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"Second life"

Strange site that "second life", from what I understand it's a "virtual world" where you have an "avatar", of what you choose I presume.

This avatar is your online person, ok, well I think I got that!
Didn't give it a second thought, didn't join or anything.

That what months ago but recently I just started thinking about it, not the game itself, just the notion behind it and what it could teach me maybe. Well, strange to think of about a bit of marketing genius, but scary to think of everyone "playing out" their dreams for the owners to see...or worse!

Imagine the possibilities on that!

But I got me more thinking about how it could teach me more about me, and life, our "first life", the reality.

You are more than you if you see what I mean, you can see yourself in your mind, how you are living your life and you can see the bigger picture as if looking from outside of you.

A bit like YOU looking at YOUR avatar as yourself for real on "second life", on your screen...looking in!

Make sense?

So...hypothetically, if that was the reality, HOW would you like your dream reality to be? To look?

So...what would YOU be like?

Not your!
Remember you can and DO look at yourself and your life this way, it's part of the way you think.

Think about that.

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