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It's not you, it's me...(maybe)

Bah, did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? (rant of sorts)

Or as someone else so well put it... Cornflakes... give over, I eat a proper breakfast... like weetabix!
(get with the program mate!!)

No... I just woke realising I have had enough... enough of the one sided social media, enough of the spammy crap, enough of the bullshit, the lameness of some people, smartarse experts who try to be clever by fooling the sheeple with stupid made up words and gobblygook, something we Brits see continuously with stupid job descriptions!

Baaa ... what a load of bollox! Excuse me while I PUKE!

It's not just the stupid bloody made-up-shit like that though...

The accumulation of so many things that have pissed me off in little ways that I could do without, so I will, offline and online.

But, it's not just this and now, I realise part of this "rant" is the fact I let things build up, and then blow a gasket...a legacy of my teen years and my dad treating me like shit with his fists.

Things can build up for months, even a year or so before I release it...and I have (thankfully not often) let rip in the wrong way in the wrong direction ~ ie what/who started it all is long gone by that point of letting it out.

So... I can stop myself, yeah, but why should I do that? Better to let this crap out, going from my own past experience!

Now I gotta blog instead of a gob!

Hence the reason I am making changes rather than ignoring it, which is just stopping myself being straight and honest with myself...and whoever reads this.

As with anything there are two sides to it, so it's not all bad because of others.

Anyway, part of this I realise is due to some of the recent changes, like the google reader changes for example, the experiences on several of these places have just made my own experience worse and I am filling my head with crap I don't need or want.

I am bored with so many of the blogs which seem to have changed from what made them great into an "old boys" pimpfest, yeah that old chestnut!

I am bored with the constant airy-fairy-shit and spam on twitter.

I am bored with the egotistical "experts" and their bloody opinions, cos that is usually what they are, just opinions...count for shit half the time!

Pissed off at so called friends who can't be honest.

Annoyed at MYSELF for letting this crap happen or bother me.

Yes, I know a big part of this whole problem is ME...after all... I subbed to the crap, I joined twitter, I screwed up in places, I may have expected too much,  I share peoples stuff with no thanks or similar in return, I waste my time!

No one else...

Some of you may notice I hardly use some of the places like I did, partly due to the users and partly due to me screwing up.

What I am going to do about it is unsub from the crap, clean up my twitter, get rid of what I don't want, stop reading so much or refine better what I do read, stop using certain places.

I have realised all that crap has changed how I feel, my mindset, it's has a negative effect on me, which I don't want or need and it effects others around me...for example, why would I want some anonymous dickhead online making my time with say my kids offline crap?

I don't. From now... things change as I am the only one who can do that.

If you lose me as a follower on twitter, lost me as subscriber on your blog, tough... I don't give a toss, you have to deal with that, not me, deal with WHY I unsubbed... I deal with my own thanks.

Not to say it's all bad, just starting to realise I got to the point of feeling like I don't give a shit!

This is the day I make changes, for better for worse, I am doing it because if I don't it will get worse.

No offence to anyone else, I am just sick of things being the way they are and have to take responsibility for that and do something about it.

Any thoughts? Want to share this crap?

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