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Dump the IM bullshitters and hype if you want to make money online

Internet marketing (IM) has some great advantages, but it also has some seriously greedy and deceptive liars in it too... having just seen another bullshit video and pitch from some self proclaimed "guru" I think it's time this IM niche cleaned itself up.

Someone is always, something these bullshitting hype marketers could do with taking note of, many of you have been selling the fake bullshit dreams and hype for a long time now and in the process taking the piss out of people, taking their money, misleading them and letting them down.

I am just about sick of these bullshitters in the IM niche and the sly underhand tactics they use to lure people in, and I do mean lure... they more often than not just rip you off.

I unsubbed from so many of the list we in the IM niche get sucked into many months ago, a few I kept over the time and now they are gone too, so I am now only subbed to 3 and it's staying that way, these 3 deliver good stuff, solid info that will help most people in this niche but they are not geared to noobs in that sense.

I won't be telling you who is crap and who isn't, my advice is stay off them all!

Now though, we have something else to help kick these assholes into touch, social media and the way people share and spread things so fast, it means these assholes can't hide, rip someone off and it will be told somewhere.

So, these sly bastards are new playing a new card, the "woe is me, I did wrong but I am a new person now" angle is coming out... I just hope people don't fall for it, it's bullshit that will cost you big money if you do!

The problem is these sly bastards are know realising they can't keep doing what they did, they know they can't hide anything, they know FTC is on their backs, they know they would be in deep shit if they get found out, it's likely they will get found out, well I damn hope they do.

Is it likely the new disclosure rules and the fact they can't use their bullshit testimonials from "friends" has triggered it off, they are worried and changing tactics, yet only so they can try and fleece more money from the gullible masses, yes they are gullible!

Bullshit claims of 2 hours a day work for 50 grand a month and that sort of crap, people fall for...amazingly!

You have to question your own greed if you fall for that crap, those bullshitters are only worried about their own greed, but you can't complain if you fall for it, if you are being a hypocrite because it was your own greed that made you fall for it!


Thought so, so what are we to do about it, those in this IM niche get tarnished with the same brush, which is a damn good reason to start doing something about it, no matter how small it all mounts up.

Let's face it, Internet Marketing is not going anywhere, it's just the medium being used for marketing, it's the way it's used that needs to be looked and changed, it can only be us who force the change...

There are some great marketers who are ethical, decent and deliver what they promise...simply because they don't lie about what they can deliver, quite often they will over-deliver which is great for you, me and anyone who buys from them, follows them, these people should be supported.

The rest, ditch em and if they rip you off, shout about it loud and clear, wherever you can, blog about it, tweet it, whatever just don't let it lie, because who know who they will rip off next?

We all owe to ourselves and everyone else to use some common sense and at least always do your due diligence... that alone will save you money, heartache and pride.

The sooner we boot out these assholes the better for everyone, it's funny but the biggest most important thing we have is our reputation, yet these assholes don't care about least till they get found out, then it's too late.

Three things... Mind, Wallet/Purse and Reputation!

Don't let these idiots put crap into your head, if what they say sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

Don't spend anything until you get a decent second opinion, even then be very wary of what and how you spend, some of this assholes used sly forced continuity scams.

Strip everything else away and you are left with reputation... what's theirs like?

What you then do also has an influence over YOUR reputation, don't let these assholes bad rep ruin yours, and always strive to keep it intact, it's you main asset.

Save your money, if you must spend it, don't waste it on bullshit systems, instead get something like these videos, use them to find YOUR niche and then work on that by delivering decent content.

Get involved with decent like minded people who can help you, also help them where you can and you won't have any need to worry about the bullshitters taking the piss out of you.

Don't you agree?

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The signs are there, eventually you ask...

There is alot of people now starting to see the merits of doing "stuff" online, whether they started with a hobby frame of mind, or as a result of following their passion, whatever that may be and it's lead them on a path of questions, possibilities and opportunities.

I have seen some "hobby blogs" and such starting to show signs of the owners realising it for themselves.

It's how alot get started yet there is something, a question, that always draws people like a magnet... the possibility of doing it for a living...IE "can I seriously make money online doing this shit?" (with a sarcastic nod to their pc)

After all, they are already spending a few hours a week writing, or other content (videos etc) and doing all the "stuff" that they need to do, it's just a case of asking what else they could do, try, or maybe look for the perfect "plug-in-and-away-you-go" easy money maker.

The slippery slope beckons...

The downside the shillsters don't tell you about when they sell you their "secrets" and crappy "get rich quick" formulas, that they probably don't even do themselves (they just get rich quick selling the crap) - is the sheer work and boring repetitive crap that needs to be done in order to get anywhere, it can be demoralising, more so when it takes a while to get results in this day and age of "instant gratification" and over-hyped promises.

Sometimes we all get downhearted doing this that and the other, mind numbing shit that needs to be done cos there ain't never been results without work, you know action on something rather then sitting on facebook and twitter all day doing bugger all but natter like many do, or if sensible at times, sharing a real worthy tweet!

But don't you need a system? ...

While it's true you do need to follow a system, you really need to create your own system, not meaning you need to start from scratch either... I came to realise all you do is take what works from different systems, actions, tips, knowledge and adapt them to suit you and to maximise your strengths, whatever they may be...the only way to do that is to actually do, test and improve.

I tell you this, it doesn't get any easier along the way as many would have you believe, each new thing you get past is great but there is always something else to do, to get past, and it continues but it is a journey, not a destination.
Learning is just a part of life, why should it be any different online?

Everything leads to more questions.

It seems it's still getting started that comes across as the hardest part of the journey for many, oddly, I wouldn't say it's as much now as it was, it's hard to make the start in some ways, then once going like everything you wonder why you "fretted" over it and these days it's easier than ever to just do something.

Something's just sound harder than they are, yeah some of it can sound a little daunting, but how will you know till you do?

So while this system would just help you in alot of ways you could just use the most relevant part(s) of it, lets say you research for a topic to write about based around something you can deal with (keywords) then get started immediately writing quality articles based on what you find worth doing, then set up a basic blogger blog to post some of the articles to, while posting a few to the main article directories, always having a "resource box" at the bottom of each article with a link to your blog, these directories then get you traffic and links back to your blog.

Then tell others about your blog too, while tracking the traffic coming in.

Rinse, repeat with new articles, and even start other possible topics on new blogs, and rinse, repeat again.

Simple, no?

But then, no doubt various questions go through your mind now...that's the way it works.

"How long is this gonna take to show me results?"
"Is it even going to work?"

The answers to those questions only you have, and they only way you will find out is to do.

So, how long have you got? No, seriously..

If you are seriously considering all of that, you should also ask yourself this...

"Am I willing to do stuff everyday and commit to it for 6 months with NO expectation of reward, knowing I may screw up many times before even hitting the right spot, where I see a monetary result?"

If so, go for it, if not...don't waste anytime trying, because it ends up very...trying!

If you really have the drive to get started, or have started already but are yet to see the potential to adapt in a way it will benefit you in a monetary kind, then by all means think about it, act on it, if it fits well with you there's nothing stopping you.

In reality, anyone can make money online.

If you really think, "yep, sounds interesting but where to start?

Try to find some overlap of the two and start with that, if there is one, you will have a better chance of staying motivated and it won't feel like "boring work" then get researching using the systems information for the right starting point within the overlap, if there is one.

Then write at least 10 well keyworded long good quality articles with solid information for the blog and post them one a day, write 10 short but good teasing 3-400 word articles for the article directories and submit them one a day without forgetting to put a link back to your blog in the resource box at bottom of them (which is why you tease them, you want them coming to your blog for more).

Then share the blog URL with others, in bottom of outgoing emails, on social site profiles you have, just get it "out there" and get the ball rolling, join forums and comment on blogs where you "get involved" with your ideal target market, they will click on your signature link under all your post.

Then write more articles, rinse repeat and do it consistently until you have enough data to decide if it's worthwhile...if so, get monetising by way of adsense, affiliate links, ad-space, whatever works, (yep testing again!) it's why the research part is so important, two or three extra hours researching could save days, weeks in the long run.

If you find something is working, keep at it and then consider how to grow what works, drop what doesn't..(yep more testing... see, it's never ending.)

Don't do or follow what you don't need, just improve whatever it is you do and know works, if you use blogger as said above you could then decide to grab a domain and use it on the blog (so simple to do) as it will pay to do so.

If it doesn't work out, consider just starting again with something else or another angle, no need to delete what you have done if it's costing nothing anyway, IE its a free blog!

Whatever happens, you will have learnt valuable lessons the first time and nothing teaches like experience.

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A 20 minutes a week holistic health approach

As part of my aim to get healthier and rid myself of bad habits, I have over the last few months been looking into what I can do to boost my chances of success.

Knowing my own doubts on my willpower I felt I had to at least utilise this amazing tool we call the internet and see what I could find out for myself, never know until you look.

People talk of "alternative" therapies, medicine and such, not sure why its called alternative, holistic is more the truth, and it's no coincidence ancient approaches were holistic, even Native Americans, Aborigines use a holistic approach.

I remember coming across a great article a few years back, I shared it on a forum I am no longer a member of, it was about our cells, DNA and how we are, in a sense, holographic, that is each cell is a mirror image of our whole.

It was a fascinating article, written by a man and woman who were Russian if I remember right, I has it bookmarked but due to the small fire on my pc a wee while ago, which had to be rebuilt I lost it, damn!

No matter, I will find it again I have no doubt.

Regardless, the information in there struck me and stuck in my head so I was surprised a short while back when I started looking into similar things without realising it or doing so without intent, the path it lead me on was fascinating mentally and spiritually, not only that...the "browser history" in chrome also interested me, the way I went along the right path almost wholly guided by my sub-conscience.

I am glad it happened.

I came across something else that reminded me of it, something that got me thinking about it again and with clarity because I felt it really encompassed all that I had been reading about.

What I started looking at a few months (4 or 5) back, it started because I was at a friends house and a fascinating program came on the TV about quantum physics, mechanics, it was in some ways mind-blowing stuff.

Nevertheless getting to understand it as best I could it opened up some fascinating realms of thought for me over the few days afterwards and it was this that got me thinking about the article I shared on the forum, how this quantum fits on a human cellular level, what could we do with it and learn more about it.

Through the wonder of this tool called the internet and reading whatever the path showed me I learnt way more than I thought I would

It lead on a funny path of mixed things, from the water test with words, through to photons, even stuff regarding 2012 and whatever that may bring.

Like I say, a strange path yet in the end it all made sense, enlightening you could say!

The real answers are in us, or if not, they are nature.

The notion of the "experts" calling 95% of DNA "junk DNA" is almost an insult, do they really expect us to believe that nature would waste so much DNA?

It's not "junk" just because we don't fully understand it, that's absurd itself.

If anything it's that the lack of understanding that probably scares them.

Anyway, I stumbled on something I have to say is of interest and maybe you could also benefit from it, this is something I did a few months ago and have since set 20 minutes a week to redo, I also approached it with an open mind and no preconceptions other than intent for it to work.

It works on something we have no real control over normally, because it speaks clearly to that part of us we can't speak to with intent.

The message being given to your bodies intelligence, not your intelligence in the sense we know of, what we think for ourselves, but to that of the unseen intelligence your whole body has, something we rarely even acknowledge let alone use.

Taking just 20 mins to get started on reprogramming yourself, your DNA, your conscience, sub-conscience, your cells, cleansing and healing yourself on a quantum level. Quantum physics to heal mind body and soul.

Realigning your original blueprint, in other words.

What do you have to lose by trying it?

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The meandering path of the Internet marketer and where it's leading me...

I have been musing over a few things the last few days, well over the last month you will have seen I have not posted as often as normal yet the traffic still comes in daily, thanks to you for that and most of those are new readers.

If you prefer RSS then please do subscribe and thanks.

So, while I had not posted so often here lately I have been doing a few other things which I need to do, badly.

I did delete some blogs a few weeks ago, ones that weren't doing much and refocused on doing better newer ones that had a focus, a market, a chance!

Don't get me wrong this blog you are reading is just a personal blog, nothing I set out to monetise, or any other real plan, maybe that itself was a bad move, but I also have the benefit of not having to conform to any rules, time schedule, something I feel is the downside to writing for a corporate style blog etc... it more of a job then.

But I do have plans to make changes on this blog and pretty soon.

My second main blog (ages ago!) was focused on Internet marketing itself, well, my path with it and it's not something I wanted to carry on with at that time, I felt jaded by all the hype and bullshit after 18 months or so.

And yet...

It is pretty hard to escape the internet marketing mindset, not that bad a thing really as it is part of what you need, you can't just have a bloggers mindset if part of the aim is to at least get some monetisation or similar, it won't work but the label internet marketer as people often perceive it as like an online car salesmen and I think it's a shitty image that's wrong.

People wouldn't say the two google guys are like that and yet, there they are... at the top of that tree.

Labels, who needs em?

Never been keen on them and yet here I am, labelling with crap like social media, which is just bullshit anyway, the internet is social media, much like internet marketer, we are all marketers being the... internet!

The reality is if you tweet a link on twitter, share a link of facebook, write and share a blog, whatever, you are an internet marketer.

Yet, we are using shallow buzzwords, why?

No damn idea, other than it sounds good or the herd is doing it.
There is no social media... the internet is the media, YOU are the media

I digress, funny thing, I hated computers at school... wouldn't touch one for years after school, no interest...but then would you blame me when I left in 88... and the pc's were crap then, compared to any of the ones since 2000 and for work I was carving stone anyway.

The internet changed all that forever for all of us, it is solely the fact you can connect to any and everywhere else in the world that changed it but it was actually internet marketing that grabbed me when I first got online and why was that?

Because I knew that the stone trade was never going to be enough, to make me happy or indeed be a healthy work life, that stone dust and the vibrating tools are a nightmare!

Also, I didn't like the fact Portland is fast disappearing and I am by proxy contributing to that, there isn't enough and it's precious yet it gets slabbed to easy...hardly any carving involved!

The other thing...I would always have to bash a mallet and chisel, getting a wage or even if working for myself it would always be, I need to carve something to sell in order to "get money"...

That means there is no real residual income or opportunities...unless running a company and that is not cheap or easy, not to mention the big boys squeeze you out easily, even if unintended, (who knows?) you can't compete when they own any stone you need.

So, that got me thinking when I first got online and it lead to a funny ride that I am still treading.

This is the time, it matters, the internet in a sense is growing up and we should grow up with it ;o)

That's partly why the recent FTC changes will only clean up the perception of the internet marketer too... the label is bound to remain...silly but labels we do use whether we like it or not.

It will stop all the stupid over-hype-and-car-salesmen like style, you know the ones, "make £40,000 a month with whatever shit product I got" while showing a picture of them posing next to some car or mansion (easy to fake no doubt) and hyping crap on their pages with fake testimonials.

Laid it on thick, only for the buyers to find they bought a pipe dream, or crap software which was useless at best, illegal at worse.

The FTC has saved so many newbies, noobs, whatever you "label" them from being deceived into actually making the over-hypers dream come true... ie, paying for them to get that car, house, with money for nothing but crap!

That fake-it-till-you-make-it crowd are dotted around the internet aplenty... and their time is really up.

Which is good news for the rest of us, I called 2009 the year of newbies, mainly because I felt with the economy as unstable as it was at the time, it made sense with job losses people, (often new people) would start looking for  really different alternatives, and where else but the internet will they look?

Now I feel in a way 2010 will be, partly, the year the honest internet marketers will stand out, the ones who deliver on their made promises, while not making false promises and yet they also don't see themselves as internet marketers the way internet marketers currently do.

The term internet marketers has in a sense been hijacked by those who sell to other internet marketers if that makes sense?
It's a cess pool of pals posting each others crap, getting labelled (that again!) Gurus and becoming a name in that small circle, or bubble to be more precise, a bubble that needs popping.

The decent ones will stand out from that bubble, people will not notice the bubble as it slowly deflates and it will deflate.

People will notice these decent internet marketers if only because alot of it will be cleaned up, thanks to the FTC weeding out the hype-at-all-cost-then-underdeliver types.

It makes me wonder, do we need to redefine the term internet marketer?

Or will it just become a common verb like an ebayer?

Thus without the stigma attached due to the over-hype-cos-I-am-desperate-for-sales types.

I mean, if it doesn't stop the stigma, who is going to say "I am an internet marketer" when describing what you do?

It had in a way fired me up again, after all internet marketing is all about results, believe it or not some results give you a buzz, depends on what it is but it can certainly be said, it's a real buzz.

To that end the last few weeks have seen me diving into using what I know better, see I have really done anywhere as well as I felt I should have, nothing to shout about and that itself bothers me now more than ever.

Why? ... Because it's my own fault.

So, to that end while I can understand blogging itself is great, blogging for bloggings sake is not, unless it really is a side hobby or such, even like a diary style thing which was as they started, I don't take the altruistic view of blogging as some do, pure blogging as they say.

To me and it's taken some failures and misses to realise, it is all just a tool, a platform, just as the internet itself is, a tool to get some end result, whatever that maybe.

So it got me thinking alot about it and what I should do, also with a good friends words ringing in my ears, "every word should count to something, if it's monetising them, every word is monetisable" and I am thinking yes, they should be.

Which is why I have been using the system and also putting into practice far more of what I do know than previously, and in the right places because I have gone about it the right way, instead of piss-fart-arsing about, (as my dear mum used to say) IE...not treating it serious enough.

That for me is the biggest change over the last few months, I have started to think about it far more and taking it more seriously, making it matter, which is partly why 2010 does excite me, because if I take it more seriously I can only do much better than previously.

Doing what I should, putting the right effort into it and getting results I want, need.

But it will likely lead to changes that are noticeable by you too, this blog for one will be sorted out, improved, tidied up and possibly re-themed for a new look.

It will also lead to changes on how I use twitter and other places like that.
All in all it's good, the time is now to make things work, they weren't working as well as I would have liked, so change is all that will make a difference.

So, having in some sense started to consider the fact I should make every bit of writing matter, create some result, I now realise this blog itself as part of the obvious "I write it" category should crate a result of some sort, every post, so...

If you thought of anything like trying to do something like internet marketing, you could follow the system yourself and see where it may lead you, you never know you may find something that just hits the spot, the right niche, topic, etc may be all yours to make the most of, once at that point it's just a case of writing something to monetise, getting it online, getting it noticed... ok there is more to it than that, but damn good place to start.

If there is one tip I'd say to anyone, it's be yourself, don't follow others blindly and what you actually act on is what you will learn from the most, don't over-analyse, act fast and fail fast in order to keep progressing and don't let yourself become jaded.

Time to take this seriously and sticking my marketing hat on tight while doing what it entails, that is shown above ;o)

Monetary Disclaimer: The links above are 100% to me, IE. you buy, I get the money, BUT then... you also get the opportunity to share these and get 100% too.  Use them right and it pay's for itself, right? :o)

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Blogger made simple...for the new user

Ack.. this giving up smoking is not easy, (see last post) one thing I have to do as well as break old habits where smoking is involved is to stay busy, taking my mind off the craving is hard but has to be done.

I have had a few emails lately asking some questions I thought I'd take a chance to answer one or two here...

One of the questions I've been asked a few times is "how do I set up a blog, in simple terms" ... meaning in plain English, the one thing these people say is "what's WP, what's FTP, and where does my blog go?"

This is familiar to me, had the same thoughts years ago and know how it can all seem so confusing and techy.

One reason I suggest new bloggers start with blogger, which is far more basic and simpler to learn with than WP (wordpress), I don't care what others say about WP, there seems to be this elitist attitude with WP users and they seem to forget that WP is NOT easy to use for the completely new user. (I have had WP users say they like this WP blog...not realising it's a blogger blog! Says it all.)

I mention this to people and they say, "can you set it up and do it for me" .. for free?!

No, I can't, that doesn't put food on my plate, I don't even have time to do that for everyone even if I wanted to but I will happily help you learn it and get started, because you all know as well as I do, there is no way better to learn something than to actually go ahead and DO.

I know, if I had set it up, started it all for them, in a few days there would be other stuff they would want me doing... that is not a way to learn.

To that end I started blogger made simple for the benefit of the wannabe bloggers who had asked how to go about starting a blog for themselves, though when it comes to actually doing a blog it seems they weren't that keen, it felt like I had wasted time doing it but I know that's not strictly true as there are a few friends who have said "thanks, that helps" and they have started a blog.

Those who started are the ones who get more help, everyone helps those who help themselves.

Lets face it, the only real "work" you do is generating content, writing the post themselves, setting the blog up is done once, then it's all down to you adding content, be it writing, videos, podcast, whatever method or mix of methods you choose.

The thing to remember is once you have set one blog up, it gets easy to set up another, once you have learnt the basics you can go ahead and try WP if you feel blogger is lacking, which it does in some ways, but WP is also lacking in some ways. Half a dozen of one and 6 of the other as they say.

"But I can't write" is the next thing I hear...

Look, anyone can write, we all have a different level of writing skill but practice makes perfect as they say, it's not that they can't write, it's that they are making excuses or creating barriers before even trying.

If you really need to learn a bit of how to write well enough for a blog then grab this writing report and it WILL help you, and it's not a 3 or 4 page crappy report, more like 40, 50 pages of solid content and tips by who I would say is a great writer...put it this way he writes one of two newsletters I ALWAYS read.

That report is very low price for what you are getting, in fact in the interest of disclosure, I get the money if you buy that and that is also helping me, what's more, you can also sell that to others using your own link and get paid all the money too... the writer is more interested in building a relationship with you, via his newsletter which I always read, as I said, and am sure you will enjoy it too.

Again, if you are keen to start a blog for whatever reason, a personal one, hobby one, work one, whatever, you can follow the blogger made simple and as it's cost nothing to do, you could grab that writing report to help you get started creating decent content.

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So, you wanna get to the top?

How will you get there?

One step at a time eh...

I know every single one of you is smart enough to know that, yet, and I see it quite often, even had emails say as much from people...

"I just wanna get to the top without the hassle, how do I do that?"

That was in reference to blogging itself, they wanted to know how to get among all these so well known names as fast and effortlessly as possible, join the A list basically, no idea why they asked me when I have never been there, I wouldn't want to be there. That's fame blogging!

Do people assume those A list bloggers just jumped to the top? Easily and effortlessly?

If so WOW! lol...

Regardless, you could say people want the same in whatever it is, they want the easy, painless route.

Where would we be if everything was so easy, effortless, we didn't need the pain, mistakes, hassle?
Good luck in finding that!

It has been shown we do learn faster when we get it right but we simply can't just get everything right first time on everything we decide to do, it's gotta be impossible, don't you think?

Of course we all want to do as well as we can and get to the top if possible, the fact we aren't means we aren't doing what it takes to get there, even me, in fact this got me realising what I should have done in some ways to make this blog and my overall blogging strategy better.

Not that I want to be an A-lister...but the perks of being known to them has to be nice, getting them to spread your work would be great, but only if that's what you want.
Let's assume you do want to get to the top like these A-listers, how would you do it?

Well, let me say this, the A-listers don't hide it, it's clear how they did it, what's needed to get there, a few even posted saying as much too, telling you how they do what they do.

I am not an A-lister, so it's also what I didn't do myself...I think personally from looking at it and what experience I do have and what I can see from these A-listers, it really only boils down to a few points, several have mixed these points, some may have just done the one point to a great standard.

Looking at some of the post(s) on these A-listers blogs one thing stands out, they share top quality content, 9 times out 10 it's also evergreen content, meaning it doesn't matter when you read it, it will still be good and relevant, this content will always get shared too.

Maki of doshdosh has not posted to his blog for months (may 18th) and yet he still gains subscribers and readers daily. He is probably also gaining traffic organically and all this is likely now providing residual income for him, meaning he doesn't need to keep posting to keep earning or even for gaining readers.

One thing is he never had others write his content, he does them all, this may be why he has not posted in a while and why they are ALL quality content post.

*My content is not good enough!

Sticking to one topic means better focused traffic, more targeted readers, as well as building some authority which is something that should be taken into account from day one.

Darren Rowse of problogger sticks to the one topic, blogging for a living on the problogger one as you will have guessed, sticking to this one topic and also having great content means readers know what to expect when they check it out and come back for more.

Darren does have guests post which means he can also keep the blog freshly updated and not have to do it all himself, the downside is many may prefer to read his writing style.

*Mine is not on one specific topic!

New blogs need big action to get going and the only way to really do that is to post often, as often as possible without diluting the quality of the content. Doing this means your readers will come back knowing you will have posted something new.

Pete Cashmore of mashable by his own admission was posting like a madman at the start, you know, 10 times a day or something and it still gets posted to alot but now has posts also written by others, not surprised at that to be honest!

It is something you cannot just keep doing unless you really are a prolific writer, it will wear you out and more so when on one topic, theme.

You don't have to post like a madman, one a day would be ok if you were doing it yourself and stuck to it because your readers will know and expect it, mind you after a while if you suddenly post twice or 3 times one day it would make your readers eyebrows go up, simply because it's not expected.

Looking at your visitor stats you will soon find a rhythm to post for best results, you could easily post to often or to little (if you started posting alot then slow down to much that is)

*I don't post often enough to this blog!

We all want readers don't we, no matter what it is you write you need and want someone reading it and when you start out it can be pretty frustrating, so you have to show someone... this is why family, friends are usually some of the first readers of your blog, nothing wrong with that as it gives you the confidence to go on from there.

The faster your readers turn into fans the faster you will grow, it makes sense and in reality you do not need 100's of 1000's them either (though I wouldn't say no to that many subscribers!), depending on the topic etc, you could hit the top with 1000 true fans, what matters is who they are and what reach they have.

Leo Babuta of Zenhabits I think has done this right, with over 100,000 subscriptions I don't doub't he has some true fans there. Fans that acted on his content and probably made changes in their own lives.

Why wouldn't they be fans after that?

These fans will continue to read his blog, buy his books and share his work.

One difference I noticed with Leo is he un-copyrighted his work which is empowering the fans to share it more, building new fans.

Getting readers is great, they are...readers, we all need them.

Having fans is better, they are readers with a (promotional) voice and they use it.

I love you readers, are you fans? :o)

*It would seem I don't build fans and empower them! (Do I?)

One thing that is a must, marketing and sharing is marketing, viral marketing, the best and cheapest form, if the first point is covered people will want to share it because it's quality content that is shareworthy whether on twitter, facebook...also whatever platform your fans use, you ought to use as well.

All these bloggers get their content shared and they share it too, we have to get it out there for others to share so it makes sense to utilise these sharing opportunities for the fans, then share with them.

A-listers will often ask you to share them, whether directly in the post, or as they share them on sites they use.

I don't think you need to do anymore than this really, get all these points right (I must get own act together!) and you will get least be on the way.

So, I will ask you nicely, please share this if you think it's worth sharing, using the button below, or whatever method you use.

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Well I damn near gave up with it...

Just when it seems there's...

Something comes along to make things a little easier, better, bearable, often it's just a new day!

It always happens, yet we manage, everything bothering you today seems so trivial next week, you wonder why you let it bother you in the first place.

Something I thought we get better at as we get older, I mean we know these things yet still it gets under our skin, we should know better...I must have been mistaken!

Then again, knowing and accepting are two different things!

As some of you know I started writing an ebook, digital report, (whatever you want to call them) I had wanted to write for a while hoping it would help some of my friends and others if it interested them.

Obviously I didn't want to put out crap, no matter if sold or free, I wanted it to be worthy of the reader.
I at least wanted people to think it worth reading like the last (free) one I did for a forum community.

Yet I knew it would never be "perfect" as they never are (is there a perfect book?) but I just couldn't get to grips with it, not in a sense it made me comfortable putting it out there. It plain stressed me out, obvious as I posted recently it didn't help.

I kept rewriting it, rearranging it etc, never really getting it to sit right.

So I stopped, sod it, but then...

Something happened just a couple of days ago that made me rethink it all, now I think I have a better way to make it work for the user.

Here lies a dilemma ears!

I'll matters.

A great friend I have known online for several years now has come back into action after a short period of absence, I don't blame her to be honest... having started online at a similar time and walking this path along with her to a point I can see why the break was needed...being hunched over the damn pc night after night does take its more ways than one, but now Kim is back.

No doubt back with a different perspective, a fresh vigour to do the things the way it should be done, that is utilising the knowledge and experience gained over that time "doing it all" night after night.

I know that feeling!

I forget what I know...and yet assume others know as much about whatever at times, when we all know better than to assume!

I realised that no matter how the book I was doing turns out, it will never please everyone, it will even bore some possibly, depending on them and what they already know.

In fact it's my friend Kim who I host this blog with, well Kim has created something I felt was worth grabbing...and yes I grabbed it the other night and I tell you this much, it's a product I would normally get last, or second from last at least...of all the digital formats, given the choice I prefer to read.

As with anything you follow the system itself is what matters, and the fact people will be able to make sense of it, understand it and follow it through is the value of it.

The system is a set of videos, by which I mean screencast style videos showing you exactly what is to be done, how and where while Kim or whoever speaks explains the "action" while doing the action.

There was my dilemma...I can't hear the damn things!! *sigh.

But you know what? I didn't need to hear them to see the value of them and understand them.

Granted out of the many, I have only looked at the ones that I needed to look far, that is ones I knew I could learn something from as some of them I know about anyway through my own experience, although I will watch them all!


It got me ripping my book/report apart again and the reason for that was the videos show alot of what I wrote of, but watching the videos with no sound was an eyeopener!

I could guess at some of what Kim or whomever spoke talked of during the videos but even then it would be a guess...instead I got a completely different perspective of the videos themselves, the whole experience was strange yet interesting.

Sometimes it's a blessing that my ears are crap!

So now I got started  thinking about writing a complimentary style report(s) to go with the videos, depending on each video I could do a short report, or maybe a bigger report covering a few videos at once, just some thoughts, tips, ideas, even added resources etc, no idea if worth doing yet.

I could send each to Kim first, see if they were anywhere near what the actual narration is... that will be interesting, for both of us no doubt, after all there are sites on the videos I have never heard of, likewise I am likely to know sites Kim has yet to know of.

It may give Kim a new perspective on the videos.

See, Kim has gone way further down the path of online success than I have, so I knew I would get value from what I needed to see, learn...thankfully I got that too.

Kim has been at the other end of the scale I have yet to (not sure I would like to now) go, that is being a boss of sorts, hiring others...others who as Kim put it "dream of sacking their bosses" know, pretty much everyone in a job, do people envy bosses?

So, not so long ago Kim sold all her business, online business that is, Kim is a nurse by day but Kim is also a family person and I can see why that hunching over the pc would affect family life, being single that is living alone, I guess for me it's not the same. Understandable when family comes first.

As I said, Kim is back at the old passion...yet keeping it simple, effective and manageable no doubt.

Kim has gone back to the basics she knows works, stopped all the madness and back to what got us into it in the first place but with the knowledge of what works, how it works, stripped it bare... plus created the videos showing you just that, no shortcuts to success, just following a system and do it right, work at it until it pays off.

Rinse, repeat until you have more, no less, to much is too absurd.

Residual income is the aim really, the holy grail of wealth isn't it? Not the money...the freedom.

There lies the reality of what people strive for, repeat payments for one time work and daily freeing up time to live, to enjoy.

One way to do this is online with internet being the biggest marketplace of them all there is always going to be ways to create value, if you know how to, where to and the why, and there are many different ways.

The videos go a long way to helping with that and cutting out what huge amounts of time it takes to "learn it for yourself" at your own pace, you know, by experience, and I know from my own it will save time, not something anyone can afford to waste.

In effect these videos are your shortcut on the curve well trodden by many of us, still being trodden for many.

I also know some of you will probably be that new to it you need a little more in a sense that both myself and Kim can easily forget what we know, we forget what it was like before we your position maybe?

We know how easy it can be to overcomplicate things too, leading to not doing.

I hardly ever promote much on here and what I do I have usually tried it, used it, liked it and would recommend it to anyone, most are evergreen, yet as I already said, I cannot hear the words spoken so I obviously can't comment on that, or voice or content spoken! (Sorry Kim!)

These videos are Kim giving great value, but I also want to give all those who grab these videos through this system link added value, by way of the short reports, whichever I do or which are needed...freely, that I hope will help with getting going utilising the videos better, faster.
I send these to those who buy through that link as the payment goes to me, so I then know your email to send you these...

See Kim has set this up so I get paid when you buy... now you maybe asking why the heck has she done that and why not just buy from her directly?

Good question and in a way it shows the point exactly. (Reading between the lines on this post I mean).

This is affiliate marketing in action, something you learn of in the videos. yet this is affiliate marketing with a small difference, instead of getting a % of the payment like most affiliate set ups I get all of it if you use these links, so you are also helping me out in a big way.

Yet, as soon as YOU buy these you can also then do the same as what I am doing now...earn 100% from anyone else buying through your link... if you think it's worth doing which is likely.

How does Kim gain and why the hell would she give it all away?

Because Kim is doing one of the most important aspects of all, building an email list, an ezine list, newsletter list, you know the type and Kim does what's right with that list of people, builds a relationship with them.

Kim values it highly enough to let me, you, anyone profit from those who end up on that list via any products...tells you something right there.

No bullshitting anyone here...likewise Kim is not to take anyone for a "numpty" as she likes to say, I am on her list already and I have no doubt Kim will also share a few nuggets with you too once you receive it...after all she has plenty to teach us, that includes myself.

Simple transparent honesty is right is it not?

You get way more value than the price you pay, Kim gains great people (you) to build a relationship with (she loves helping if she can) and I gain from your generosity too, not to mention you can also promote the system too once you know it works for you, (no doubt you will want to show others by then!) and get the payment(s) from Kims generosity as well.

Then I thought I would try to take one step further...I thought it would be an idea to set up a blog, have it private so only those I choose, IE...those who buy through the link above or this system link can see it, post a comment, ask a question etc so it would be a useful bonus for those who buy it from here to go with the videos and any mentioned reports I do. (Sod it, set the blog up already, will just email the link as people buy)

So what next?

Grab the videos, (right click to open in new tab) save them to a folder on your desktop (videos are separate so smaller downloads), when opening them, extract to the folder it shows, watch the chosen video by clicking the Browser icon, IE...Firefox, Chrome, whatever you use in the folder... don't over do it by watching all one after the other and take notes!

Also expect an email from me with private blog link for you to decide to join or not.

Then take action. Any thoughts, when you come back from buying that is?

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Oi, where is my pot of gold?

Interesting response I recieved regarding last ranty post, nevertheless it did get me thinking...positively too which is just as well.

The gist of the email was basically...

I agree with that, over the last few weeks I have got myself off lots of email list (ezines) and stopped reading certain forums, blogs and stopped listening to the crap which in some instances were so bad I can't believe they didn't themselves think it was crap!

I am down right fed up of it, it's daily!

I have been trying so hard to get somewhere for a while and it's endless pitching and freebies if I get on this list or that list and it led me nowhere, just adds to the crap I already have so where is this damn pot of gold at the end of the rainbow they so effortlessly promise?

Well... that sounds familiar to anyone who has been thorough any stages of Internet marketing, blogging, whatever, but that last line got me thinking.

Where is the pot of gold?

What exactly are you expecting it to be?

Let me ask this, what would YOUR pot of gold be? Look like?

For each of us, it will be a different picture, depending on what you want and it takes unique action to get there.

I remember mum saying to me as a kid "go take a walk next time you see a rainbow and see if you can get to the end of it."

We know why now, but it serves a good point here too, even IF there was a pot of gold as you expected, getting to it is your problem!

I mean this in no offence to the person who sent the email, but kind of ironic they missed the very reason we say there is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow...we say it to kids knowing the reality, you know... the fact you CAN'T get to it.

Thought it was an odd analogy in that sense, I mean you don't want to think you can't get to where you want to because you can, I was thinking, could've used a better one really.

These people who you have gotten ebooks from and such don't care if people don't take action as long as you get their knowledge.

Funnily enough, it makes another good point, you certainly won't get there by simply reading ebooks and ezines, blogs, forums etc...without actually acting on anything, taking steps!

So getting off them list was a good move as long as you act on what you have already learnt, if anything. (depending on the ezines!)

We have all done it, you won't be the last.

Knowledge is good but it's just fuel, action from that fuel is what counts, don't waste it!

Stop looking for a pot of gold that doesn't exist... you gotta create it!

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Do blogger actually intend to make changes, or are they stalling?

Starting to wonder about blogger, have they missed a trick in taking so long to actually act regarding the blogger changes I looked forward too?

I wonder how many have moved already in that time from blogger to wordpress?

Or just picked wordpress because it was better when they actually made the choice to have a hosted blog.

Blogger asked users for suggestions, notice that post I did there was 3 months ago, I was seriously considering changing it then...but thought I'd wait until I see what changes / improvements were made and yet nothing has happened really, I am starting to wonder if anything will happen at all, even if it does will it benefit those who use their own domain on their own hosting as I do here.

I am now thinking about this whole thing again and wondering if I should just go for it and change this to a wordpress one.

If I do, it will look a bit different to what it does now, seeing as this is a unique look I created from a basic template, what I am slightly nervous of, is the loss of backlinks already out there, because I thought about using the blog on a subfolder, ie.. or a subdomain, ie. so I could do more with the main domain itself.

The benefits of wordpress do seemingly outweigh the cons of sticking to this blogger platform with this blog.

I will still use blogger but only for blogspot blogs really.

If the wordpress is better then it's likely I will use it for any new domains, I mean... why wouldn't I? ;o)

I think blogger need to get cracking really if they want to keep more of us using it.

There is something about the sheer ease of using blogger that does make it appealing in ways but it needs an overhaul and the improvements can't come soon enough.

Anyone have thoughts on that?
Any tips for the move, if I do it?

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Friendfeed tips, from friendfeed users...

Funny how things work out, an interesting discussion based around the last post on here has evolved here on friendfeed itself. I am glad I posted it as the discussion linked to has given my some good lessons and insights.

Some great points made in that thread, from a few heavy users too, I am grateful they shared with us.

I knew friendfeed was adaptable, but I still forget how tailored you make it for your own experience. The features they have allowing you you to control each aspect of the experience... I am now going to use these features more and see what improvements I can gain from it, experience wise.

Lets face uses anything the perfect way, all we can do is keep on learning and testing things until we get to a point where we are comfortable with the experience, something I am still trying with friendfeed.

The filters and groups are something else I need to utilise better, more often, if it saves time, hassle and stress it's gotta be worth doing, no? :o)

Hows your experience on friendfeed, if you use it?

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Lifestream vs Blog...why the damn vs?

Have been giving some thought to all the blogging and or lifestreaming conversations going around recently on blogs, in the social sites and probably even on the phone!

There does seem to be some shift going on with the impact of immediacy and the ever shortening of the attention span regarding content online, people seem to like snacking on short content, more so if a conversation can build around it, like what happens on friendfeed.

It seems to be the huge space between short blurbs like on twitter (140 max letters) and a full blown blog like say ... this one ;o)

Tumblr stepped into this space, and having used it myself it seems ok for what it is and does, posterous now stepped into this space too and I do prefer posterous for it's simplicity and the fact you can just do the whole lot through email.

I know you can use email on other platforms but posterous takes that to another level really and the only thing I can see making waves like it is googles aptly named wave!

Posterous as it is could be the simplest way to have a presence online and that is what matters, having some central hub from where your content reaches out, (and you only need to email it!), like the telegraph pole above, the lines reach out to the outpost, like twitter, friendfeed and others.

If you have no presence yet and no domain, setting up one for posterous is by far the simplest and fastest way to get started, it's like when blogger started but better and far easier!

I can see the appeal of lifestreaming yet I still feel a blog where you can go into more depth on your content is the way to go forward and instead of replacing blogging with lifestreaming, see how you can use it to compliment your blog after all there is no right or wrong way to do this, only you will know if it's worth doing for you.

There is no need to "dump" your blog or whatever, that's silly really unless you KNOW it's best being dumped and you will only know that over time, not next week, or a month ... more like 6 months and like anything else, test it for yourself and make your own mind up.

I could happily lifestream all day but that won't feed me ... at the moment. ;o)

So I will carry on blogging but will also use posterous often as I feel it is worth trying, IE I am acting on my own advice here. ;o)

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Blogging, there are no damn rules...

You will inevitably read that you "should do this, or do that" in regards to blogging successfully but it also comes down to what type of blogger you are, it matters, they all have a different style, plan of action, and possible results.

Being a successful blogger is like everything else in life, not easy, simple yes, not easy though. Success is a personal definition anyway, so it's you that defines the success you can/do achieve.

I wouldn't yet say I was entirely a successful blogger, how I define it, getting there in some respects and already there in other respects.

It's completely trial and error no matter how anyone else dresses it up, you have to just do it and learn what works for you, or not, then adapt and improve.

There are many things you can test, learn, alter as you go along with the added benefit of very real time results in some cases. Whatever style of blogging you do there is no rule book saying you must do this or that, nope ... nothing!

Part of the issue I see is a bit of a double edged sword, on the one hand if you get caught up reading what people say "works and you should do" etc, you will only be following others, blogging by their rules if you like, doing what everyone else is doing.
On the other you need to learn the basics from somewhere and it's good to save time avoiding the worse mistakes by reading these things and learning from others.

It's finding a balance and forging your own path, using your own style, voice that will make the difference.

With the increasing use of micro blogging I think that alot of blogs will die off slowly as people stop doing it so much, this is good for us. :o)

So should you start blogging or have started, just learn as you do and keep at it until you can at least judge it properly regarding the return on effort, whatever you decide is success with it.

Little things can make big differences, especially if you do them from the start, something as simple as adopting a better linking practice which can improve not only the reader experience but will help in long term SEO (search engine optimising) as well also actively building relevant back-links from other blogs, sites, instead of only linking out to others and writing.

Writing better post as you write more, it's inevitable your writing will improve just as practice does with anything you persevere at.  And you can write articles at least.

As yoda said : You do, or do not.

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Make money online blogging, internet marketing, or both?

Had an interesting email from a friend regarding how to make money online by either blogging or internet marketing ... I asked if I could repost it here, which they agreed if their name was changed, so below is the email snippet that matters for the sake of this post ... with certain words edited and mine in (italics) ...

Hey Rob,
Good to see you in town the other week, still looking rough (me : THANKS mate!) ;o)

Anyway you know I asked you about ya blog I seen on facebook and how I could go about having one for my ***** (passion niche, which I don't care to share and ruin for them), and maybe start selling ***** to earn some extra money?

You remember I told you about that ***** (contact) who says I can have ***** at a better price, like a mates rates? Well they got a website too which they can sell ***** from, so what should I do? Won't that stop me, I mean why bother doing a blog or whatever if they already have a website to sell from? How the hell am I supposed to make money doing that? What about Internet marketing, is that different than blogs or what?

Now, my mate knows I will help him, and he also knows I am gonna tell it as it is on here like I did in the email, so he never took (with email) or will take offence at anything here. ;o)

So, my message to them : GET YOUR ARSE IN GEAR and GET ON WITH IT! :o) Use what I shared with you in that email and GO for it ... you have a GREAT chance of making headway with it, won't happen overnight but it will happen if you act on it and stick to it, like I said in the email, give it some wellie in effort for the first few months... Plus you know where I am ;o)

Back to the post ...

Quite a loaded up question wouldn't you say, I bet there are plenty of people who have thought similar things, I did once too... ;o)

Let's just answer the basics on that shall we, the first positive answer is you picked a passion, a niche you KNOW you can get somewhere with because it does interest you, whether it's a profitable niche is a different matter, for this person it IS a profitable one, from what I can see it looks pretty decent too.
(may work with him on that to benefit him more as well as me learn a thing or two extra). ;o)

The second thing, you know it sells because you know someone already selling **** and you have the benefit of a chance to work with him in the sense of a good price for **** which helps you both.
The fact they have a website is actually a good thing because you can then just monetise the leads you give them, rather than do the actual selling and delivering of **** and all the other details.

So, the best thing is to ask your "contact" for a unique commission (mate rate) for leads to their website.

You could then just concentrate on building the blog as a good value resource with interesting information, a warm up or pre-sell style that readers will appreciate, having a link to your contacts site from which you benefit from if they click (what affiliates is all about).
Or use your own unique domain link as a redirect so you can track how many clicks etc.

Then start writing for more than your blog, meaning articles with a link to your blog on them to post to the directories, this is done for good ONE WAY backlinks and will produce traffic over time too.

Internet marketing is not a tool as such like a blog is, it's marketing online, in many forms, using many tactics to get results, in a way it's a mindset to approach what you do, whether it's using a blog, website, email, social networking etc.

My friend here will need to learn aspects of internet marketing of course, but thankfully they will be a blogger first!

So it can lead to asking, do you blog and then learn internet marketing to monetise the blog?
OR learn internet marketing and have a blog as part of your internet marketing arsenal?

May seem strange but I feel the best bloggers were just bloggers who then got into internet marketing to learn how to monetise and maximise their blog, they already had success blogging just not making the money from the blogging effort put in. They were in effect not doing it for the money, but then realised it was a good way to earn a living, rightly so.

The internet marketers who chose to start blogging usually have a different agenda from the start so they never quite get the results in the sense of readership. The relationship between readers and the blog and blogger is different.

So, how to go about it?

I think that you have to have in mind a monetisation plan, even if it won't bear fruit for 6 months, the action put in over them 6 months may well make a big difference to the monetisation ability of the blog 6 months on.

Internet marketing gives you a wide range of areas to utilise, look at the big sites like amazon, ebay, etc, they all utilise internet marketing even if indirectly, its a part of the whole and can't be ignored.

So what can you take away from this post?
  1. Start with your passion or interest, if you have a few do them all to see which is best and most likely to work for you.
  2. Check there is a possibility of getting readers, buyers etc, no competition in a niche can mean no-one is in it, for a good reason most likely!
  3. Monetisation usually comes last, but factor it in with all you do for the long term plan, done right things you do now should earn in a years time, two years time, etc.
  4. Do more than you need, write extra articles etc.
  5. Just DO IT. :o)
Any thoughts?

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If only YOU took action

...way back at the turn of the year, well we are already half way through it shockingly, you would have had a good 6 months of learning, doing, improving and growing your blog or website. It wouldn't have all been fun or easy but it would have worth it regardless of the result simply because you learn more than you think you will. 

"You never know until you try" as they say ... and what if you DID have great results? 

What if you also now realised you could possibly replace your "Just Over Broke" within another year plus having the potential to do much better in income and lifestyle terms over time?

What if you failed miserably at it all but found a new passion and skill with the same potential if utilised, which you would never have found without taking the action in the first place?

These two scenarios do happen, the second is probably more likely in most cases ... for example ... 

I have a friend online who gave blogging a really good go for almost a year, he didn't like it much, it bored him to write and such, yet the one thing that gripped him while blogging was graphics. (logos, badges and header images for example)

He became passionate about it, he soon realised it was a skill worth utilising for an income, so started to create them for other people, companies and such as a freelancer while still blogging AND working his J.O.B. 

He dropped the blog after a while simply due to the fact it wasn't a good use of his time and effort and focus as it was a generic theme, until the turn of the year where he set out to blog again but based on ... graphics!

And having a website to showcase the work with while adding the blog as a part of it for progress of work and teaching tricks etc.  

Got a little feeling that site and blog will put him into the first scenario too.  ;o) 

Finding a skill you have a passion for is a great way to do something like this, anything which utilises that said skill to maximum effect will be easy to keep on doing as opposed to something that bored you. 

No matter what skill there will be some way of utilising it. Most people say they don't have the time or energy to try these things, normally we overcomplicate things, heck, you could even change things by simplifying it all, this way you can get some energy and make time... ;o)

The friend above started his new site and blog almost 5 months ago and says he spends between two and three hours a night, 3 nights a week after work creating and an hour promoting just 1 website link ... he simply turned the TV OFF and is now building an asset of value.  

Consider that ... ;o)

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5 steps to a better blog...

... and maybe I should take my own advice! :o)

Like most bloggers, I have a hit glass ceiling with regards to growing the blog reader count here, nothing wrong with that as we expect to hit one sometime, after all we can't do it all alone and we only have a certain reach.

Also like most bloggers I keep an aye on my stats and where they can be improved if possible to do so, which is most areas if we are honest, and the reason we test things ourselves. YOUR stats are the most accurate for your blog after all.

We can all read the top blogs like problogger, to learn of how things we need to learn but we still have to test things for ourselves so never take what any one blogger says as gospel ... yes, take this post with a pinch of salt too. ;o)

I can only share what I've learnt from my blogging experience and these 5 tips are what I think will improve things and it's what I will work on, things I should already be doing better!

1. Better content always wins.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, (last post) there is no other bigger priority when it comes to blogging, look at any of the top blogs online and the one main thing they have in common is better content.

That is better than the rest, else they wouldn't be the top blogs ;o)

What other reason do you read any blog for?

None, the content is the most important thing on any blog, website.

Good content is good ... better content is best and one of the best ways of making better content is to make evergreen content as the people like Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina do, they consistently create content that will be as relevant in two years as it is now which also makes more likely to be shared by others too.

My action : To improve all post as much as possible because the main thing is to improve your experience of reading it and one thing I have noticed is the post(s) I write from a more personal point tend to get bigger traffic which leads me onto ...

2. Being authentic matters.

There is no-one else like you ... likewise nor is there anyone like me. :o)

Have you noticed how some blogs, and it's of course more so with corporate style ones, seem to lack any personality?

They are so ... boring at times they cry out for a bit of personality to be added.

It's all very well being professional about things but drawing the mine somewhere is sensible if you ask me, most people relate to people better when they are authentic.

Being ourselves is one of our biggest pluses so don't hide the real you as you only take away from yourself and your readers.

My action : I think I am pretty authentic on here, at least I try my best to be. Telling it like it is helps. :o) More than that ...

3. Honesty pays.

No-one likes a liar, the truth always outs as we always hear as kids, so it is in reality.

Telling lies of any sort nearly always bite you on the arse somewhere down the line and it can be worse online with it there for all to see, save, share etc.

This also ties into one of the areas I feel people really shoot themselves in the feet ... or come damn close to it and by the skin of their teeth survive.

I am talking about the "fake it till you make it" types.

You know the ones, they say one thing but the reality is quite another!

These people lack point number 2 badly.

There is no need to fake things and lie, being honest and upfront with your readers shows them the respect they deserve.

If you start playing with small exaggerations they soon grow into a monster you can't stop.

I have seen bloggers post about traffic stats and such which others have shown up to be false by a bit of detective work doing due diligence.

It all comes back in the end, never worth staking any reputation on lies or silly claims etc to try and make your reality appear better than it is.

My action : I hate lies, nothing to change there, why hide what's best to share and honesty is worth sharing, more so when you consider ...

4 Learning is the only real progress.

Not one of us knows it all and that goes for the pros out there too as they would certainly be the first to admit. The day we stop learning is the day we stop growing.

With every day we blog we learn a little more about it, we have that extra stat to consider within the bigger picture. Each day brings change which  means you cannot afford to sit still, you have to learn as the changes happen, online change is more rapid than ever but getting these simple core basics down mean everything else is in a sense secondary.

So much time is wasted (and yes I am guilty of it) learning about things we simply don't need to learn as it doesn't help things directly effecting whatever it is we are doing.

Doesn't mean we should not learn things, just that we ought spend our time learning only what we need to learn so that we can benefit from it.

My action : Cut out trying to learn what I don't need to learn, and I have done this too often! At least I learnt ...< 5. Being consistent is important.

Whatever you set out to do, be consistent at it and you will get there, people get used to you being consistent, enough to be consistent themselves in reading your blog! ;o)

As we all know people like routine, it's easy to maintain, easy to stick to, easy to follow, being consistent in the right areas is what makes the difference, in my view.

Most of all, being consistent in the above 5 tips has to be of benefit to every blogger.

Be consistent in improving everything as you go, learn, grow and maybe that glass ceiling will shatter. :o)

My action : To consistently improve all of the five above points as well as I can and stop worrying over the things I cannot control.

Will these 5 tips help you?

Do you have 5 tips of your own?

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Better content, more consistently ... the real blogging secret.

I recently mentioned about the other ways to read this blog, utilising the blog feed which in some bloggers eyes is not the best move, arguing that they want eyeballs on the whole blog and not just the content, ie, the ads on the sidebars etc. 

That may well be true for them, not me, I go by my own stats, which are on the blog that matters, mine. the only thing that really makes the difference is the content itself, that's what readers want and come for, not ads. 

Every blogger should just worry about delivering good content.

Even the copy on salesletter style sites are good content as it's what matters. 

All the people who ask about SEO, traffic tactics, ideas for getting more RSS subscribers, etc can all make a difference just delivering better content, there is the reason the top blogs get so much traffic ... great content. Nothing else.

Great content always gets shared, talked about, tweeted, blogged about, linked to and this with the other golden rule of blogging, that is ... consistency, it can only generate more of the same. 

There are no rules about having to post a certain amount of times a week, having to post a certain style of writing, what to write about, the only rule is to be consistent.

People like routine. 

So there it is, my only goal from here on is to give you better content, in a consistent manner. 

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May day already....

First of May already? Going fast this year is it not?
So how's today for you? Is it much like the first day was?

Hope not!

Interestingly someone emailed me a few days ago after contacting me via twitter wanting help and with an interesting rant/opinion and lesson all rolled into one.

He is, in his own admission, one of those I spoke of earlier, a new-newbie and more or less did what I said, having a struggle offline with insecurity of work and "feeling the pinch", he came online actually wanting to make money online and as easily and as fast as possible. (Unlikely in most cases if at all)

The perfect "fish" for the "guru(s)" slick salesletter(s) full of "bait" really.

So anyway, he bought this ebook, he ranted about how "the stuff in there made little sense to me and I would "do" the things if I... knew how".

Therein lies a very big problem with all these "making money online" products.

They don't care that you don't know how to (actually) do it, just that you bought the product "telling you how to do it."

A bit like a car manual...the writers are not "concerned" whether you can ACTUALLY use a spanner to do the job, or not, just that you buy the manual telling you how to do the job. (IF you know a spanner! YOU succeed, if not?)

THAT should be the very thing you question when you consider whatever you are looking to "buy" online relating to "making online onine".

Not to ask that, "would it work" but "can I actually do it"?
If the salesletter doesn't give you enough information to ask that basic question, skip it!

Seriously, you are not "missing out" if you don't get it, no matter what "they" want you to believe, because you CAN'T do it anyway.
The basic clues should be there right on the salespage if you can stay out of the hypnoticness of the writing.

As Ian said, "the stuff was all jargon like joomla, mambo, adwords, ning and PCC, CPC, FTP, pinging, whatever they all are?"

Sometimes I think the salesletter writers don't realise they do it, or that they do it intentionally. OR it's both!

For example...

A book sharing some blueprint you will need to use wordpress (blogging platform) with but not actually saying "blogging" could confuse you if you didn't know what wordpress was or was used for therefor had no idea how to use it.

They presume you know what wordpress is, or intentionally let you be confused.

They just want you to get your money out and spend it with them. Simple.

As Ian said in another point... "I feel tricked" to which I asked him "would you buy from them again? And his reply?


So the salesletter succeeded in what it set out for, getting the sale, but as these gurus harp on about "building the relationship in order to make more money over time" so often, and it is the thing they all say, you would then wonder why it seems to be ignored in reality with them.

I mean yes, they got the sale... the first AND last! So much for "building the relationship."

It's numbers to these guys, they don't give a rats arse about the relationship with the buyers so long as they get more new suckers, buyers.

Ian went on... "I wouldn't even know where to start with this as I don't understand 3/4's of it let alone what to do with it to make money!"

Understandable, been there, done it. ;o)

And then he asked... "so where should I really start?"

My answer to that would be... from wherever you are now, meaning building on whatever skills, expertise, knowledge you have right now that you can leverage in some way by delivering it to the right eyeballs.

Sounds simple, it is, yet it's not "easy".

The problem is it would take way more than a blog post, or an ebook, or a membership site, whatever, to explain all of it as there are far to many gaps to fill with everyone, as everyone has a different skillset, knowledge base etc so it's impossible to get it right for everyone.

No two people are in the same place.

This is why there will never be the "perfect" product online.

It's a huge multiple dimensional multimedia situation. We all fit in it differently, interact with it differently, learn from it differently.

All these ebooks, blog posts, websites, social sites, etc are just pieces of this overall multidimensional jigsaw.

So, you should be asking, "what fits my skillset, knowledge base? Or "where can I fit that into this "Internet" thingymigig"?

Then apply the actions to learn what you need to learn so you can apply the actions needed to get to where you need to be.

Put simply, there is NO get rich scheme, or fast easy way that anyone can just jump onto and do. You will NOT find it so why waste time trying?

Learn what you need to learn, not what others make you think you need to learn.

That is simply ignore the slick sales letters, find what you can do or apply, then learn what you need to learn to actually apply it.

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Google accounts and why you should have one

I have had a google account since they started, being a blogger user before google started GMail and then buying blogger itself, GMail is still in beta strangely although it is getting better all the time I think it's time they brought it out of beta really, it's the best email out there with a spam system second to non.

There are plenty of reasons why it's worth having a google account, of which GMail is really the central to all the rest of the great things you get with a Google account.

Gmail is just so useful. :o) 

To start if you haven't already got one get an account to use and give it a real try out then see if it's not worth using.

Now you have a Google account to use with the great features of the Google range of products and services, and free too. ;o)

One account log on for everything.

Everything is accessible from within your GMail page which is why mine is my home page and so easy to start from. 

On the top left of you Gmail inbox page you will see links to other things you now already have!

These are all accessible without logging in again as long as you stay in your browser you are logged into GMail with. 

One reason the "tabs" are so handy now on browsers.

Before you do anything else, while in GMail, go to the "settings" link at the top right, on the next page with settings, scroll down to the bottom and click the "always use https" as shown below.

This means your GMail is safer to open being a secure connection.

On the end of the link list up there on the left is a "more" button which from the drop down menu if you the click "even more" leads you a page with all Googles stuff on one handy page.

Taking advantage of the other great things I feel everyone should get to grips with are the Google reader and docs, the reader is a great time saver when used right,  yet many don't really use RSS on purpose, what I mean by this is the general Internet user uses RSS without knowing it, like on facebook etc.

Understanding the way it works and how to use and read them is very simple and all you need to know can take five min's to get to grips with.

Click the reader link and it opens in a new tab or window depending on your settings and browser choice, which should be either FireFox or chrome by now, ;o)

Click the "add subscriptions" box as seen above and below once clicked, in that box enter this blogs title, and it will "pull the feed" from my blog here and add it to your reader. Just so you know and understand, the feed URL is different to the blog URL...

My feed is the URL that shows in the bottom of your browser when you hover the mouse over that orange icon on the top right here on the blog. THAT is what RSS readers "pull."

Now you should have this blogs feed working and my blogs content in your reader ... looks like the blogs content without the sidebars. ;o)

You can add any other blog or RSS feed into your reader, wherever you see that orange icon or the letters RSS.

In the top of the reader when you have a feed readable you see the drop down menu, ensure it's the "sort by newest" that's ticked to only pull any new feeds since the last time you used the reader.

On the right of the reader page you will see the same as the image below.

While only having a feed or two you may want to keep it as "expanded" so the whole feed shows, after a while when you are getting to grips with it and adding new feeds etc you may prefer the "list" so you can just scan the titles to choose what to read.

On the right of you Gmail account you have the other main links to your account, IGoogle is something you may want to look at, the "account" link leads to your main account page.

Another great thing to use is the Google docs, makes a great alternative to word with the added bonus of being able to create PDF's, and presentations, spreadsheets etc.

All this is web-based so you can download and upload keeping whatever wherever, but being able to access your stuff anywhere you can get online and logged into GMail. 

Afer clicking the documents link you should see the same as below.
If you have used word before it will all feel similar but neater. :o)

In my opinion anyway!

You can share your stuff, and let others even work on things with you and all updated as its done, no need to send things etc, just refresh page and whatever changed they make show on yours etc and vice versa. A great collaboration tool for multiple users. 
You have a great PDF extraction too, so work on his then donload as a pdf to test in your adobe reader. Very handy for creating fast pdf's.

Googles Picassa is also a downloadable tool you can use on your pc as a photo organiser, then sync it with your photo storage you get in your google account.

You don't need to download it though if you rather not, just upload to the webspace you have here, you get links to use as well as embedible code to post on a blog or webpage, although when using blogger and you add a picture to your blogpost it uses this storage and does it all for you.

You now have this great photo storage with Picasa, you just click the photos at the top of your GMail account page and create an album, upload some pics and you are ready to use them, share them etc.

This is so easily usable with your blogger account with you have with Gmail.

Just a simple clicking of the photo icon when creating a post and choosing the picture to upload, publish the post.

Now it is also in your photo page.

Putting this altogether you realise that there is so much you can do for free and yet so easily using these great tools. All the while it's being improved and added to.

A great reason to have a Google account.

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