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"Social networking mastered"

Exciting times for you bloggers who actively use social networking, but only if you understand it and use it the right way.

Web 2.0 was what I had been eagerly waiting for, being deaf you can probably understand why. ;o)

Being a blogger meant it never passed me by, as blogging was part of interactivity (web.2.0) before the phrase web 2.0 was even coined, yet now it is making a big difference to my blogs, as well as me. ;o)

Believe it or not there are still lots of people who don't know what web 2.0 even means, or have yet to even hear of it.
Web 2.0 = better interactivity. ;o)

Using web 2.0 (social sites, etc) is the best thing you can possibly start doing if you are a blogger or website owner, after all you are already a part of it. ;o)

In my eyes the best way to get traffic to your blog, more so if it's a new blog is using the power of social networking, bookmarking sites etc.

Maximise what you have before getting more traffic and you get to make the most of the new traffic too, yes?
That's what I have been doing, and it works for me well, so now I started to think of ways to increase my traffic.

So I had a great surprise when I grabbed this new report, book, pdf, whatever label you give it and this book just reinforced the fact what I am already doing is the right things in the right way, but I can still do better... ;o)

While I already knew a fair bit of what this shares, (being a blogger almost 4 years made sure of that), it gave me new angles to look at what I already do and plan to do.

These new angles I can promise you will make a big difference to what I had planned anyway...great to see your own plans and ideas from another expands it. ;o)

While some people will look at things from a "will this make me more money" angle, the key to everything online is traffic, and more traffic can mean more money, right? ;o)

To me the traffic increase is what most people need, even if no intention to monetise that traffic is there, people still want more readers, right?

Of course, so I recommend everyone grab this report, read it and master it. ;o)

The biggest thing I can say is I KNOW it works because I have had success with it and I KNOW web.2.0 is what you should learn more about, even if you have no blog yet.
You are online, you use web 2.0!

Grab it, share your thoughts in the comments. ;o)

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"Instant income"

Isn't that a nice income to have?

Over the last few months there has been more chance for you to get exactly that...instant income. It's been made far easier with all the latest $7 report deals that have been made.
Jon who started it all has made a great name for himself with the scripts that the offers use, which gives YOU your instant income.

I have had a few of these reports myself, as mentioned in some of the latest post made here.
There will always be some that you will get and feel no way am I promoting that!

I been lucky enough so far in that I am not one to jump on every one that's been done, like some people do.

The ones I have got have been great, more so because I knew the people and know what they create.

What we should ALL strive to create, it's to easy to produce crap make a fast buck...yet what of the reputation you get from that?

No thanks...

The good thing to do, as I did was to get one, then get at least ONE sale before getting the next, so I only ever spent ONE lot of $7

So...what the ones worth getting, and why should you even want to get them?

The ones I have so far are all worth getting, but more than that they are usable, no point in getting something you can't even use or do!

The first was the actual original one, this is a must because you also get the scripts as well the blueprint to succeeding with them.

The second and probably the one almost everyone who wants to make this online lark work should grab, would be the article report.

I know this is well worth the price, I mean it's solid content, 40 odd pages of it and using it will make a big difference in how well your work comes out.
Not only that, it will improve your writing flow overall.

The third one I grabbed was the mindset one, it's no coincidence this is the 3rd best selling one of all the $7 reports you can get.

Then again it's the real blueprint to your success, however you define success in your life it's your mindset that ultimately influences you.

I also grabbed another which I am trying out before I will tell you about it.

So there you have it, all of these are good ones that you can and should USE.

The beauty of these are that as soon as you grab them from the links here, you can stick your link on your blog, website, in email, whatever and you get an instant payment into your account. reality these reports have cost me...nothing!

Yes, I have sold at least one of each and got me my money back...and more!

This is the easiest and fastest way for a newbie to generate income.

Take care,

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"One step at a time"

Will get you ANYWHERE!

No one jumps straight to takes hard work, time, learning, applying, tweaking, testing.

So much more than an ebook can tell you.

Don't make the common mistake of buying into this or that, then jumping to something else when you feel it "don't work", the truth is everything needs work, work at making things work.
Once you get ONE thing working, then move onto the next thing.
ONLY if it helps your work though, don't jump on it for the sake of jumping on it!

Nothing just happens itself.

Taking action is the key.
If you are really wanting to get moving, start with articles.

This will mean you have REAL content.

The beauty of this article report is you can add the link to your blog, lens, and get your money back and more just for sharing it.
Each article is a funnel for your traffic, have somewhere to lead that traffic though, like a blog, or a squidoo lens.


One step at a time eh!

The thing is once you start taking the steps you are definately nearer to your success.
Once you have a momentum going you can jog to your success.

Till then...learn to walk one step at a time!

YOUR success awaits you!

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"Recycled Content"

So, you took my advice and grabbed one of the top $7 "reports" recently released I recommended here, articles!

You created some good content to post to one of the article database, or better to your blog or website. This is what builds your "Virtual real estate" aka "sellable businesses" up, good content.

Content is king... or at least prince!

If prince, the king could be anchoured text links...that's for another post, should you want to hear it.

But don't stop there, re-use your content as much as you can, build other uses, set up as blog content, newsletter snippet content, adword preseller content, ezine ads, etc etc...the list goes on.
Free reports to build your list, content affiliates can use to presell your products.

So many ways.

Change your mindset to realise who you REALLY are, and go for it!

Even use some of your content to create your own $7 reports, give others the big incentive to spread your work and build your list! If you have yet to get the scripts needed, go ahead and grab them when you get the $7 report.

Do you have un-used blog post, or articles?
Ones you have done, or redone from PLR that you have not used?

Content has so many benefits, it's used to get traffic, repeat traffic, links, google page rank, better search position, better authority...etc
More than I can think of.

Extend your feeder traffic by breaking down what you have to slightly create a wider section of the larger market, persuade them into narrowing into your funnel market. ;o)

Try creating a bonus viral aspect right into it.

The content you spread itself is by virtue, viral.

This is what you should be doing with all that great content you create....again you CAN create it too.

I am going to be doing just that, re-using what I create.

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Its gone on long enough...step up to the bloody plate!

Well it's something I have to say in the mirror, but I am also asking YOU to step up the plate too, and inspire me further.

I am pissed off but also happier for it, something really made me stop today and think, this is also going to benefit you too because it made me decide to do it.

I already posted in the last one about I need to change things anyway, well one big part of that is the fact I post too much in the's true, I DO.

Someone said today, "listen any forum could go.."poof", overnight and be gone"...

He is right...
It IS true....
Ask one warrior about his forum!

You WILL know who it is soon enough! ;o)

I digress.... you should think about what I am saying here in all seriousness.
So..think about that, how much writing you and we all put into a forum...that's a hell of a lot, stuff that could be on your blog, articles, etc, real CONTENT YOU CONTROL.

Lets get real here, I am NOT saying stop posting, just saying it IS real content, there are some real gems on the forums, even post you should save and read plenty of much value in most of the best ones.

Think how many books, blogs all that would create, if you did.
While I think its great, I have a confession to make, I don't, or haven't, given enough really GREAT post to these forums, like some do without naming people.

Well... I will, because I decided to post less often, but better content.

YET I also realise the best content I should give is the content I own, like here on this blog.
I want YOU making comments and reading this blog, I read most of yours. ;o)

As well as other means I own, like reports, ebooks, and articles.
It's evergreen content if you choose it to be.

So, as I say blog about it is what I am going to do, but also share decent real content, I often get real "out of the box" ideas, ideas I will never probably do, why bloody waste them?
Some of them are damn crazy, but pieces of them could be worthy to someone.

I will blog it and let someone else benefit crazily from it.If one day it happens to be YOU that runs with it, great.

If the ideas are crap...I wont last long sharing them!

But if anything I am going to do this just because I can.
I want to.

The other thing I know I will want to start doing is something that ties in nicley here, a newsletter, because I KNOW I wont push crap, and will provide content, stuff I may not even write elsewhere, seeing as its private. ;o)

But you know what...

I've realised I CAN write, and I think pretty ok too, so I will also do a newsletter as soon as possilbe, I already have the perfect role models. ;o)

So... I am going to step up to the plate...but also want you to step up to the plate by helping me step up.
I bet alot of you are sick of hearing about "bum marketing", "$7 reports", "wso's", and plenty of other terms, etc.

There is alot of stuff I am sick of hearing about but I digress, here is an interesting idea that might help YOU, or at least inspire some of you that do struggle, to DO something, something evergreen too, something that you CAN do.

About time some of you acted on some ideas and created some good stuff!
I KNOW most of you are able to do it.

It HAS to fit your plans, or be adaptable to your plans.
This is one you CAN ans SHOULD be doing.

Alot of people moan about "snake oil this" snake oil that", and while I understand that, I also feel it's a shame, its STILL making them money!

Get out of that trap, start ONLY getting good stuff, and

ACTING on it, start buying what HONEST people tell you works or is worth buying, make sure you CAN and DO use it.

Litsen up, here is something I WANT you to TAKE on board, and I may even do a post about JUST this, IM and online marketing is a MINDSET, adictive one too, don't believe me?, right try and stop thinking about it, if you are in this niche.

Try getting to sleep within minutes of going to bed.

I'll help you if you help me, and then we all pay it forward to others.


Ok, well lets crack on...

Don't give me any crap about you can't do this, you can...and hopefully you will.

Tell ya what I will even make a fair bet with ya!

Before I get to that bet...

I am honest and I tell you this is one of those things I think...DAM, I wish I had done that!
And you what else, I will do what it tells, so will you.

Yeah... I was impressed, and I am no hype seller.
Honest marketing is the way with me...full stop, hype sucks, it's just that, hype.

The bet..

Try it, if you fail, I will give you more than the value worth in free stuff myself...BUT you will have to proove you did it, only those who get it thorugh my link though.

You gotta give it a few weeks to really see BIG results.
But hey I think you will have doubled your money within ten days! ...only MY opinion though, you maybe a lazy bugger. ;o)

Do this, even if you ended up getting it before reading this somewhere else do this, post in comments here about the idea here.

Grab this book, it IS by the newsletter role model of mine, someone I KNOW dishes out 100% quality stuff, and I just read this, several parts really got me thining and kicking myself, pretty hard.

You know dam well articles work, and they ARE easy enough to do, especially with this blueprint.

Now act on it, but wih a twist..

Even just simply...

Use the methods to presell this report... its a 100% commission one, and perfect.

If you have a niche, create the evergreen article for your niche using the methods, make it a good solid effort, submit to say ezinearticles, but also point it to another great article on your niche blog, site, where that article is preselling how you create articles for that niche so easy, with your link at the bottom to THIS book, report, point out they get 100% comission too.

Right under that, have a link to an offer to buy 5 top quality articles you also wrote for your niche, using the book's methods, as a smple package for them, the same cost as the book.

Now you gave them a choice, yet the same price, and they will most likely grab ONE of them.
Just in case, have your newsletter sign up box on that page too, in the sidebar.

If the articles are good and they can use them 5 on their sites, with your bio box pointing back to the same article preselling as mentioned, on all 5 articles.

If thay bring in traffic, the likelyhood is the person is going to end up buying the book through your link, and crank out articles of their own.

I bet the first article you write if done well ends up doing good in google, and bringing you that all important fresh cycle of people, all going to your preseller. ;o)

More buyers... do this is several niche sites and you could love this book.

So.. you go for it with this, and help me get my camera.

If ONE of you gets to the top of google with a preseller of this book, comment with proof here, and I will give you a permanent link to your article. ;o)

Get real here, this post is like two article lengths... you CAN write that, I know it.

Hows that?

Gonna step up to the plate? Help me? Help yourself?

Create REAL meat you own?

Grab the article book.

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