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"Funny old week really"

Cheers to whoever it was that kindly donated the dose of flu, I know google does some great things, it's just a shame don't help me avoid flu here like they do in the USA.

Now that would possibly help some. :o)

So, not too good, but at least I have not spread it all about, at least I hope not!

I did alot of writing in bed between the inevitable and sleeping with a real pen and notepad, you do remember them don't you? ;o)

Very productive, more than enough to help take my mind off what I was going through, even as much as keeping my temp a bit better than it was when I didn't do anything.

No "distractions", because there were no opportunities to procrastinate, surf, whatever.

Drawing mind maps was also a nice new experience!

Not glad to have flu though!

Mind you, it got me some results. ;o)

I digress.

Anyway, from that I got some real clarity and this had a great effect on my focus.

I realised part of the best option of the ones I had, was to in some ways revamp this whole blog, I can and maybe will move this to a .com/blog domain, no need to worry though it won't be now, or in two days, or anything, so plenty of notice will be made.

The reason for that would be so I can better utilise the main domain :o)

I have thought it out and consider it to be the best option, so I can add more and grow the site in certain directions.

For example:

I may NOT do all that, but at least I think I will see if it really would be viable to do.
The important thing is you the reader.

I know a few things I am doing, not exactly on here, but they will help a huge deal.

I hope to just be able to blog what I do on here to my hearts content, better and bigger, more often, on the .com/blog because it won't JUST be the main page. :o)

I even had a play around and decided to make a toolbar, a little bit of fun but also I can see some huge potential with that for the users and well as me. :o)

The toolbar?

Oh yeah well you can use it on firefox and ie, so try it out, see what you think and I will make it much better, not just leave it as is. :o)

Here is that toolbar.

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