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Third Tribe, more useless crap!

Some interesting goings on this last week, with new batch of "cool aid" - as those across the pond say - being sold to daft newbies who either seem to NOT be learning as they are going along or new noobs who are just getting sucked in.

This blogging A-list crowd is getting worse!

I knew it as soon as I saw it in my inbox with the lame pitch and tweeted that it was a joke, before seeing the interesting few post from people who know what they are talking about, who slam the cool aid floggers!

I would never say I know it all and there are plenty of people who know more than me on all this stuff, blogging and internet marketing wise, but even so, if I can spot this crap a mile off I am bemused and saddened many can't and to that end I am glad people are starting to stand up and say "hang on, this is bullshit".... not that I've ever shied away from doing that :o)

Let's face it, those who are falling for this crap who already read the supposed A-listers blogs and other crap they write are either not getting it or they are pure fanboys, no other way to describe it, how can there be if they still don't twig that what they learn? read on the blogs is useless and just going to be reworded for the "tribe" crap or forum or whatever.

Call me stupid, but this crap "join us and we'll be friends, that will make you money, just cos you are "in" with us" ideal is obviously a bit lame, is that what they call a business plan?

Join us, we will make you a cool blogger?! Lame!

Look, I don't dislike Darren, Chris, Brian, Simone... they are all great writers, I just think this third tribe thing is BULLSHIT.

I know some say, you are cynical bugger Rob...thing is I just don't like seeing people getting ripped off!

Being charged to have your hand held and then misled along the way... no thanks.

So much is obvious on the blogs alone.

Darren doesn't do SEO in his words, well I can see that, you can't even anchor link in a way to benefit those (misguided) guest posters, check if you unsure... no doubt due to some of them being wanna-be-famous-like-you guest posters, they don't mind being linked using their names.

Ah well, Darren's take on this third tribe thing, useless nonsense.

Reading one of the best rants about this whole situation, I doubt the writer Grizz would like a useless link, maybe as he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the make money online situation he would prefer this! :o)

Andy Beard also, I have known Andy for years online, read his stuff alot, he shares alot on SEO tips .. maybe Darren and the other cool aid sellers should read his stuff too!

So, these people wanna charge $47 a month!

To hold your hand and tell you "you are cool cos you are with us" all the while reading their rehashed crap and fawning over them.

Just my opinion and I am entitled to it, keep ya money, use it on something else or buy ya loved one something, hold their hand instead!

When they start showing they know what the hell they are talking about, then maybe we start to listen to them, till then... steer clear is my advice, go read Grizz's blog if you want the real nuts and bolts on how it all works.

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May day already....

First of May already? Going fast this year is it not?
So how's today for you? Is it much like the first day was?

Hope not!

Interestingly someone emailed me a few days ago after contacting me via twitter wanting help and with an interesting rant/opinion and lesson all rolled into one.

He is, in his own admission, one of those I spoke of earlier, a new-newbie and more or less did what I said, having a struggle offline with insecurity of work and "feeling the pinch", he came online actually wanting to make money online and as easily and as fast as possible. (Unlikely in most cases if at all)

The perfect "fish" for the "guru(s)" slick salesletter(s) full of "bait" really.

So anyway, he bought this ebook, he ranted about how "the stuff in there made little sense to me and I would "do" the things if I... knew how".

Therein lies a very big problem with all these "making money online" products.

They don't care that you don't know how to (actually) do it, just that you bought the product "telling you how to do it."

A bit like a car manual...the writers are not "concerned" whether you can ACTUALLY use a spanner to do the job, or not, just that you buy the manual telling you how to do the job. (IF you know a spanner! YOU succeed, if not?)

THAT should be the very thing you question when you consider whatever you are looking to "buy" online relating to "making online onine".

Not to ask that, "would it work" but "can I actually do it"?
If the salesletter doesn't give you enough information to ask that basic question, skip it!

Seriously, you are not "missing out" if you don't get it, no matter what "they" want you to believe, because you CAN'T do it anyway.
The basic clues should be there right on the salespage if you can stay out of the hypnoticness of the writing.

As Ian said, "the stuff was all jargon like joomla, mambo, adwords, ning and PCC, CPC, FTP, pinging, whatever they all are?"

Sometimes I think the salesletter writers don't realise they do it, or that they do it intentionally. OR it's both!

For example...

A book sharing some blueprint you will need to use wordpress (blogging platform) with but not actually saying "blogging" could confuse you if you didn't know what wordpress was or was used for therefor had no idea how to use it.

They presume you know what wordpress is, or intentionally let you be confused.

They just want you to get your money out and spend it with them. Simple.

As Ian said in another point... "I feel tricked" to which I asked him "would you buy from them again? And his reply?


So the salesletter succeeded in what it set out for, getting the sale, but as these gurus harp on about "building the relationship in order to make more money over time" so often, and it is the thing they all say, you would then wonder why it seems to be ignored in reality with them.

I mean yes, they got the sale... the first AND last! So much for "building the relationship."

It's numbers to these guys, they don't give a rats arse about the relationship with the buyers so long as they get more new suckers, buyers.

Ian went on... "I wouldn't even know where to start with this as I don't understand 3/4's of it let alone what to do with it to make money!"

Understandable, been there, done it. ;o)

And then he asked... "so where should I really start?"

My answer to that would be... from wherever you are now, meaning building on whatever skills, expertise, knowledge you have right now that you can leverage in some way by delivering it to the right eyeballs.

Sounds simple, it is, yet it's not "easy".

The problem is it would take way more than a blog post, or an ebook, or a membership site, whatever, to explain all of it as there are far to many gaps to fill with everyone, as everyone has a different skillset, knowledge base etc so it's impossible to get it right for everyone.

No two people are in the same place.

This is why there will never be the "perfect" product online.

It's a huge multiple dimensional multimedia situation. We all fit in it differently, interact with it differently, learn from it differently.

All these ebooks, blog posts, websites, social sites, etc are just pieces of this overall multidimensional jigsaw.

So, you should be asking, "what fits my skillset, knowledge base? Or "where can I fit that into this "Internet" thingymigig"?

Then apply the actions to learn what you need to learn so you can apply the actions needed to get to where you need to be.

Put simply, there is NO get rich scheme, or fast easy way that anyone can just jump onto and do. You will NOT find it so why waste time trying?

Learn what you need to learn, not what others make you think you need to learn.

That is simply ignore the slick sales letters, find what you can do or apply, then learn what you need to learn to actually apply it.

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Increasing your traffic flow

Creating a website or blog is in some way the easy part for most people and yes admittedly some just find it hard to just start, therefor never getting anywhere, in reality anyone can create a website or blog, it's getting people to see it that's the frustrating part for most when starting out.

Getting traffic is one of the keys to making any website or blog work, whatever the site or blogs aim is, to make money online, get known for something, it needs people seeing it... we all know it's a case of no visits = no good!

Traffic is always good and to anyone just starting they will take any traffic they can get, those little trickles of traffic at the start do an important thing other than give you readers, they give you motivation or added motivation, I say that as you were obviously already motivated enough to make a start.

The motivation to keep at it is important because the truth is a little patience is needed to see it through till results show themselves.

I know this because I have been there myself yet something so important I had to learn the hard way was...

Not all traffic is equal, no matter what anyone says to you that is a truth.

Targeted traffic should be your real aim, you want the attention of people you write for, those are the only people you really want to be reading your website or blog.

When starting out though, getting traffic from a few of the right places can help alot, the issue is knowing where to look and how that works.

You can aim to get traffic from the SEngines right from the word go, which is of course a sensible thing but a hard thing to start with, that is a long term aim really. For now your traffic needs a kickstart to get that motivation flowing steady, keeping you "at it."

So it makes sense to look at traffic elsewhere at the start and where you can fit in with it. That means looking at blogs and sites that are already getting traffic, targeted too in most cases.

Think of this blog as a little bit like the tap in the first picture, much like the majority of blogs and sites out there, all get a smaller steady flow of traffic which gradually increases if you do things right.

You just need to find the sites and blogs like these which are related to your own by topic and get in front the flow of traffic, which can be done by making a great comment on a blog post which leaves a backlink to your blog or site, for an example.

Don't spam the blogs etc, create a decent reply that fits with the post itself...a compliment to the post if you like, or a continuation of the conversation started by the post.

Don't be worried over it, they want you to comment and if you are adding value to their readers they will thank you for it. That is you contributing.

Getting actively engaged in the niche topic you created your site or blog around gives you exposure to the right market of people you aim for and they will seek you out and read your site or blog. Interest them with good content and they will come back again and tell others about you.

Find blogs and sites in your niche topic you enjoy reading as they will show you itself what is working well, it's working on you after all. These may be the ones you want to comment on and engage with the blog owner and their readers.

It so often happens that a big traffic blog or site owner will see you sharing good content through you making inroads in the niche topic via the smaller trafficked blog(s) comment(s) etc, they like your style and may well come and read your blog or site to check it out for themselves and really like what they see.

Ultimately they are owners of big blogs who have traffic flowing like that big tap above, think of the a- listers who have huge traffic and you'll know what I mean, all it takes is for one of them to write about your blog on their blog and you will see big spikes of traffic flowing your way.

Make a point of commenting on their blog and thanking them if it ever happens, engaging with them and their readers will help the momentum already started.

Even if they never write about your blog or site you should still make a big effort to post a good and useful comment on their blog, engage with the readers, people will check you out via the link posted on the comment.

The key thing to remember is to never neglect the smaller flow blogs as they are the lifeblood traffic, the big hitters are the one offs if you happen to get lucky with it.

By continuing to build the relationship with the smaller traffic bloggers and site owners you collectively increase each others traffic and reach which over time can lead you to become a big traffic blog owner!

There it is, build good relationships with other bloggers and their readers to give you a good start in creating the valuable traffic you seek, then if your aim is make money online doing it, you will be on the right path..

Does it make sense?

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"Make money online"

This "make money online" niche is a strange one in many ways and there's no doubt IM or Internet marketing as it's really known as has earned a bad name online with all the "pitchfest crap" going on from the so called gurus who cross promote each other with every launch that happens.

This is why I suggest ignoring the so called big names, they are not giving you want you really need to make money online, only their own or some cronies pitch to suck your wallet or purse dry and to get you on their email list for future pitches.

Often whatever it is they sell turns out to be useless, either because of the steep learning curve, or it's is just a tool which doesn't deliver....the problem is the promises and hype that goes with it which so often is misleading or plain lies.

Making money online does require a form of marketing, whether to people, or the search engines like google you will have to target something, someone, which one entirely depends on your niche and your money making strategy, affiliate sales, sales of own products, services, or even just using adsense.

There are several key positives and negatives to each strategy you use and it takes the right planning to decide which best fits your skills and more importantly still your audiences needs, be it people or search engines.

The simple truth is there are so many systems and strategies within the IM niche it does get a little confusing, distracting and is often a pain in the arse to get your hear around.

Internet Marking (IM) is basically marketing whatever online, there is no right thing or wrong thing to market unless you start to consider ethics, which is purely subjective to each of us.

I wouldn't want to see you get "sucked in" like happens to a lot of us, mainly through the simple fact we started to consider "how to make money online" and like a new book reader in a library starting to feel overwhelmed when we looked online for the answers.

IM gets to the point where you go to bed with your brain buzzing, wake up with IM on the brain's a passion to a point.

Being new, if you are, you have a great starting point to work from as you do not have that "jaded" mindset like some of us had or have, you are like a school leaver choosing a career without the jaded view of what "work" is really like.

It's the "newbies" who the so called big names target to exploit this freshness of mind, this enthusiasm to learn to earn.

A fresh marketer is not yet jaded by these gurus, don't let it happen either.

In one sense we are all marketers, whether you agree with that or not is not really the issue as the truth we are all marketers be it online or offline, whether we like it or time you see people chatting each other up in the pub, club etc, you will see it's the truth.

You market yourself throughout life, when you go for an interview, meeting, whatever, its marketing.

This is something that "gets me" with marketing, I love to learn about it etc, but hate the negative aspect attached to it due to the bad practices of some people who care only about the money and it shows when you see them at forums etc giving out plain misleading advice and in a way spreading a bad mindset relating to "making money online".

There is NO one way, no right way, wrong way to make money online.

Half the stuff we read is total bullshit really.

If you really want a crash course in marketing online and making money doing it, the one thing I could suggest is to create and sell an ebook, get buyers by promoting it using a free blog!

While there are some people who will ridicule this idea there are others who will agree it IS a great way to learn how to market anything online, and make money.

Why do this, and how to go about it?

Do you want to learn how to make money online?
Do you want to do it without spending money?

Want to have that crash course in Internet Marketing?

Let's do that then. ;o)


Get your motivation lined up, what I mean by that is decide why you want to make money, is it to pay off the bills you have? Or is it to earn enough to take you on holiday?
Get a new car?

Whatever it is, that motivation will show through your work and everyone likes to see motivated efforts as apposed to just going through the motions.

Decide your topic, niche...if it's a hobby one great as they do well due to having passionate users.

Do a little researching on the topic, i.e use google and googles blog search functions to see what is already "out there" and what is already working for others.

You want to have a niche that you know has buyers etc, one way is to check the "ads" by google on these search pages as it means advertisers are spending money within the niche.

Now you should have some idea of what you can write about, you will be able to do this so much easier if you are writing about something you have knowledge of, or a passion, or an expert with.

The action steps you need to take to make money online this way are...

A tip here is to create a google account, this will be handy for way more than you think. You can use all of googles aps, i.e docs, blogger, calender, gmail, adsense, etc.

Create the ebook, (pdf) easily done free using google docs, or openoffice, or adobe acrobat if you have that already.
The ebook can be as short or long as you like, just make it worth what you wish to sell it for. :o)

Now think about the keywords you will use to sell your ebook, and use these keywords where needed, like the title page of the site, blog you will use to promote it.

Ie... your hobby may be... "Harley Davidson's" so you would use keywords like...

"maintaining harley davidsons"
"repairing harley davidsons"
"rebuilding harley davidsons"

These are keywords other people would use to type into the search engines, just like you did in the research process.

So you need also to set up a page or site to sell it from...use blogger to create a presell blog and make sure you use keywords in the title of the blog as well as the blog url...

I.e "www." is an example with related keywords.

Now you just create a few decent tips post (400 word articles) to add to your blog using keywords where you can, in the title, first sentence, and a few times spread throughout the post content.

Add a post everyday over the first few weeks to get that ball rolling.

While doing this, you are writing and creating a pdf ebook with all your best tips, inside knowledge which you will eventually sell via the blog.

You will need to have a payment set up, using paypal is an easy way to get started on this.
Set up a payment button, and get the html code for that to add to your blog.

After creating the pdf ebook, take a few sample tips from this and create a smaller pdf to give away to your blog readers, this smaller pdf has a link to buy your main pdf ebook inside it. :o)

If you are sticking with no outlay, you can use your email to send the pdf each time someone request it, or have it set up as an auto response as can be done with googles gmail, this is not ideal really as you would end up sending it to anyone who emailed that email address you have set it up on.

Really you would want it to be instantly delivered to them an autopilot after payment and only after a payment has been made.

Do this by setting up an email autoresponder to send the ebook after payment.
This is anything would be your only outlay, used well you will build two list, one for the free pdf people and the other for those who buy the main book.

Now you have an ebook or two (if doing the smaller givaway too), a blog and it's just joining the dots now to make it all work.

On the main blog you can add the link to another page where you sell your ebook, simply create a blog page with the details of the book and put the link on the main blog sidebar.

Ie... main blog is www. (the word ebook only highlighted for reference).

On this blog write about what the ebook is, ie a form of sales letter.

Add the ebook blog url to your main blog sidebar.

You can add the pdf to the first email (autoresponder) response to be sent after payment via paypal.

Now it's promoting the blog and ebook in order to get the first sale.

You could do this by joining forums and commenting on blogs in the related niche, ie, harley fan sites and blogs etc.

Another way is to write a great 500 word article with a link at the bottom pointing back to your main blog url, add this article to a few article directories bearing in mind each one will give you a good backlink so use keywords in the title, and a few through the article itself.

When you make that first sale is anybodies guess, but...

Once you have got this far you know what it really takes to make money online.

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2009, Year of the newbie

Been itching to get this off my chest.

I don't really care for "labels" like "newbies" or "gurus" and it is meaningless to me, saying that, the "label" is just the common form of the communicational understanding, so in that sense...I'll use them here.

For good reason, with a foot in IM, a foot in blogging, a foot in social (twitter, facebook, forums, feed sharing, etc) sites, I hope to have a leg or two, at least, to stand on... :o)

I am certainly no "newbie"...I'm no expert either just to be clear. :-D

That's the thing, I don't claim to be anything other than me, I have just done what I have done, learnt what I have learnt, and continue to do these things daily. I do have the benefit of experience and the fact I have gone through that learning curve which is in some way a good enough reason to write this.

If anything due to the time online being like dog years it could save you aload of hassle, wasted time and money while being led down the wrong "slicked out path" of some "guru" or scammer.

There ain't no magic pill that's for sure!

Did I look??

Of course, some will say yes, just by saying what most newbies do at some point, "how can I make money from that," nodding and pointing to your pc. ;o)

In 2009 there will be a LOT of people doing just that!

Is it possible then? Yes...but overnight? NO, not for a "newbie."

What is possible is to start building that chain of action that can lead to "overnight riches"....note I never said success, success is purely subjective, to make money online is not success..

In reality I'd rather you dropped the whole notion if you have any, of it is "easy" which is what the "gurus" would have you believe.

This holiday season has been a little eye opener for me, it seems to me most of the "gurus" are either, liars who getting caught out, "dream" salesmen who don't care, too greedy for their own good, or just plain insulting....possibly they are a mix of all.

A few are just "one hit wonders" who are now realising they have nothing left to offer, so rehash their (often outdated) crap and sell for unusually high prices.

A few even peddled their crap on Christmas day!

If they were as rich as they have said so often over the last few years why are they so desperate to drain your wallet/purse of the one thing you need more than them, money?

They promise you will make more money, yet take that very thing off you without a care in the world.
They shouldn't need it like most of those who will inevitably seek a few extra pounds, dollars in these belt tightening, unsure times.

They think they have the trust they all too often say it's so important to build up! They will even preach this very thing to those newbies they lure. ;o)

I know...It's ok, I'm not going anywhere, I'll wait for you get off the floor from your laughing fit.

A joke is it not! ;o)

They are so "predictable" these greedy "fakers" it is sad.

Yet they are after your money, they will try and entice the newbies yet to appear in the fishing bowl that is Internet marketing, making money online niche, with promises of "push button, cash in" ease of riches.

Forget about them!

Do this....use your common sense at all times. ;o)

Here is my biggest tip for anyone online.

Treat the Internet how you would "real" life.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
You would laugh at this stuff offline...much like you do with "junk mail."

You know this, we all know why do some get so burned so easy, so fast?

Same reason people but lotto tickets maybe?

They want the easy way, the dream, all at once.

It pushes all the right buttons. ;o)

Do yourself a big favour and don't get "lured in" by the wrong people.

Don't you think that's sensible? :o)

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"Simple way of getting started with Google"

Just something that may help many of you who would like to start, but are not sure how.

That simple, and that handy to use. :o)

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"Blogrush! Why bother?"

Many of you will know about this by now as it's plastered all over the net, and yes it's on here too and I DO think if you have yet to add it to your blog you should (updated) a massive FAIL!

So why ask why don't bother?

If you know of John Reese you know he knows traffic, how to get it and make the most of it.
There lies the reason it should have worked, not failed as bad as it did!

More importantly you can get a better idea of what it does for your blog now, and as it improves you learn things from the info you saved.

Make no mistake John's own sites will have had MASSIVE traffic lately and THAT info is worth a huge amount, John knows what to do to make the most of it and YOU only he benefited from that.

I do hope it will be a success. (It failed)

Knowing now what it does with your blog and what shows up now will mean you can take notes on what to filter as soon as able to, this then becomes the basis for your future testing as it improves from the admins tweaks.

You can then just keep improving what links you do want on your blog by way of blocking what you don't like, and filtering words you don't want.

That's why I got dumped it now.

But also you will notice I am not promoting this elsewhere, just going to keep on blogging as normal, so I get a real idea of what it has done in the normal scheme of things. ;o)

Then I can test and tweak with better accuracy.

If you have a blog, don't waste your time on this crap!

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"It's still a journey"

We all start at the bottom when we start out blogging, we all take it one post at a time. Everyting takes time and blogging is no different...

church ope huts

You may start off humbly like above... ;o)

With dreams of climbing that success ladder in the hope of something better and bigger.

church ope steps

One step at a time, if we all walk the steps we all take the same amount of steps...but a tip for new bloggers, the faster you start taking the steps, the better and I mean post as much as twice a day for the first few weeks to really get the pace going...before you know it you are half way there. ;o)

Pennsylvania Castle

Next thing you know, you are at the top, and you never know something like the above could be waiting! ;o)

One step a time... :o)

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"Did you catch it?"

I hope the weekend was a good one for you.

Maybe some of you worked hard over the weekend, did you catch it?
The opportunity?


Right here on the blog, taking action using article traffic and maybe a new blog, or at least your newish blog you have been hard at work on up to now.

Grabbing the one off one way link offer to link to your choice of a good article which also has the bio box of yours on it pointing back to your blog. ;o)
This article is on your blog anyway among others you have already done.

You could have also written an article on how you write your blogs articles on "topic" with your 100% commission "article easy" book link, on a post near the one I link to... (hint: a certain yet different page, so you have bigger exposure? **) ;o)

**Any guesses? (comment below) ;o)

Opportunities are everywhere!

If I was to mention that as this is the 198th post, there is a little time to still act! ;o)

If you new you should start (after this post) on "How you start blogging" and then read up on "creating the blog" and "promoting the blog" not to mention grabbing your "one way link" which will help your blog get found faster. :o)

Give it a go and you may well have some pleasant surprises!

And why the heck should you listen to me anyway? ;o)

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"One way links from here"

As you will know by now one way links are great to help your page rank improve.
One way ones are even better especially for newer blogs that need to get the exposure as quickly as possible.

One way anchor links are even better again yet may only point to certain post you have done, so if this is your route pick you best post in which you have the best chance of gaining a reader who will come back later or at least bookmark your blog.

To this end how can I help you which will also help me?

Well this is my 197th post so I had considered making my 200th one a great list of on way links to your blog.

BUT there is a dilemma, I do not want everyone posting just expecting a link back, as this is not how I value my blog, its NOT a link farm is it. ;o)

So... I got thinking, instead of having just a link, how about I make it a link with a short 30 word blurb of your choice?
Like a bio box style set up.

Getting a one way link from some places will cost you a fair bit, so I thought I would go one better and charge everyone a single dollar, or a single pound, whatever you prefer, those who are smart will know which to use. ;o)

So here's the plan, I will do a blog post, as long as need be on my 200th, which will solely promote your blogs, if this appeals to you, just buy me a beer today using the icon below, and then comment on this post saying you have bought and want this bargain one way anchor link.

I will then give you my email addy to send your blurb, I will post these on the blog in the ORDER I get payments...;o)

So be quick and get yours on the top of the post! ;o)

Any thoughts, comments, or takers?

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"Article traffic"

Writing articles is yet great another great way to gain extra traffic with the added bonus of having a longer term effect if others use your articles.

By far the best way is to use "long tail" keywords relating to your blog, site topic.

For an example lets say you have a "dog related" blog, you have tips for training, breeding and other general dog related topics.

Your general keywords may be...

Dog training
Dog breeding
Breeding dogs
Training dogs

These are termed "short tail" in the sense they are broad search terms, these are the keywords every "dog related" site or blog will target, rightly so too. ;o)

But using longer tail keywords can gain a big advantage for you in the sense others may not target them, and you have less competition by targeting these terms.

For example...

Training dogs the right way
Dog training and breeding
Dog training for new owners
Training dogs for beginners
Training German shepherds < This could be changed for all other breeds. ;o)
Buying my first dog
Dog training at home
House training dogs
The new dog breeder

Etc... you see that these are longer terms, more in line with what people will search for too. ;o)

Writing articles that target these terms will bring in a "long tail traffic stream", meaning you get this traffic long after you do the article. ;o)

With less articles targeting the same keywords as you you have a better chance to capitalise on the traffic coming in.

You really should add articles to your plans for they are an "evergreen" form of traffic, use a good bio at the bottom of each pointing to your blog and watch the traffic build up.

Another twist for you is to capitalise on linking the articles together, so one could be linked using anchor linking as a better SEO plan for your blog traffic.

For example you do an article called "Dog training at home", which is a basic one for all dogs and dog owners, posting this to an article database, but you can have this linking to another blog post titled "Dog breeds and training" where a list of breeds of dog and training methods for each is laid out nicely for all traffic from the first article... ;o)

So your anchor link in the first article bio will be...

www. < that's the second articles title...

IE... an anchor link. ;o)

A post with a short blurb and a link to each breed and training article you have on the blog.

Do you think these people will click on the breed specific article you have for them?

What's more you can add affiliate links or AdSense on each post of the second articles list.

That's the way to do articles I think. :o)

If you think it's hard think again, it's made easy with the fantastic article ebook done by a friend, which is a crazy bargain and what's more, you can add a twist to the above method to gain buyers of this very book and make a profit. ;o)


Do an article on how you write articles very easy on "dog training" and how other dog lovers can also start a blog on their new dog...
Have your anchor link to a post specifically teaching others how to start their "dog blog" with your ebook link at the bottom for them to get started with. ;o)

One sale and you got a great article book free!

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"How to promote a blog"

Great are blogging now you need to get "eyeballs" on your blog and in your mind...
"the sooner the better!". ;o) a way I am sorry to keep you waiting...I say in a way because it's the school holidays and my youngest in bed in the other room...had i have had a great two days with him, still tomorrow to go till tea time so it's all great!...but I am not sorry too boys come first. ;o)
Eldest here on Monday for a few days... ;o)

So, while I have a chance it's time to help you along with your blog promoting!
Getting the all important readers.

Simple quick methods are...

While you researched your topic or niche, looked at blogs and sites, one of the fastest ways to start utilising that research in an extra way is to comment on the popular ones you liked and comment to the BEST of your ability in the sense of content, add to the "conversation" or topic or ask a great question to provoke a great response as your comment will most likely have a link back to your blog. ;o)

Do NOT spam blogS, emphasis on S because if you comment on 1 with good content, it's NEVER considered spamming, on the other hand... 5 different blogs with the same thing looks bad, if each blog has a different comment then you are ADDING great content and most likely all will be almost completely different comments (angles, questions etc) so it looks good overall.

Add your blog link in ALL your outgoing emails to friends, colleagues etc,
Simple to set up in your email and as it "auto adds" to each emails it's a once set up and forget effort.

Use Google to find good forums on your topic, niche, simply type into Google...

forums : topic or keyword

Join and use the popular forums you like with your link in the signature file wherever you are allowed to BUT ADD great content to the forum, help others and answer questions etc.
People WILL click your sig link but make your sig "blurb" as catchy to the eye as possible without offending etc.

You want people noticing it...

Maybe...If it was a "cake recipe forum" have...

Like Old English cakes?
20 recipes book free!
Visit "blog name" and get yours now.

As an example... BUT, people LIKE free! ;o)

Get them subscribing to your blog or newsletter, ezine, if you have one...if this is new to you, just ask. ;o)

Join community sites...web 2.0 remember... ;o)

Interact with others in your niche and build friendships etc.
Look at the "widgets" on the sidebar of this blog with pics, "my bloglog" blog catalogue" etc and join these sites and add your blog to it as well as create a profile.

A tip... BRANDING is something worth always keeping in mind.

You can use the same pics or avatars as they are known across all these sites which most do and this really does help brand you.

If you are unsure of putting a pic of you up use a related one or have a UNIQUE one created.
A unique one is what I recommend.

I have the pic of me on here and the same one is used everywhere else if I can...people will notice me and remember me. ;o)

But I also know some people are simply not happy posting a pic of themselves another way is to get a pic "treated"...same but different... ;o)


Who the heck is that!!! ;o)

If you prefer this idea head over to Nathan who did a great job on this for me, snow him under with work and mention me, say I deserve a beer for that,... ;o)

He will do a great job for you...I KNOW that. ;o)

Having a unique picture or avatar will go a long way in branding your blog and shouldn't be underestimated.

Why web 2.0 though? pages...

Here's a truth, everyone likes to see their pic, avatar on other peoples blogs...admit it you bloggers... you do, we all do and another thing is we like to see other people on our blogs too!

Interactivity, did I mention that?... :o)

You may want to use facebook, myspace, whatever to spread your word, the key is to show some interest, read other blogs sites get to know people and people will get to know you.

Funnily enough, because I am deaf in one sense its easier to "get to know someone" online than offline although people offline will tell you I do communicate pretty "normal", but online there are NO barriers! . . . Nice!! :o)

You can do it...easy, I got faith in ya!

What else can we do to get you cracking and that ball rolling along?

Write a great article with a great sig link (the whole point of article writing) at the bottom and let others use it.
This is done with ezine article databases where 1000'2 of them are there for anyone to use.
The more that use yours the more one ways you have and it does work well.

For some it may be a bit confusing...if so, its simple and it is done best by writing a great 400 to 500 word article relating to your blog topic, (use a few keywords in the article too) which has a sig link at the bottom (sig must be included by others using article), a bit like the forum one you would use, you create great content that's ALMOST enough...but leading to more on your blog via the sig link. ;o)

Submit your article to the top ezine article directories in the related topic categories.
Ask in comments if wanting to know more.. ;o)

Utilise smaller channels to gain exposure to the bigger ones.

Lets take real fame for example...the first paper you want to get into is the local one, then hope it gets picked up by a national one. ;o) Make sense...?

Blogs can be the same way.

Give great content to your readers and they may share it with others by way of a link to you or blogging about your blog and you never know "who" is reading that blog where YOU are the content.

This can work well in several ways, your great content has provided someone else with great content to utilise and ADD to in their own blog as well as possibly sparking other smaller bloggers entering the same conversation on their own blogs.

But also you may have sparked a "fan" who is a blogger considered "above" the bloggers who blogged about you and you will made yourself noticed.

It could be a long while before it happens if it does but it could explode your traffic....overnight!

Think outside the box for your niche, stand out with something.

Lets say you are doing Old English cakes, as I has done here through this, you could find ONE cake which uses what is NOW a "superfood".

Create a great article on this specific cake and hows it's used this superfood for "whatevertime" without mentioning the actual cake in the content, and a teaser in the sig which lead to the blog post with THAT cake recipe on it.

So your actual article is about the superfood...not the cake. ;o)'s about your angle, think about them in your niche topic and you can come up with some diverse angles to write about while still being "on topic".

BUT the quickest way to get a reader...

Post a comment here now and you will automatically have a link back to your profile where we can find your blog.

Any comments?? ;o)

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"Creating the blog"

A big welcome to all new readers, great to have you pop by.

Following on from the last post I did, where I am just posting in the hope it helps some readers to start blogging, but for some of you new readers, I don't need to advise on starting...oh no some of you have some great blogs going and I will read more... ;o)

But you are very welcome to comment and add to anything. :o)

So... cracking on, now for those who did what was mentioned in the last post will have had some fun or possible frustration.
Either camp's good.. ;o) ...Means you are learning and that curve is already shorter.

So, what now?

First a couple of home truths...what the "big guys" don't tell you in the "ebooks" you see.

1, It's NOT easy, simple yes, not easy but very worth doing.

Anything is simple IF you follow a step by step plan of action and DO.
Nothing really complicated is even needed to take a BIG stride and keep that ball rolling.
Put it this way, it's alot harder to "give up" once you DO have a blog up with a few post and you see it!

The first hurdle...starting is the easiest time to give up!

2, NO ONE will read you blog for a while and it will frustrate you...for as long as you let it!

"Build it and they come" is the myth of which the dream chasers hope for when they buy the "next big thing ebook".
No one will even KNOW about your blog unless you actually DO something to share HAVE to market it in some sense.
To some that's a dirty thing, snake oil sellers... "Internet marketing" simply promoting whatever on the web... a blog for instance?

But simply telling your online friends about your blog in IS in a sense "Internet marketing"!
So YES you will have to learn how some things work.

But don't let them discourage you. :o)

Because there is just an easier way now and that is because the web is now how it should be.

Let me explain...

Web 2.0 is simply to me a term for the "more interactive websites and systems"

The more interactive YOU are, the more you's PEOPLE not websites... ;o)

But I am slightly ahead of myself here... I'll end that slight diversion on this... you have had by now had a good look around at blogs etc to research your "topic" as in the last post... so you were interactive with them, you were "traffic" ;o) will get the "traffic" aka "people"

But they are PEOPLE first, traffic second yet inseparable.

So start with people in mind and continue with people in mind.

On with the post... ;o)

Before naming your blog you should give some thoughts to keywords or even using branded style if you have in some way a brand of sorts to etc.

Your content will use whatever keywords suit your "topic" etc so a keyword is not essential in the blog my opinion.

But it won't hurt... ;o)

Creating the blog, using blogger from your google account with the by now researched ideas on whatever your topic with bookmarkd sites and blogs to get inspiration from.

You want to use inspiration from what caught your eye, but keep it simple enough to keep on top of and build as you go. I used minima templates as my first one and learnt alot about the code behind html etc...with the new blogger layouts you don't need to know it, just choose wisely. ;o)

Now you should take heed of this... you want to ignore the fact people may not read your blog alot for a while as it will do after a while.
The most important thing is to simply get cracking so now create a post...300 words maybe to get you going if more happens, great.

Don't stare at the blank screen... heres what i want you do to help you out there, whatever the topic...

Imagine I am sitting there with you and you are telling me about your "topic"...

Look at my pic... then sit and write... imagine it.. "hey Rob, I got all these tips on how to maintain a harley davidson"

Me : Oh yeah.. tell me a bout it.. write a list of ten.. ;o)

"Rob... I got these great recipes to share"...

Me:... Great, are they cakes, main meals etc? What Origin...

Oh, just some old english recipes passed down... "

Me: I'll read and use them.... ;o)

Write...write more, don't edit just write write, this creative writing comes flowing from you and the edit mode is later! ;o)

When you run out things to say... (IF you do!), click SAVE NOW get up and go put the kettle on or coffee pot and take a break from it... ;o)
Pat yourself on the back too...not while sipping ya drink though! Doh! :x)

Now you go back and READ your words... dont edit.. just read... make sense of it.
DO NOT put yourself down for any of it.

You just want to capture what "I" would read... ;o) Unedited.

Now you can alter spelling stuff only!

I get amazed at I need to edit less and less as I blog nowadays.. it flows fluidly at times.
Practice makes a massive difference...repetition is a great learning process.

What you will have will most likely surprise you, maybe 440 words... maybe 600... ;o)

More... doing better than most.

Tidy it up some, slightly reword a few things you feel needs doing and PUBLISH !!

That's IT... you have started and you are now a blogger! Ok.. calm down!.. ;o)

Now this is important... try to post at least 3 post a week, more if possible daily being better!

The first week you may only get a few visitors, but now you have a blog up with 3 or more post and it's a ball rolling.

Next, some ideas on pushing that ball better. ;o)

If you like this and it helps... great, up to you what you do NEXT, stumble this, digg it, share with someone, subscribe to my email updates or feed, comment to it, or even buy me a beer! ;o)

After all you are a person...people first traffic second so I leave THAT choice up to you.. :o)

Remember to write it with me in mind, and then come tell me and I WILL read it... ;o)

Off to check stats LOL.. ;o)

Edit to add...on the sidebar here is a report on writing articles which would be a great help if you really stuggle and not only that it could be your FIRST income maker on YOUR new blog! :o)

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"How do I start blogging"

This is something EVERY blogger has thought of at least ONCE. ;o)

For the obvious reason we all had to start...somewhere.

I still get asked this question and it is something you are going to HAVE to deal with if you want to blog, so ultimately the easiest way is to just start! ;o)

Ok...then the other questions start...

  • "how?"
  • "what about?"
  • "can I?"
  • "nothing to blog about have I?"
  • "will anyone read it?"
All natural to each of us, we all ask them and all the answers are there to find and easily enough it is too. ;o)

Spending a few hours getting these answers will do 2 things...

  1. Tell you if it is worth doing
  2. If so it will inspire you to DO.
If it is not 1, you will need to ask what else you could ask answers for, ie what else can I blog about that will be 1. ;o)

Ok, how?

There is a great thing on the web called Google...and it's ALL you need for everything really and yes I am serious.

Google is more than "Google"... an oxymoron but it's not JUST a search engine. ;o)

Ok, so you want to at least get some answers to..."how do I start blogging?"

An 8 step plan of ACTION, for now... ;o)

Have a Google account?

If not...Grab one here and choose a user name which remember you can use on everything else I tell you, choose wisely, you will have a Gmail account...this is the email centre of your Google account.

Now you are have a web centre to utilise and it's a huge free asset online to have but more on that another post. ;o)

  • First step now you have a Google account, create an IGoogle home page.

This is simple yet will be a big benefit to your time and efforts as well as the learning curve.
Most links are at the top of your Google Gmail inbox, one is IGoogle... ;o)
On this IGoogle homepage you can add stuff...alot of this will be stuff you USE, more on that soon. ;o)

  • Second step is to set up a blogger account, clicking the link "more" at the top of your Gmail inbox. First just set up some random dummy blog you wont likely use, just so you can see how it all works, post a tester post, publish it and view it, then click "dashboard".
This will be your blog dashboard and using the Gmail account as a log in so you only ever need log into all Googles services with your Gmail account once. This will simplify everything.
You can create many blogs in this ONE account, that's why I say don't worry about the first dummy blog.

  • On your Google home page or Gmail inbox, click "more" once more (there is alot on that more page) you want to find the "blog search" link.
Now you have the perfect blog search engine to research for the answers to 1. above.
Lets say your "blog topic" will be around your favourite pastime of baking cakes...

  • Set up a unique folder in your bookmarks on your PC, call it "cake baking" or whatever your topic to save all your findings.

Go search for "baking cakes" with " " and without ... baking cakes and see what comes up.
Note how many blogs, how many searches made or anything you see that you can take data from.
Bookmark the blogs, when you look at them really take note of what captures your eye and compels you to read more. Save everything, notes and blogs etc.

  • Now do the same with Google web search...again with and without " " a tip...while on the blog search page, with the search topics listed click the "web" link in the top left of the page. Instant search on the web pops up, same topics. ;o)
Take note of the top right hand side where it say how many sites there are, so it IS something people read. ;o) Look at a few of the websites that come up and see what captures your eye again and bookmark ones you like.

  • Now go to this page here and click add it. Now go to your IGoogle "home page".

Now you can see that module you just added on your IGoogle homepage... this will be your online web centre bookmarks once you are rolling. ;o)
Add to that THIS blog you are reading.. ;o)

  • Now go to this page and add it. This will be a very good shortcut to your blog hopping and more. Trust me it will save you all tons of time all this and make things so simple.
Now you have that reader, see that orange button at the top left of this that and add to your Google. ;o) If not sure, go to the bottom of this blog and click the add to Google button.
Add to the reader and this to your IGoogle homepage.

  • Now add this to your IGoogle page....Gmail add on! ;o)

Simple and fast, effective. Go look at your IGoogle page now. See it all on there and yet you also have the option of creating new tabs... Even create a cake baking tab. ;o) Save things to it.

Now you have a nice Google center you can access anywhere.

I'll stop there for now because now I am sure you are going to have some play around etc.
Go ahead have a look at the set up and see how simple and streamlined it is.

After you have had a look around, have a good think about what you could blog about and read other blogs on whatever topic you have thought about. ;o)

Any questions or comments feel free to do so below.

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"I was right about Warriors"

Thanks to the support alot of you have given me over the last few days....especially you warriors who SEE what I was talking about and admit I was right about it.

These people naturally fear posting anything in public because they fear being deleted from the forum.

Well what do you know...Allen started a thread where he lied and USED me as an example, but at least it shows I DID hit a raw nerve, else that thread wouldn't have started.

He claimed a female warrior ask him that question which I do NOT believe happened, he made that up to post that drivel of a thread.

There it is...shining proof of what I was talking about, look at the "Thanks Allen, your great" post, utter arselicking, the very thing he said he's ok as long as it's HIS arse!
But I digress.

So I mentioned in the last post if you look hard enough you will see those who are working towards being the next big name to milk money from the masses...take a look at the warrior take a look at THAT person on the forum... wow... he is now a mod, *note to got sommat on yer chin.

Such proof was lovely to backs up what I say perfectly.

Having had about 20 emails from warriors who THANKED me for being straight and honest about it I realised that the "fine line" you tread at the forum is getting thinner and thinner all the time.

Walking on eggshells is not exactly what people thought they would be doing...but they are.

Those who are new there will have to tread carefully, though they do want you there because its YOUR money they are after.

Allen proved himself a coward by posting THAT where I can't answer him, but here I can say what I like... Allen you are a chicken shit!

Bet you have a shiny ass though!

Keep selling the snake oil!

Shame honesty counts for jack shit there eh?!

The other side of the coin... I have seen but am not surprised by the backstabbing going on there too, people I thought were ok have proved to be serious back stabbers and it's seemingly pretty common there from my observations.

Though there are a alot of great people there who are nothing like those I mention above, they at least have the sense to think about things the right way...neither sucking up to Allen or making themselves a target.
These are the smart ones who just get on with it.

I for one am glad to have said my piece, it hit a nerve there else THAT thread wouldn't be there now.

Maybe I have contributed to changing the place for the better.

I don't hold my breath though!

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'); } memory = number;

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"Offer ends TODAY"

Thank you to those who have joined me over the last two days regarding my offer made in an earlier post.

This offer will end at midnight (my time=BST) today. YES the price WILL go back to normal as well as the free year offer being removed.

So please if you are on the fence, join today!
Simply use the beer function here or in the warriors if you prefer that way.

I have had a eventful few days with all the hassle at the warrior forum, the bonus of that hassle is the traffic to this blog has jumped alot today, in fact it's almost doubled!

So a big welcome to you new readers and thank you for popping by, I hope you get some value from here, should you want me to blog about anything in particular just ask. ;o)

Well if you are keen to join us and keen to reach your own goals a little easier and more consistently you should make the cost of this offer, even more so at that ridiculous low price which will be locked in for all years after too.

Whatever happens if it doesn't work for you it's hardly put a dent in your money and you will still have a year of fun and more importantly building relationships with other members.

Give it a go, what have you got to lose other than time wasted procrastinating which will cost you far more than the ten bucks to join!

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'); } memory = number;

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"Shocking stats"

So over the last few weeks I have been getting back into the swing of things nicely and moving swiftly in the right direction, that's down to a few things.

Blogging by it's nature has ups and downs with posting, at times it can't be resolved as with my case.
Losing momentum was a key area for me and I believe it is an important thing with building a blog and giving the readers what they want...content.

During the offline hassle the blogs visitors dipped alot, naturally.
Now a month on, the blog's traffic has gone right back up to almost 3000 for July. :o)

Pleasing to say the least.
Averaging 100 a day is not to be sneezed at really.
Not my best month but still a good month and there is a week left yet.

Great to know at least you are happy to read the blog, thanks.

The bad side of the stats which surprised me was the fact the response to my offer in the post below was not as good as hoped, but not as bad as can be.

Well over 300 visitors in 3 that blog post and 11 takers.

I can't believe it really, a service that will help you if you play your role and be 100% honest to yourself is not taken up, they miss the potential, yet...

If I had offered an ebook that was ok and you learnt things yet it just sat on your hard drive gathering dust it would have been snapped up by more people?!

Especially newbies who suffer lack of focus more than most.

Yet it did nothing to change things, because you read it and did nothing.? Wasted money.

Yet with my offer you would have HAD to take action or you would be wasting the money joining in the first place.

If you took NO action with with mine, are in the same position as you are AFTER buying the book....wasted money.

Strange this, so it's leading me to question alot of things.

Any opinions on this?

P.s Warriors...would it help to offer you a free warrior way book after you join?
I am going to revamp it and you as well as others who have bought will also get the upgraded version free. If so... buy the offer as below, use beer function and you will get a copy!

If that is good enough for you, do it, then email me to warriors+deafdad AT
(replace AT with @ )

Its only good for this week!

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"Clarifying the focus"

Having a few of you readers emailing me to ask about my last post about the focus project and what the "membership" offered, I felt it best to clarify the matter.

This project is a forum which is not available to the general public at large so it's a private and closed forum / community.

One with a difference.

Having a forum with 10's of 1000's of members is great but if only 100 or so are active then some are missing out big time.

My aim is to to have all ACTIVE members, I feel the optimum would be 1000 for the maximum benefit to EVERYONE.

Once I hit 1000 members I may well close it completely, I will let the members have an input to this decision too.

The reason for this is obvious when you see inside, once you have joined us ONE post in particular will make it ALL clear to you.

Seeing who is here already means there will be some GREAT threads to come here plus knowing outsiders cannot see them, not much will be held back.

If you are serious about getting somewhere while setting your goals you will appreciate this project and its massive potential to help you.

As you see in the last post with the offer price and it's bonus year FREE as well, not forgetting also having a locked offer price for all years after that you have a good opportunity to make a great leap to reaching your goals.

Where will YOU be in one year from now?

Join us NOW and ensure you achieve your goals.

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"Get stuffed.."

With enthusiasm and drive to get to where you really want to be.

Did that headline grab your attention?

Was it from your rss reader?

The Internet is littered with things to distract you at all the time while you should be working, or if you are surfing you almost end up surfing completely randomly due to the... distractions.

Too often if you are meant to be working online you get off track and end up wasting several hours on what could take you an hour.

It's said you have a few seconds to grab the attention of your readers, so forgive me if you were working.. ;o)

But I really do want you to "Get stuffed...With enthusiasm and drive!"

There is nothing better to drive you on than to achieve something you set out to do, but all to often we let things slip by the wayside.

Let that madness end for you.
One of the key reasons people "give up trying" is due to lack of real focus on what you should be doing.

It really doesn't matter what it is you need to have drive to achieve.
This can help you get that drive and enthusiasm to achieve.

Are you a newbies struggling to get somewhere?
Do you have a website or blog going?
Feeling overwhelmed by it all?
Info overload a problem?

Are you trying to give up that nasty habit you have?
Keep slipping up?
(This part of the concept is already having good results)

Need to lose weight but having not to good results yet?
Need to get fitter?

Wanting to get somewhere but not really sure how you should go about it?
Jumping from one thing to another?

Perfect for capitalising on what will help you change all that and more.

There really is no better thing than the increase of enthusiasm to achieve what you set out to achieve and that enthusiasm only come from you,'s your enthusiasm that drives YOU to's your goal after all.

Who could say no to more enthusiasm, the right and needed enthusiasm too.? ;o)

I feel that if you use this concept the way I ask you to you will be much more enthusiastic while also reaching your goals easier, so much so you will not stop using it.

Laser your focus with enthusiasm and you will not go far wrong.

I have been pleased and surprised by the positiveness of the concept and how it has already shown it works.

You don't need the "super-duper" ebook or guru-mumbo jumbo to get success, you just need to ACT on the enthusiasm you have to achieve things.

Those "things" are whatever you want them to be.
You set your goal(s).
The enthusiasm is the drive, increase that and do it!


So I ask you to join us, take the opportunity to really start getting somewhere.

But to make this a better deal for you I ask you to act fast...

This will be a one off chance for you and I want you to make that chance a success.

The concept is my focus project which is priced at a very low $15 a YEAR! As seen above left... ;o)

For you if you act NOW I will let 100 of you join at $10 and gain 1 year FREE!

Just use the beer function below, paypal me $10 and mention this, use "one year free please" in the "comment" section of email paypal sends to me with your payment...

I will send you the link, I will NOT be adding you to ANY list.

Those of us already doing it ARE doing it good.
This offer is good for ONE week or the first 100 people.

Once I have 100 members I am also considering raising the price on the membership so it will pay to get in now because you will STILL only pay $10 a year after your free year is up.

Grab your chance the beer function below.

Edit : Update, thanks to those who have joined me and I have to admit I am surprised by not only who has joined but what they think about the concept too. :o)

Don't think this offer will last a week!

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"The ultimate fake it till ya make it"

There's a fella you may know, he goes by the name of two initials, if you know who, you must be in the IM niche!

That about sums up the fake that know who, a persona who has probably earned the right to be called the "Ultimate fake it till ya make it".

Lets be clear about something straight away, the real person behind it, is probably a sound(ish) person... ;o) Most likely he is.

But the web of crap and faking it will trip you up in the end, just as lies do for the liars!

There has been plenty of "stepped over the line" moments for most people, the recent events that pissed all the ladies off comes to mind.

No doubt, the real fella is sound and done a great job of marketing the persona the way it needed to be done in order to get the desired results...made it!

The real fella is a good marketer in his own right.
He did what he planned and a good job, to a point, still ain't directly publicising ya persona.. ;o)

But to a point means he did overstep the mark with many.

Ah well this persona writing / marketing must be fun... ;o)

Rather be myself, yet had I done something of that nature it wouldn't been that extreme!

What a .... ;o)

So, no offence to the real fella, who is probably doing great and no doubt a nice bloke.

But sheesh... the whole thing has to die off soon surely, I mean the whole circus!?

Or will he lap it up from newbies from now till they wise up?

Lets face it... If I go out to town tomorrow and stand in the street asking passers by if they know who ?? is?

They will say...who?

Not ONE will know I bet.

So is he not the "Ultimate fake it till ya make it"?

Fame only in the IM niche really?

Has he gone as far as it can go?

Did the gullible ones really decide to go meet a "fake"?

Funny thing show business, even funnier in IM show business!

Any one else have an opinion on it?

Feel free to "speak up" below.

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"How to create a successful blog"

I am annoyed, I have been at this blogging lark a few years now, almost 4!

I won't say I am an expert, I know what I know though, and it's got me this far. ;o)

BUT I could have done so many things so much better and now I would have a much better situation for it.
It's never to late to change things and that's a wonderful thing about can change and update things.

What if I had done it all the right way right off the bat though!?

I would be earning a full time living from blogging I reckon. ;o)

There are some things I have missed, you may ask how I know now what it is I missed.
I just read something that really opened my eyes and it cost me BUGGER all! ;o)

Bargain...and priceless learning for me.

The funny thing is I have blogged almost twice as long as the author...damn I need to pay more attention! :o)

That's not to say I should know more, just that you never know who you will learn things from.

If only I had the blueprint when I started blogging!

Grab it free and read it whether you are new or seasoned at blogging, even better if you have yet to start.
Imagine you implemented all this into your blogs from day 1?

At least I know every new blog I do will have a better chance of success.
Also you may see big and small changes around here. ;o)

For me this fantastic book joined alot of the dots as well as highlighted the small things that would have better influenced the bigger things.

I will be taking more notice of page 13, which will of course set the tone for the rest of the blog!

I also will capitalise more on page 25, which I do already but underestimated it a fair bit. ;o)

If I had done chapter 25 better, then I would be feeling the real effects of pages 26, 27...which would mean 28 would have been explosive!

Grab it read it, and make sure you are NOT on page 48!
Utilise this fantastic blueprint.

I am glad I read this and would go as far as saying this IS the best free resource on blogging you will find.

Click the link above or the box below.

Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint

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"Instant income"

Isn't that a nice income to have?

Over the last few months there has been more chance for you to get exactly that...instant income. It's been made far easier with all the latest $7 report deals that have been made.
Jon who started it all has made a great name for himself with the scripts that the offers use, which gives YOU your instant income.

I have had a few of these reports myself, as mentioned in some of the latest post made here.
There will always be some that you will get and feel no way am I promoting that!

I been lucky enough so far in that I am not one to jump on every one that's been done, like some people do.

The ones I have got have been great, more so because I knew the people and know what they create.

What we should ALL strive to create, it's to easy to produce crap make a fast buck...yet what of the reputation you get from that?

No thanks...

The good thing to do, as I did was to get one, then get at least ONE sale before getting the next, so I only ever spent ONE lot of $7

So...what the ones worth getting, and why should you even want to get them?

The ones I have so far are all worth getting, but more than that they are usable, no point in getting something you can't even use or do!

The first was the actual original one, this is a must because you also get the scripts as well the blueprint to succeeding with them.

The second and probably the one almost everyone who wants to make this online lark work should grab, would be the article report.

I know this is well worth the price, I mean it's solid content, 40 odd pages of it and using it will make a big difference in how well your work comes out.
Not only that, it will improve your writing flow overall.

The third one I grabbed was the mindset one, it's no coincidence this is the 3rd best selling one of all the $7 reports you can get.

Then again it's the real blueprint to your success, however you define success in your life it's your mindset that ultimately influences you.

I also grabbed another which I am trying out before I will tell you about it.

So there you have it, all of these are good ones that you can and should USE.

The beauty of these are that as soon as you grab them from the links here, you can stick your link on your blog, website, in email, whatever and you get an instant payment into your account. reality these reports have cost me...nothing!

Yes, I have sold at least one of each and got me my money back...and more!

This is the easiest and fastest way for a newbie to generate income.

Take care,

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"Making money online" Pt 2

**Continued from last post.

I asked if you recognised it...if you're involved in IM (Internet marketing), then you may well guess the "dream sellers" would have sold them the basic info I gave in the last post, with some filler fluff!

Shame on them...they got easy money, yet in this scenario, the "Harley nut" would feel let down, not knowing the "how to do" part.
There is nothing they can get from it, apart from the buzz of wanting to act on it...yep, been sold the sizzle!

Then he most likely will think less of the seller, feel ripped off!

Shame...short term profits for the seller AND a bad rep.

NOT the way you want to go.

This is exactly what is going on out there.
There is hardly anything that also shows you the "how".

Not to mention the fact the sellers of the dreams couldn't give a toss about you, they already have your money!

In this scenario what would I have done?

Well the first thing would be to grab this for the scripts, you will need them later.

I would have given them a plan of action to add to it, one they can do or learn to do.

In this case, create or edit a video just to show you ten tips on basic Harley maintenance.

"Ten tips to maintain your Harley and save service fees!"

Something like that, told him to stick it on eBay, as a limited to X amount box set of videos, relevant auction, ie Harley Davidson must be in the title, then post in the right section.

This way it's "fast boost cash" to carry on with the plan.

While the eBay auction is going, tell them to set up a simple blog at, where you post pictures, write a bit about the pictures, post every other day at least once for the first few weeks, have the link to your blog on your eBay home page, have the blog called something related, like...

It's clear what it's about.

Should have sold the videos and have cash coming to keep on building.

Now add other videos to blog and start building your Harley network.

The blog is up, it's simple enough for them to carry on with, post videos to it via youtube or myspace, posting a funny or viral video will help by spreading fast.

Set up a myspace page related to Harley's.

All the while there is a link back to your blog.

The first few weeks should be interesting enough to them to keep the work effort up, if you have a passion, like this person with the Harley's, it's not's fun and more learning.

They should be getting a few keen hungry visitors, "fans" so to speak, "Harley fans" to be precise, a targeted market.

The next advice I would offer them is to visit Harley forums, read up on threads, see what problems and issues they talk about, you may have answers in either your head, or on a video.
Get involved in a subtle yet informative and helpful way.
Use a sig link if you are allowed pointing back to your blog.

Build relationships, you have something in common with them all.

All the plan is now is to set up "funnels" for the traffic you get and maximise it.

Next would be to set up a keyword related squidoo lens, probably the easiest site builder out there, have your blog feed linked to it, or just a normal link if feeds baffle you.

Write up a few good articles and post a few good pictures.

These should be good to keep you busy, update them often keep on reading the forums, you can resell more videos on eBay to keep cash flow coming in.

After the confidence grows and you know you will keep on keeping on...

Next would be to get a domain and hosting, domain should have related keywords, ie... for example.

Time to set up a site to sell you videos and other related things, ie affiliate products from Harley companies etc.

Should you know little about building a site, set it up using a template, or even using blogger or similar blogging software.

By now a month will have gone by, and you will have a few funnels of traffic set up, start getting some reasonable traffic from these as well as regular readers coming back.

You will also have started building solid relationships with "like minded people".

THAT is taking action, that is doable, that brings results.

Not so hard really, just take it one step at a time, yet start off with what's EASY.

Doing what you know and have passion for is EASY, setting up a blog is EASY.

Once you have started it will get easier and grow faster.

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