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The third tribe suckers

Yesterday was interesting regarding the useless third tribe, saw a few other blog's post after Grizz opened a can of worms that needed opening, Grizz also linked to a few, me included, (thanks Grizz, now hurry up with the 10k post, ;o)) - then go back to your make money online antics.

Interestingly, I have to say here, I have NOT seen the inside of this "third tribe nonsense" - all three tribes explained so well by Grizz - as I have no desire to ever hand over a monthly chunk of money for an empty space and a "promised community to share pipe dreams, and pimp each other out" of which buyers suckers just paid to create...- CREATE - again in case that point is missed.

I find it very telling none of those creators have gone to comment on Grizz's post, there is no way they could NOT know about it and it already has 100 odd comments from others.

After all, they are quick to post on those blogs that their fanboys have.

Anyway, so I haven't seen been duped into paying to see the "inside of the third tribe" empty space.

Should you become a tribal member? ...Asked...a tribal member!

They a sucker too?

Not really, they did it to see for themselves, so, smart for going in and checking it out first before blogging about least they have a real view of what it was...which amounted to sod all!

But I don't care that I didn't also check it out first...mainly because I already guessed it was going to be crap, empty, just promises, and I sure ain't gonna hand over money just to confirm it!

Won't even need to now. :o)

I mean, of course any Internet Marketer (those they slam in tribe 1) will tell you memberships are a good passive income, but I bet they have a big drop out rate on that crap, it's nothing but a "club" and they are hoping enough "fanboys" will join fall for it and build that crap up for them, all the while THE OWNERS make money from YOUR efforts stupidity and naivety in joining an empty place and filling it with the same crap that's all over their blogs, just rehashed and still not working!

After all, that's what they teach bore you with, that's what you'll know and do... all the while paying to do your bit, while losing money, probably!

Membership sites, they work, they're not usually empty though...

But it's a valuable "touch-point" they cry... bah humbug - bugger off with the stupid catchphrases and "buzzwords" they are pathetic and mean nothing.

At least be honest with yourself, it's a big "jerk circle" (as those on that side of the pond keep saying) and if that is what your after, whatever rocks ya boat!  (I'll do my own thanks!)

Crazy, that crap is saying an awful lot about them.

But, it's also saying an awful lot about those that join, those who willingly fall for that crap.

The numbers though... I mean let's be really conservative and say they have at this stage 1000 members, (probably alot more suckers by now) and at 47 bucks each, EVERY MONTH... that's a huge sum of money every month for an EMPTY space...with promises.

They ain't daft, they are just banking on you buyers being daft!

It will fill up fast with nonsense, but to sell it when it's empty and banking on those buyers creating and paying for the content is...well, shit.

Easy money for them... what price stupidity?

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