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"Do I think different..."

Following on from the last post here is the other question I have been asked.

"Do I think different because I am deaf?"

Interesting question and I had a good think about it...pardon the pun! ;o)

Let me ask you something... What's the furthest back you can remember?
How old are your earliest memories?

Most people remember being 4 or 5, some younger.

Well believe it or not I can remember being about 20 months old... I can easily remember being 2 - 2 and half.

Now I know this because I asked mum how old was I when "this happened"..or when were "there"? Now mum was shocked, and once she said I was about 2 I knew I wasn't mad!

Why?? How??

Well if you think about it I heard NOTHING for the first 2 and half years of my life...not a single sound!
So that meant my whole visual world was so much clearer and stronger also in memory mode too. ;o)

The smells and visuals from then were amplified.
Now I have to admit I do have sharp senses, apart from ears obviously.

Here's how I look at it...

You are most likely "normal" (whatever that is?), in the sense you have all senses working ok, so to simplify it I look at it like...

We all have 100% sensual awareness, and each of the five senses in perfect harmony would be...

Together...100% perfect. Make sense? (no pun intended!)

Well I believe there is NOT one person in the world with this!

Not one person has it all perfectly and never will!

Obviously with age that 100% drops anyway...each one at a different rate, and each of us in a different way.

But I believe with each of us it is unique so maybe yours would be more like...

Maybe even in smaller degrees... ie, one is 19.2 another 18.6 etc.

Mine is something like...

A blind persons may be...

All 100% sensual awareness.

This is what we WORK with, our brains are relaying all this together with the actual experiences we have and they are also unique to each of us.

It gives us awareness, not intelligence.

This sensual awareness starts at birth, we learn as we go and yet no two 1 year old babies will have the same awareness, never in a million years!

Mine started early, as will blind people or other sensually handicapped person.

So in fact YES I think different BECAUSE I am deaf... ;o)

My senses feed unique levels of information and my brain tranforms this info to unique thoughts in accordance with my senusal awareness.

Just as they do with you or anyone ARE special, unique!

That's the clearest way I can see it, and hopefully it makes sense.

Hopefully I have answered it to the satisfaction of the asker, feel free to comment below...

Any thoughts? (Pardon the pun!) :o)

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