, or another mix?
What would make you happier to read this blog again, what would you like to see?

Would any of you feel if all but the beer was removed that you would ever buy the beer?

Or would you get me drunk? ;o) ( Not that it goes on beer of course! )

Any thoughts, comments? Please comment.

Wanna share this post?, Please do.

Or even buy me a beer? ;o)

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"Almost there"

Funny thing life...

Funny thing online life!

Anyway I digress.

A few things have happened and things look slightly up, not quite there, but the right direction, still here, with opportunities, time and effort to utilise.

One step at a time eh? ;o)

Thanks to those who have helped, wittingly or unwittingly. ;o)

So...arse in gear throttle down...away we go.. ;o)

Some good things I notice with traffic stats lately is people are keen and active out there in the wide blogosphere and social network side of the Internet, keen to read your blog and giving you the chance to see their blogs...interesting what you find out there, amazing pictures too. :o)

Funny things where you just know the feeling... ;o)

Ever the watchful (enhanced?) eye I notice something I have had to give thought, the focus of some blogs I see tend to have a theme and a narrowness, and on others they are a mish mash of thoughts, pictures, tips, others purely aim to make money, or give 100% freely, whatever.

Yet all have different expectations as you know, but do you take notice of the anticipation?

All different again? ;o)

Every time you go to certain blogs you have visited often you get a certain expectation and that influences the a big way.

What do you anticipate on a visit to each blog you do?

In most case is "more of the same", no? ;o)

So something not quite expected this time is to peak in some way your anticipation on the next visit?

Concentrate on your readers anticipation and watch their expectations change, hopefully for the better, every so often ;o)

If you have yet to grab the free book as seen on the sidebar here, it touches upon a key example in it's "pillars" which do this. (Every blogger should have that book!)

Problogger Darren does it with his "series" too.

But there are alsorts of ways this is done, and maybe it truly is each blog is as unique as the writer AND reader. Each visit for each person generates a unique reaction, spark, idea, view, inspiration, spark of anger...whatever...all unique.

We all take things uniquely every visit, every word.

So we can never be perfect in any way, why try? ;o)

Just do whatever you are but anticipate your readers anticipations every so often until it's an every time habit.

The truth to me is the focus of a blog is what the readers make it to themselves. ;o)

The writers focus should be purely intent, in whatever form, be it to share, teach, sell, give, spread, annoy, worship, gain as a fan, or a mix in any way.

The writers intent may be different for each post obviously, yet the anticipation and expectation can be the real deciding factor in the level of reaction gained from each post, the aim of the intent.

Do I think about your anticipation then? Of course.. ;o)

I anticipate that some of you are not even here, but saying "wow, great pics", or "yeah, I KNOW I've been close to doing that", some of them may be back.. ;o)

Some of you "older" readers will be here, and thinking, "jeeeesus Rob, your marketing cap has slipped, you lost readers already, some won't be back and not a money button in sight!" ;o)

Some of you "older" readers may be saying "The caps on tight enough for now" ;o)

Some will be saying "Get to the bloody point Rob".. ;o)

Some of you new readers will be saying... "Hang on, start thinking about MY readers expectations and anticipations...then how I influence it hhhhmmm.. that's new" :o)

Some will be saying..."what the heck?" "Is the man nuts?" :/

Some will say..."nothing new here, nothing to see people!, move on" ;o)

It's all good. ;o) I learn something too! That's part of my intent.
Understanding yourself is the first step to understanding others. ;o)

Any thoughts?

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Shocking, I had a browse around the forums, including the ones I was on but no longer use, the level of crap and misinformation is unblelievable.

Newbies and fakers posting about things they know nothing about trying to sound like they do know about it.

Terrible mistake, and certainly stupid when they later ask for information on how to do whatever they were previously pretending they knew.

You know the stupid idiots who have "Make huge bucks with ?? blah blah link" in their sig.

Then ask how to make some money in a post?!

You have to laugh at these morons.
Else they drive you nuts! :o)

Stupidity is abundant in some of them.

Including what are "supposedly" the best forums!

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"How to promote a blog"

Great are blogging now you need to get "eyeballs" on your blog and in your mind...
"the sooner the better!". ;o) a way I am sorry to keep you waiting...I say in a way because it's the school holidays and my youngest in bed in the other room...had i have had a great two days with him, still tomorrow to go till tea time so it's all great!...but I am not sorry too boys come first. ;o)
Eldest here on Monday for a few days... ;o)

So, while I have a chance it's time to help you along with your blog promoting!
Getting the all important readers.

Simple quick methods are...

While you researched your topic or niche, looked at blogs and sites, one of the fastest ways to start utilising that research in an extra way is to comment on the popular ones you liked and comment to the BEST of your ability in the sense of content, add to the "conversation" or topic or ask a great question to provoke a great response as your comment will most likely have a link back to your blog. ;o)

Do NOT spam blogS, emphasis on S because if you comment on 1 with good content, it's NEVER considered spamming, on the other hand... 5 different blogs with the same thing looks bad, if each blog has a different comment then you are ADDING great content and most likely all will be almost completely different comments (angles, questions etc) so it looks good overall.

Add your blog link in ALL your outgoing emails to friends, colleagues etc,
Simple to set up in your email and as it "auto adds" to each emails it's a once set up and forget effort.

Use Google to find good forums on your topic, niche, simply type into Google...

forums : topic or keyword

Join and use the popular forums you like with your link in the signature file wherever you are allowed to BUT ADD great content to the forum, help others and answer questions etc.
People WILL click your sig link but make your sig "blurb" as catchy to the eye as possible without offending etc.

You want people noticing it...

Maybe...If it was a "cake recipe forum" have...

Like Old English cakes?
20 recipes book free!
Visit "blog name" and get yours now.

As an example... BUT, people LIKE free! ;o)

Get them subscribing to your blog or newsletter, ezine, if you have one...if this is new to you, just ask. ;o)

Join community sites...web 2.0 remember... ;o)

Interact with others in your niche and build friendships etc.
Look at the "widgets" on the sidebar of this blog with pics, "my bloglog" blog catalogue" etc and join these sites and add your blog to it as well as create a profile.

A tip... BRANDING is something worth always keeping in mind.

You can use the same pics or avatars as they are known across all these sites which most do and this really does help brand you.

If you are unsure of putting a pic of you up use a related one or have a UNIQUE one created.
A unique one is what I recommend.

I have the pic of me on here and the same one is used everywhere else if I can...people will notice me and remember me. ;o)

But I also know some people are simply not happy posting a pic of themselves another way is to get a pic "treated"...same but different... ;o)


Who the heck is that!!! ;o)

If you prefer this idea head over to Nathan who did a great job on this for me, snow him under with work and mention me, say I deserve a beer for that,... ;o)

He will do a great job for you...I KNOW that. ;o)

Having a unique picture or avatar will go a long way in branding your blog and shouldn't be underestimated.

Why web 2.0 though? pages...

Here's a truth, everyone likes to see their pic, avatar on other peoples blogs...admit it you bloggers... you do, we all do and another thing is we like to see other people on our blogs too!

Interactivity, did I mention that?... :o)

You may want to use facebook, myspace, whatever to spread your word, the key is to show some interest, read other blogs sites get to know people and people will get to know you.

Funnily enough, because I am deaf in one sense its easier to "get to know someone" online than offline although people offline will tell you I do communicate pretty "normal", but online there are NO barriers! . . . Nice!! :o)

You can do it...easy, I got faith in ya!

What else can we do to get you cracking and that ball rolling along?

Write a great article with a great sig link (the whole point of article writing) at the bottom and let others use it.
This is done with ezine article databases where 1000'2 of them are there for anyone to use.
The more that use yours the more one ways you have and it does work well.

For some it may be a bit confusing...if so, its simple and it is done best by writing a great 400 to 500 word article relating to your blog topic, (use a few keywords in the article too) which has a sig link at the bottom (sig must be included by others using article), a bit like the forum one you would use, you create great content that's ALMOST enough...but leading to more on your blog via the sig link. ;o)

Submit your article to the top ezine article directories in the related topic categories.
Ask in comments if wanting to know more.. ;o)

Utilise smaller channels to gain exposure to the bigger ones.

Lets take real fame for example...the first paper you want to get into is the local one, then hope it gets picked up by a national one. ;o) Make sense...?

Blogs can be the same way.

Give great content to your readers and they may share it with others by way of a link to you or blogging about your blog and you never know "who" is reading that blog where YOU are the content.

This can work well in several ways, your great content has provided someone else with great content to utilise and ADD to in their own blog as well as possibly sparking other smaller bloggers entering the same conversation on their own blogs.

But also you may have sparked a "fan" who is a blogger considered "above" the bloggers who blogged about you and you will made yourself noticed.

It could be a long while before it happens if it does but it could explode your traffic....overnight!

Think outside the box for your niche, stand out with something.

Lets say you are doing Old English cakes, as I has done here through this, you could find ONE cake which uses what is NOW a "superfood".

Create a great article on this specific cake and hows it's used this superfood for "whatevertime" without mentioning the actual cake in the content, and a teaser in the sig which lead to the blog post with THAT cake recipe on it.

So your actual article is about the superfood...not the cake. ;o)'s about your angle, think about them in your niche topic and you can come up with some diverse angles to write about while still being "on topic".

BUT the quickest way to get a reader...

Post a comment here now and you will automatically have a link back to your profile where we can find your blog.

Any comments?? ;o)

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"Spammer Moya giving email tips?"

I have posted about this unethical marketer Cody Moya before on here and that was due to finding NO way to unsubscribe from his email BLASTING campaigns, his unsubscribe link NEVER worked, it took a public bashing in a forum to get him to manually remove me from his list.

So I had to laugh when someone showed me a link and I saw this idiot post about "email laws (important)" on his site.

Geeeesh what a hypocrite!

I mean seriously who the hell is HE to give advice he don't even follow...even if it IS the law!

Irony, as I have said many a time is the best humour you can find!

Careful you don't wet yaself laughing now won't ya. ;o)

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"How I made $1000 in 24 hours"

Been a busy few weeks and one great thing is getting out of the forums will make your productiveness improve seeing as you are creating content for yourself and not the forum owners.

But something I have to say...

Why is headlines like the one above what draws you in?

Are people so easy to pull with hype?

Why do titles like that work so well with people?

Do people really believe that just because someone does this anyone can?

The world is nuts!

I have to say...there are so many lies and misinformation around it's scary, the forums can be the worse place for it with so many "fake it till ya make it" types and flat out liars.

If that's how it works, then it's sad!
Half of these fakes are simply eager to rape your wallets and yet people let them?

Unbelievable and to be honest it's not surprising which forums are the worse for it.

Ok... people want hype and people want instant riches!

Well I have news... there is NO instant riches else there wouldn't be hype!

Anyone have an opinion on this?

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"If content is king..."

What is copywriting?

Take a look at any long sales letter and it's mainly designed for ONE thing, to get you buying something or another call to action.

Would you call it content?

Is content in some form copywriting?

I see alot of debating about copywriting, short copy vs long copy and such.
Paul Myers probably did the best example of summing all this up in his newsletter, if you are not on that list, I suggest you get on it here, you won't be disappointed. 

Good copy is used to get you buying what you hope to be good content, but what confuses me is IF that content is so good why does the copy need to "hype" it up?

For me hype copy makes the content less likely to be great, I mean who knows until you act on the copy and buy the content?

Perception is everything and the hype gives the readers a perception, for me it means your content can't be as good as you say it is.
Sometimes I am proved right...
This has a knock on effect that people will take less notice of your next bit of hype copy?

So where do you draw the line?

Why can't people just be honest and let the content speak for itself?

If you have a great product and UNDERHYPE it in your copy, people will notice that...they will perceive that your content is BETTER than what you really say it is.

This has the better knock on effect of people knowing IF you really are saying something is good, it most likely is, because you under hype yet over deliver.

Nothing so bad as falling for hypey copy and getting underdelivered content!

Why bother?

Because more people will fall for it?

Shame, for me I would rather have less buyers but more raving fans of the content, this means they will be more likely to spread the word about your content which IS what matters...not your copy!

Good grounds to hype less and overdeliver more if you ask me!

More honest marketing is needed if you want to be one step ahead of the pack in the long term.
Deliver what they want, not what you think they want.

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"Trying to change?"

Taking to blogging and IM to "change things" round?

Chasing the pipe dream that is overnight riches?

Desperate to change tomorrow and blogging furiously to do so?

Take heed of your blogs future and what you are trying to change as so well put by Seth.

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"The ultimate fake it till ya make it"

There's a fella you may know, he goes by the name of two initials, if you know who, you must be in the IM niche!

That about sums up the fake that know who, a persona who has probably earned the right to be called the "Ultimate fake it till ya make it".

Lets be clear about something straight away, the real person behind it, is probably a sound(ish) person... ;o) Most likely he is.

But the web of crap and faking it will trip you up in the end, just as lies do for the liars!

There has been plenty of "stepped over the line" moments for most people, the recent events that pissed all the ladies off comes to mind.

No doubt, the real fella is sound and done a great job of marketing the persona the way it needed to be done in order to get the desired results...made it!

The real fella is a good marketer in his own right.
He did what he planned and a good job, to a point, still ain't directly publicising ya persona.. ;o)

But to a point means he did overstep the mark with many.

Ah well this persona writing / marketing must be fun... ;o)

Rather be myself, yet had I done something of that nature it wouldn't been that extreme!

What a .... ;o)

So, no offence to the real fella, who is probably doing great and no doubt a nice bloke.

But sheesh... the whole thing has to die off soon surely, I mean the whole circus!?

Or will he lap it up from newbies from now till they wise up?

Lets face it... If I go out to town tomorrow and stand in the street asking passers by if they know who ?? is?

They will say...who?

Not ONE will know I bet.

So is he not the "Ultimate fake it till ya make it"?

Fame only in the IM niche really?

Has he gone as far as it can go?

Did the gullible ones really decide to go meet a "fake"?

Funny thing show business, even funnier in IM show business!

Any one else have an opinion on it?

Feel free to "speak up" below.

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"Is John Reese a scammer"

That was the unbelievable question I was aksed in an email.
I will not say their name as they asked me in confidence.
I obviously don't want to abuse the trust that got them asking me.

The email went to explain how they felt as I show myself to be honest on the forums etc so felt they could ask me and trust me.

Thats great, I am grateful for that trust.

Ok... so I asked them what they meant?

This is the gist of it.

Hi mate,

Sorry about this but I am fairly new to all this and hear alot about John Reese and wondered if the guy is trustworthy, is he a scammer?
Should I listen to him or not?
I see his new site is giving everything away free.
How the hell does he make money doing that?
Something seems to be making me feel that we are not getting the whole picture.
Thanks... xxxx (thats not KISSES, but removal of the name) ;o)


I have NO idea how this operson found John or his site, I am guessing through a forum or newsletter link.

I replied to them in email and told them I would also make a post here about this.

Is John a scammer?

No I 100% do not think he is anything like that at all.
Having been on his list and known him online for a while I would say he his one to watch if you want to learn anything about making strides online.
Lets face it John has gone further down this road than 99% of us.

He KNOWS what he is talking about when it comes to online marketing and making money.

He has always given value for free. Yes his new site is giving tons of info free and will help you make strides if that is what you want to do, one thing you must remember is no matter what you will STILL have to put the effort and work in to succeed.

It don't fall on your lap.

Regarding asking how will he make money being free.

Lets be honest John don't NEED the money no more, he has already made millions, he will always have a residual income from all the hard work he has ALREADY done.
If you want millions you will need to put that hard work in too.

But this new site will STILL make him money, how?
Traffic, loyal readers who then get on his list who trust him enough to buy his products when he does release them.

Give freely and people will come back for more, no?

I see it as John is already quite an authourity in this "making money online" arena so it makes sense for him to create the ultimate free authourity site.

So should you listen to him? Yes.

Is he a scammer? NO.

Are you seeing the whole picture? Probably not, John is the only one who sees that.

I hope that the reply was helpful to the sender of the email.
I hope it also gives anyone reading this a clearer picture if you wondered about him too.

I am in no way connected to John so gain nothing from him telling you this.
I answered this because the asker deserved my honest opinion.

If you want to ask me something then great, do so.
If you feel generous you can tip me by buying me a beer by clicking the beer icon below.

It's thirsty work this lark! ;o)

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Warrior forum...

Having a break has had its benefits as you can imagine.

Most of you know I use the warrior forum alot but I gotta say "its changed."
Seems thing's happened when I was offline, not sure exactly what went on nor do I really need to know.

I can hazard a guess but I will keep that to myself. ;o)

Though it of course like anything in life has negative points, I do like the place.
The simple truth is that forum can do alot for you, IF you are going about things the right way.

But what about...

The old boys club that people talk about... ok, well maybe there is one, maybe not, depends what you wanna see!

There is something of that nature everywhere really so why would it be so different there?

It's up to you how you see it and where you fit into things, no-one makes anyone do anything.

It's a shame to see those who have made alot of money and MILKED the warriors (to be honest its how it is to me) have left because things may not have been going the way THEY wanted it.

Still... what would you expect in IM?

May piss some people off saying this but I don't care... I am being honest if that's not ok for some tough, because I can ONLY be honest.

I am glad to say though, HYPE is on it's way out... great.

I think, and I am allowed my opinion, that hype is the fault of the US marketers, after all the Americans love their hype.. don't they?

Must do... they fall for it enough, if they didn't hype wouldn't be such a problem.

People can't complain when they fuel it.

So what becomes of the warriors?
Who knows... all I know is things have changed alot.

Take care,

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"Pair of cool dudes"

Taking pictures again is great, here is a picture of the two coolest dudes on the planet!

Ok, maybe I AM biased... ;o)

This is also overlooking chesil beach here.

As it's the easter holidays I will have a great opportunity to take some more pictures of my boys, though I will not be posting them all obviously.

It did get me thinking about something though, are you making the most of the different parts of the year in your work efforts?

Meaning do you capitilise on these events?

Easter, Christmas you can use in your marketing efforts.

Do you plan your year in this way at all?


Take care,

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"You choose, join in"

I was just thinking... why do I hardly get comments here?
Then one pops up on the top post.... ;o)

Life's a funny old game I tell ya!

I digress... what was I gonna say?

Oh yeah.. the pic reminded me! :o)

I think I'm at a real crossroad in life...NO not an early midlife crisis, I'm not quite that age yet!

More of what direction I go in life and what I do, things are changing whether I think about it or not, I can truthfully pin some of this down to reading or more precisely acting on two books, and having a few chats with a few people, including myself...please don't send the ones in white! :o)

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will have seen all these small things build up to whatever changes there will be, and probably relate to it. I mean I do blog about things in my life, head, whatever so you know it's some reflection of me, real.

By the every nature of blogs it's conversational.

I do feel I know where I am heading but also how too, yet you know you're part of it.
As big a part of it as you want to be in truth, after all it's your choice really, I am just grateful you DO read it, although I like writing you reading keeps me writing it.

But I don't really know what you like me writing about.

You see, I hope to have that camera I need in my hand as soon as I see it really, up to a limit of course, may have a mad rush of buys here or something ( ;o) ) that pushes me faster.

So...summer coming up, lots of pics, videos (you'll laugh or faint) and interesting things going on but I could try to relate these pics or things to things you WILL be interested know for example "how can I relate this experience to (blogging, marketing, whatever?)" topic or viewpoint.

Which way will you choose for me?

I comment on quite a few blogs, even been thanked for it a few times, playing my active part on the blogosphere, and did wonder, as you see at the top of the post ;o) , but realised I simply don't ask you too often enough.

Strange but the ones I comment on often never ask you to comment, so I thought it worked, did on me ;o)

BUT, I will ask you, please comment, help me make sure I DO keep going in the right direction with this.

Take care,

P.s wow the first P's here I think ;o) In case you wondered what books they were I spoke of earlier...It was the "Mindset" one as seen on the sidebar which pays YOU 100% commission, and John Reese's "brain dump" which you can see in previous post or archive.

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@ 10:30 PM, , create a link to this post

"Link love"

Lets talk about linking and why it's the basis of the "global conversation" which is the net, blogging is a big part of that global conversation.

Link love is the act of linking out to something you like, something you want to share. Smart linking can explode your traffic as well as give your readers something extra.

Tagging is what I call a form of link love, you will only tag to those you feel your readers will appreciate, people who you like and respect.

I recently tagged Michel Fortin with the "5 things tag" that went around the blogosphere, this did boost my traffic quite a bit.

See what I did there?
There is another benefit to linking, internal linking which is linking to an older post on your own blog. Why does this benefit me? Not only does it lead you the reader back to an older post it will also be picked up by the search engines.

It was also an anchor text link, I used the keywords instead of "click here" which is a very important part of gaining page rank due to relevance, no one searches for "click here", they will search for "5 things" tag which will show all the blogs who were a part of the "5 things" tag.

Anchor text links will always be an important part of your linking strategy and you should utilise it, whether it's a link to an older post or to another blog.

"Link bait" is not a term I really like but it is a part of linking. Some people do this in various different ways but do it for ONE reason, to get others linking to them, or at least talking about them.

People will check links to them and see the bait, it will work or it wont, depending on the reaction of the person baited.

For an example I could "bait" with something controversial like saying "Brian Clark LOVES link baiting"... :o)

How will he know I did that? By checking his stats he will see you go to HIS site via the link bait link as I just did and possibly come here, read this and SCOWL at me on his blog! Who knows what he will do, most likely NOTHING but laugh at me!

As I say it's just an example of how people do this, some do it very well.

Linking should be a big part of your blogging, after all it's a conversation, conversation's that are one way are pretty boring wouldn't you agree?

Linking is spreading the word about other people.

Linking is adding to your content, it can even be viral which is good marketing.

Gonna link to this post? ;o)

Take care,

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'); } memory = number;

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"Honest marketing"

The death of hype, especially in IM!

I will stick my neck out here and's gonna die!
Already it's undergoing a slow steady decline, hype sucks.

Hype is what you buy into...the sizzle.
Sod that...
NO-ONE can sell you your dream...they are yours to achieve, not buy.

Let's cut the's a mindset they are keeping you fleece more money from you.

I get well turned off by all the crap hype shite out there and I know many of you do too.
It will pass...when it stops working so well, you can bet your ass the marketers who use it will drop it like a hot stone.

Then they will start coming over all "honest", far too late then, the rep they have will stick.

Roll on the BS hype free marketing!
It cannot change soon enough.

Real honest content will win the day.

Content people will appreciate.

Honest marketers will clean up.

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'); } memory = number;

@ 11:13 PM, , create a link to this post

"Making money online" Pt 2

**Continued from last post.

I asked if you recognised it...if you're involved in IM (Internet marketing), then you may well guess the "dream sellers" would have sold them the basic info I gave in the last post, with some filler fluff!

Shame on them...they got easy money, yet in this scenario, the "Harley nut" would feel let down, not knowing the "how to do" part.
There is nothing they can get from it, apart from the buzz of wanting to act on it...yep, been sold the sizzle!

Then he most likely will think less of the seller, feel ripped off!

Shame...short term profits for the seller AND a bad rep.

NOT the way you want to go.

This is exactly what is going on out there.
There is hardly anything that also shows you the "how".

Not to mention the fact the sellers of the dreams couldn't give a toss about you, they already have your money!

In this scenario what would I have done?

Well the first thing would be to grab this for the scripts, you will need them later.

I would have given them a plan of action to add to it, one they can do or learn to do.

In this case, create or edit a video just to show you ten tips on basic Harley maintenance.

"Ten tips to maintain your Harley and save service fees!"

Something like that, told him to stick it on eBay, as a limited to X amount box set of videos, relevant auction, ie Harley Davidson must be in the title, then post in the right section.

This way it's "fast boost cash" to carry on with the plan.

While the eBay auction is going, tell them to set up a simple blog at, where you post pictures, write a bit about the pictures, post every other day at least once for the first few weeks, have the link to your blog on your eBay home page, have the blog called something related, like...

It's clear what it's about.

Should have sold the videos and have cash coming to keep on building.

Now add other videos to blog and start building your Harley network.

The blog is up, it's simple enough for them to carry on with, post videos to it via youtube or myspace, posting a funny or viral video will help by spreading fast.

Set up a myspace page related to Harley's.

All the while there is a link back to your blog.

The first few weeks should be interesting enough to them to keep the work effort up, if you have a passion, like this person with the Harley's, it's not's fun and more learning.

They should be getting a few keen hungry visitors, "fans" so to speak, "Harley fans" to be precise, a targeted market.

The next advice I would offer them is to visit Harley forums, read up on threads, see what problems and issues they talk about, you may have answers in either your head, or on a video.
Get involved in a subtle yet informative and helpful way.
Use a sig link if you are allowed pointing back to your blog.

Build relationships, you have something in common with them all.

All the plan is now is to set up "funnels" for the traffic you get and maximise it.

Next would be to set up a keyword related squidoo lens, probably the easiest site builder out there, have your blog feed linked to it, or just a normal link if feeds baffle you.

Write up a few good articles and post a few good pictures.

These should be good to keep you busy, update them often keep on reading the forums, you can resell more videos on eBay to keep cash flow coming in.

After the confidence grows and you know you will keep on keeping on...

Next would be to get a domain and hosting, domain should have related keywords, ie... for example.

Time to set up a site to sell you videos and other related things, ie affiliate products from Harley companies etc.

Should you know little about building a site, set it up using a template, or even using blogger or similar blogging software.

By now a month will have gone by, and you will have a few funnels of traffic set up, start getting some reasonable traffic from these as well as regular readers coming back.

You will also have started building solid relationships with "like minded people".

THAT is taking action, that is doable, that brings results.

Not so hard really, just take it one step at a time, yet start off with what's EASY.

Doing what you know and have passion for is EASY, setting up a blog is EASY.

Once you have started it will get easier and grow faster.

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'); } memory = number;

@ 8:25 PM, , create a link to this post

"Recycled Content"

So, you took my advice and grabbed one of the top $7 "reports" recently released I recommended here, articles!

You created some good content to post to one of the article database, or better to your blog or website. This is what builds your "Virtual real estate" aka "sellable businesses" up, good content.

Content is king... or at least prince!

If prince, the king could be anchoured text links...that's for another post, should you want to hear it.

But don't stop there, re-use your content as much as you can, build other uses, set up as blog content, newsletter snippet content, adword preseller content, ezine ads, etc etc...the list goes on.
Free reports to build your list, content affiliates can use to presell your products.

So many ways.

Change your mindset to realise who you REALLY are, and go for it!

Even use some of your content to create your own $7 reports, give others the big incentive to spread your work and build your list! If you have yet to get the scripts needed, go ahead and grab them when you get the $7 report.

Do you have un-used blog post, or articles?
Ones you have done, or redone from PLR that you have not used?

Content has so many benefits, it's used to get traffic, repeat traffic, links, google page rank, better search position, better authority...etc
More than I can think of.

Extend your feeder traffic by breaking down what you have to slightly create a wider section of the larger market, persuade them into narrowing into your funnel market. ;o)

Try creating a bonus viral aspect right into it.

The content you spread itself is by virtue, viral.

This is what you should be doing with all that great content you create....again you CAN create it too.

I am going to be doing just that, re-using what I create.

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Less of the bollox please..

In keeping with sticking to my true self I am gonna have to start telling you what I really think, what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, you can buy that at most hype pages if you want it.

Enough is enough, it is crazy yet you know what it is also very interesting, it wont stop!

I had enough of the crap, all sides of it and I don't believe I am the only one.

Yet the mass of contradictions, multilevel ones, ones you miss, or don't yet know about, leave a giggle inside of me, each time I notice it!

So I will share this shit with you...wise up, I am kicking myself in ways and now I maybe you will kick yourself too.

All the bashing crap, from both sides is a little bemusing, I could care less really anymore, other than seeing it for what it is, a mass of crazy contradictions.

I am not JUST talking of bashing people etc in forums, I am also talking about:

"labelled (read guru or whatever you wish) ebook sellers selling the sizzle" and... newbies saying "They sell this crap and It didn't make me rich" crap too.

It's one big joke honestly...

Those sellers sell sizzle because the buyers buy it!

Simple it not?

When does the steak come in?

You didn't order one!!

Did you?

I am in no means one of the people "raking it in", not by ANY stretch, but having been into this IM circle a while, one thing as mentioned above has not changed.

Anyway...Its all bollox whatever way you look at it.

Where was I?

Ah... I don't sell maybe I am making a mistake?

Not really...I don't WANT to try and sell sizzle.

I would rather have gravy... ;o)

Without the sizzle and steak the gravy is pretty useless!

YOU provide them...not you BUY them.

Get it straight...the sizzle is the dream...YOUR dream, NO-one can sell that to you.

Your steak is your work and your recipe is your efforts...NO-one can sell that to you.

The can get tubs of it from any shop... ;o) cheap too.

Gravy is the income! The reality.

Start looking at things objectively, a mechanic has a dream as a kid, teen, to fix cars, change them , "pimp them up" as they say, the sizzle is the same theme, yet different pictures to each of them.

Unique in each one.

The tools to do it are the same, spanners etc, the shops sell the tools, the teachers at the college and your trainer at the garage are your
Steak chefs and recipe providers.

The gravy is your talent, your knowledge.

The reality is, most of the mechanics end up stuck in a 9 to 5 garage job doing basic car fixing, after doing the training, never really moving from there, possibly never "pimping a car for money", rather as a side hobby, which COST them.

Those who really get the quality gravy are those who DO get out of the 9 to 5 and "specialise", they get to gravy the choose, get to pimp cars for money, the work selling itself.
NOT selling your time at a low 9 to 5!

That reminds me, those that sell "how to make money selling "how to make money" ebooks" are in a sense another contradiction, they say, "get into a niche, make money doing that" but sell you a book on making money online in a niche?

They say don't get into "selling books on making money selling books"... why not?, it looks like it pays!
See that contradiction there, then you realise allot of these people selling these DO use niches... hmmm.

Whatever way you want to look at it, there is hard work involved.

If you are new to this the best advice I could give you is to start taking action, whatever action you choose, just DO it.

If you are that stuck, heres an idea to get you really going, action will inspire you.

It is NOT hard at all.

Grab, now be honest with yourself and find a topic you know about, see if there is money in that niche, see what YOU can find if you are new, that gives you an idea of what others will find if they are newish.

Now write some good solid articles using that books methods, use the now well known free BUM matketing method.

Now grab a Blogger account, and this free seo book, READ that, it will give you the plan to follow.

Post at least ONE article every three days to the blog, and one to the article directory of choice.
Link them as told in the book.

Set up a squidoo lens on your topic too, add rss feed from your blog to it.

$7 bucks that all cost you!

Now DO IT. Create YOUR content, it will pay in time.

Get going, see what happens, track you stuff, improve as you go.
Do it for a month.

You will be glad you did.
You will have done something.

Now set up a seperate blog on blogger for YOU, write all your thoughts etc there, keep yourself on track etc, ideas, results.
Use it for what it is, a diary of sorts, even make it private.

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At risk of offending a few

Another shortie but simple, yet true post...

Think IM snake oil sellers, steak, sizzle..

Is the steak (work) hidden in the push of the sizzle (dream)?

Hiding or not??

For growth? It DOES look that way!

Check it out...hiding here

You decide, post in the comments... ;o)

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Keith Baxter = Scott Boulch?

Interesting to read on another SW British Internet marketers blog... Neil Shearing, who has posted a theory that these two fellas maybe one and the same!
If Neil is right it certainly is a good bit of  internet marketing.

Scott has just released his "autospy" report which is an interesting read, it tells of exactly what he did with his "death of adsense" report, and how he went from 0 to over 39,000 on his list in just a few weeks.

It certainly has got me thinking.

The way his list building is set up is a great idea in that it has an automatic way of getting those sign ups double opted in... think about that. ;o)

It is a great way to increase your opt ins, simply due to cutting out the likelyhood people don't opt in on the confirmation email.
You can read about it further by grabbing the autospy report for yourself and take notes.. ;o)

It was a great way of building a big list fast!

So... are Keith and Scott one and the same?

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