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Change and resonating with readers...

I have been busting my nuts over what I should do with this blog, as you already know from a recent previous post I will have to get off FTP and with the benefit of the speed increase the happens after that, I can and will be editing and changing a lot here.

It's needed and I already started! ;o)

Having had a tidy up with my hosting and sorting files, folders out and generally maintaining things, it's all looking better prepared for what I want to do.

As for the blog posting via FTP... at the moment it's a nightmare to deal with, I am looking forward to ending the damn nightmare too!

Anyway... (shrugs)

When I have got off the FTP I can sort things out in a few days of solid action and hopefully, doing that will boost my motivation for it and in turn do better from there on, I might change the template therefore the look of the blog too, why not...a fresh start.

As long as I stick to the blogging rules...

When it comes to blogging, there are no damn rules... not real rules but to me there seems to be plenty of guidelines to what makes a good blog, I read enough of them and as you already know, I think you have to be better reader if you want to be a better writer.

Because when it comes down to it, that's all that really matters, words, writing. But what power words have!
The pen is mightier than the sword, as the saying goes... gotta be careful them words there!

I need to improve the content you read, but also for it to differentiate from all the other gazzilllion blogs and sites out there I have to be different somehow.

I know I need to narrow the focus of the blog, then edit what I can to improve it for that chosen focus, improve content, even on older posts, delete what I can keep that what fits, just generally improve things all round.

But what to focus on?
That's my dilemma, doubt I am the first to have this dilemma and doubt I'll be the last, maybe a better thing to ask is...

How can we write what resonates with the reader in a way that matters?

People always write that following your passions, expertise, and writing around that is the way to go...while I can see why and have said myself that its a good way, but mainly to start out and get you going without letting procrastination stall you, if it's an obscure thing, its a good practising start to move on something better and if it's a reasonable "niched topic" with a good chance to doing well anyway, carry on and ramp it up!

If you read anything you are already in a position to know what pulls the reader in with that topic, giving you some idea of what and how to write what appeals to them, if you can so it makes sense to blog on something you love to write about, but to really resonate with readers you gotta do something special, out of the ordinary, something that gets noticed by those who's attention you want. Zig to everyone else's zag!

But only if it will be worth while, that is it's not just a case of doing it for the sake of it, after all, you put alot of emotional and mental effort into it and you know... it's hard work!

So, you gotta get something out of it too, whatever it is you choose as the reward, benefit.

If something does stand out from what I learned with experience and have seen happen elsewhere (too many times to be a coincidence) is being consistent is probably one of the biggest factors altogether, if you start resonating with the right readers with your content, however it happens, then be consistent with that.

It's no coincidence that this blog doesn't get as many post(s) commented on as a few of my other blogs (why it needs improving), take Portland Bill for example, because the niche topic is specific, targeted and I write about things that resonate with the readers, they read it, comment on it, almost every post... after all, they live(d) or have been here too, I am provoking their own thoughts, experiences and memories with what I write about and share, which encourages them to share theirs too. It helps leaving the ego at the door but allowing others in.

Learning from your own experience, not just what others say is so.

Whatever it is you do, if you stick at it, drop the crap, ramp up what works, learn something all the while and consistently improve no matter how small the margin... you are getting somewhere, no?

It doesn't all have to be pretty and amazing though, it just has to be tried.

You don't have to do one outstanding blog, you could be trying lots of little niche themed ones, seeing what works and building on that or something else entirely... whatever works for you works, be consistent in that.

So many egotistical people with an agenda tell you what you should do, usually it involves buying whatever it is they sell, but they have no idea what you need... don't bother unless you know it will do something for your own benefit and growth, really in most cases, if these people are that good, then you can learn plenty from seeing what they do themselves, rather than from them telling you to buy something.

Not to say everything out there is useless, because that would be wrong but to say, usually, you can learn what you need from doing, rather than listening to and reading, remember, you learn plenty watching what they do, not what they say. ;o)

It's great to learn from others, it's worth listening to what they say, reading what they write but don't take anything as gospel unless you try it yourself...the only proof and results that matters are your own (not illegal and black hat stuff though!) ... don't take my word for things I say on here, if it works for me, it might not for you, same anywhere with anything.

Everyone is a marketer.

I love getting stuck into marketing, marketing is everything in a sense, being passionate about it is great, the experience gained over the years is worth it's weight in gold and every aspect of life is in some way effected by marketing, whether it's from or too you, it's entwined with human behaviour, itself fascinating.

The internet itself has just changed marketing by taking it to a new level, adding a better dimension to it, it's just a new different platform with a better reach and possibility of measured growth.

It's not just businesses, it's everyone, everyone is a marketer...

It's not about "pushing" something onto others etc, it's about making the most out of everything you do, bettering it in any way possible in order to get the most from it, being aware of those on the other side of the screen, whoever that is and bettering what they see, share, use whatever it is you do.

The shift needed is getting from the customer or reader mindset to the marketers mindset, once that shift happens everything changes, overnight with some (me) or a bit longer with others but it happens and as you know mindset is everything too, it's that important, it's a different way of thinking.

Once that shift happens... you realise that you were a marketer all along, just the awareness of it in every part of life has sunk in, be it  and when you then look an the internet, it's never the same again!

Everytime you share something, you are marketing someone, everytime you write something (even a facebook status or tweet) you are marketing... even if it's only marketing yourself, intentionally or not, you have the power to build up and pull down, awareness is all you need.

You also realise the power you have if application is made to use it and with your marketer hat on!

You could make change!

Everyday people are making change...

The internet I am starting to think is the idea platform, nothing is better as an idea platform, and the value of the idea is the real currency and people are getting them ideas, thoughts, notions out there, some remarkable, some not, and plenty of middle of the road stuff... where's your stuff fall in that?

I wouldn't profess to saying I could change the world, but I could say my world.

Same as you, but collectively it matters and makes change.

I now realise what I want from doing what I do, to change my world, I don't to be sat on my arse all day writing mediocre and varied stuff anymore in the hope it works out, testing, trying more, I want to write less often but with better impact,  shouldn't we all aim for that?

I want to improve the things I use to do this stuff, I want to improve the way this stuff gets out there, improve what it is that works on doing all that and keep doing that.

That's the thing striking me about having a blog and writing, it changes you, it is almost empowering some form of self growth, self awareness, self education, naturally you learn alot doing it and you grow, one post a time.

Not that I am writing about self growth etc, just that it's a part of the process itself and I really do think everyone has something important to share with others, it's just finding that something.

I just realised we have to write stuff that resonates with us first, from this post I see I need to keep making the changes I am making. :o)

I put some effort into this post, that's the thing I have to keep at, make every post worth writing... my reward from you? If you like it, would you share it using the button below? Comment?

So, what about you?

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Up in smoke, changing the habit of a lifetime

Well as you can see I have been a little absent here lately, for good reason though I may add, felt as though I was in a free fall and was unsure what would catch me, thankfully my youngest son comes to the rescue in more ways then one.

Several weeks ago, about the time of the last post here my youngest brought home something from school, then brought it here for me, something that got me thinking and taking action.

Smoking... and giving it up!

One of the main reasons I have done little recently is the fact I needed to break my habit of smoking while at my pc and forming a short habit (on way to stopping obviously) of smoking in one room in the home only, namely the kitchen.

As a non drinker smoking has always been my one and only vice, one I am determined to stop for good, I know from past attempts it's going to be really hard to do and I accept that, that is the challenge I face.

Gradually I have cut down a huge deal over the last 3 weeks to a month and I already feel a bit better for it.

The main thing that rives me is not just the fact I don't wont my sons losing a dad early, but the fact my sons support me in giving up, that support is the main motivator which has surprised me somewhat.

I do of course want to see my sons have kids and for that to happen it's important I take this shit seriously and give up.

Breaking my usual habits, where and when I do smoke is going to be the main thing to keep plugging away at.

I am on my way to being an ex smoker!

But that's not all which has changed, I've also took the opportunity to take a step back and evaluate where my life is heading and where I want it to be heading.

Detaching myself from all this "stuff" I do and looking at it objectively it really opened my eyes.

I have learnt alot about myself these last few weeks.

On the whole, I am now aiming where I want to be aiming and not where I thought I wanted to be aiming...

Nothing is set in concrete in life, we have way more power of control than we probably realise.

To that end the biggest issue I have been dealing with is my mindset, we are who we are because of what goes into our minds, yet we are the ones who decide what goes into that space between our ears.

That for me means cutting out the negative crap, the news for example, who I interact with, online and offline, after all it's all influence.

The big lesson for me is the sheer ease of how things, people can influence moods.
I don't wanna be pissed off, annoyed, snappy, so I have cut off what was making me that way, with the giving up smoking it's vital I keep control of my moods.

With that in mind I have been ruthless in cutting off certain people, (although they are friends) on places like facebook, people I have known most of my life and people I have no issues with other than they way I react to what they say or do... I had to do it.

A few were annoyed with me and said as much, that's ok, I respect that but I am not going to allow it to bother me anymore, one or two berated me for cutting them off, which I found a little odd, as if they had this sense of "entitlement" and I must be friends with them.

As I said before, no offence to them, I have my own life and issue to deal with and this is part of that!

The ones who matter are my sons, they are the ONLY people with this "entitlement" as far as it goes with me.

If that bothers some people, tough.

So, while I have now got a real grip on smoking on one room, having broken the worse habits I have regarding smoking I feel I can get back into the swing of things online but with much better focus and intent.

In other words, not wasting time on the wrong places, building content where it matters, moving in the direction I now know I should in order to make things better overall.

Life IS short... to short to be wasting it on meaningless crap and wasting what precious time we do have.

Did I miss anything?

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Are you, unknowingly, creating invisible barriers too?

Why is it we keep being stopped by invisible barriers?

More often than not we create our own invisible barrier, we can't do it because of this, or that, I need this, that... *sigh.

There's the goal, you see it, you know you want to get there, your'e a bit unsure so you ask others how, what's needed to get there and if you ask ten people you will ten different opinions, views...

Nine out of ten of them will be irrelevant, maybe all of them until we actually go forth and do we will never know, we can only really learn by our own experience, yet... worse by asking others you put ten potential barriers in front of you which needn't happen, they didn't exist.

How silly of us!
How real though...

It happens every day with...

Blog posts, forum posts and what advice they share, tweets, even the news.
A lot of smoke and mirrors to fog the view.

The only real barrier we should be dealing with in any given situation is the one we create ourselves, that natural questioning part of us throws it up for good reason really.

Doesn't mean it's real...

Doesn't mean it should stop us.

The one constant is we will learn from what we actually do, regardless of what others say will work or not, that may be true for them but for yourself it's just do it, learn from it and move forward.

The barriers we create are invisible, so there is nothing to stop us.

I realise I have been doing it myself lately, but that will change...

I am going to keep fishing for results to build on.

The only way to get results is to work at it, focus, have the right mindset.

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Barriers, break em down, change the rules...

 I've been giving some thought to why we do certain things, even in a certain way, why some things seem hard to do, some seem so easy, what input do we actually put into it rather than it being like second nature, why do we still do certain things that are not really good or productive when we already know it's not.

How easy we can pick up a habit even without the intention.

We grow up with all these narrow beliefs, ideals, goals, fears, barriers imposed forced onto us, in and out of the home, by everyone we encounter, friends, family, teachers, strangers and peers.

Changing these is no mean feat, lifelong held habits, fears and traits are going to be hard to break, for anyone.

That's my aim, break my own bad habits, quash any notion that doesn't resonate with me.

Life's not easy and it's not made any easier by the way society moulds you, not to say everyone is bad, more accurate would be to say... structured moulding to benefit "some other" rather than yourself, it's also limiting in most cases to what yourself truly has to offer.

A big reason "self help" and "self improvement" is such an active area, self education really only happens when you are an adult and it's by choice.

Mindset is everything, as they say, sadly though...

Most don't bother, saying it's all "namby pamby crap" and the like... self education is not confined to "self improvement books" ~ not by a long shot.

Even though it is probably the most important education we's not forced, like school... which is the whole reason school works as it does, they gotta do it!

It shapes us so well for the end means.

You know the score, be a good boy/girl, do as you're told, go to school, get good grades, work all you life to make someone rich, pay taxes for governments to waste, have a child for the next batch of people moulding, die.... and so on!

Living by the rules of others.

The rules need changing making up as you go along.

That's not to say, you should just do as you please, break the law, anything like it... that's daft.

I am saying what rules really apply to you, for example, when I was little being born deaf it was commonly presumed I'd have to learn signing, go to a "special school" and learn to "fit in".

Well they weren't my rules, and I had no problem "fitting in" because I never felt "out of place" in the first place.

It wasn't a self imposed barrier. I wasn't going to have someone else decide how I would fare.

So many barriers we tend to live with, the main ones that need to be dealt with are self imposed but as we all know... knowing a problem is the hard part, not solving it. Recognising which barriers, problems, issues are self imposed as opposed to being due outside forces is where the real focus should be, as they are the most rewarding to break, resolve.

Truth is some barriers we simply don't see, like the one above regarding myself, they only exist in other peoples minds.

Self imposed ones we may miss, initially, but we can see them if we look at it head on and recognise it for what it is... a problem, barrier, you knowingly or unknowingly created and one you can also get over, break down.

I get reminded of this with relationships, you know some gal ya know will post "why are all men bastards" on a status somewhere, yet miss the fact they choose the men they have, they have certain relationship traits which attract a certain instead of recognising it and dealing with it, they blame the men!

The fact is we all have certain relationships, rather then certain partners.

I digress... some are... so are some ladies we could as easily say!

Obviously we are not all bastards!

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"Clarifying the focus"

Having a few of you readers emailing me to ask about my last post about the focus project and what the "membership" offered, I felt it best to clarify the matter.

This project is a forum which is not available to the general public at large so it's a private and closed forum / community.

One with a difference.

Having a forum with 10's of 1000's of members is great but if only 100 or so are active then some are missing out big time.

My aim is to to have all ACTIVE members, I feel the optimum would be 1000 for the maximum benefit to EVERYONE.

Once I hit 1000 members I may well close it completely, I will let the members have an input to this decision too.

The reason for this is obvious when you see inside, once you have joined us ONE post in particular will make it ALL clear to you.

Seeing who is here already means there will be some GREAT threads to come here plus knowing outsiders cannot see them, not much will be held back.

If you are serious about getting somewhere while setting your goals you will appreciate this project and its massive potential to help you.

As you see in the last post with the offer price and it's bonus year FREE as well, not forgetting also having a locked offer price for all years after that you have a good opportunity to make a great leap to reaching your goals.

Where will YOU be in one year from now?

Join us NOW and ensure you achieve your goals.

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"Instant income"

Isn't that a nice income to have?

Over the last few months there has been more chance for you to get exactly that...instant income. It's been made far easier with all the latest $7 report deals that have been made.
Jon who started it all has made a great name for himself with the scripts that the offers use, which gives YOU your instant income.

I have had a few of these reports myself, as mentioned in some of the latest post made here.
There will always be some that you will get and feel no way am I promoting that!

I been lucky enough so far in that I am not one to jump on every one that's been done, like some people do.

The ones I have got have been great, more so because I knew the people and know what they create.

What we should ALL strive to create, it's to easy to produce crap make a fast buck...yet what of the reputation you get from that?

No thanks...

The good thing to do, as I did was to get one, then get at least ONE sale before getting the next, so I only ever spent ONE lot of $7

So...what the ones worth getting, and why should you even want to get them?

The ones I have so far are all worth getting, but more than that they are usable, no point in getting something you can't even use or do!

The first was the actual original one, this is a must because you also get the scripts as well the blueprint to succeeding with them.

The second and probably the one almost everyone who wants to make this online lark work should grab, would be the article report.

I know this is well worth the price, I mean it's solid content, 40 odd pages of it and using it will make a big difference in how well your work comes out.
Not only that, it will improve your writing flow overall.

The third one I grabbed was the mindset one, it's no coincidence this is the 3rd best selling one of all the $7 reports you can get.

Then again it's the real blueprint to your success, however you define success in your life it's your mindset that ultimately influences you.

I also grabbed another which I am trying out before I will tell you about it.

So there you have it, all of these are good ones that you can and should USE.

The beauty of these are that as soon as you grab them from the links here, you can stick your link on your blog, website, in email, whatever and you get an instant payment into your account. reality these reports have cost me...nothing!

Yes, I have sold at least one of each and got me my money back...and more!

This is the easiest and fastest way for a newbie to generate income.

Take care,

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"Pump up your work input"

Once you have the ball rolling and have written a few articles, set up your blog or lens, you can then pump up your efforts in the hope of increasing your results.

The surest way to do this is just keep on doing what works, so if your articles are working more of them.

If you have the proof of articles working for you, simply do an article promoting the article report itself on your blog, lens.

These are some of the fastest ways to get an income coming in, the fact these reports have 100% commission going directly to your paypal account is just the incentive you need.

You will have noticed out of all the 100% commission reports out there I have shared only a few, only those I feel are worth sharing, others I have not got myself and there is no way I will give a recommendation to something I know nothing of.

The two I feel you should ALL get are the article one and this mindset one.

I am sure there are other good ones, for now these two are really what will make it easy for you.
The first will help you create decent content, the second will help you really focus on what you should be doing.

Get cracking...pump up your work input, and pump up your profits!

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"Honest marketing"

The death of hype, especially in IM!

I will stick my neck out here and's gonna die!
Already it's undergoing a slow steady decline, hype sucks.

Hype is what you buy into...the sizzle.
Sod that...
NO-ONE can sell you your dream...they are yours to achieve, not buy.

Let's cut the's a mindset they are keeping you fleece more money from you.

I get well turned off by all the crap hype shite out there and I know many of you do too.
It will pass...when it stops working so well, you can bet your ass the marketers who use it will drop it like a hot stone.

Then they will start coming over all "honest", far too late then, the rep they have will stick.

Roll on the BS hype free marketing!
It cannot change soon enough.

Real honest content will win the day.

Content people will appreciate.

Honest marketers will clean up.

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Been a funny few weeks, but the last few days have been interesting for me.

Knowing full well it IS better to have your own products, websites etc going and "out there" in order to earn that's what I am doing.

The "Warrior way" is selling, not had a complaint yet, touch wood. ;o)
I even revamped it a bit... you may prefer this one "Warrior way"

As you can read from earlier post things seem to have improved allot because of the things that have happened, documented right here, first John Reese earlier but read the FEB archive goes back further to that bottom post!


I read something else today that I know will speed that progress right up...and some because it deals with the key to it all, the "mindset" as you know.

Not what you would normally expect to read from that train of thought...but read the archive here, follow it all, till now...and you will agree.

My "mindset" has always been the key, I was just putting it in the wrong lock!

Try it!...

What do you think?.... Agree?

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Abundance of ideas

I have been playing around with some making money ideas, and will see if they are viable to take action on... looks like it could be an interesting learning experience, whatever happens I will either create income streams to bring in money passively, or it will all teach me something important I wouldn't have otherwise learnt.

Seems to me that there are a wealth of  ideas around, maybe thats just the way I see it, after all we create our own reality. I can't understand how people can say, "I don't know what to do or what will work" so do nothing ... which definitely won't bloody work!

If you really get stuck, go to your local newsagents and have a browse over the magazines, start homing in one either...

1, Things that look like they are selling well or has a good solid niche (hobbies etc) where people spend all the time even if in smaller amounts.

2. Things that YOU are passionate about and that will interest you if you take action, this is an important point if you are just starting out.

Change your mindset and have a look around you while you are doing you usual things, take note of things you would otherwise miss.

If you live in abundance you see in abundance!

What do you want to see more of?

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Law of attraction and making money online

Most of will have heard about this "law of attraction" and understand the basics behind it. You attract what you send out, like attracts like. How can we equate that to making money online?

Well what's money? Nothing more than energy, just like everything else around us is energy.

So how can you attract the energy that is money?
By giving out energy that attracts the money... when you work at your job you are spending energy for which you get a a wage, money, energy.

Want more money, then give more energy. Change your mindset!

More and more people than ever getting online for a variety of reasons, yet one of the biggies is to "make money" and the silly thing is they want it easy and hassle free, in other words they don't want to spend effort, energy doing it...they expect the energy that is money to come though!

It won't happen, for you to get anything of value in life you have to give it first.

You hear people say "money attracts money"

Law of attraction at work?

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