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Are those horizons yours?

Wherever you fit in with the world... is supposed to be where you feel happiest, it's not always where you are from, (sometimes it may be that way), but for everyone that's home in the heart.

Sometimes it takes getting away from where you grow up to appreciate the good parts of the place you grew up.

No matter where you are from, it will always be a part of you, but it doesn't mean you should stay there.

I find it amazing there are very old people here on the Isle of Portland who have almost never left the island, indeed a few who have never been off the island, yeah, never!

Take a moment to consider that, an island about 4 miles long by about 2 miles wide with a road connection to the mainland, and you spend your whole life there, never going over that road.
Imagine suppressing that curiosity to see what's out there...all that time!


It's not always about broadening your horizons, reaching your existing horizons is good, its growth.
Horizons are there to be reached for... that's natural to us.

It's not all visual horizons in life though is it, we all strive to do better, know more, learn new things, and yet some never even try, shame that really.
That is our greatest thing, to be able to think about it and act, grow in a way no other species does.

We are told we can't do this, that and the other, too often by those who have no idea what you can do.
We are unique, our horizons are unique, our path of life is unique, only you know what is right for you.
We create our ow horizons.

The world really is your oyster, physically and otherwise!

So, where are you going? :o)

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Pause for thought...

Pause for thought!  A powerful thing, yet...

Do we do it enough?

I know I don't, not sure about you, but I'd bet not alot of us take enough pauses in life, a pause to appreciate the good bits and a chance to break free of the negative thinking, the crap that gets us down, bothers us even when we try to not think about it.

Power naps have now been thought to clear short term memory, pausing for thought may well clear us of immediate thought jumbles that are in our heads, stopping and acknowledging it gives us power to let it go and thus to forget about it.

Just a thought!


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An unexpected break changed my path...

Instead of banging out articles, researching using the system of videos and the tools they help with, doing make money online stuff, working on the other stuff like back-linking that has to be done, I've been awful quiet lately, - some would say, "damn, makes a change that!" - not just here but in general, I hurt my shoulder and muscle in the back of my arm, it also hurt my neck a bit and the back of ribs - typing and using a mouse doesn't help.

I also need to sort out my seat, change a few things, revamp my workspace, one interesting odd change is to take my damn wallet out of my back pocket, it makes me sit crooked... not nice.

It was also half term so my youngest stayed over for a few days which was, as always, great, so it was good to have a break from all this online crap, typing and whatnot, let's face it when you do it most of the time it gets tedious and can't be healthy, it's made me think about it all alot. I am so close to kicking the smoking habit too, which is the most important change and one I must implement asap!

The break did reveal some interesting insights for me.

I stopped checking mail, social sites etc, everything really, just logged off and slipped into forget-about-it mode!

Coming back from that break of sorts revealed alot, mainly the build up of crap I usually spend time going through, using, reading, sorting, etc... all those emails, RSS feeds unread, buzz's unread (buzz is for another post, on second thoughts, I won't bother till I have used it more!) all the spam to deal with, all the tweets, facebook stuff, blog posts, comments, among much other stuff that I have...

I realised what a sheer amount of time it wasted and did I really need to be wasting that time?
It stressed me out bad, I had a migraine the other night thinking about it all... crazy I know!

Couldn't I use it better?

If we are to spend any time doing this stuff we should be maximising it, getting the most out of it.

I am in this for the long haul so that also means staying in better health while doing it, which means spending less time doing it for me, as too much if it is not helping my health, the main plus is it's making the focus tighter, a good thing.

We have to compromise with anything we do, whatever it is we do, a balance between health, safety, happiness, sanity, and time.

Sitting on my arse looking at this screen all day, not necessarily online either, writing, reading, researching etc...only punctured by eating, getting out for air and sleeping is not good.

Without health you got jack shit.

Doing too many things is driving me nuts, not doing enough of the right things is driving me nuts, I don't fancy being nuts so I have had to give it some thought and decide what I should and shouldn't do.
Whether I get it right or not remains to be seen but I have to try because I ain't happy at the moment.

None of us want to do shit that doesn't make them happy and I am no different.
I need to cut down on time wasted, use it better and on crap that works.

I see the main two ways it breaks down to for's now understanding it better for me, meaning what best suits me, then making the choice and going for it big time putting all efforts into one path.

I envy those who have only got a few blogs or sites, (say 10 at most) and they make a good living income from them, I envy those who have lots of sites (100's) earning a little each and it mounting up to alot in total, either way works, one of these paths is what most people take, or try at least...

The bottom line is they all do it to make money, nothing wrong with that, as we all have to make it somewhere...

Both take bloody hard work, lots of hassles, trials, and frustrations along the way, and time... like almost anything in life worth going for, none of it is easy, but it can be easier depending on us, what suits us, what is most likely to work for us and that is where I need to get it right, choosing the better path to take as I am not likely to try and do both, though some do... and it's right money should be made, all that effort.

The degree of it all depends on so many factors, the effort put in, where it's put, the niche it's in, the type of content, the angle you take, the marketing of it, the connections it makes and whom of them share it, the conversion of people to buyers, you know, so many things can make the difference, trying to analyse all that is a nightmare!

For me, I am not getting the niches right, not getting the right keyword phrases to target, (open to any advice or keywords, in confidence of course! )
I am spreading myself to thin in some ways too, also using up too much time socialising, things I have to address.

This blog itself is one I want to spend effort on, more time spent making this better, so I should maximise and monetise it better, with the upcoming FTP (self hosting this blog) cut off and having to move this to a subdomain, or even use WPress, I will have a chance to make changes, and that I will do.

But in order for this blog to make me any income it depends on me doing better content and it depends on you buying, sharing, linking to, helping, or whatever...after all, it's link clicks that get sales and someone has to click them.. and on this sort of blog adsense is never a good income generator, to be honest it's crappy.

I don't have blinking ads all over the sidebar, big adsense blocks, affiliate stuff, or much else, so no wonder it makes little, even if the content was great (not that I think it is) it ain't set out to make money from anyone...

Other than a few links in the sidebar on the top left, and the odd link in the post as I have done in the start of this one, oh... and the beer icon which is for anyone wanting to tip me a beer (cheers!)'s not much.

Even then, with these links they are good products from people I know well, and the money paid goes to me, likewise once you have them, you can also link to them on your site and earn 100% of the income from clicks... yep, you would be helping me out, and would only need to sell one yourself to have got it free.

So, as you can see, by not having the "money maker" links on here it's unlikely it will make any!

But I won't just promote any old crap on here and never have, so anything I do promote I either have it, or I've already tried it and know it is ok, worthy, useful, whatever, if I am to make anything myself I have to share them with you, obviously.

So, just a little about why I have been quiet lately, now I am feeling a bit better and more focused so, it's been a blessing in disguise really.

It's made me think about the path to take, where to put my efforts and spend my time, while making changes to improve life in general, and part of that is to do better in the effort to make money online with this blog and a few others I am definitely keeping.

And should you buy anything here, thanks.

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Third Tribe, more useless crap!

Some interesting goings on this last week, with new batch of "cool aid" - as those across the pond say - being sold to daft newbies who either seem to NOT be learning as they are going along or new noobs who are just getting sucked in.

This blogging A-list crowd is getting worse!

I knew it as soon as I saw it in my inbox with the lame pitch and tweeted that it was a joke, before seeing the interesting few post from people who know what they are talking about, who slam the cool aid floggers!

I would never say I know it all and there are plenty of people who know more than me on all this stuff, blogging and internet marketing wise, but even so, if I can spot this crap a mile off I am bemused and saddened many can't and to that end I am glad people are starting to stand up and say "hang on, this is bullshit".... not that I've ever shied away from doing that :o)

Let's face it, those who are falling for this crap who already read the supposed A-listers blogs and other crap they write are either not getting it or they are pure fanboys, no other way to describe it, how can there be if they still don't twig that what they learn? read on the blogs is useless and just going to be reworded for the "tribe" crap or forum or whatever.

Call me stupid, but this crap "join us and we'll be friends, that will make you money, just cos you are "in" with us" ideal is obviously a bit lame, is that what they call a business plan?

Join us, we will make you a cool blogger?! Lame!

Look, I don't dislike Darren, Chris, Brian, Simone... they are all great writers, I just think this third tribe thing is BULLSHIT.

I know some say, you are cynical bugger Rob...thing is I just don't like seeing people getting ripped off!

Being charged to have your hand held and then misled along the way... no thanks.

So much is obvious on the blogs alone.

Darren doesn't do SEO in his words, well I can see that, you can't even anchor link in a way to benefit those (misguided) guest posters, check if you unsure... no doubt due to some of them being wanna-be-famous-like-you guest posters, they don't mind being linked using their names.

Ah well, Darren's take on this third tribe thing, useless nonsense.

Reading one of the best rants about this whole situation, I doubt the writer Grizz would like a useless link, maybe as he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the make money online situation he would prefer this! :o)

Andy Beard also, I have known Andy for years online, read his stuff alot, he shares alot on SEO tips .. maybe Darren and the other cool aid sellers should read his stuff too!

So, these people wanna charge $47 a month!

To hold your hand and tell you "you are cool cos you are with us" all the while reading their rehashed crap and fawning over them.

Just my opinion and I am entitled to it, keep ya money, use it on something else or buy ya loved one something, hold their hand instead!

When they start showing they know what the hell they are talking about, then maybe we start to listen to them, till then... steer clear is my advice, go read Grizz's blog if you want the real nuts and bolts on how it all works.

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While I like facebook, I am sick of the app spam crap...

I like Facebook, it's been a great re-connector for old friends, with the walled garden privacy settings being one of the main reasons for it's growth, which they are now trying to reverse without a care for the users, not surprising to hear 50% of people have accepted been duped with it and left the change to public.

They need it open to the public for the simple fact the search engines will index them, send them more traffic.

Many are still using the private settings, myself included, though I have given that some serious thought recently as it's only there I have set private, elsewhere online it's not the case, but then elsewhere online I am not connected to so many real friends, people I actually know in the "real world" and that makes it different.

I love the fact I can interact with local friends and old friends I haven't seen for years, most of them are set to private too, it's what got them comfortable with facebook in the first place...

But the apps, and fake groups and more crap are driving me nuts!

I have to groan when I keep seeing crap apps, stupid fake groups like "we won't pay to use facebook" which is just laughable! (HINT: facebook CAN'T afford to charge people and risk losing anything up to 350 million users!)

I remove almost all this crap from my profile and I know it will bother some who have posted and then seen me remover it and thought "oops".. now don't worry if that's you, nothing personal in it at all, I just don't want the crap all over my profile, I have seen friends profiles and they are nothing BUT that sort of crap.

But if you have set yours to open, are you comfortable with the fact every tom, dick and harry can see what crap gets posted to your profile?

Does it really reflect on you as a person, some say I should lighten up and chill, but my profile is this way for a reason and I write this so you who say "chill" can get an idea why I do it and why I don't want that crap posted on my profile, why I don't want to join crap fake groups which are "viral" in the way they are named, yet meaningless.

The apps and crap make you look sad, uninteresting in some sense, to some people!
Children's stuff!
Need I say more?

No offence to any person, it's just perception, and my perception is, in all honesty, influenced to a degree by the perception of many, do I really want others seeing that crap on my profile? No!

But... it gets worse, because people blindly click any old shit, they are spreading viruses, trojans and the like, I KNOW this because my PC stopped a trojan yesterday, and I do NOT click any old link, the problem was who's link it was, not that they did it on purpose or anything, just that it's FRIENDS... we tend to put more weight of trust on things relating to the person behind the link.

Natural, but it nearly caught me out.

I have to say I have always had friends contact me on facebook saying this has happened, my pc wont work, or similar, what do I do?

I always help, but why not all help yourselves...

Well, one thing, stop sharing crap, think about what you click a bit more before clicking it.
Use common sense!

Facebook is a haven for that sort of crap, so many users, so much "trust" between friends, so much ease of going viral... it's WHY they target it, and groups are created to simply build a mailing list so they can spam your inbox with CRAP!

The next thing you could do, is when you use an app and it ask you to send invites and such, really think about who you are sending them to, do they really want that whatever app invite?
Will it annoy them?
Does this crappy app really mean anything?

Then you may consider not spamming your friends with it.

Consider what others think, more so if your profile is open, consider what your profile looks like and how it reflects you.

Just a thought... ;o)

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It's good to listen, silly to not think for yourself...

 We all have our crosses to bear, they are always different, what bothers me may not bother you, vice versa... as we all know there is always someone worse off than you, always someone better off too.

I get amazed at what people get bothered by, what they let wind them up and so on, also at what they take for granted and yet it's also odd how so many struggle to think for themselves too!

It matters...

If you listened to everyone on any subject, topic, you will always hear opposing views, conflicting advice and sometimes it's bloody misleading/dangerous/costly/stupid!

It never pays to blindly follow what others say.

It does pay to listen but for christ sake people should make their own minds up.

They take for granted that they CAN think for themselves if they choose to, they take for granted what they do know, then blindly follow those who ain't got a clue!

Sad to see, more so when there is so much misinformation out there.
I have been reminded of it a few times recently, online and offline.

Do you see this sort of crazy stuff happening?


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The most important question for any blogger...

Penelope of Brazen Careerist did a great post about asking the right questions, the post really got me thinking, actually, it was gold...for me all because of one question it got me asking myself.

One important question, which also led to another for me.

It all come from a part this one paragraph and I quote...

(snipped)..."really about how a good blog is based on a good question. (My question is: how can we make the the intersection of work and life better?)"

The (my question is) part is Penelope in a way asking what is her blog answering for others, as linked above...and the blog does answer that question. it got me really thinking about it, asking... "what is the one question this blog should answer?

I really racked my brain on that, yet it should be simpler then that, in the end...

Couldn't honestly think of it, have you any ideas?

But then something else made me think, what if we were to ask a question for everything we do, each choice we make...ask the most important question for whatever that situation or choice is.

Penelope talks of the importance to ask good questions, after all it's how you get good answers.

I felt it also could go a little deeper than that in a simplistic way, the intent, if you like.

For example, you want to lose weight...when asking yourself why?
The answer is usually something like "I want to be thinner"... is that the real answer?

Is that your reflection of what the real question is, the real why?

"Because I want to be healthy fitter, and feel better inside and out, I want to feel happier" is nearer the real answer, is it not?

So the why is more likely..."because I feel bad, unfit, overweight, ugly, unhappy and ready to change"

That is a worthy value of why, because it is the intent, it gives you the real motivation to give it the best answer, by making that change happen.

Why?... is such a simple question and only one bloody word, yet so much power in a sense, power to change things, if asked well.

So, while I could say, "well, I didn't get the answer to the question of.."what is the question this blog is answering, ie WHY am I doing it?"... I could now say.."what is the question this post itself answering, WHY am I writing it?

My answer, because it will change this blog, thank you Penelope for a such a questionable post, it was VERY timely and important for me, it will change things because I am asking myself the most important question I can ask regarding this blog, by posting it now I am committed to answering that all important question,

What question does this blog really answer?

If I can't answer it, there is something that needs addressing badly, needing changing.

Why? So damn simple yet so...


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Perception...pretty important if you ask me!

Have you given thought other peoples perception of you?

Online, offline?

I was reminded of this a few times recently offline when talking to local friends, they kept saying to me... "you are always online" ... hhmmmm.

Interesting, why?

A year or two ago that would have been right...huh?

Well the reality is very different to what my friends percieved it to be. The truth is I am not online that much.

I am not online writing this... ;o)

I learnt the hard way how easy it is to waste time online with the forums a few years ago, while great to use they are so easy to get sucked into and hours roll by.

With social sites it's worse!

What you, my friends, see is me being very active when I AM online, that is I try to cram what I can into what little time I am online, I make the minutes count.

You will see this for yourself if you look at my facebook, twitter activity etc, it's all short but usually very acticve bursts.

Something I do is open several facebook home pages in several tabs and no waiting for things to load...while one is loading I am already doing something on another and so on, my fingers literally don't stop for say the 10 mins I allow myself, hopping from one comment to another speeds it all right up for me.

(Social sites are not too bad if you are mainly using a mobile through the day seeing as you can do that anywhere, while in a queue, while on the bus etc.)

So, you see this perception of me in some way is good, I seem more active than others but I am in fact on these sites far less than those who say to me "you are always online"!!

Love irony..don't you? :o)

What I do is spend too much time on the pc... not online, sorting out my pictures, resizing etc takes up time, writing articles takes up time, sorting things takes time, all time I spend on the pc but rarely online.

The internet is one massive distraction. You won't find a bigger one. :o)

If there is one thing these "gurus" and such don't tell you, it's the sheer amount of time that has to be spent on the damn pc...unless you can outscorce everything.

They sell you the perception that it's all push button easy riches!

I digress...

Perception, something I have also pointed out the the younger generation on facebook and such, our friends late teenage kids for exapmle, people percieve you a certain way and that can have a big influence on many things... think future bosses!

Another reason I hint they should write as well as they can, not txt lingo and such, you are not limited to letter count to that extreme (like twitter) so there is no need to write "dnt" instead of "don't"... it smacks of illiteracy and reflects on you.

Face the fact bosses and such DO and WILL always use your scoial activity and such to get a perception of you.

Google my name and you get what I am talking about.

What sort of perception are you putting out there?

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Oi, where is my pot of gold?

Interesting response I recieved regarding last ranty post, nevertheless it did get me thinking...positively too which is just as well.

The gist of the email was basically...

I agree with that, over the last few weeks I have got myself off lots of email list (ezines) and stopped reading certain forums, blogs and stopped listening to the crap which in some instances were so bad I can't believe they didn't themselves think it was crap!

I am down right fed up of it, it's daily!

I have been trying so hard to get somewhere for a while and it's endless pitching and freebies if I get on this list or that list and it led me nowhere, just adds to the crap I already have so where is this damn pot of gold at the end of the rainbow they so effortlessly promise?

Well... that sounds familiar to anyone who has been thorough any stages of Internet marketing, blogging, whatever, but that last line got me thinking.

Where is the pot of gold?

What exactly are you expecting it to be?

Let me ask this, what would YOUR pot of gold be? Look like?

For each of us, it will be a different picture, depending on what you want and it takes unique action to get there.

I remember mum saying to me as a kid "go take a walk next time you see a rainbow and see if you can get to the end of it."

We know why now, but it serves a good point here too, even IF there was a pot of gold as you expected, getting to it is your problem!

I mean this in no offence to the person who sent the email, but kind of ironic they missed the very reason we say there is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow...we say it to kids knowing the reality, you know... the fact you CAN'T get to it.

Thought it was an odd analogy in that sense, I mean you don't want to think you can't get to where you want to because you can, I was thinking, could've used a better one really.

These people who you have gotten ebooks from and such don't care if people don't take action as long as you get their knowledge.

Funnily enough, it makes another good point, you certainly won't get there by simply reading ebooks and ezines, blogs, forums etc...without actually acting on anything, taking steps!

So getting off them list was a good move as long as you act on what you have already learnt, if anything. (depending on the ezines!)

We have all done it, you won't be the last.

Knowledge is good but it's just fuel, action from that fuel is what counts, don't waste it!

Stop looking for a pot of gold that doesn't exist... you gotta create it!

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It's not you, it's me...(maybe)

Bah, did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? (rant of sorts)

Or as someone else so well put it... Cornflakes... give over, I eat a proper breakfast... like weetabix!
(get with the program mate!!)

No... I just woke realising I have had enough... enough of the one sided social media, enough of the spammy crap, enough of the bullshit, the lameness of some people, smartarse experts who try to be clever by fooling the sheeple with stupid made up words and gobblygook, something we Brits see continuously with stupid job descriptions!

Baaa ... what a load of bollox! Excuse me while I PUKE!

It's not just the stupid bloody made-up-shit like that though...

The accumulation of so many things that have pissed me off in little ways that I could do without, so I will, offline and online.

But, it's not just this and now, I realise part of this "rant" is the fact I let things build up, and then blow a gasket...a legacy of my teen years and my dad treating me like shit with his fists.

Things can build up for months, even a year or so before I release it...and I have (thankfully not often) let rip in the wrong way in the wrong direction ~ ie what/who started it all is long gone by that point of letting it out.

So... I can stop myself, yeah, but why should I do that? Better to let this crap out, going from my own past experience!

Now I gotta blog instead of a gob!

Hence the reason I am making changes rather than ignoring it, which is just stopping myself being straight and honest with myself...and whoever reads this.

As with anything there are two sides to it, so it's not all bad because of others.

Anyway, part of this I realise is due to some of the recent changes, like the google reader changes for example, the experiences on several of these places have just made my own experience worse and I am filling my head with crap I don't need or want.

I am bored with so many of the blogs which seem to have changed from what made them great into an "old boys" pimpfest, yeah that old chestnut!

I am bored with the constant airy-fairy-shit and spam on twitter.

I am bored with the egotistical "experts" and their bloody opinions, cos that is usually what they are, just opinions...count for shit half the time!

Pissed off at so called friends who can't be honest.

Annoyed at MYSELF for letting this crap happen or bother me.

Yes, I know a big part of this whole problem is ME...after all... I subbed to the crap, I joined twitter, I screwed up in places, I may have expected too much,  I share peoples stuff with no thanks or similar in return, I waste my time!

No one else...

Some of you may notice I hardly use some of the places like I did, partly due to the users and partly due to me screwing up.

What I am going to do about it is unsub from the crap, clean up my twitter, get rid of what I don't want, stop reading so much or refine better what I do read, stop using certain places.

I have realised all that crap has changed how I feel, my mindset, it's has a negative effect on me, which I don't want or need and it effects others around me...for example, why would I want some anonymous dickhead online making my time with say my kids offline crap?

I don't. From now... things change as I am the only one who can do that.

If you lose me as a follower on twitter, lost me as subscriber on your blog, tough... I don't give a toss, you have to deal with that, not me, deal with WHY I unsubbed... I deal with my own thanks.

Not to say it's all bad, just starting to realise I got to the point of feeling like I don't give a shit!

This is the day I make changes, for better for worse, I am doing it because if I don't it will get worse.

No offence to anyone else, I am just sick of things being the way they are and have to take responsibility for that and do something about it.

Any thoughts? Want to share this crap?

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Barriers, break em down, change the rules...

 I've been giving some thought to why we do certain things, even in a certain way, why some things seem hard to do, some seem so easy, what input do we actually put into it rather than it being like second nature, why do we still do certain things that are not really good or productive when we already know it's not.

How easy we can pick up a habit even without the intention.

We grow up with all these narrow beliefs, ideals, goals, fears, barriers imposed forced onto us, in and out of the home, by everyone we encounter, friends, family, teachers, strangers and peers.

Changing these is no mean feat, lifelong held habits, fears and traits are going to be hard to break, for anyone.

That's my aim, break my own bad habits, quash any notion that doesn't resonate with me.

Life's not easy and it's not made any easier by the way society moulds you, not to say everyone is bad, more accurate would be to say... structured moulding to benefit "some other" rather than yourself, it's also limiting in most cases to what yourself truly has to offer.

A big reason "self help" and "self improvement" is such an active area, self education really only happens when you are an adult and it's by choice.

Mindset is everything, as they say, sadly though...

Most don't bother, saying it's all "namby pamby crap" and the like... self education is not confined to "self improvement books" ~ not by a long shot.

Even though it is probably the most important education we's not forced, like school... which is the whole reason school works as it does, they gotta do it!

It shapes us so well for the end means.

You know the score, be a good boy/girl, do as you're told, go to school, get good grades, work all you life to make someone rich, pay taxes for governments to waste, have a child for the next batch of people moulding, die.... and so on!

Living by the rules of others.

The rules need changing making up as you go along.

That's not to say, you should just do as you please, break the law, anything like it... that's daft.

I am saying what rules really apply to you, for example, when I was little being born deaf it was commonly presumed I'd have to learn signing, go to a "special school" and learn to "fit in".

Well they weren't my rules, and I had no problem "fitting in" because I never felt "out of place" in the first place.

It wasn't a self imposed barrier. I wasn't going to have someone else decide how I would fare.

So many barriers we tend to live with, the main ones that need to be dealt with are self imposed but as we all know... knowing a problem is the hard part, not solving it. Recognising which barriers, problems, issues are self imposed as opposed to being due outside forces is where the real focus should be, as they are the most rewarding to break, resolve.

Truth is some barriers we simply don't see, like the one above regarding myself, they only exist in other peoples minds.

Self imposed ones we may miss, initially, but we can see them if we look at it head on and recognise it for what it is... a problem, barrier, you knowingly or unknowingly created and one you can also get over, break down.

I get reminded of this with relationships, you know some gal ya know will post "why are all men bastards" on a status somewhere, yet miss the fact they choose the men they have, they have certain relationship traits which attract a certain instead of recognising it and dealing with it, they blame the men!

The fact is we all have certain relationships, rather then certain partners.

I digress... some are... so are some ladies we could as easily say!

Obviously we are not all bastards!

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Stop wishing your life away?

Life and it's nuances with issues, problems and even pleasures make every one our lives different, it makes our life path unique. Life is itself unique in that sense. Unique but also fragile.

The pace of life these days is scary, everyone seems to be in a constant rush, everyone seems to "wish their time away" and it's plain to see when so many moan about the J.O.B on the social sites and collectively wish for the weekend to "hurry up and get here" so they can

Life is SHORT people.

If someone is in the position of wishing their week away (5 days) to enjoy their weekends (2 days)...something is wrong!

If that sounds like you or someone you know then the best thing you can do is change it...

They say you "work to live not live to work" and yes that seems to fit with people saying roll on the weekend... but you don't just live at the weekend and if you wish your weeks away to get to the weekend you need to address it, if it is because you don't enjoy your work, do something about it, change it.

This is the reason those who work online say everyday is like the weekend, they likely do this at the weekend too.
Doing something you enjoy is not work.

Everyone has something unique to give to the world and that is what you should do, you owe it to the world to do your best at what you are best at.

Not everyone will even know what they are really best at, nor will they care, they may be happy just doing their J.O.B. if so, that's ok but will you still feel that way when you retire?

Will you wonder?

What if?

Those who do what they are great at look forward to Mondays as much as the weekend.

Your working years are a huge chunk of your life, make the most of it and do what fires you up.

Any thoughts?

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Forge your own path for success, happiness...

It's not all a bed of roses this thing called life...
...for some most of us that is. ;o)

Ever got to wondering why everything seems easy to some people, why things seemingly never screw up for them, why they can do something, it works out and you can do the same thing yet it goes wrong.

Why everything they do comes up smelling of roses, as they say.

It's funny but I seem to think some people will have success in whatever they do, no mater how they do it.

You know what they say about looking at what real successes do in order to copy them, not literally but the way they do what they do and why. Getting to the core of why they have succeeded in doing what they do, you know... the reality of what you want to do.

Makes sense, you want to learn from those who have gone before and know what they are doing, how they did it, then do it yourself.

Only there's one problem with that...

You are not them, more importantly, they are not you.

No matter what you do you will never replicate someone else's success in the way they did it. Work, love,, every single one of us has a unique experience with it.

For example... with love you may envy that special persons relationship with their current other half, wish you had the same, yet every relationship is unique, you will never have a relationship with someone like another person had with them, no-one will have a relationship like you had with any person. Every two person relationship is unique.

Much like success, the path is ours and ours alone. You cant tread someone else's path, nor they your path.

Your success, happiness, whatever, is yours alone, what's really special is no-one can replicate that either.

Not forgetting it's all subjective. ;o)

"Ok, what's with all the philosifical, philosophical shit and what ya done wrong?" you may be thinking. ;o)

Well, as I said in earlier post, been busy on things, but really I have been looking into this particular thought over the last few weeks, maybe a month.
So, I threw any notions out of the window, battened my hatches, got stuck in.


In a way, you could say among a few other things, I have been looking at those who have good success at different business models, there are people who just want to make money online, some want to build a business, others just want to have something happening, many don't care...just dream.

I wanted to see where I could improve things for myself, the one thing I don't do is blindly copy others, or do everything I read about, i read it, learn it, see if it fits and make up my own mind.

Something odd struck me though...

Looking at successful bloggers, successful affiliates, successful article writers/marketers, successful ezine owners, successful forum owners, successful ebook creators, successful direct sales site owners, I noticed something.

Notice it too?

They are all standalone business models, that is you could do any one of them, most successful people started with ONE and perfected it, then plugged another into their existing one, where and importantly when it mattered and it all grew. If they didn't know how to do it, they got someone who did and got it done.

Some have all the models plugged in together and make thousands or tens of thousands a month...easily too.

There is something to learn from it all.
Especially for the newbies or aspiring online business starters.

See most people when they start look at doing everything, thus getting nowhere.
Perfect one business model, strategy, then expand from there but it must fit with what you have perfected just want to plug it into what you already do.

Where most new people (newbies) go wrong is they decide, "I am gonna make money online" then set up a blog trying to teach people how to make money...when they have only read how it's done, not actually done it themselves. Bad mistake and a hard way to get started.

You see them on forums galore...sadly.

Far better to concentrate on one business model above centred around your own passion, or a profitable passion you know you can write about, or your particular expertise.
Build that up then learn one of the other models and plug that in.

For a simple crude example, you may start article writing, decide to then set up a blog to share some articles, as well as having the blog for the articles on directories to point back to, after a while add email list building so you can start an ezine.

The main point being don't do to much at once and stick to perfecting one thing, leverage that after you get somewhere. If you are determined to be in the teaching people how to make money niche, learn to make it first, get to the point where the making money niche IM niche itself can't ignore you. ;o)

It's a small competitive niche yet it can be hugely profitable as we have seen over the years. (John Reese making a million in a day was a good example)

Far better to make your passion work for you and expand in that niche as best as you can.

Leverage, that is the key to it all.

So, while I respect and admire what alot of these successful people have done, and most of them are probably great people too, I can see and understand no matter how often or hard I would try I could never get the same results. (If I was to try that is)

I will always learn from them, simply because there is always something of value to learn.
It pays to watch not only what people say, but what they do and how they do it.

Whatever happens, the only way anyone can succeed is to forge their own path and be clear on how they define success for themselves.

Any thoughts?

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September...a time of change

Some things are just not meant to be the way you expect want them to be...and summer here is no different.

End of august and I see people moaning saying "chilly now, got the heating on" on the social sites!
Talk about damn good timing. :o)

Wanna make money in simple terms, best start betting on that timing more often, it happens alot, look at sports and stuff to see it's true, like rain on wimbledon...usually a cert it will rain hard at least ONE day...yet it didn't really happen this year because of that roof, you could have laid money it wasn't gonna bloody rain hard this year!

Sods law isn't it? ;o)
There's money in that sods law there!

I digress...

September soon, I always felt it was a time of change, a sense of the start of the real year, must be from that upbringing of school new years, the nights drawing in and getting the coat out, the school starts mean...winter won't be long!
(yes, that too...short winter please) ;o)

Is the year flying by or...??

Sorry I know most don't want to hear it, but Christmas will be here in no time, then new year!!...
How will you be looking back on this year?
We still have a few months to make choices and take actions on influencing that outcome, well some do...

For most it's been a crappy year with the economy and such, but no where near as bad as the media made out at the time, even now they are already changing their tune..."green-shoots and shit" (bollox) but it sells papers!

It don't hide the truth of matter though, it's a crap situation for everyone, the whole stupidity and greed of the banks and such, the incompetence of the thieving expense pilfering government.

It is a sad state of affairs when our government has lumbered the younger generation with a massive debt and shit start to working life without them having the means to pay that debt (money robbedborrowedon the never never by the banks) with no work!

Looking on the brighter side of things, we have had a decent-ish summer here this year after a very nice spring. So, cold winter I bet! ;o)

Autumn first, a nice time of the year, nice skies at dusk, shooting stars, red leaves and almost a constant breeze!
I got plenty to sort out this Autumn and looking forward to doing so too, a great time to take plenty of photo's as well.

Hows the year shaped up so far for you?
Are ya looking forward to the kids getting back to school, or dare I ask!? :o)
Does Sept feel like a time of change to you?

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Crap job? Dump your boss...slowly!

It amuses me when I see people complaining about their jobs, more so in this current economic situation yet they continue to just do the job, regardless. Most of us hate being told what to do, when to do it, but that IS part of having a job. I hated it in many cases, depending on the job of course. ;o)

But it doesn't have to be that way with most of us, we all have some unique value which we can build a business around, or turn into your paying expertise, whatever.

I just read an interesting post, in some way it shares how you can blur the barriers, why not act self employed while employed, just because you are in a Just Over Broke now it doesn't mean you have to be someday in the future.

This could change your mindset which in some sense prepares you for the next step (leaving that job) while making you think "wtf was I doing making others rich with that crap job?"

I think we ALL have this entrepreneurship in us, although of course, to different degrees.

Who hasn't thought, while looking at boss out of the corner of your eye "Id rather have my own bloody business"? :o)

The main lesson I learnt from my dad, who was nearly always working for himself after his early stint of working in docks here on Portland then sea diving abroad... was it never pays to have all your eggs in one basket and there really is very little that stops you, when you want it bad enough.

I have no doubt he was already planning to start his own business while employed!

Most of you locals will remember his old ice cream van business, and yes it was a good summer business until the ice cream wars started which put us as a family at risk... yeah that bad, crazy non local ice cream van owner (from Dorchester) actually tried to run my brother over! It was in the local papers too.

That put an end to a good business, did it stop him?

No.. not one bit, did he go get a job? No, did he heck, he started another!

What barriers are there, in your way?

Whatever they are, there is some way to overcome them, there really is only one thing stopping us, ourselves.

Do you think you could sack your boss...slowly?

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Facebook, on the way to rivalling google!

There has been some interesting changes lately, namely facbook buying friendfeed, while also creating a new lite version of facebook, not yet rolled out to the masses but looking interesting though, from the screenshots I have seen it looks better on the eye, more of a "facebook looking twitter"... or what twitter would have looked like if facebook bought and integrated it.

Instead they leapfrogged twitter and bought a far better product and team with friendfeed.

Facebook are banking on more people making their profiles open, public, via the privacy settings which I feel they should have started thinking about ages ago, most people don't want public profiles, they take advantage of the "walled garden" set up, which is why most people only use it for their real friends.

This is the double edged sword left from the original "college campus" set up from which they started, people saw it as a more private place to share and connect. The fact people used their real names played a big part in the growth and knowing it was private... yet it's something I feel they have left for too long, people are using facebook differently to any other site they may use and many won't want their stuff being public, being indexed by google on other words.

The new search facebook implemented is another step towards the opening up of facebook. They know they miss out on a ton of traffic from google, which means targeted traffic and that means better monetisation.

With the real time search added they are in fact positioning themselves to rival google, with googles help whether google like it or not.

The one thing they have to sort out is the lame limits, if they ant facebook being more open then they should bank on people being more social, meaning commenting on more, sharing more. If they keep these lame limits and bans that are so vague, they will make people less likely to be open with their stuff, which is not helping facebook at all, the more open and social the users are the better off facebook would be... it's a two way street. Show a bit more respect to the users and they will act accordingly.

Facebook are also making changes to their email system, now they have the smart guys from friendfeed who also created Gmail while at Google, just maybe big improvements will be made. Their current email system reminds me of the crap AOL... you leave them and you lose the lot.

So what does all this mean for you, the facebook user?

Will you open up your facebook to the masses?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below...

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The pace of life...

... funny thing isn't it?

Looking at how many changes we have had in the last 30 years and how everything seems to be speeding up, not just because life speeds as we age but in general, technology and science itself is progressing at a rate we could not have imagined 30 years ago.

So, to think of the next 30 years and how life will shape up for the generations below us can seem a bit crazy to most of us, we don't really know how it will go, it reminds me of watching tomorrows world in my childhood, or star trek!

I saw something posted on someone's blog, it is in some ways quite a shocking yet amazing video, it made me think about the growth of things and how things will be in the future for our grandchildren and so on.

Any thoughts on that?

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Scaling down the conversation...or why friendfeed annoyed me!

Recently I have talked about friendfeed and some of the pet peeves I see with the "mob mentality" there and lack of interaction in general unless you are one of the "crowd" and yes there is one, I don't care what they say, my experience tells me different.

Friendfeed is still full of geeks really, I am not a geek although I do love to learn new things... like I jumped into friendfeed via twitter.

It is not an easy place for some people to get to grips with, more so if they struggle to use twitter, or only use facebook etc but with facebook stealing ideas and features from friendfeed I do think more facebook users could use friendfeed without so many problems. But I'd not want to lead them into friendfeed as it is if my own experience is anything to go by, I am not saying I had a bad one, just I have seen the ugly side of it and it's not good.

Lead my real mates to a pack of wolves? No thanks...

Not to say they are all like that, far from it, but the wolves are hunters, they are trolls...

Yes we can control alot of what we see there and such, but new users wouldn't know that or know how to do it without being told, helped.

I do think some of my real friends would enjoy the features of friendfeed and possibly enjoy it as I did when I first started there. Granted, some of my own experiences there will be my own fault, no problems saying that, I am not perfect but what I do know is that I am perceived very differently on frienfeed than I am on twitter and facebook. That is partly down to the other people, I reacted differently because the experience itself was different.

No-one can deny friendfeed is different.

So, spending time with my youngest son here, having less time online writing and socialising has given me alot of food for thought, I got to looking at a few stats, thinking about how the places made me feel, how they impacted on me, who made me feel good and bad.

I recently scaled down those I follow on twitter and it made a big difference although I have been quiet there of late like I have everywhere it's still made an improvement, less noise and a better flowing stream.

I didn't like what I saw regarding friendfeed to be honest and now it's the main reason I decided to make big changes which should help not only myself but those real friends who do join friendfeed.

See I love the way friendfeed works and do think it is a great place to be, it has many more good uses than bad shit, you find interesting things there and have some good discussions and there are some people there who I will always subscribe too.

So last night I decided to scale the friendfeed experience down for myself, using filters to separate those I know I will always follow and those I am not so sure of. Some are just being blocked cos they are arseholes and trolls.

The point is to make it an experience I can enjoy and share with real friends who are willing to try it out and not just "put up" with the experience I am having there now. I don't give a rats ass if this bothers some on there because they contributed to me not enjoying it so much. They are not real friends so sod them!

With the ability to have rooms and filters there is no reason for me to not have a "local" set up where us locals can participate and create our own little community... like facebook gives us but with more control and less hassle!

The small is the good... the big is just noise!

So to the real friends of mine, should you want to try friendfeed, sub to me once joined and I will sub to you too and we go from there.

Those who already use friendfeed, how is it fairing up for you?

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Friendfeed, the road to nowhere...

... if it carries on as it is... with the pathetic mob mentality there is, (no-one can deny it is there!) the place will put people off using it and drive existing users away.

I feel like I was forced into blocking people due to some crazy bullying and mob mentality, the truth is I feel they tarnish the experience of friendfeed itself, not only for the one they "jump on" but everyone able to see it in action.. Sadly the mobs will drive people away from what is or can be a great place to use.

Hopefully it won't get out of hand but the control is now even more in your hands with the added ability to "moderate" comments on each post you make there.

I do think that is a good move, along with the blocking and hiding you can make efforts to improve the experience you have there. It's a shame you get idiots like that in the first place but that's life, they are everywhere sadly.

A few people say it doesn't really matter, but I think it does as it changes your mood, so it also changes your experience with it.
Friendfeed is always improving, they rarely get it wrong either... something the twitter guys could learn a thing or to about.

BUT a place is only as good as the people using it, up to now it's been mainly geeky people and a few others, maybe that will start to change now, I hope so!

It will be a while before the mainstream uses friendfeed I'll bet, yet once they see how good it can be and how useful it is I think we will see the better experience, mainly because of the better diversity of users.

How do you use the place and what do you do to improve your own experience?

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Facebook, grow up a bit, you need to ...

It seems to me facebook are starting to change their ways a little, though not enough for my liking simply because of the way they continue to treat their users, the most important aspect of the whole business.

Treating your users like children is NOT the way to go.

There are now far more of the older generation on there, I would say 90% of the friends I have on facebook are 25 to 45 (my own age group), 5% under 25, 5% over 45 ... just recently it's been shown that the older generation (over 55) on facebook is also increasing, are they going to treat them like kids too?

Then again that's no surprise whan facebook was started by a college student for college students, ie little more than kids themselves.

The growth of facebok has been pretty explosive yet they have not changed their mentality with it, well the owner is what 24, 25 ... say's alot really about why they need to "grow up" as a whole.

I have now seen dozens of people delete their accounts out of frustration and YES I debated on doing it myself, it's something I will do if things don't improve for the users, no-one likes to be treated like a kid and facebook is NOT the be all and end all!

It's no secret (wrote about it on here) I've had issues with them like tens of thousands of others and all because of stupid rules and lack of clarification on them.

You want limits and rules to be respected, spell them out clearly!

It's a two way street so you have to do YOUR part too facebook, that means respecting the users.

You also have to be fair on how you implement it, I can promise you this, there was a 16 or 17 year old girl in the national papers not that long ago who admitted spending ALL her waking hours on facebook with her 5000 friends, I bet she has NEVER been blocked, and yet she must have used faceboook WAY more than I have!

As a user I have the right to express an opinion on this and I only want, just like everyone else, a better experience on facebook, not have to walk on eggshells.

The stupid limits, once you have been blocked (usually without warning) and then unblocked, you should never be blocked again UNLESS the users, IE your friends, COMPLAIN about you.

Do you think facebook, that you know me better than my OWN friends?
No I thought not!
Not ONE complaint to facebook from my friends, and yet they have blocked me twice!

What part of being "social" do you not understand facebook?

I'll spell it out, the MORE social the users are, the better!

It's no secret facebook are losing money, THAT is the problem you should be dealing with, not pissing the users off, let the users do the job of "policing" their own experience and the friends they have, they are NOT stupid!

If some friend spams the crap out my profile with some porn or other crap, or starts insulting me or friends and getting abusive it's, "remove from friends" and BYE BYE ... pretty simple.
I don't need YOU doing that for me.

YOU get on with what you screwed up with from the start, monetising the damn place!

Tip, ads don't work FULL stop! (Beer icon over there)

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Twitter, missing the obvious?

It seems twitter and facebook are having some issues lately, of different sorts, problems that I'd have thought would have shown themselves to be obvious to them long before now, problems they could have then avoided by acting on what should have looked so obvious.

You would have thought with all the data they already had, IE ...  before the massive growth both experienced due to free publicity, it would show them what looks to be an obvious weakness or potential problem further down the growth path.

The other thing which I think is an issue, one that should be a priority is the lack of trust and appreciation to the users themselves, after all these social sites are user driven.

The users can "police the place" in a more effective way at times than the owners themselves leaving the owners to deal with improving the user experience, the most important aspect they deal with. (friendfeed get it spot on). this is beneficial to both parties after all. The users want a better experience.

I write this as a user, from my own experience with the sites, not based on others opinions ... my own experiences, and I do jump in. ;o) I will write about facebook in the next post ... so ...

"Twitter twoubles?"

Twitter has been suspending accounts by mistake recently while dealing with spammers, those who auto-follow using crap and follow trains, bots. There was a warning from twitter that they would deal with this sort of thing a couple of weeks back, how they were looking at the way people were using twitter.

It's spammers, bad thoughtless marketers and porn floggers who only care about big numbers, it's usually one or all of these that ruin things, just as we are now seeing here.

While I still have my account thankfully I have seen the rate the spammers and auto follow bots do this stuff, I have been blocking them daily for a few weeks so hopefully it's something twitter will continue to deal with, not sure they will ever win that though!

To be honest the stupidest group is those who thought it a good idea to "jump on the bandwagon" with crap like the "get 400 folllowers a day" while not normally that kind of general twitter user, maybe this is what happened with some of these that were so called "accidentally suspended" or "legit users" to other users.
Twitter targeted them all, so those who thought...."well it won't do any harm, it's a one off" were effected, if so, tough, hopefully they think about it next time, plenty of us ranted against it long before this happened, so twitter are not really at fault, them users are.

The hashtag (#) is another thing they will always need to keep an eye on as it is used to get into the "trending topics" list on the home page, it's not hard to do as users of a forum have proved, just as they have done with google bombing, using anchor links over the years (it's not new) ... what are hashtags again? Anchor links!?

Twitter also I think need to work with link shrinker's and twitter app developers a bit more closely to jointly deal with any issues. Having a twitter only link shrinker with scanning process would get rid of the threat of viruses and worse which they have experienced a while back.

To have every single link converting into this twitter only shrinker would make a massive difference and could help with stats, both for twitter and the users which improves it all.

Working closer with those app creators who use the twitter API would only lead to improving the overall experience for the users rather than squabbling over the word "tweet" being used with the creators etc, and doing updates and more without working with the app developers to keep the experience hassle free for the users themselves.

Let's not forget though, we as users should also play our part in keeping it to our liking, taking responsibly for how we use it, report the porn spammers and crap, play our role in using it how we want it to be used help the app developers improve the experience etc.

What about you? How do you feel as a user of twitter?

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R.I.P: Twitter is dying, long live ...

... blogging.

Lets get this straight ...

Twitter will die long before blogging does, the fact it's treated like a "popularity" contest with the auto-follow bots, crap follow trains (where you can "gain" 400, 500 or whatever number it is), lame competitions, and other sly abuses makes it worth less now for the user.

I am continually blocking some porn spammer or other spammy crap, I look at their twitter and they have one "tweet" and they follow 500 people, and have no followers, or they follow none and have 500 odd followers, not hard to see what crap they use!

I would rather have 100 followers with reach than 2000 with none, it's not all a numbers game you know, I don't really get better results traffic wise now I have more than 2000 followers then I did when I had 1000, there could be many reasons for it, but the more followers you have only means that, you have more followers. Not all followers are equal, just as not all traffic is equal.

People are vainly trying to get the twittering celebrities attention in order to get some response, saying that it will "make their day plus get me more followers"

I don't give a flying shit about the fact some like A Kuchter has 2 million, and if he tweets to you you will gain tons of followers, who cares?

Meaningless ...

The other thing is twitter is 100% usable without going to twitter, how do twitter monetise their "webspace" when everyone is using something else to post to it?
Ads on the main twitter "home" page would be useless in that respect, plus who would really take notice of them?

Much like any social site, if you get banned and your account is deleted, that's it, you lose!
You have lost whatever you post to them, much like a few years ago with forums and people losing great content because they get banned.

Blogs are ours, I own this, noone can "ban me" from writing here, or delete this except me, or my host, and even then it's possible to back up a copy of it all so you don't lose it.

I am surprised at seeing someone say they get 90% of their business from twitter, they say that it's usually new orders, ie not much repeat orders, they even say it would be devastating to get banned from there, wtf are you doing relying on twitter?

It's good you get the work from there, if you do, not so good that you have to be there to get it and if you lose it you lose nearly all you incoming work.
If you have a blog you have a central for them to come to you.

Twitter will not outlast blogging!

Do you agree?

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I AM better then YOU...

Ok... maybe not, not with them damn things on anyway!

I am a little perplexed by the fact some people take all this shit so seriously, I saw someone had stopped reading a blog simply because the blogger had written "fuck" on their blog, although it was in that context probably the right word.

Before you say, "that word is never right in any context", I ask you to pick a mallet and chisel up, have a bash at some stone, you will enjoy it and find it a little therapeutic, a stress buster if you like ...until you whack you thumb which will happen ... then you find me a better word to say then than that one! ;o)

Lighten up, that's my advice, if one word and it was one word, not a habitual thing like I don't do on here, if it was a one off do you really think it's worth stopping reading it, if you get value from the blog?

That's crazy and silly on your part. If you never read this blog again just because I actually used that word for this post ... (hard not to if I want to make the point) ... then doesn't that say more about you than me?

Of course, you readers are smart though. ;o)

If something offends you that easy, then in my view it's best to start dealing with the "why it offends you" issue.
Then it won't offend you, simple really. Thick skin is needed in life.

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Posterous, the big easy ...

Or the blogger killer?

So, I was a little late giving it a try but I am glad I got round to checking it out properly last night because I think the set up is just so simple, clean and easy.

They are making use of the one thing we all use and take for granted, that's email, the.ubiquitous nature of email over a website or blog platform like blogger, wordpress makes it perfect in today's world with the speed and mobility we seem to be living with, doing it all on the move so to speak, snacking on content.

The fact you don't even have to set up an account to start is unusual and good, just send an email, while that itself sounds a little odd, it really is that simple, just send an email to (replace AT with @ of course) and it does all the rest for you!

After that you simply wait for an email and in that will be a link to the blog itself and your option to "claim" it, add a password for security and you are done, and only do that once, from here it's just send the email.

Email straight to your facebook too, simply by changing the email send address to
Add images, videos etc by using "attachments" in email like you would normally do when emailing a friend.

You simply use the email subject line to write the blog title, attach whatever you want, write the content in the body part of the email, send, wait for the reply, look, share with your readers. :o)

You can even make it private, or allow others to post to your blog, family, friends etc and they only need to email, nothing else, not even having to leave your inbox to reply to the blog with a comment, simply reply by email.

It seems odd because we all use the same email address to send to, it makes sense though when you consider how easy it is then to use it, no remembering odd secret words like with blogger. The only time you need to change the sending email is when you set up another posterous blog, then the address has the blog name in it too, for example replacing the "blogname" with your real blog name of course.

I do think posterous is worth trying out, it is the perfect set up those who like and use email but don't want the hassle of setting up a blog. OAP groups, church groups, charity groups other niche groups and such would benefit greatly from a group posterous set up, all only needing to send an email.

I am even debating whether to forget about switching this blog to wordpress from blogger, use posterous instead, not entirely sold on that yet, although you will see me using posterous because it is so simple and usable. :o)

What about you?

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Yep, blogging is dead...

Blogging is dead?? Really... ok.

/delete... :o)

Seems to be the thing going around lately, not that I agree with it at all, they are changing maybe, evolving, adapting, growing but certainly not dying!

Why do people email or DM via twitter asking if it's true?

"Is lifestreaming, twitter killing blogs?"
"Do I start streaming and delete my blog or just leave it up?"
"It's what **** and **** is doing, so it must be true?"

WTF?? Are you serious, really?

Will my answer or anyone else's answer influence it?
If it would, then you need to get out of that mindset fast, because that's destructive to you.
The only person who can kill blogging for you, is you.

The naysayers and doom mongers are always looking to stir shit like this, that's what they do. ;o)

If you insist on listening to others and taking it as gospel you will never get far with progress anyway because no-one has all the answers and they never will, as I have said before it's all trial and error, no way to escape that.
Jumping from one thing to another is no way to go forward really.

What you should have been asking me is ...

"Is lifestreaming worth doing and if so why?"
"Can it help me with my blog or site, or presence?"
"Can't I do both and should I?"

Are they more sensible ones to ask?
Then the magic ingredient is you make your own mind up after you look at it realistically.

Does it fit with what you do now?
Can it improve things?

Then deciding if it will be worth doing, then testing it, judging it by your OWN results.

Not take what some people say as gospel and steadfastly do what they say. That's the route to nowhere.

I am not going to stop blogging, far from it. :o)

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Need I really say more?

Just about sums it all up perfectly.

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Chain of life

Life is starting to feel like a strange chain of links, the links being the relationships between us as people, relationship between events, things, actions, how these things link together to effect us in certain ways which in turn effect the links themselves.

We strengthen or weaken them.

We all have relationships and can relate to everyone else having them etc, family, friends, work mates, all these things we constantly influence and work on. Most of the time people influence these links without thinking about them first, nor do they consider the real effects of the choices, actions they take.

Something I have learned the hard way is know who your mates are when life is shit and you are down, IE when you need them most.

You know more of peoples truth by their actions rather than their words, IE the world is full of hypocrites.

So do we choose carefully enough?

Does the parent know the effect of telling a little white lie to their children early in life has on things later in their lives?

(How many doubts will be thrown up for them later in life on all the things they were unsure of earlier in life, things the parents say, once they know you started lying way back when...)

Does the boss know the overall effect of telling one "low ranked" worker that they are just a cog?

(Who else will that worker tell and will they want to work so hard?)

Does the man who slaps his wife in front of the kids consider the effects on the children's later life and their relationships with their own wives, and children?

(Do they realise the continuous loop they strengthen?)

Does the person who has a fling while their partner looks after the kids really consider the effects on these links?

(The links between the partner and kids, them and the partner, them and the kids, the between the kids themselves?)

Every chain has weak links...

Do we know when to break the weakest links?

Do we consider the effects of breaking them?

On ourselves, others and also those connected to them, you?

Do you want a strong chain or a shitty little weak one?

Cut the weak ones and work on the strong ones.

Trust, respect is what strengthens the links.

I don't want weak links that take away from me being able to strengthen the stronger ones.

I want to strengthen my relationship with my kids, the family members who matter, the friends who matter, the things I do I will consider more.

The weak links will break.

There are links I would like to build, (not sure I ain't to be single forever ya know, though I wont be second fiddle neither!) others I will cut away, if you feel I have cut you off, maybe you ought to ask why I would do that?.

New links appear all the time.

How about you? Have you considered the links of your chain?

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Change, fear it or embrace it...

I choose to embrace it, more so after the last few days which has been very interesting to say the least. 

I have to say a huge thanks to a couple of people who have helped me get clear and look at things from a slightly different perspective than my own. 
One was intentional, meaning we had some great emails going back and forth, from someone I regard as a sharp, smart person. Thanks.. you know who you are! ;o)

The other person has no idea they have helped me in such a way, that's ok, they said a few things that really hit home for me, even though what they said was for someone doesn't matter because the lesson in what they said I did grasp, for that I say... thanks.

Life changes and we change with it, how we respond to any change is going to determine the end result, so why fear it? 

People just don't like change full stop, it's taking them out of their comfort zone. It's too easy to settle...settling is comfortable and cosy.

I don't want to settle, I want to change, learn, grow, improve and live a better life than I already do. (not too hard that mind)
I don't want much, I may need things as do we all but having the things others aspire to have, like a flash motor, big house, blah blah blah... I rarely even think about. 

Life is not about what you have, or have not.

Life is about how you feel, nothing else "in the moment" matters more than how you feel. You don't say...

How do I think about that?

You're more likely than not to say...

How do I feel about that?

How you feel effects how you think as much as how you think effects how you feel.

So what is the more important one? 

I feel ready to change, the last few weeks have allowed me to align my thinking toward my feeling change. I do feel different, thanks to my mate and our email conversations I am now thinking clearly enough to accept the changes I need to embrace.

I feel good...  :o)

Do you embrace or fear change?

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MP's make me PUKE...

Time for change!

...not the hyped crap of "hope" that worked so well for the USA, hope is by definition something you never quite achieve, else what would you "hope" for?

Hope is.. "I'd like that, but it's unlikely to happen" (...keep hoping!)

Britain is supposed to lead the way with this shit called "politics" or "democracy" and do it to our supposedly core values of being tolerant, being fair, with honesty, decency, and best for everyone involved...

Does that sound like what OUR MP's run the UK with?

Does that sound like that arrogant idiot speaker who wasted £100,000 of YOUR money trying to make sure YOU never found out how some "greedy, insensitive, irresponsible, fiddling, lying" MP's abused YOUR money. The "some" to me is VERY debatable too but nevertheless there are bound to be some good MP's.

We need ...
REAL change, not the hyped crap "new" labour hoodwinked the (gullible) voters with so effectively... IE..."our "new" meaning we WILL screw over the "working class" we used to base our values on, those who built us up to where we are, without them realising it till it's too late"...  (-IE- about NOW)

Hence the "we won't raise income tax" to the public while creating many new taxes in the background to be sure we are worse off ...

One lie leads to many others, they lied at the start... do I really need explain ALL the lies? I will be here for a month!!!

Forget it, they ALL lie...

If you have VOTED for a party, you ARE gullible, but let me have a chance to say why...

They are all shit!

That make sense?

Good ...

My local MP didn't like some "comments" being posted on his facebook page, so he blocked those of us who voiced our thoughts and opinions, speech and all that right?

How dare us... shame on us, he only wants to listen to the "yes" on his constituency... else he wouldn't have blocked us, we ARE part of it, he represents US remember... free speech again... what happened to THAT? Oh yeah, he has an agenda, a party agenda.

Course, I got a blog... lol! :o)

Lets see what REAL change could be and do for us, because it HAS to happen...cos that shower of shite and the system they FORCE us to live in doesn't work. FULL STOP!

Note, NOT "labour doesn't work" as was famously used years ago, which is STILL true, but THE whole lot doesn't work. (So the labour luvvies, don't bother, accept it, your party is crap, as are the rest, they LIED, wake up)

The first REAL change has to be the NEW vote of NO confidence.

At present you choose between the branches of the same power and system, believe it, whether you vote one of the big three, or green, whatever they are all branches of the same power base behind it, working to manipulate and control every direction of our lives.

Forget about em... but if you don't vote, what happens at the moment, if everyone chose to not vote? Somehow they have set it up so THEY, meaning the behind the scene power base still run things, something I can't seem to get the idiots who tell me I WASTE my vote by NOT voting understand.

Well... I would waste MY time voting for something as corrupt as that shower of shite and that is me voting for something I don't believe in.

Do I look THAT dumb, dishonest?

But I DO want MY vote!

Make a new vote for "NO confidence" meaning for ALL parties, that means you are VOTING to CHANGE the SYSTEM, they all lose the option and we have to make change, we take OUR rights and power back from the few manipulating bastards already ruining it for their own means, at OUR expense!

What kind of change we might ask...

We demand a law for the new "no confidence" vote for a start...

WE make the majority a "no confidence" by action... therefore we scrap the lot of them by VOTING them all out, that's REAL democracy. :o)

We change the system so it never happens again, we don't have to completely destroy things so much in one go, just make the change and work at it as fast and effectively as possible for the good of everyone and to the best of our collective ability.

Now I don't know or claim to know how it all works, all I know is it isn't working...taxes are wasted and stolen IMO and responsibility gets sidetracked to the "never never" office. I know that the further up the chain the messier it gets. Listen to them idiots in commons debate... pathetic... "right honourable member of the house"... bah makes me puke. Utter drivel. GET on with it! ... Better yet GET OUT!

I think the way forward is like this...

We elect local representatives who the locals feel best to represent them and their local issues in an honest and fair way and NOT tied to any "pre-set agenda" which is forced onto us.

The local representatives collectively represent the counties, with another elected person to represent the counties in national issues, then a national representative to represent UK in Europe and World affairs etc.

Simple.. right?

Bit like it already is but without ties to an overall party, without the POLITICS and bullshit of it all.

Not MP's - Must procrastinate.

But LR's - Local representatives.

And CR's - County representatives.

Then NR's - National representatives.

Now here is the difference for me... we don't have them idiots like MP's, or even some of those in the local councils "deciding what we should be deciding on."

The difference is you are NOT voting for what a party "thinks is best for us" but voting for someone to represent our own local issues in order to deal with them regardless of anything else, so we sort the issues at hand, the ones that effect our immediate circle in our everyday lives and do it when it matters most, no piss fart arsing around with crap to delay everything and milk the monetary side of it as they do, and having to go further up the chain, and again and again till we get to some what's-his-name-lazy-arsed political yet uncaring outsider to decide.

The system as it is is set up in such a sly way that NO-one is directly accountable yet ONE person really makes the last and all to biased choice overriding whatever went before, whatever the detractors and whatnots want to say to me about all this...I don't care!

I don't give a shit when you snobby shallow people say "I don't know nothing about it because I am a commoner and never been involved in it, never seen it first hand and these people are doing a great job and blah blah bloody blah"

Get over yourselves. they have you suckered and you swallowed the "blue pill" all to easy.

We should be VOTING on everything. With the digital age to utilise there is no reason we can't have better faster solutions to our local issues.

Nothing is so hard we can't vote ourselves on them, using digital means and printable PDF's with questions and such for us to voice our thoughts etc, once every three months, which means 4 times a year we DO get a say in matters that matter to us locally and acted on as fast as possible.

Then we get a once a year vote and such on bigger national issues.

Every change, every need, then acting on it to the best we can do collectively within our means... not paying them idiots to sort things out and yet still make a mess of it and watching our money get wasted, we should just ACT as fast and effectively as possible for the overall good for in point locally... the brown route!

We pay so much in taxes, income, road, council, VAT etc we get VERY little real value for our money, they are all used and abused to line the wrong peoples pockets and that doesn't just mean those in's those they "filter" it out to in forms of contracts etc...

The gravy train has to stop. We fuel it, we can stop it.

Listen up, this expenses crap going on. You greedy hypocritical bastards!

Those who said they are low paid in relation to real business etc. BOLLOCKS - If you can't "get by" or "survive" on a grand a live in a fantasy-land!

And they get MORE than a grand a week, everyone of them, so 650 odd grand minimum a week in wages, we pay them!

If you "need" more than a grand to "live on" you are a greedy and living a materialistic, wasteful lifestyle and leading a very bad example to those you represent which can lead to resentment.

Having expenses to do some areas of your work is fine, taking the piss is NOT. But if you are going to take claims for everything just where do you spend your very over generous wages?

Or are you all getting richer every year due to being able to save so much of it?

You make me puke!

I see NO reason any MP can't live on what they do and use the MINIMAL expenses required to actually DO the job and have a damn reasonable lifestyle. (one MP has done just that.)

You just want it all cos you are greedy and abuse the power you have allowing you to do these things on the sly for so long.

Someone said rightly the only really honest person to ever go into that house on the Thames was "guy fawkes".

I believe you who have abused it should be arrested AND tried for fraud... anyone else would be?

If that doesn't happen it proves to EVERYONE there IS one law for some and one law for everyone else. Squeaky bum time for the lot of least it damn well should be.

Pathetic is the fact with have idiots making the laws and some of them as been exposed even exploit it to change laws for money!

Scrap lords too.

You really need to understand the true depth of anger with the public and how you have blatantly taken the piss out of THEM for so long and will continue to do so unless WE do something about it.

That means seeing the back of you and out of the doors to make way for real people who care about real local issues that will deal with these things in the manner they should be dealt with.

Time to stop wasting so much of our money,

Save more of what we have and stop throwing money at crap!

Scrap what we pay to the EU for a start!

Scrap half of the civil servants out there, they aren't needed, they are "labour bought votes" by way of job security.

Scrap the vast expenses people leach off the system like these MP's, the legal system and the way the legal eagles abuse legal aid.

Scrap the stupid amounts wasted in subsidies to farmers, landowners and such to grow NOTHING!

The way tax and such is set up is diabolical, a recipe to keep us trapped into this system and allowing our money to be wasted and squandered on meaningless quangos and crap like "outreach" jobs!

What value does a worker really get out of his efforts?

Very little if you are honest and consider it all as it gets taxed. We get taxed over and over again on the same money, that is PURE greed and "theft of value" in my eyes.

An idea would be...

Income tax should be pegged at say 12.5% for EVERYONE earning over £5000 and under £52,000 a year, also the rate should be pegged at 15% for those earning over £52.000 a year. Those Earning less than £5000 a year pay no income tax.

Income tax should be used ONLY on hospitals, policing, fire-service, etc, these things we need to have running country wide and at a level of competence that is also country wide, providing real value from the cost.

Other national things like postal service have a difference in that they are  also able raise own running funds and income by sales etc.

Our other tax should be a local tax for local issues to be dealt with by locals, a self growing and self maintaining system. Each locality should be able to self decide what cost and expenses are needed to deal with the issues at hand locally, therefore collecting what's needed, rather than what they set regardless and when it is needed so as to act.

Like a new council tax? Is that what I mean?

Not really, cos that was a balls up from the start.

Nothing like the way council tax is raised and used or wasted the way it is now.

A new kind of "town" tax, and another smaller amount paid called "county" tax maybe. If you say that everyone earning money regardless of amount has to pay 5% on their income as "town tax" and another 2.5% as their "county tax" which would be 7.5% for everyone regardless of wage amount, meaning those earning under $5000 a year.

So those earning over £5,000 and under $52,000 a year would be paying in total 20% tax a year.

Those earning over £52,000 a year would be paying a total of 22.5% tax.

V.A.T... scrap it... it's theft!

The road tax system should be spent entirely on the roads and safety system but a fair price to reflect the real cost spent on what's needed.

It should be a stepped price on only vehicle type like it used to be. IE- cars, bikes, vans, lorries etc.

Drug tax should be set at a price too, like drink, cigarettes etc, but a fair price and all tax from this should go into getting people off the shit! :o)

The truth is, YOU have the power but they don't let you use it the way it would really benefit your life and your locality.

There is so much WE can make right IF we are allowed to do it the way we feel is best for us and not how "they" want it to be done.

But it takes a whole system change and that means getting RID of the system as it is and developing a new way to live and govern our lives.

The current system is OUTDATED and a failure.

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