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Clickbank blacklist Cody Moya's hoplink......

AND suspends his account...That IS Great... ;o)

Why you may ask?

I got an email from him, as I WAS on his list, in this email...

The unethical man tried to undermine other "ethical" affiliates who have worked hard at generating sales, even undermining the product owner himself.

Absolutely terrible... here is a part of THAT email sent to me..

“If you already bought “Dominating CB” go ahead to clickbank and refund.
After that buy through my link because what you have is not full without
what you are getting from me.

If you get “Dominating CB” through my link I will give you follow very
important software and video:”

Now is THAT nice or not?

Here is what clickbank had to say after it was reported...

We have blacklisted this affiliate's hoplink as well have
suspended their account. It does take a few hours sometimes
for the hoplink to be disabled after this has been done.
They will also be notified that this type of activity is not
tolerated by Clickbank.

What a NICE bloke...NOT.
If you ARE on this mans list..

I would recommend you unsubscribe asap!

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